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JANET JACKSON lyrics - Dream Street

Hold Back The Tears

Original and similar lyrics
So sad, but there's nothin' that I can do Things are so bad, forget every word I've spoken to you Love is when it touches you down inside Why really are you lookin' for somewhere to hide Chorus: You've gotta hold back the tears Soon you will discover maybe there could be someone who cares for you You've gotta hold back the tears Don't have to say never, love will come to those who are prepared Time will never be on your side Listen, could be your only chance to survive This love is waiting to call you home Don't read you'll ever be on your own Repeat Chorus To give it back This is all you're ever gonna be Well, is it all worth while There's so much that I want you to see It could be all worth while

Heart Of The Rose

AIR SUPPLY "News From Nowhere"
A long time ago, from the valley of the sun Came the holy power, When the gods were one Searching for a new home, Searching for this land Guided by the stars, and a vision they had seen The pillars of the temple, In these hills of green Buried deep inside for only us to find (Chorus) It is the roar of the wind, The power of the sun The strength of a thousand bows And those who near it again, will fear it again And it's here in the heart of the rose Painted in the sky was the moment to awake All that lay within you, As this dawn should break With this force awoken, none can stand before This is the hour, now is the time Driven by the purest love, I give you mine All that we must be, is everything we see (Chorus) Our love, has brought us both together And it's our love that will go on forever There is no love that can become as one Before it's time (Chorus) It is the trees in the earth, It is the rivers that run And through us this secret flows And now our destiny calls, You'll remember it all Our love for the heart of the rose

In The Dark (Open Your Heart)

Mystic Ruins "In The Dark"
Thunder, rain, and lightning Danger, water rising Clamour, sirens wailing It's such a bad sign Shadows of dark creatures Steel clouds floating in the air People run for shelter What's gonna happen to us!? All the steps we take, all the moves we make, all the pain at stake I see the chaos for everyone who are we what can we do You and I are same in the way that we have our own styles that we won't change Yours is filled with evil and mine's not there is no way I can lose CHORUS: Can't hold on much longer - But I will never let go I know it's a one way track - Tell me now how long this'll last I'm not gonna think this way - Nor will I count on others Close my eyes and feel it burn - Now I see what I've gotta do Open your heart, it's gonna be all right Ancient city blazing Shadows keep attacking Little children crying Confusion, hopeless anger I don't know what it can be but you drive me crazy All your fucking tricks make me sick, you won't have it your own way Chorus Open your heart...and you'll see... If it won't stop, there will be no future for us Its heart is tied down by all the hate, gotta set him free I know it's a one way track - Tell me now how long this'll last Close my eyes and feel it burn - Now I see what I've gotta do Gotta open your heart, dude! *Chorus* Open your heart, it's gonna be all right

Inside Of Me

MADONNA "Bedtime Stories"
I can't stop thinking of you The things we used to do The secrets we once shared I'll always find them there In my memories But this heartache isn't going anywhere In the public eye I act like I don't care When there's no one watching me I'm crying Chorus: I will always have you, inside of me Even though you're gone Love still carries on Love, inside of me I keep a picture of you Next to my bed at night And when I wake up scared I know I'll find you there Watching over me Bridge: When my world seems to crumble all around And foolish people try to bring me down I just think of your smiling face And I'm flying (chorus) You'll always be inside of my heart Inside of me (bridge) (chorus) I will always have you, inside of me Even though you're gone Love still carries on Love still carries on I will always feel you You'll always be inside of my heart I'll always have you inside of me I will always have you

We Are Tomorrow

(FLAVA) i just want you to listen, troubled minds of the troubled times, keep yourself together, don't listen to other peeps, cause a lot can happen on the streets, and peer pressure is a killer, so listen to these wise words that i preach it aint safe out there, i know this from experience cause this is serious, and that's how lives get messed up, i took this time, just eight bars to explain, to the kids what's up, (KENZIE) you're living in dangerous minds, dangerous times, thug life, you're growing up on the street all that crime i've been there before i've been through it i realise the pain, i'm drawn to it it feels terrible when you're on another level to the rest of them trainers, clothes, you're not in with the trend, it's just a teenage beef that's bothering you, it's just a phase in life you'll have to go through (CHORUS) you know i never will amount to you, but is it pain you gotta put me through you know i never will live up to you and all that you do and all that you do, you never tell your enemies from friends and life will never be the same again you never know where the story ends, that's right my friend and that's where the story ends (KRAZY) i hear these things again and again and again dress to impress for a friend all it ever does everytime i hear will it ever stop it just sends me round the bend it ain't easy to be a teenager i should know it puts your life in danger do you ever really think that it will stop all the muggings and the bullys and the weapons, i think not (FREEK) i can sit and write lyrics all day, but my teenage problems never fade away, my fashion sense never led astray my smell my phone is what portrays the person that i am the person that is me whatever you believe, imagine or perceive a brethen or a chief educated or naive my popularity brings friends and enemies **(REPEAT CHORUS)** (ROCKY B) teenage life you've gotta deal with it somehow no point in complaining, gotta live with it somehow unfair job but you're still with it somehow it ain't fair but you've gotta get through it somehow all the teenagers that have had enough that are tired of scuffs and just want love just take some time and unleash your mind and you will find it somehow (SPIKE-E) what's wrong kid could be making it? teenager in trouble and you're hating it you wanna leave the crowd you're with lead your own life but i know you're scared of it in a week there's seven days 168 hours and a million ways everyday's different and your life will change trust me it'll never stay the same again **(REPEAT CHORUS)** (MELO-D) growing up seems so hard when you're young you never wanna listen you just wanna have fun try to make things right but it soon turns worng people say the best years come when you're young you never listen to what people say always wanna try and do things in your own way never think straight always play life as a game and in the end it's another life thrown away (REEPA) teenage troubles thoughts that run through your head trying to impress cause of what your mates said wanna get in the crowd you ain't got the clothes so you're out for a teenager that's what life's about the pressure of the drugs violence and racism that faces them it's a part of life, don't ruin it for yourself or you might end up by yourself (STRIDER) if you think about back in the day of what you could have had but you threw it away to be the top boy on the street to be the boy everybody wanted to be can't you see? **(REPEAT CHORUS TO FADE)**

Goodbye (Uk Song)

(Music: J.S. Bach / Lyrics : Norma Tanega) Go my love Go softly goodbye Life is like an empty dream Lost in the sky I see through my tears The sadness of years The shadows of happiness passing I will miss the sun when you go I will miss the mornings of laughter and tears Your hello and more than this as you go Gone is the light from the day Gone is the pleasure of night And when you go no more welcoming love Or a dream So goodbye my love Goodbye So my love Go gently goodbye Memories of loving you never will die My longing will pass My loving will last The whispers of time never dimming I will miss your touch when you go I will miss the wonder of magical love As it grows and more than this when you go Gone is the warmth of your smile Now is the coldness of snow Gone when you go is the welcome of love And the dream So goodbye, my love Goodbye

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