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JANET JACKSON lyrics - Dream Street


Original and similar lyrics
It's traveling faster than the eye can see Information in the sky Messages beamed across the atmosphere Transmitted by you and I Chorus: Communication Say the words Are you there? Can I be heard? First indication Heart to heart Come together Worlds apart Oh, thank heavens for the microwave Can't ignore technology It's so easy to communicate How come you're not hearin' me Chorus 2: Communication Say the words Are you there? Can I be heard? Station to station Coast to coast Face to face Will tell you most Now we're livin' in the computer age The picture's on my video I keep your number in my database Turn it onto audio Communication Say the words Are you there? Can I be heard? (why don't you say that you need me) Person to person Heart to heart Come together Worlds apart Repeat Chorus 2 Repeat Chorus Communication Say the words (why don't you say it babe) Are you there? (why don't you say it babe) Can I be heard? (why don't you say it babe) Communication (why don't you say it babe) Heart to heart Come together Worlds apart Communication

Second Nature

by Eric Clapton, Simon Climie Dennis Morgan You walk into the room, you know what's on my mind. You know just how to reach me, baby, without even trying. Don't need no one to tell me what this is leading to, 'Cause something deep inside of me is dragging me to you. So roll the dice, baby, see what the future brings. Sure feels like the right time for you to spread your wings. Ain't no one but you, baby, ever stopped me in my tracks. Once this thing gets rolling, darling, well there ain't no turning back. Second nature, to look at what we've found. Second nature, you know we're heaven bound. No need to think about it, you know we're safe and sound. Second nature for you to come around. So take me to your heart, babe, and lead me to your door. Take me in your arms, babe, never leave me any more. Ain't no one like you, baby, to stop me in my tracks. All I know for this old heart, well there ain't no turning back. Chorus You must have heard my call, Like rain to a waterfall. Chorus Chorus


CHER "Prisoner"
Rudy toot, it's been a long time Since we said goodbye Last night Tina made me think of you Don't you ask me why When I heard that you were coming My head was spinning My heart was pumping You're not mine No you're not mine CHORUS: Rudy toot, do you remember All the nights we shared together Rudy you're still always on my mind Rudy if you find you're lonely I will be your one and only Rudy you're still always on my mind Rudy you know you heard me crying But you paid me no attention All alone I was calling your name But you left me in suspension You know the love that you had taken My world was shakin' My heart was breaking You're not mine No you're not mine Chorus x 3 (fade)

You're Not There

JACI VELASQUEZ "Crystal Clear"
You're Not There Why do I think of You Far beyond my reach Why can't I comprehend The love you have for me God all of the universe Of earth and sky and sea Your desire to own my heart Is such a mystery Chorus: You're not there Way out there Wandering in Your great unknown You are here ever near In my heart You've found a home You are living You are breathing I dan feel Your presence in me All the prayers To the saints Every votive burned But now I know From within Your loving voice is heared You've sent Your Spirit The promised One To be with me forever Repeat chorus You are living You are breathing You are loving I am needing Words and music by Jaci Velasquez and Mark Heimermann

The Great Wall Of China

BILLY JOEL "River Of Dreams"
Advice is cheap you can take it from me It's yours to keep 'cause opinions are free Nobody knows about the trouble I've seen Nobody's perfect, mister, nobody's clean It costs too much and takes too long to find out too late Some words are not heard 'til after they're spoken Your role was protective, your soul was too defective Some people just don't have a heart to be broken CHORUS We could have gone all the way to the Great Wall of China If you'd only had a little more faith in me In lieu of diamonds, gold and platinum reminders will still shine bright All the king's men and all the king's horses Can't put you together the way you used to be We could have been standing on the Great Wall of China You take a piece of whatever you touch Too many pieces means you're touching too much You never win if you can't play it straight You only beat me if you get me to hate It must be so lonely to think that you have only Somebody else's life to live if they let you I ain't too selective, but it don't take no detective To find out how fast your friends will forget you We could have gone all the way to the Great Wall of China Now all you're going to be is history Help yourself, it's all you can eat at the Empire Diner tonight You coulda had class, you coulda been a contender Charlie, you shoulda looked out for me You could have been standing, standing on the Great Wall of China This was not your calling, just look how far you've fallen I heard your story, man, you've got to be joking Keep things in perspective, this is my true objective Why tear this heart out if it's only been broken? CHORUS

A Message To My Mother

HANK WILLIAMS "I Saw the Light"
Recorded by Hank Williams, Sr. Words and music by Hank Williams, Sr. NTRO: [G7] [C] ...[C7] (Notes to last line of first verse) CHORUS [F] Take this message to my [C] mother It will fill her heart with [G7] joy [C] Tell her that I've met my [G7] Saviour God has saved her wand'ring [C] boy. [C] The tears and sorrow I have [G7] caused her How I wish I could re-[C] pay But tell her I'll be waiting [G7] for her We'll meet in heaven some glad [C] day. ... [C7] How she cried when I left her I know it filled her heart with pain She said, Son, please don't leave me For we may never meet again. CHORUS Years have passed since that parting But I know she waits and prays Soon I'll cross that dark river Please let her know that I was saved. CHORUS

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