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JAMIE GRACE lyrics - One Song At A Time


Original and similar lyrics
Looking at the radio caught up in a dream 'Bout the days gone by when no one had a TV Hopin' that the weather man would say good things Like no rain on friday for the drive in movie Little kids didn't have a care There was love growin' up everywhere But when I open my eyes and the dream stops playin You can still find me somewhere saying I shoulda been born in '45 In '54 I woulda been 9 Lovin' my record player by my side That woulda been nice yeah, that woulda been nice I shoulda been born in '45 My first pair of high heels in '59 White shirt, poodle skirt, silk hair tie Dancing in the moonlight That woulda been nice Ooo ooh Oh that woulda been nice Ooo ooh Boombox on my shoulder wit my favorite tape I'm reppin my 8 tracks and my buckle up skates How do I know about that you say You say You wear bell bottom jeans get a double take From all the guys and the girls who look your way Back then people didn't always agree But the love goin round was revolutionary and Even though the world was crazy I'd still go if my dreams could take me oh I shoulda been born in '65 In '74 I woulda been 9 Tryna' get home after playin outside Racin' street lights, racin street lights I shoulda been born in '65 I woulda been a teenager round '79 Teasing my hair so it looks just right On a saturday night, yeah That woulda been nice Growin' up I never really had a care There was love all the time and everywhere And even though sometimes my world may get a little crazy I find myself bein proud when I say I coulda been born in '45 But the truth is I got here right on time And I thank God for every day of life It suits me just right, it suits me just right And lovely 1991 That's the year that I come from And I wouldn't wanna trade it for another time I love this life yeah I love this life Ooo ooh I love this life Ooo ooh I love this life


ANTHONY HAMILTON "Comin' From Where I'm From"
Charlene By Anthony Hamilton Charlene Anthony Hamilton Verse I Woke up this morning found a letter that she wrote She said she's tired that I'm always on the road To hard to swallow being alone She needs someone at night that she can hold She must have told me a thousand times or more Silent cries I use to ignore God knows I love her Didn't mean to hurt her Chorus Baby I'll be Sitting here waiting on you to come home again I won't leave Promise I'll be here to the very end By your side To protect you and to love you and to be with you for life Come on home to me Charlene Verse II She knows I really love this old music thang Since I was a child it's been my dream I can support her treat her and spoil her You know buy her the finer things But I forgot about loving her Damn the money, diamonds and pearls What about the hard day she had with the baby All she need is for me to love her Chorus Baby I'll be Sitting here waiting on you to come home again I won't leave Promise I'll be here to the very end By your side To protect you and to love you and be with you for life Come on home to me Charlene Bridge Promise I can't live without her God knows I need her loving And it hurts so bad that's she gone I pray that she'll come back one day In my life Chorus Baby I'll be Sitting here waiting on you to come home again I won't leave Promise I'll be here to the very end By your side To protect you and to love you and be with you for life Come on home to me Charlene Oh oh oh Sometimes I cry Charlene if you're listening would you call on me Because my heart is aching

Run Away

Nasty Boy Klique
I would give my life for you You mean the world to me baby baby baby babe You know I love you and i wanna be together, we can run away just me & you, just you and me will you run away with me? the day Iwrote these words for you I cried could of died that day a happy & complete man cuz in the palm of my hand everythin that I dreamed for and more and you know that im down for yours forever in life the reason why I made you my wife is because You seen me, for me, the real me, and loved me unconditionally and even with these circumstances that i handed u still gave me a chance and thats why i live and breathe 4 u & the kids & u give me more than this fame could ever give me & now my life is satisfied & complete visions are comin true yeah of me and u placin rings on each others fingers sayin 'i do' u stuck with me through my thick & my thin 2 go back & live life over again naw, this is my destiny it was worth the agony 2 get the extasy (chorus) we could run away & spend some time i'll always be the one right by your side tell the whole world u belong 2 me u are my everything ooooh.... i wanna run away with u i never ever met a shorty that wuz quite like u & even though it was wrong i fell in love u now we sit here not really knowin what to do but im sure u know i'd give the world 4 u if i could run away with u i wouldn't even think twice i promise girl, i'll put it all on the line i know forever seems 2 be a long time but thats what i'm seein when i look into your eyes & it dont matter what your friends might say cuz i know deep inside u feel the same way u can tell me what u want but i can read your mind so quit lyin 2 yaself and put your hand in mine i get excited everytime u come close & bein right here with u is what i love the most so anytime u feelin lonely inside we can run away together leave this world behind (chorus)1x wakin up in the morning & your still not there can't we run away and excape somewhere? missin your soft touch your lips next 2 mine holdin up your hands as u looked in my eyez what must of happened 2 the love we both felt inside? emotions were stong & the feelin was right now we dont speak anymore, u went your own way if thats what loves about, then i wuz mislead go ahead & take your time if thats what u need my love 4 u's forever, my heart 4 u bleeds things happen 4 a reason so i ask myself should i be strong?, wait?, or move on 2 someone else? i know u still love me i can feel it inside u always kept it real, no games, no lies if u ever feelin lonely, feel the need 2 get away call me up, i'll be there 2gether we'll run away girl (chorus)

Granite Tops

Yeah yeah yeah yeah Alright check me out! No I don't claim to know the struggle 'Cause I've never lived it but Life for me hasn't always been photogenic and perfect Only I can make my own self determined Not a parent, a preacher, a teacher, Jesus or verdict could overturn This will power that I got burnin' So deep inside of me trying unecessary like cursive And no my parents aren't divorced My pops never vanished They act like since I've always had granite tops That I take this shit for granited, dammit That isn't further from the truth Who gives a damn if I was brought up astute? They say "You don't have the financial problems all these real rappers do and you ain't even bustin' caps in dudes" And just because I have a passion for rappin' The world expects me to? Now that's the stupidest thing that I've ever heard I'm just gon' flip em' the bird I'm wakin' up in the early morning hours A powerful work etchi's so unheard of in this day And age I'll make my way regardless of the haters hatin' Envy is a shameful trait Sometimes I feel there's no escape from the scrutiny and judgements And really Theres not it's gonna keep comin As long as long as the youngin' is buzzin' Ah, So I just accept it and laugh And as much as I love the cash it's so much deeper than that Bein' iconics what I'm striving for while sleeping I snap into a new reality within my dreams And then I wake up to the exact same thing 'Cause recently my life is flipped 180 degrees I was never the most confident of my friends I remember down in my basement Sammy, Big Mikes and Biggs They made me rap for em' Threatening me with shit if I didn't Lowkey makin fun of me as I spit You know how it is Probably thinking to them selves "you better stick to your day job" But now the jokes on them 'Cause that's exactly what this is Yeah Gettin the types of girls I used to not Kinda goes to show as an example How I'm used a lot But no I'm not complaining 'Cause no I didn't got the moral compass of the gods Honestly sometimes I fuck up I'm just a human Sometimes I'm out until the sun's up But that's just how it is when you're young buck Livin' on my own only 18 Don't really like the clubs much I'd rather chill and puff one But that's besides the fact Hip hop head claiming I can't mess with em' 'cause this or that And they're viners and they have young girls for the fans But man at least those girls love me just for who I am I, I guess they'll never understand it's aight

Savage Freedom

Joke Killing "Democracy"
It's the age of cvs Contract to contract And my stress levels rise This is a job for life (there are no jobs for life) I am forced to a decision I am forced to see the other side I can see a way out of here I can see a way out of here Placards of prophets And great leaders of men Personality cults All over again (but) we'll build shrines for our loved ones We'll burn fires and lights And we'll talk of the old ways To find new ways that might... ...they just might In the villages and hills On the tundra and ice To the forests of kauri In the paddies of rice By the lakes on the plains To the great mountain range Love the land and its people I can see a way out With the hours that we kill And the dreams that we hide Of alternative life styles This savage freedom i love

Alana Davis

Alana Davis
i call my mom i call my friend looking for a reason to go home again because you make me feel like i dont belong like my hearts too weak and my heads too strong oppisites attract sometimes but not the way you're attracting mine and i cant change the way you are even though you think your some kind of rockstar *chorus* i want you out of my life, my life , my life cause your love is cold as ice it's time that you hit the door i don't want to see you no more (repeat) you want me to walk like this and talk like that dye my hair and don't wear hats and dress too sleazy and go too far when all i wanna do is play my guitar and i don't think that it's fair and i don't think that you care about me yeah but i see the way it's got to be i want you out my life *chorus* why am i in this alone? is my love too much for you? what's wrong with home? i hope you have found your answer because i think that i found mine i want you out of my life *chorus* to fade -song title: Bye Bye

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