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JANET JACKSON lyrics - Dream Street

If It Takes All Night

Original and similar lyrics
I've got my eyes on you You're playin with peek-a-boo And it's so exciting There's such a chemistry between you and me So there's no use fighting Don't say, It's so good J Just give your heart away 'Cause I'll find the words to say... Chorus: If it takes all night If it takes all night, honey Gonna make you mine If it takes all night Gotta find a way To get inside your heart tonight I'll make the lovin' right If it takes all night I hear what people say Love's just a game you play For the competition Even some friends of mine Say that I'm wastin' time But my heart won't listen I know they want you too They say I won't get through But it will be me and you Repeat Chorus I know my lover when I see him in disguise And I won't give up 'til I see that fire in your eyes Repeat Chorus


KENNY LATTIMORE "Kenny Lattimore"
(Chorus) Can we find forgiveness In the throws of our misunderstanding or do we fall apart Can we find forgiveness Or do we go on like this Trying to cover up a broken heart (Verse1) Mmh…I made a mistake and I wanna know Can you ever forgive me or do we go Down in the flames of a broken love If I ever really meant much to you Then it wouldn't make much sense for you to Turn your back and walk away from us (Hook 1) What about me What about you What about love What do we do What of my heart What of my heart I'm asking you now Begging you, please tell me (Chorus) (Verse 2) I wonder has there ever been anyone To go as for as we've come And never mention of a hurting thing This episode before us Shouldn't overcome what we've got So let's move on and get to better days (Hook 2) For all we know For all we know We could be the best Oh, yeah… We'll never know Don't take the chance So from right new So from today ooh.., yeah, yeah… Let's make a vow Whatever was wrong It's over right now Will you forgive me (Chorus) Can we find understanding Can we find Can we find…, or do we go… (Bridge) Tell me now will we let this go I need to know I need to know Please tell me so Right now, baby I've dedicated all my love to you Don't let it end tonight… (Chorus/Fade Out)

Cut Your Ribbon

Wake Up Can You Hear Me? You're so cleaver Did you find me? In the backroom In your closet In your suitcase There's no running I will find you Like the glacier Cuts the seabed, leaving Canyons In your cheekbones passing through you in the shadows, scenes undo you *CHORUS* Cut Your Ribbon As it follows you Everything, Everything how can you sleep at night As it falls apart everything, everything how can you sleep at night Face it Can you hear it? Violation, You'll remember It's all harmless incidental, disengaging these thoughts break you conscious, vicious it has found you monovision, synapse fails you frequent syndrome stings and burns through monovision, then dillutes you *CHORUS* Can you escape these motives (x3) *CHORUS*

Tent By The Sea

When walkin' down this road i realise that we're never, Like footprints that were washed away off the sand. And as i take this picture to hold a moment, It's gotta last in my heart and be clear in my mind. 'Cause there isn't any warning, tellin' us to stop, Where to go or what we got, so.. (CHORUS)- Let's drive, 'til we're out of gas, walk for miles, As long as you promise me this That we can, live in a tent, right by the sea, For i'll be happy doin' those things. So as we talk all night just sitting by the fire, Discussing life and hopes and finding out who we are. And every night there would be talk for many hours, So at last in our heart and it clears up our minds. 'Cause there isn't any warning, tellin' us to stop, Where to go or what we got, so.. (CHORUS) (2)

Steal Your Heart Away

BONNIE RAITT "Longing In Their Hearts"
I know you got a different picture in mind Some dream world of a different kind I know this rhythm we've been moving to is way too slow Each time our bodies aresupposed to meet I'm here still missing a beat And when I look at you I see in your eyes We're still dancing to a different tune Take me to your dreaming place Open up my eyes Let me see what it takes to be Your lover in disguise show me how I do those things That make you want to stay 'Cause I'll Go crazy if I don't find The words I gotta say To steal your heart away I'll buy you diamonds, buy you golden rings All kinds of Beautiful things But that don't matter to a lover with a Restless heart Cause you still want to wake up to a Different scene Some screen gem like the one in your dream And leave me standing like a foolin' the wings Still waiting for a part to Play Take me to your dreaming place Open up my eyes Let me see what it takes to be Your lover in disguise Show me? How I can do those things That make you want to stay Cause I'll go crazy if I don't find The words I gotta say To steal your heart away I know you think she's right for you That she's in tune with what you do That she can touch you deep inside Where all your deepest feelings lie But I got something you should know Before she starts to hurt you so You can bet your life she's gonna hurt you And maybe you think that it's alright To leave me waiting every night To put me down in company In front of everyone we see To take my loving when it's free And then to throw it back at me Well baby, I just can't stand it Cause I can be the one for you And I can make your dreams come true And I can love you like she can Cause fancy clothes don't make no woman Believe me baby I got what it takes to make you feel good And maybe you think a girl should be As perfect as a girl can be To love you when your feeling down And miss you when you're not around Well I can't be that one for you I can only be the one that loves you Hey, what's this on your mind Hey, what's this change of mind Hey, what's this on your mind

A Night Like This

SMASHING PUMPKINS "The Aeroplane Flies High"
say goodbye on a night like this if it's the last thing we ever do you never looked as lost as this sometimes it doesn't even look like you it goes dark it goes darker still please stay but i watch you like i'm made of stone as you walk away i'm coming to find you if it takes me all night a witch hunt for another girl for always and ever is always for you your trust the most gorgeously stupid thing i ever cut in the world so say hello on a day like today say it every time you move the way that you look at me now makes me wish i was you it goes deep it goes deeper still this touch and the smile and the shake of your head i'm coming to find you if it takes me all night can't stand here like this anymore for always and ever is always for you i want it to be perfect like before oh, i want to change it all oh, i want to change

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