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JAMIE GRACE lyrics - Ready To Fly

Just A Friend

Original and similar lyrics
I saw you in the hallway, With all of your friends, And everything around me moved in slow motion, The girls think I'm crazy, I kinda agree, But it's hard to be cool enough whenever you look at me, And I can be immature when I'm lying on the floor, Photoshopping us together like I'm all yours. But you just learned my name, And I think that's kinda wack, Have you seen my sweet shoes and my new backpack yet? Somebody tell you why this hurts so bad, Why can't I find someone like my dad, (I love you dad) Why can't you just see what I see, When you say I'm just a friend, you tell me I'm just friend, I think I could make you happy, But you say I'm just a friend, you tell me I'm just a friend, So I'll be that, that, that, Oh I'll be that, that, that, I guess that's that, that, that, But I don't wanna be just that, You probably think I'm too young to feel this way, To you I'm a crush that just won't go away, So even if you move on and have a happy life, I promise I will pray for you, 'cause I'll be doing fine, See I can try to be mature like nothing's really wrong, But you probably know I'm faking by the time you hear this song, And I don't mind saying how I feel, as long as I stay true and keep it real, Somebody tell you why love takes so long, I think I'll just watch Reba with my mom (yeah) Why can't you just see what I see, When you say I'm just a friend, you tell me I'm just friend, I think I could make you happy, But you say I'm just a friend, you tell me I'm just a friend, So I'll be that, that, that, Oh I'll be that, that, that, I guess that's that, (I dunno baby sis) But I don't wanna be (But I 'ma tell you like this) Ha You ain't gotta rush love, girl, slow down, (Okay) When you meet him you gon' know, wanna know how? (How?) He gon' treat you right, Make you the queen of life, If he don't then I'm a take 'em out, Sike, all kidding aside God has the perfect, One that was made for you, designed to worship, (I know) God and He sees your beauty and true purpose, So baby sis, trust the process, it's worth it, So Father, I will place this in your hands, (That's right) You know me and all my crazy plans, Humbly I surrender this to You, (all to you Lord) So I'll keep dreaming, You'll keep coming through, (You keep coming through) I know You see what I don't see, (You see what I don't see) So I'll be just a friend, I'll be just a friend, I know that I will be happy, Even if I'm just a friend, I'll be just a friend, So yeah, that's that, that, that, Oh that's that, that, that, I'll be that, that, that I'm telling you, I'll be just that...


Once my lover Now my friend What a cruel thing To pretend What a cunning way To condescend Once my lover and Now my friend Oh, you creep up Like the clouds And you set my soul at ease Then you let Your love abound And you bring me To my knees Oh, it's evil, babe The way you let Your grace enrapture me When will you know I'd be insane To ever let that Dirty game recapture me You made me A shadowboxer, baby I wanna be ready For what you do I've been swinging All around me 'Cause I don't know When you're gonna Make your move Oh, your gaze Is dangerous And you fill your Space so sweet If I let you Get too close You'll set your Spell on me So darlin' I just wanna say Just in case I don't come through I was on to every play I just wanted you But, oh, it's so evil My love The way you've no Reverence to my concern So I'll be sure to Stay wary of you, love To save the pain of Once my flame and Twice my burn You made me A shadowboxer, baby I wanna be ready For what you do I've been swinging All around me 'Cause I don't know When you're gonna Make your move

A Pict Song

Billy Bragg "William Bloke"
Rome never looks where she treads Always her heavy hooves fall On our stomachs, our hearts and our heads And Rome never hears when we bawl Her sentries pass on -- that is all And we gather behind them in hordes And plot to reconquer the Wall With only our tongues for our swords For we are the little folk -- we! Too little to love or to hate Leave us alone and you'll see That we can bring down the state Mistletoe killing an oak Rats gnawing cables in two Moths making holes in a cloak How they must love what they do! Yes -- and we little folk too We are as busy as they Working our works out of view Watch, and you'll see it some day No indeed! We are not strong But we know of Peoples that are Yes and we'll guide them along To smash and destroy you in war We shall be slaves just the same? Yes, we have always been slaves But you -- you will die of the shame And then we will dance on your graves We are the worm in the wood! We are the rot at the root! We are the taint in the blood! We are the thorn in the foot! Rudyard Kipling

Turn Me On

FAT JOE "Loyalty"
(feat. Ronda Blackwell) [Fat Joe] Yeah, unh, Irv Gotti.. Joe Crack the Don, ya heard me [Irv Gotti] We back, my nigga Chink Santana Murder Inc., Terror Squad [Chorus: Ronda Blackwell + (Fat Joe)] Boy you keep on turning me.. Love the way you turn me on Got me feeling all alone (Love it when you turn me on) Boy you keep on turning me.. Love the way you turn me on When you got me singing this song Love the way you turn me on [Fat Joe] Yo, push your seat back, ma feel who you rolling wit Relax, and let Crack take control of this Have some 'Gnac, Hennessy and Coka Cola mix To stop at 1-6-5 for that potent shit So now we rolling this, it's nine fifteen I'm sure you know where we going but time is the key Let's smoke a lil, climb high in tha trees Choke a lil while my hand rub your thigh and your knees You know that silly shit, and now it's ten on six We in the village jus a lil ripped Pumping Jodeci while a nigga whip And watch you marinate, feel free to sing along while I navigate This is your song ma, crackalate So when it's time to get it on she gon know that it's wrong to procrastinate Steady saying that I'm turning her on, I'm like 'I know' Didn't your friends tell you that you fucking wit Joe Oh boy [Chorus] [Fat Joe] Yo, smooth cuz I don't get upset If she ain't wit it then cool, I can go without sex I ain't gotta spend big for a girl at Mya We could, go to Papayas and, talk the night up Tell me bout yourself, your hopes, your dreams, your struggles I'm tryna ta front but I'm feelin ta touch you I got the heat on blast, I bet you thinkin like 'He want ass' But still you thinkin that you might Playin the rules, pretendin to be a fool When you ask silly questions like 'What we gon do' I'ma leave it your hands, let you make your move Now you want me to stay over, games over [Chorus] [Fat Joe] Oooh, you sex it baby, ahhh, jus shake it mama [Ronda B] Yeah [Fat Joe] Bag it up, sing this song [Ronda B] Love it when you turn me on [Fat Joe] Yo, now it's on, shorty's strippin in the living room My heart racing cuz I know I'm gon hit it soon Pop that ass, sit it on my lap Don't stop like that, put it on Crack Let me beat it from the back, now I'm pounding it right Wearing a thong on my head cuz you know I'm wild for tonight When we done talk a lil bit to keep her in the groove Try ta make it last so my exit is smooth, ya know [Chorus 2x w/ Fat Joe ad libs]

Best Friend

TQ "Second Coming"
Best Friend (My best friend) I remember the day I met ya You almost drove me crazy Something 'bout ya had me goin' (But it wasn't like my girlfriend) As I commenced to get to know ya All the things that I told ya Times you asked me to hold ya (Real damn hard to explain) You always talked about bein' so lonely How your nigga always trippin' Tellin' me he treat ya like shit and You don't know why you're messin' with him Just couldn't find no happiness But you're too damn beautiful for this So my only mission Prevent anybody from trippin' on my best friend 1 - I'm gon' get them You gon' be there too Only wanna see you happy In case you didn't know, you're my best friend You got me and it's gon' be us too So now you gotta keep your head up I'm gonna be your best friend Everytime I'd sit and think about it You make me wanna check that busta But y'all so far away (Cuz you wouldn't let me anyway) Everytime I see you, why you gotta be crying? Don't look like you get no sleep at night Baby girl, is everything all right? I ain't gonna worry 'bout ya But I got so much damn love for ya It's a struggle to keep my sanity when I know you ain't happy And I'm tryna let you be But it just don't work Cuz any minute, I'll be in the club goin' berzerk Puttin' in work on the jerk that's pullin' your skirt Your protector, not gon' let nobody hurt you no more If you comin' with me baby, I'ma open the door And you ain't gotta cry no more (don't cry no more) Repeat 1 Repeat 1 I can't lie You would be my baby if I didn't have a girlfriend Only one I'm not gon' be in love with And then we'd be huggin' And if a mothafucka try to hurt you, I'm actin' up You don't need to worry, I'ma serve on him (chop him up) You ain't lived your life enough to let this punk nigga box you up (That's why I got your love) Repeat 1 to fade

Baby Girl

Eightball "Living Legends"
(feat. P. Diddy) [Chorus: 8 Ball - repeat 2X] What it do baby girl Get on the dance floor Will you put your drink down Come and dance with me [Verse 1: MJG] Let's hit my residence, baby it's evident That you been raising hell, I make it heaven sent M-J take you to places that you never went One room one night for every day spent Knocking a dent in the sheetrock she's hot Got them legs fanned open like a peacock I saw her dancing in the club with her new outfit Her hair and her nails did show me love Ya man say he got good green show me some bud Give me the real hook up price like I'm ya cuz Baby see I'm above the bullshit and the playing Them hoes you listening to don't know what they saying They relaying that he say she say language If that's the way we trying to swing it won't swang it M-J fucking G I ain't really new to this shit Just wanna add something new to the list [Chorus] [Verse 2: 8 Ball] Money make the world go round that's what they say Conversation rules the nation in every way My mind thinking shit and I say it before I know I'm at the condo busting condoms on the floor We keep the crunk hyper than any who use a mic We do the kinda music the pretty women gone like A sweet smell you know with perfect nails and toes A round cinibun head under them clothes I know you wanna go and smoke out Stay up all night and go eat at the Waffle House You and me bring your friend that make three I bet I can make you feel so sexy Let the drank flow and burn the best dro Put ya drank down and go hit the dancefloor Make a nigga wanna get withcha and spend dough Love what you do to me mami I wanna know [Chorus] [Verse 3: 8 Ball] My yak spilling full of that hay I'm feeling right Spend the night with me let's wake up and take a flight [MJG] She'll suck a nigga dick for the flight but don't bite We gone keep it on the low no gossip and no hype [8 Ball] My rubber on tight on the jet on the runway Leave Monday don't come home to Sunday [MJG] We dip Tuesday be back in town by Wednesday Break a girl off that chain like Cunta Kintae [8 Ball] So will you dip with me baby girl On a trip around the world while I play with your curls [MJG] Play with your titty nipples will that make your toes curl You a bad motherfucker baby its your world [8 Ball] I know I'm coming on strong but that's me Whatever you want I can do it correctly [MJG] So get ya mind right baby you Tina and I'm Ike Bring that ass over here dance with Ike or we gone fight [Chorus]

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