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Original and similar lyrics
View a sky without any blue. Breakfast on incandescent, built to chew. Dream to find another world Where a cyborg can love and a cyber girl is still a queen. [Chorus] Where there's no law, Tying my heart from the start. Where there's no war, if my dreams run a little wild, But if there's no call from joy control Warning me against this disease in my heart. Freein' my soul. Population 10 zillion and six Where signs say, "Welcome to the Star Core Metropolis." Me, I live on the wired side of town, Reaching and searching for a space called paradise found. [Chorus] Where there's no law Tying my heart from the start. Where there's no war, if my dreams run a little wild, But if there's no call from joy control Warning me against this disease in my heart. Freein' my soul. And it's a common thought that wired folk can be sold and bought. That we have no feelings no memories or minds, That we're bionic strumpets only worth a dime. To some it's a surprise when I smile. And when I hold your hand, they say, "How can a wired thing understand? Love is too deep; it's too wide to feel when your soul is a button and your foot glows in heels." Program. Program. Reprogram. One nation, under a microchip. Neon slaves, electric savages, open your hearts. Open your eyes. Your chariot will arrive. Hey, Anthony Greendown from sector nine. (From sector nine) With beautiful eyes I've served you now about thirty-eight times. Thirty-eight times I've looked in those eyes. You see me laughing, the love when I hold your hand, I wanna take you, take you with me to another land. [Chorus] Where there's no law Tying my heart from the start. Where there's no war, if my dreams run a little wild, But if there's no call from joy control. No call. Please go with me. Oh come with me. I need you. Let's leave. Let's leave. Come. Come. Come.

Calling My Personal Angel

Janz Paul
I love that way you drive your car Feels like a freeway through my heart I wanna cruise down urban drives with you One look in your eyes I fall through I get addicted to the things you do So take the wheel and glide You and me should collide chorus Darling drive Tell me love's alive I'll be true All I want is you Look at this heart it burns for you Look at that sky azure blue I never knew what tenderness could do Move that car come on let's go I love the noise on the radio Baby you've got the key Move it on over to me (chorus) Stare in my eyes Dive in my ocean Fly in my skies We got locomotion Look at this smile Follow that whim Move it outside Let the moonlight in Take me out there Where love is forever You and me girl Drivin' together (chorus)

With Strength I Burn

Emperor "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk"
Deep Green Dark Chaos Blinded I run down these paths By heart I know them They lead to the soaring cliffs Stout they stand above the waters edge Lifeless And this is my foundation Cold stone Formed only by winds and time How invulnerable Lifeless Ahh... I have longed to be at one with this Yet, the waters call my name For once I wish to see The entity behind the voice The face of this seduction The beauty of my pain Am I blessed or am I cursed by thy presence What is my crime... What is my deed... Is this life my redemption Shall I repent or proceed I hate my flesh It's dimension poisoned my soul with doubt It made me question the essence of The I Slaves are those of this world Given freedom to lay chains upon the Master The wolf is no longer free Release the chains and come for me The Elder: Suddenly, his mournful cries were stunned. Out of the cold mist came three enthralling ships. Sails torn by many a storm, and the bows adorned by the most fierce gargoyles he'd ever laid eyes upon. Yet, the crew they bore... Three times twelve in numbers. They stood motionless, wrapped in grey, worn gowns. And from behind their shadowed faces the seductive chanting. Biddinghim on board. Without hesitation, he assepted. And away they sailed... Upon these seas Wherein I drowned so many times I scatter the ashes of destiny Still my flames are in hunger With fire in my heart Shall I greet the shores ahead Though, I know not what will burn Desire Ahh... In the distance I hear the waves wash over solid ground And in this moment I am struck blind Grant me sight so I can see That which lies ahead of me Cursed be my mortal eyes For dying in the realm of death Hear my call... I return to the soaring cliffs They truly shine of strength Even though, I nothing learned With strength I burn...

Paper Thin Hotel

LEONARD COHEN "Death Of A Ladies' Man"
The walls of this hotel are paper-thin Last night I heard you making love to him The struggle mouth to mouth and limb to limb The grunt of unity when he came in I stood there with my ear against the wall I was not seized by jealousy at all In fact a burden lifted from my soul I heard that love was out of my control A heavy burden lifted from my soul I heard that love was out of my control I listened to your kisses at the door I never heard the world so clear before You ran your bath and you began to sing I felt so good I couldn't feel a thing I stood there with my ear against the wall ... And I can't wait to tell you to your face And I can't wait for you to take my place You are The Naked Angel In My Heart You are The Woman With Her Legs Apart It's written on the walls of this hotel You go to heaven once you've been to hell A heavy burden lifted from my soul I heard that love was out of my control

Mother Superior

Good Riddance
how ready are you to die for an ideal what's the connection, between a lie and what is real Mother Superior I've got an angel on my back I'm one of the righteous and I'm never going back no, no, no I'm never going back who's that shining forth-right man about to die behind me he's waiting for the portress to send me head over heels who's that black-heart four-star general walking up the hill to ask the liberals nicely to help, finance his private war and if I didn't trust that man when he puts the rifle in your hand sings you songs of pageantry and grace and how much you want to bet on the other side there's a man with twice your pride and they put you feet first in an unmarked grave there was a time in our history when we justified by saying our destinies manifest now imperialism is the mantra of the west see that trigger happy college boys, love a chance to try out their new toys then they wash the city streets clean, with the blood of infidels as the fabric of democracy left tattered in the dust we could put, another greedy man into the dictatorial puppet-show, now tell me, who do you trust who do you trust and an abominable hemisphere would perpetuate a heart-whole atmosphere call it a threat to national security call it just a poor-sick face one more place, to export cheap labor hail the monarchy hail the oligarchy a potential for anarchy and we pat ourselves firmly on the back


Bloodlet "Seraphim Fall"
I feel it enter my soul. Paranoid obsession won't let him leave home. 'Cause he's seen her face in the mirror, all tattered and torn. Glass bottom words won't leave her alone. 'Cause she's seen the angel that kills her. Can't see, don't know that the words are creation. Hell bent on destruction and lies. Fear's child sells him theory that hope is alive... This conflict lies in the back pocket of an unnamed angel. Still searching for the sign that completes the circle of it's life. Don't know what it finds will define it's life from the bottom of it's soul. Is your friend OK? Look like the lonely one who wants things to change. But things, they change to fast. Held in contempt of the righteous. He believes in serrated words. Left undisturbed will haunt him forever. Heaven sent, chosen few. Stealing the cracks below a screaming trumpet. Four heads on six wings that blow the four winds as the seventh trumpet sounds. I told that man what you had said and he looked at me and lied. Cried and closed his eyes, died and drew the line. Time goes as I go and I go high. His deed warms me. This darkness caresses me again. The sloppy image of painted truth rides through the heart of its maker. This man, his ability etched. Sports the hemorrhage from her dead socket. Now we can't wake him. Through holes in walls these angels walk. Hole in his soul this demon breathes. Knows in his heart, the seraphim will fall. When the winds die will the treason still bleed. Who's left holding the smoking gun... I am. Cold whispers help burn this sinners eyes. Pulls him back to birth. I witness the end. True beauty.

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