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JAMIE WOON lyrics - Mirrorwriting


Original and similar lyrics
Purple-brown skylit streetlight Walking home, there ain't a trace of moonlight You hold out your hand and everything is so easy And I think that's the part that scares me Do you feel the same? I've been searching within Looking for the point where you end And the place where I begin It's taking so long now, babe Well, we bathe in the living room lamplight Casting shadows on the walls that have heard these sighs before I don't know if it's over I guess the years just made us older And I can't imagine life without you How I built my life around you We've been together so long now, babe I'm seeing spirals I'm moving with you again [x3] Heavy ever-circling dawnlight We've been talking so long that we've lost just who we are Like we're looking for answers Come on and make my heart a dancer I wanna hear not another word spoken Let's get lost inside this moment And I won't take no for an answer now I'm seeing spirals I'm moving with you again [x3]


ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA "Electric Light Orchestra, Part Two [Scotti Bros.]"
My My Kuiama, she came in the morning she smiled but the tears on her little face showed the pain that had been in that far off place so sad, treated so bad My My Kuiama, don't break your heart tryin to say how your ma and your pa passed away and they left you to wander the ruin and decay real mean, that bullet machine See here Kuiama, now ten thousand miles is a long long way and you're here today and you won't go back so you might say hello, how do you do Kuia stop your cryin, there's no bombs a'fallin no horsemen in the night a'ridin through your dreams and tearing at your life baby goodnight No more silver rain will hit your ground and no more guns will sound and no more life be drowned No more trenches where the soldiers lie and no more people die beneath that big black sky Wake up Kuiama, I got somethin to tell you it's just that I mean, well that is to say, that I'm trying to explain but I'll start again, for you, I must be true. Kuia in this country, they got rules with no reason they teach you to kill and they send you away with your gun in your hand, you pick up your pay so cool, that no mercy tool Kuia please believe me? I just couldn't help myself. I wanted to run but they gave me a gun and they told me the duty I owed to my Fatherland. I made my stand. Kuia I just shot them, I just blew their heads open, and I heard them scream in their agony Kuiama she waits there for me True blue, you saw it through.

Living Dead

This is the world you're free to explore life is the paradise you've been searching for you are the god you try to implore you're living in a hell that none but you have bore born as you were in deadly sin you are to lose you cannot win words meant to build walls around your skin to restrain the powers kept within Converted you were told to find the way to reach the land of everyday lobotomized drowning internal dismay I live while you decay Penetrated soul weakened and misled beholder of a life that perish soon you'll wake up dead a lie have built unto itself a throne in your head beholder of a life that perished you are living dead! Defiled the cross hanging around your neck with blood from never concluded lives the symbol of spiritual lobotomy tells you're a slave to repeated lies I can see right through you will cease to exist and fade away - into your minds wasteland - I live while you decay I gaze into your eyes two wells of extinguished life mental winter living lie you're searching the long lost and long to die illuminate your inner shadows the darkness kept from light you walk one way but your heads on backwards and end up being what you fight

Climb The Gate

(Hess/Lesperance) Remeber the lost summer nights We never found a warmer breeze If we're lost in time I'm stayin' here and never gonna leave I remember the look in your eyes Is it something that I'll never see again We're gonna make it right 'Cos I'm not searching till the bitter end It's been a long time coming I'm tired of failing you It's been a long time coming It's time to face the truth They're old habits that Die Off Hard Invading our love It keeps growing stronger Die Off Hard Now pain won't let go It keeps growing stronger in us Through the years I find Nothing's straight it's just another haze So unless we try to fight a dawning Of a graceless age We'll encompass a life destined to the cold beliefs we had We're gonna make it right I won't live a life I never wanted to lead

I Remember A Rooftop

I remember a rooftop making out Downstairs the carpet screamed so loud I waited so long for that night Then I just turned away And I know every street On the west side But I was lost, unfound, not right Maybe there's something wrong inside Now I've got nowhere to go My answer's all that I've got I'm so sorry for so many things That I haven't said yet This is the waiting room I spent my whole life in They gave me a thousand hands so I could count my sins If I'm lucky maybe I'll finish before the roof caves in I lost my life on the first try You found it miles down the line A swollen face with 3 first names You kissed the taste back in my tongue You sucked the smoke out of my lungs And then we slept for days and days and days When we woke up My heart I choked up Had to say I love you way too soon But right there on your couch You loved me too Right there on your couch You loved me too 19 and sober once or twice I caught some junkie's bad advice Up to my eyes in others' problems Couldn't see I never solve them My Only skin and bone And this and pills unknown I took my lousy shot At public recognition Could never pull the trigger If I wasn't shaking I lost my life on the first try You found it miles down the line A swollen face with 3 first names You kissed the taste back in my tongue You sucked the smoke out of my lungs And then we slept for days and days and days When we woke up My heart I choked up Had to say I love you way too soon But right there on your couch You loved me too Right there on your couch You loved me too

Freak Out

311 "Hydroponic"
Let the games begin if you wanna fuck with me You can't disturb the course of P & C & T & D & me I'm on a mission To set straight The vice, the curse, the date, the gate relate to this. I insist B it's weak to dis see I'm runna up so suckers stick to your 40 How could I give a damn, give a damn if you approve what it's about. I just freak out Just guess ya'll c'mon come back slipped outta whack as the master. Laid out the music Death I just say fuck you, the void unknown we're thrown through while lost in life's psychedelic trip we take There's another more bizarre we have to make world we have nowhere beyond Take out the earth the bass is gone At life's end we'll feel the calm How strange we should be here at all [Chorus:] If you don't have someone to do it with it's not worth doin' To all my friends, it's not the end the earth has not swallowed me yet Into whose womb were you woven what kin of your skin dropped you then Bodies cloven Light of daybreak blinded next exit The wild darkness forming inside it My day wasn't promised me each death it brings reminding me we Are rumbling through this cursed universe where death is birth Think not but what your manifest is worth Giving up a verse the curse occurs a thirst To burst first breaking through the center of the universe Slamming down on the lingo flow so jam to the bumrush single Long ago has been become now when you find out there's no break In the rhythm. Black anima makes my stamina stand alone disown the cinema farewell to posing decades dozing comin up the steps of the new Screen rising scenes from the lost world shapes hard to tell. Which is which as if drawn by a child holmes [Chorus] This is the heat to flush your face

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