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JAMEY JOHNSON lyrics - The Dollar

Keepin' Up With The Jonesin'

Original and similar lyrics
Lord, I quit the drinkin', the smokin' an' the honky-tonk life. The day that a ring an' a preacher made her my wife. Yeah, an' I said: "I do," but I didn't have a clue, How I'd miss all the whiskey an' women. I tried to be true, but it's all I can do, Keepin' up with the Jonesin'. Man, this hectic, domestic lifestyle takes a while to adjust. Ah, she don't seem to remember that old rowdy rambler I was. 'Cause she calls up her friends an' tells them, How good I been doin'. But the truth is I'm goin' out of my mind, Keepin' up with the Jonesin'. An' I miss gettin' high, an' stayin out all night, With all my old friends. An' I miss the liquor, the bartenders, The fights, the girls an' the bands. It wouldn't be so damned hard, If I didn't know what I'm missin'. She don't understand, I'm doin' all that I can, Keepin' up with the Jonesin'. Yeah, tell me what you know about it, possum. Whoa it gets so hard when I know what I'm missin'. Sometimes I give in, start over again, Keepin' up with the Jonesin'. Son, I understand, it's a helluva man, Keepin' up with the Jonesin'. Aw man, Thank you Mr Jones, I sure 'nough appreciate the ride. Hey is this, this a new tractor. That a satellite radio, air-conditioning, heater. Oh, a cooler.

Please Understand

MC LYTE "Eyes On This"
[ female voice ] I just want you to understand I just want you to understand [ male voice] - Understand what? [ VERSE 1 ] I met a guy named Tommy, damn, he charmed me Met him at the mall, but I knew he wouldn't harm me We exchanged numbers, hopin to meet again We couldn't wait for the romance to begin The relationship grew strong I didn't wanna be right if this love was wrong But oh no, came the problems, the first segment The dumb kid went and got some girl pregnant The second segment: started wheelin and dealin Didn't give a damn about how Lyte was feelin But then he got wise, started treatin me better Cause all of his friends said I was a go-getter He knew he was usin me, and abusin me He also knew that soon he'd be losin me First I clocked him, yeah, I docked him But I rocked him - and then I dropped him [ VERSE 2 ] Then there was Dave, couldn't behave So I punished him and put him in my Lyte-as-a-rock cave Then he got bold, tried to play insane So Bigfoot threw him off my paperthin train He tried to 10%-dis me, but he pissed me off Cause I'm the boss, and you know I'm not havin it Lyte is too dope, and you know I ain't crabbin it Then there was Henry, way too friendly I needed a trip, he said he would send me Pay my airfare, if he could come with me I said, Listen, honey, I don't need your money Believe me when I tell you, I've got my own Cause I'm MC Lyte on the microphone Yeah [ VERSE 3 ] Here's another story: a dude named Corey When I used to work, yes, I was a clerk At the Worldtrade Center, back in high school This little player musta thought I was a fool He took me out to lunch, offered me a ride home When we got there, he asked could he use my telephone I said, Yeah, sure , flipped him to the floor Cause he said What's up? and tried to feel my butt I kicked him down the stairs and said, What you're provin? Rolled him to his car and said, Get movin! He tried to score it, I wasn't goin for it You can't play me, I'm Lyte Thee MC Never saw his face again until last week All beat up and bleedin down the street I looked to my left, there was a girl with a pipe in her hand Sayin, Why oh why can't you understand?


[madchild] Man, I can't believe I have to go through all of this again I gave you your position [prev] What, I thought we were friends! I didn't ask, you offered, you're short-tempered and demanding It's my energy on stage that makes our show so outstanding [mc] Look, when we first hooked up, my first thought was you're a pansy You couldn't rap on beat, you little four-eyed geek [prev] Yeah And at the club there's a reason we don't hang out that much You're double-fisted with two Heinekens actin like a lush [mc] That's better than a leash, I tried to teach you to be tough I guess it's hard to squeeze strength out of a cream puff. [prev] Oh you're rough [mc] yeah thats right [prev] Hey, let me pass you a pen So you can fill an application at the Hair Club for Men [CHORUS (2X)] [MC] I meant everything I said [Prev] Everything I said I meant [both] When there's much on the line, yo, there's times you gotta vent 'Ventilate' [both] We're magnificient together, it's a perfect combination [Prev] Man, you know how many times I've had to swallow my pride Put my feelings aside so that we wouldn't collide [MC] I know I'm hard to get along with and much harder to work for But I'm breakin my back while you're hangin out at the bookstore [Prev] Yeah, but when I'm there I'm readin Icarus, kinetics in English So when we make songs at least our music sounds distinguished [MC] Come on man, I made this happen, you don't appreciate shit [Prev] Yeah [MC] I'm the one who hustled, yo, you never put in one cent You're dead-set in your ways, your stubborness [Prev] What [Mc] How you think we got this far, it didn't happen from luck [Prev] If I had a buck for every kid I battled and slayed I'd had enough to start my own (edited) record label anyway [chorus (2X)] [MC] I hope you realize these songs weren't made for free [Pre] Man, I know But once the cash comes back you can recoup your dough [MC] Yeah bro, but you ain't even signed a contract [Pre] No, that's wack [MC] I could get stabbed in the back [Pre] You should know better than that [MC] Well, it's frustrating to me, I got a lot on my plate [Pre] Well, you're the one who put it there, I thought we already ate [MC] Alright look, where was I back three years ago [Pre] Mininum wage [MC] That's right, and where we at now [Pre] Yeah, different page [MC] OK, what's the significance of the point I'm tryin to make [both] We sound magnificient together [Pre] so let's drop this whole debate (How many states) [MC] Not many (How many countries) [Pre] Plenty (How old are both of y'all) [both] Let's just say we're in our twenties (How'd you come up with the name Swollen Members) [both] Drunk at Denny's (Any last words) [both] Step up and you'll get kicked to the curb [Pre] We're strippin your verse, we're rippin, you're a [both] victim of words [both] We're both putting in work tryin to get what we deserve [CHORUS (2X)]

Letter To B.I.G.

JADAKISS "The Last Kiss"
[Intro: Jadakiss] Uh huh! I ain't even good with writin I don't even write shit I just felt, I had to write this letter to BIG Niggas is actin like..................letter to BIG Uh, yo [Verse 1: Jadakiss] Dear Christopher Frank White Wallace Yeah it's your boy Kiss I just wanna holla In your memory I keep the Coogi in my closet Kangol on the rack, a fresh pair of Wallies You know I'm still the liquor and the weed child And still got Branson on speed dial And everybody's the king now You ain't gotta be nice gettin shot is the thing now Mafia was doin there best they seperated Now Roc and Gutta doin a stretch, uh, yeah Kim is still in it to win it I seen Money L awhile ago but I ain't heard from Cease in a minute People in power is queer I could go on for a year 'bout how it would be if you were still here The game got cheaper, rappers is more commercially successful now But the heart's alot weaker You know me still got the flow that'll pop speakers First option on offense the top feature It's easy BIG all you need is a protool set And I ain't touch the paper that I was supposed to yet Everybody that's somebody show respect Only a matter of time before they notice that I'm an impecable lyricist And with the right mechanics, I could take over be clear of this They well aware of Kiss the light of the city And I ain't on the label no more but I'm tighter with Diddy I got my own plan handle mine like a grown man Long as I know I'm nice, fuck it I'm my own fan Remixed the joints you had But, they could never ever duplicate your swag (Never) Meanwhile I'm a keep it so on my lil' plans And you might bump into a few of my lil' mans Up there steppin with God Down here Mister Cee in BK still reppin you hard Tianna so pretty, CJ turned into a Lil' Biggie Just a little lighter but so witty On your born day, we get the highest Groovy still the best with the garments, he keep me the flyest Tonight, Patron is dead Only right that I take a bottle of Bacardi Limon to the head And before I end it, I gotta say thanks 'Cause not only was your time well-spent, it was splendid (thanks) ...Miss you, my nigga One Love (So we tried to hard to understand) [Chorus: Faith Evans (Jadakiss)] So we tried to hard to understand, why you had to go away (That was my letter to B.I.G., nahmean?) You were everything - you were everything (I felt it was only right, I really smoked with them niggas) [Bridge: Faith Evans (Jadakiss)] So we'll just keep our heads to the sky (Drink wit 'em) (Sat wit 'em, talked wit 'em) 'Cause we know we're gonna see you in the next lifetime (Real shit) But it's never easy saying good-byyyyye (See you when I get there, Biggie) Saying - good-byyyyyyyyyyye (Love you) [Chorus: Faith Evans] So we tried to hard to understand, why you had to go away You were everything (Why you had to go awaaaaaay?) So we tried to hard to understand, why you had to go away You were everything (Oooo-hooo-oooo-hooo-oooo-hoooo...)

The Letter

Everlast "Forever Everlasting"
Yeah that's her Sometimes you win Sometimes you lose All the broken hearts And the unpaid dues What you did to me What I did to you I ain't mad at you, boo So what we gonna do? I just seen you out with your new man It's lookin' kind of happy I'm feelin' like somebody just slapped me My gut's in a knot My temp's gettin' hot I wanna make that man bleed And wear this speed knot 'Cause he ain't got what we had And it makes me kind of mad I hurt my one true love Just like my dad And it's kinda sad 'Cause now my shit's together No need for umbrellas I can see the stormy weather I'm goin' outside into the rain I keep sweatin' 'Cause I can't house this pain We was workin' for years Now I'm jerkin' these tears From my lips to God's ears, girl I did you wrong So I'm makin' this song To let you know how I feel Before I'm keepin' it real Man, keepin my heart concealed And now I'm on the side Just patiently waitin' Watchin' on you and the time for updatin' I can't hide from the truth I know the puddin's in the proof So I stand convicted like all your friends predicted But I'd think you'd be surprised On how this ends brothers We went from lovers to friends We'll go from friends to lovers So if that man make you smile I guess that I'll Just accept it And respect it I'll hit you with this song And let you think about it Then I'll just leave you alone And be a man about it

Friendship Isn't What It Used To Be

ANNELIESE VAN DER POL "Vanities: A New Musical"
Three pretty girls in a schoolyard, Playin' games and makin' noise You would think they had been best friends forever Talkin' algebra and boys They were each of them after the big brass ring So they swore they'd never be apart And if it rang a little false... Still, it was said with all their heart Laughing, dancing, Off on a spree! No one knew that none of it meant a thing... But friendship isn't what it used to be Three college girls at the movies Falling hard for Steve McQueen You would think that they had so much in common If you stumbled on the scene Then you peel back the layers of teenage ties And a lot of what they shared is gone We left each other far behind And never noticed we moved on Life flows, time flies Spirits roam free No one says it and nothing dies But friendship isn't what it used to be Wouldnt you know some of us grow Some of us stay the way we are And love burns out after making it so far Three women stuck at a crossroads, At a loss to reconnect... You would think them a mess of contradictions, And for once you'd be correct It's apparent that none of us made the grade But at least not in the way we planned But how we lost our common ground Is what I'll never understand Years race, lives change, Makes sense to me... Why the hell should it feel so strange? All relationships rearranged! And the fact is, some friends don't fade Some... You never see. Make your peace with the choices made, Swallow hard at the price you've paid... But friendship... Isn't what it used to be.

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