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JANET JACKSON lyrics - Janet Jackson

You'll Never Find (A Love Like Mine)

Original and similar lyrics
Chorus: You know that you'll never find A love as true as mine Our love is a one of a kind Boy, why waste your time Foul play never brought you down You took your love on a rebound Been no angles, just straight ahead 'Cause you know where my heart is Bridge So don't turn me away I know that we can make it I beg you to stay Give our love a try 'cause you know... Repeat Chorus You shake me up, but you can't bring me down This school girl crush, you can't push around So set your game on the right track 'Cause once you leave, it's hard to get back Repeat Bridge Repeat Chorus You know it, now show it, you know it It's a one of a kind love Boy, why waste your time

Part-time Love

BREAD "Bread Retrospective"
Part-Time Love I need somebody who's consistent with me Someone already there when I need company 'Cause when l'm feeling low I don't want to have to go out looking For a part-time kind of love And when the dreams and rainbows start to disappear Don't want somebody up and running out here 'Cause when you stop and start Baby it's just too hard upon my heart That part-time kind of love And I can't take you darling living here wait and see I want somebody who's committed now to me Somewhere, someday you'll have to take a chance So if you like the music baby get up and dance And if we grow together daring to dream I know we'll find our shares of peaches and cream And when the juices flow I don't want no no no excuses Just want your full time love for me Just want your full time love for me.

Love From The Sweetest Cup

Clay Crosse
Arnie Roman, Russ Desalvo and Terry Cox I was a pilgrim on a journey Through a desert cruel and unjust I was lost and I was thirsty And there where no signs I could trust Just when I started to falter When I could no longer see The sky of my world suddenly opened And the heavens rained down on me Chorus: I drank love from the sweetest cup And my thirst was satisfied I drank love from the sweetest cup And it washed away my pride I was blind and I was weak I was lost and I was lame But I drank love from the sweetest cup And I will never be the same From a voice that had no distance With a sound so pure and so clear Came words whispered so softly Only my heart could hear There in the middle of knowing Where my hope had started to sink Grace like a dove, guided my onward And brought me all I wanted to drink Repeat chorus You never know what's going to change you Don't know the day or the hour But when it comes it just might save you 'Cause it alone has the power Repeat chorus


Brian Hyland "Greatest Hits"
Run, run, look and see Run, run, look and see I thought I saw you yesterday I could have sworn you'd passed my way But it was too good to be true And there was nothing I could do CHORUS: My heart says: Run, run, look and see Are my eyes just foolin' me? While I'm runnin', I keep prayin' All the time my heart keeps sayin': Run, run, look and see Run, run, look and see Each time I hear our favorite song I can't believe you're really gone I hear your voice, I see your face But then you're gone without a trace (chorus) Each time I see a crowd I stare Just hopin' someday you'll be there My heart says: Run, run, look and see Run, run, look and see (instrumental) (repeat last 2 lines of verse 2, then chorus) (repeat title and fade)

Like A Rocket

Lila McCann
Used to be the fastest thing in this whole town Was a red Corvette with the top rolled down But next to you on Blackhawk Hill Makes that look like it's standing still I never felt like this with no one else Yeah, when we kiss, I have to brace myself Chorus: Like a rocket, this love Is breathtaking, earth shaking, taking off I can't stop it, can't get enough Every single time I look in your eyes Baby my heart ignites Like a rocket Yeah, so much emotion might seem radical Completely unpredictable We're puttin' passion to the test And that's the part I love the best Even gravity can't hold us back There's nothing but the moon and stars in our path REPEAT CHORUS The kinda love we got Is bigger than the both of us Hold on baby...3,2,1 REPEAT CHORUS Like a rocket

Take Me Back

POINT OF GRACE "The Whole Truth"
Been too long chasing selfish dreams Seeking only what my heart desired I've drifted so far away it seems From the truth that set my soul on fire How many times will it take for me to see That you're the only love my heart will Ever need (Chorus) Take me back, take me back, Jesus Take me back To where I can know Your love Take me back, take me back, Jesus Take me back Won't you take me back Take me back, take me back, Jesus Take me back to where I can feel you love Take me back, take me back, Jesus Take me back Like the Prodigal far from home Lost inside a world of my own choosing Tried to make it out on my own Never realized all I'd be losing I still remember just how it used to be Lord, forgive my weakness Come and rescue me (Repeat Chorus) There's no one else I would turn to You're the only one who can pull me through (Repeat Chorus)

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