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JANET JACKSON lyrics - Janet Jackson

Love And My Best Friend

Original and similar lyrics
Chorus: Love and my best friend Nothin' better can be found To make the world go 'round We keep each other's secrets hid Go on to talk for hours Never tiring of the closeness Only friends can share We cross our hearts hoping to die If fate should separate us But we have on never change Nothing can compare to Repeat Chorus You're the special one I turn to For some help and understanding When the world gets too demanding You're always there To guide me when I'm wrong Support me when I'm right For you I'd do the same Because I care for Repeat Chorus

If I Could Do It All Again

AARON LINES "Waitin' On The Wonderful"
If I could do it all again I'd look more in the mirror Instead of finding someone else to blame If I could do it all again I'd do a lot more praying Less cussing 'bout the things that I can't change I'd laugh a little louder Sing more in the shower Care a little less if I'm in tune Concentrate on who I am not who I might have been If I could do it all again If I could do it all again I'd take it a little slower Make a few more memories I could keep I'd crawl in bed beside my wife and just lay down and watch her Soaking up her beauty while she sleeps I'd work less hours I'd buy her more flowers Make more love on rainy afternoons Overlook my little faults and not my little sins If I could do it all again I'd walk a little taller Talk a little smaller Love the way my maker meant me to I might make less money but I'd make a better friend If I could do it all again If I could do it all again

No Secrets

Amanda the actress Waits at the station She's listenin' with nothin' to do With Bellaton steps She's quick to accept The weather in times turn a screw She lives in a tower Armed with defences She learned from her mother and friends She walk like a fellow Dresses in day-glo When she's in pain she pretends Pre chorus: ('Cause) late in the night When the lights are all on She slips off her stockings and shoes She makes you her lover And lets you discover The smile she keeps She keeps for you Chorus: She keeps no ) She keeps no ) x 3 She keeps no secrets from you ) Stays in the morning Wearing her shadow She throws her dice And I change Success in Japan A rescuing man No she won't change anything Pre-chorus Chorus She don't keep no secrets Break [Em] [G] [C] [C] Pre-chorus Chorus (etc) Outro: [G] [D] [C] per chorus [D] [E] [F#] [G] (whispered) Can you please tell me what the time is


Christy Moore
I am a sailor, you're my first mate We signed on together, we coupled our fate Hauled up our anchor, determined not to fail For the hearts treasure, together we set sail With no maps to guide us we steered our own course Rode out the storms when the winds were gale force Sat out the doldrums in patience and hope Working together we learned how to cope Chorus: Life is an ocean and love is a boat In troubled water that keeps us afloat When we started the voyage, there was just me and you Now gathered round us, we have our own crew Together we're in this relationship We built it with care to last the whole trip Our true destination's not marked on any charts We're navigating to the shores of the heart Chorus 2x


Golden Smog "Down by the Old Mainstream"
(Johnson) You took me down when I was there You shot me down, like you didn't care You only, the only simple wish you only wish, was born a prayer For a friend You toss and turn in your bed alone You throw abuse through a telephone Why don't you sit back relax, sit back and let your feelings go With a friend Chorus: Can't you let it go Oh, it aches you so Got to let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go On new years eve, you had it all A new year came, and I watched you fall You only plan was for a man, you only plan was for a friend Just a friend (Chorus) I can't believe The things you can't see You're never wrong, you're always right You're never wrong, you're always right You got me wrong (Repeat) You're never wrong, you're always right You're never wrong, you're always right You got me (Verse 2) With a friend (*3) Friend (*2)


Unconditional, unconditional Unconditional, unconditional Who else would let someone nail them to a cross For the sake of others so they would not be lost No one, No one, will go that far for us Who else would let someone get away with so much wrong But still extend them gret (*grace*) No one, No one, have so much love for us The kind of love he shows is unconditional His love don't come and go it's unconditional Who else but him He's a constant friend Even when others turn them backs against No one, No one is always there for us So what kind of love So even when your closest friends and family give up on you Theres not a day when you can't depend on him

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