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JANET JACKSON lyrics - Dream Street

Fast Girls

Original and similar lyrics
Fast girls are true, they're all you really need No one that stands more responsibility If you're afraid 'bout havin' to get too deep Let me, baby, cure your insecurities Chorus: Fast girls, a physical attraction Fast girls, a one on one reaction Fast girls, true love is guaranteed Fast girls are all you really need Fast girls is true like angels in the mornin' Disappear without a warning Kinda strange that I can't deny Sweet and fast, you'll never ever say goodbye Repeat Chorus Breakdown Fast girls like to take your breath away Words of love, not affairs of yesterday If strange desires are toying with your fate Fast love baby will never let you wait Repeat Chorus

Take You Home

I got a call from my girls around eight about that Friday spot Round 12 hit the highway stop, I need gas Car behind me on my ass, speed pass Turn the radio on that's my joint got me and I need to dance Pull up in the truck and it ain't my man's You screaming hey yo , you don't got a chance Son, you are speaking a language I don't understand Know the dude I hang with, I don't hold his hand Cause, me, I'm free to choose It's possible to leave with you When we get through, I drive passenger seat for you Let's ride At one I arrive Walked past the line Damn his ass is fine Some guy now we up in the spot Watch Place hot Couple of bottles champagne popped And that's how we doing it now I'm scheming while the DJ's moving the crowd Chorus x2 I was wondering if I could take you home Would ya still love me baby, if I could take you home It's around 2 A.M. The mood is trend The club is snug I see him watching, love is love Caught him when I looked up, gave him a glance Promotion chick walked over while I'm shaking her hand I'm looking over her Sorry but I'm waiting for this man Is what I told her, so she could leave No breaking up my plans No time for talking about shows Or dates that I could host Damn, he walking over to me, they breaking out the jokes My girls laughing They see me already imagining He whispered in my ear, would I dance with him I answered him He took my hand with him Dancing close I turned around and gave him my back, he passed a smoke He put his hand on my hip, then my stomach He must want it And I was really just 'bout to leave, his clique fronted Like they don't see That they man 'bout to tell 'em peace And to think, I wasn't even gonna go out..see? Chorus All I need is my lip gloss, I.D., gum, and I'm straight Especially if it's Envy in bungalow eight We making it hot on the dance floor today But my girls wanna leave cause there's nothing to take Nothing to meet Spot dead, nothing to see Then we all agree that we won't leave Cause some spots the papi's still come at three That's when I tell the DJ to run that please He dancing behind me I feel what's under his jeans And I had one too many so I'm under his scheme I mean I'm cool and the gang The music is playing Think I found what I'm looking for, no purpose in waiting Almost time for breakfast Standing by the coat checkers Looking for my parking lot ticket...that's it And this night just ended Can't say with who, what, or where but it'll definitely be remembered Chorus Would you be my boyfriend? [3X] For tonight only Would you be my boyfriend? [3X] For tonight only

Weary No More

Gentleman "Confidence"
Intro: Oh yes Ey free yourself from pain and misery Look at the sheer majesty of the mountain scenery Just look around and tek some time Open up your eyes and don't be blind And you will see that Jah Jah love is so devine Yuh think about the problems wha surround yuh Then yuh sit down wonder what yuh gonna do Think about Jah Jah him yuh fi ask fa And yuh will prosper Think about the journey that you've been through And the prosperity around you Leave it up to Jah oh mighty Jah Jah Chorus: When Jah Jah is calling Cause your teardrops keep falling Answer his call, you will weary no more In each and every way We must watch and pray Giving thanks for such a lovely day But there are those who play In some corrupted ways Forgetting that for sin we pay Like Jesus fast And Moses cross The red sea protected by the boss Let tribulation pass Injustice never last You Mr.Jury don't you judge too fast Without Jah it nuh make sense you depend upon your jinx-sing Never ago make it if you worship your bling bling Forget about Jah and a gwaan like you kingpin And nuh know seh that your ship is sinking Look how you burning but you soon hafi go cool Every day you drinking from the bloody pool Conscience is the different between wise and fool You never heard about dis ya golden rule Chorus Weary likkle one Dry your tears erase your fears Jah is knocking on your door They may let you down Throw you pon the ground Better tomorrow will come for sure You've got to remember Jah Jah love will never let you down So don't you surrender Live your life on a higher ground Chorus

Only You

S CLUB 8 "Together"
I thought i'd write it in a letter, as im to shy to say to you i guess i should have known better but i domt know what else to do BRIDGE Im on my way,no turning back so take me in your arm's and then we'll be right on track CHORUS i wrote tese word's to you to tell you just what you mean to me,i hope you like these lines cause i love you even mor than yesterday and all i say to you is true will you return to me i'll wait and see cause all i need is you only you Whisper: (it's only you) You held me through the stormyest wether your what i need to gide me through without you nothing else matters your something i look forward to BRIDGE you make my day no holding back so take me in your arm's then we'll be right on track CHORUS Whisper: (it must be till it's true for me it's not the end) BRIDGE CHORUS BOY'S :ONLY YOU girls:it's only you BOY'S:ONLY YOU girls:it's only you (repeat to fade)

Come As You Are

JACI VELASQUEZ "Crystal Clear"
Come As You Are You are the reason For blue in the sky Yes, you are the reason why Snow covers winter And melts into Spring And rivers meet the sea God is here for you And you were made for Him He'll give you more of everything Cause He has always loved you His promises are true, so true If you Chorus: Come as you are Don't change a thing Open your heart He'll walk right in Come as you are No alibis His love for you Will never die There is a heaven Open your eyes And there you have no disguise He'll never leave you No need to hide He's always by your side If you just believe There is a way you'll see It's just one step to eternity And He will always love you This promise will be true, so true If you Repeat chorus Words and Music by Rudy Perez, Judith Volz, Loren Balman

Girls Like Fast Cars

Anita Cochran "Back To You"
(Anita Cochran) It started at an early age, I guess around 13, I'd hear those engines on the street and my how they would scream. They'd pull into the driveway and I would run and hide, I'd overhear my brothers friends, they'd talk about their rides. Now momma always told me, Don't hang around those boys; They'll get you into trouble with the cars that make the noise, But I had this deep desire, that momma never knew. Girls like fast cars too. Girls like fast cars, fast cars too. But they like them sweet small and petite with an engine that'll cruise. They don't want to sound like thunder, they want their engines smooth. Girls like fast cars too. Drivin' down the street one night, just the girls and me. We've cruised this town so many times it's the hottest place to be. A car pulls up beside us as the redlight turns to green. He's revin' up his engine lord it sounds like a mean machine. But I took him by surprise with my good old Chevrolet, And when the race was over he didn't have too much to say. But by the look that he was wearing, he'd changed his attitude. Girls like fast cars too. Girls like fast cars, fast cars too. But they like them sweet small and petite with an engine that'll cruise. They don't want to sound like thunder, they want their engines smooth. Girls like fast cars too. Yeah they do!

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