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JANET JACKSON lyrics - Dream Street

Two To The Power Of Love

Original and similar lyrics
(Duet with Cliff Richards) Janet: I know we just met, but I feel like I've known you before Cliff: But something about you my heart has been searching Janet: I don't understand it, it's over my head Cliff: So don't try to solve it, just feel it instead. Ooh Chorus: It isn't really such a mystery Anyway you add it up it turns out to be Attraction automatic, a simple mathematics Two to the power of love Janet: I look in your eyes and everything falls into place Cliff: You don't have to say it, it's written all over your face Janet: By my calculation, I'm falling for you Cliff: It's a perfect equation Janet and Cliff: And I know that it's true Repeat Chorus Janet and Cliff: It's complicated, but it's easy to see A combination that was meant to be It's something you can count on Repeat Chorus It isn't really just a shot in the dark Somebody must've worked it out on the chart Attraction automatic, a simple mathematics Two to the power of love

Mr. Evil

JACKYL "Relentless"
One drop dead shakey leg on the floor Not it I love to see you quiver Atomic, nymphonic You want it heavy baby, I weigh a ton Blacklight, poster love Show me your velvet Elvis swirl Elvis girl Spank love in a gentle way All the way, all the way, all the way (Chorus) Sparks from Candy A butterfly in a jar I smell danger How can it melt in your mouth, I don't understand Unless it melts in your hand A payday in a big way Don't stop until it spills on the floor A roller coaster car gonna jump off the track You're it I love to see your quiver Black light shine from above Show me your double dippin delight Out of sight Spank love in a gentle way I feel you breathe, I feel you breathe, I feel you breathe (Chorus) Hand me a double dose No need to fudge I'm gonna die from it If decadence don't give me the nudge And I can't stop to see why we don't start tonight One drop dead shakey leg on the floor You're it (Chorus)

I'll Try

Here we are Talkin 'bout forever Both know damn well It's not easy together We've both felt love We've both felt pain I'll take the sunshine Over the rain CHORUS And I'll try To love only you And I'll try My best to be true Oh darlin' I'll try So I'm not scared It's worth a chance to me Take my hand Let's face eternity Well I can't tell you That I'll never change But I can swear That in every way REPEAT CHORUS I'm not perfect Just another man But I will give you All that I am REPEAT CHORUS I'll try To be true to you I'll try I'll try To always love you I'll try

Crystal Clear

JACI VELASQUEZ "Crystal Clear"
Crystal Clear When I'm a sparrow in winter, You are a seed I find When I'm a heart with a splinter, Your blood keeps me alive If I could call you a color, You'd be the deepest of blues If I had my pleasure of anything, You'd be the one that I'd choose Chorus: Now it's crystal clear I'm falling for You Now that I can see the mystery's revealed Now I'm coming clean I can feel my fears released Now it's crystal clear I'm falling for You I'm soft like clay Your hands they mold For You, I would run away Just to hear You calling out my name Repeat chorus Bridge: I'm broken and empty Without You, I'm blinded I need You, I need You near me, I need You near me Repeat chorus Please catch me, I'm falling for You... Words and music by Matt Stanfield and Tiffany Arbuckle

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