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JANELLE MONÁE lyrics - The Audition


Original and similar lyrics
As I search for a home And a place to belong I find it hard to fit in I meet lots of pretty girls In this fantasy world Waiting for their turn to shine So I try to be Cindi, in hopes that they'd notice But I wasn't their cup of tea Its so lonely, when I'm only being me Who's that girl in the mirror With hair like a rock star She wants to dance but she has cold feet Her confidence is low So much talent but who'll know When she's afraid to follow her dreams So I talk to her heart and made up her mind That I gotta except her for me But its so lonely, when I'm only being me Ooooooohhh You gotta be you and I've gotta be me Only, only be me

A Heart Like Mine

Clint Black "Put Yourself In My Shoes"
On a barstool like a damn fool Hoping she won't think I'm to much older Just another come on line To a girl like you in a place like this And on the dance floor wanting so much more I crossed that line and got that cold shoulder You probably think I'm full of it But I don't think you'll ever find such emptiness This heart of mine is just looking for A heart like mine who's just looking for what it can find Still looking for a heart like mine I'm not the only one who's lonely I find that feeling beating all around me But with just a night or two I'd know if you're the one But now that shoulders getting colder And soon you'll turn and leave me like you found me Still way out of line, one thing on my mind And all alone This heart of mine is just looking for A heart like mine who's just looking for what it can find Still looking for a heart like mine

There's Been A Change In Me

Eddy Arnold "20 Of the Best"
(Cy Coben) When I was very young my mother often said I was a bashful kid my face was always red I was afraid of girls but now you see Lordy, Lord, there's been a change in me. Then at the age of twelve I went to my first dance We played some kissin' games and then I got the chance To learn about how nice a kiss could be You know there was a change in me. --- Instrumental --- I started to notice in the little girl next door I walked her home from school I never did before I even carved her name upon a tree Oh boy, there was a change in me. I took the slick enough my hair were lots of clues And I would shine my shoes and look in mirrors too Until my mother said why son it's doom, ain't it There's been a change in you. --- Instrumental --- As the years went by I surely get around Why I was number one 'bout all the girls in town I had a different date most every night (whistle) There was a change alright. But now I've met a gal who stole my heart away I'm gonna marry her and settle down someday And if I'm true to her then I'll agree, ha, ha, There's been a change in me...

Million Days

Dag Nasty "Four on the Floor"
look in the mirror who's staring at me reflections showing everything but the pain that's underneath I turn around and walk away but the images stay in my mind wish I could see things clearly wish I could see through all this doubt and if I had a million days would I find what I'm looking for ? who I'm looking for ? if I had a million days... sometimes I feel like a coiled spring just waiting to be sprung sometimes I just feel angry or lonely or afraid I'm looking for confidence inside looking for answers I've got the questions seems all I ever have are questions and if I had a million days

Classy Plastic Lumber

MODEST MOUSE "Sad Sappy Sucker"
Buh duh buh buh buh Bud duh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh You go right through me I go right through but I'm about to Go on reminding you I am about to see you through it Buh duh buh buh buh Bud duh buh buh buh buh duh buh buh Buh duh buh buh buh Your mouth not mind is open wide You don't have a clue I I am a reminder You've got a voice so talk to yourself Lift the bad weight off your mullet And let the thoughts fall off your tongue Cause I'm callin' callin' callin' I've never written to anyone So this is about ugly lovers And this is about pretty songs Cause I'm a bastard bastard bastard In my lipstick I'm so much fun Connect your wood feet to a motor And the chrome dance trophy is won A little classy plastic lumber I'm embarassed but I ain't that stunned Looks like the humans' days are numbered That's a sitcom that was number one Cause we're a past tense late rate (?) I must've thouroughly convinced us not to mess this place up (Shameful shameful shameful)


Laika "Good Looking Blues"
a night of apologies just more said-I'm-sorrys beckoning come-to-mes thoughts whispered sweetly you girls make no mistake he's cold as a snake he'll put you in your place barefoot and lonely don't get caught in the grass don't get don't get caught in the grass don't get don't get caught in the grass don't get caught his kiss'll pull your teeth to see what's underneath balanced on fingertips he'll still take you I'm only flesh and bones no match for sticks and stones look under every home he might be waiting

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