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JAMEY JOHNSON lyrics - The Dollar

The Dollar

Original and similar lyrics
Daddy hugs his little man Says, son I've got to go And he pulls out of the drive and disappears As they walk back in the house The young boy asks his mama "here does daddy go when he leaves here Mama tells her little man, Your daddy's got a job And when he goes to work they pay him for his time Well the young boy gets to thinking And he heads up to his bedroom And comes running back with a quarter and four dimes And says, mama, how much time will this buy me Is it enough to take me fishing or throw a football in the street If I'm a little short then how much more does daddy need To spend some time with me The young boy tells his mama Now I know daddy's busy 'Cause most times when he gets home it's dark outside But tell him I've got me some pennies Saved up from the tooth fairy And I keep 'em in my piggy bank and I believe there's thirty-five And mama, how much time will that buy me Is it enough to take me camping in a tent down by the creek If I'm a little short then how much more does daddy need To spend some time with me Mama, how much time will this buy me Is it enough for just an afternoon a day or a whole week If I'm a little short then how much more does daddy need To spend some time with me Mama takes her little man Sets him on her lap And starts dialing up some numbers on the phone She says, daddy come home early You don't have to chase that dollar 'Cause your little man has got one here at home

Vacant Planets

I want to watch you drown in your lies. The end of your masquerade, a matter of time Intertwining lies, domination, control Feed his twisted nature It is sickening to see dreams die A word of advice, fate's patience is growing short. Fake down to your mind and appearance You will fall short of the dreams to destroy In time you will find yourself trapped in a corner These four words my friend, I promise you will not forget I am one of many that see through your lies Hiding will do you no good, many seek revenge. Soon to become a victim of what you live to create, and cannot have.

Big Railroad Man

Bill Anderson
(spoken) The birthday party was over toys were scattered here and there Seven candles laid by the last piece of cake in front of an empty chair A mother said son I know you're disappointed but please Try to understand Your daddy's been awfuly busy cause he's a big railroad man So you go on to sleep now she kissed him and turned out the light Moments later a window opened and the young boy slipped out Into the night He was on his way to the depot the express wasn't due till ten But they they just might run a special if they knew that dad was comin' in The mighty scream of the 9:15 tore through the winter night The whirl of the wheels and the clang of the steel Jarred the country side The southbound freight was running late desperate to make up time When a giant of a man with a sack in his hand Leaped off like a mountain lion He hit and rolled like an old pro and he got up off the ground He brushed the snow from off his grimy clothes and said Hey kid what's the name of this town The frightened boy said Grandville sir The man said well what do ya know Ha I used to live in this little one horse town I guess about six or maybe it was seven years ago I told my wife when I left here that I'd be coming back in style Ha oh well anyway it looks like I'm back I guess I just might as well visit awhile So if you'll be so kind as to point the way to the Joneses Why I'll go now and leave you be The young boy said sir the only Joneses that live around here Is my mama and my daddy and me Course dad he's been gone a long time now Course now he don't want to be ye understand It's just that daddy's got lots of important things to do You see he's a big railroad man He sends me birthday presents and mama reads me what he writes In his last letter daddy promised that he was gonna Try and make it home tonight The old man scratched the side of his head and he said Grandville Grandville I thought you said Denville Oh well I guess that's natural mistake Now if you'll just point the way to the depot Why I'll be checking on the next fast freight Tell you what you run on home now and you tell your mom To go ahead and fix up your daddy's room Cause I've got the strangest feeling That your daddy just might be coming home pretty soon

For Mama

Ave Maria She said: My daughter, I beg of you I have a with that must come true The last thing you can do for Mama Please promise me that you will stay And take my place while I'm away And give the children love each day I had to cry, what could I say? How hard I tried to find the words I prayed she wouldn't see my cry So much to say that should be heard But only time to say goodbye to Mama They say in time that you'll forget Yet still today my eyes are wet I tell myself to smile for Mama Now soon there'll be another spring And I will start remembering The way she loved to hear me sing Her favorite song, Ave Maria Ave Maria The children have all grown up now I kept my promise to Mama I cannot guide them anymore I've done my best all for Mama Ave Maria But still it seems so very small For all she did for me

Extra, Extra

JAY ELECTRONICA "The Jay Electronica Project"
Like a whirlwind pyramind Word to D-O-C nigga the lyrics here Terrestrials in the chest where the spirit live You not fuckin with the best extra extra Read all about the extra terrests with turrets They all wait in line for what's next Abracadabra the crowd went deaf Eyes went stage right but I went left In one single bound went from M-Y-S P-A-C-E man the mp-three man to mtv man All by the willpower of my great skull like he-man See man... I'm much better than These young fucks runnin a muk yellin veteran Arms to short for them to sport them a letterman... So just chill young padawan I'll guide you in the ways of the force The crowdll stand idle in amazement of course So lounge on the drama (Mama, mama, mama) Take that nigga They say I'm Kevin Spacey K-PAX nigga One mic one show three acts is a, masterpiece Harass the beast Until he throw down his sword (Ok one more time one more time) Til he throw down his ride T minus ten til the throw down with god

What Will They Say

JIMMY BARNES "Double Happiness"
Been through troubled waters What I have seen Took it to the borders Rock’n’rolls been good to me Though the times of hurt and dispair Heaven knows that baby I could not leave you far behind Know I took my time But what will they say When daddy's gone Daddy’s gone away I’ve got my sons and daughters My cavalry And like a wounded soldier They rescue me I put us through some pain and regret For you I’d put that bottle, Time I put that bottle to bed I could not leave you far behind Know I took my time But what will they say When daddy's gone Daddy’s gone away I was blinded And running though the fire Never leave you But who am I to decide When daddy’s gone When daddy’s gone Baby I could not leave you far behind Know i Baby I could not leave you far behind Know i Baby I could not leave you far behind Know I took my time But what will they say Daddy's gone When daddy’s gone I’ve been through troubled waters What I have seen

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