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JAMES TAYLOR lyrics - Various Songs

Jellyman Kelly

Original and similar lyrics
Jellyman Kelly (James and Sally Taylor) Here's a song about Jellyman Kelly, He loves jelly the most. Ah, but most of all, Jellyman Kelly loves jelly on toast. And here's the part about Jenny Mulhenny, She's a fireman's daughter. Yeah, but most of all, Jenny Mulhenny loves to boil hot water Jenny put the kettle on, Jellyman Kelly, Can he come home, Jenny, can he come? Jenny put the kettle on, Jellyman Kelly, Can he come home, Jenny, can he come? Chorus: Oh, can he come home, Jenny, Can he come home, Jenny can he come? Oh, can he come home, Jenny Can he come home, Jenny, can he come? Yada yada yada voo doo papa Yodely doo Da voody doo doo doo Yaka yaka yaka yaka hum hon no (Repeat chorus) That's the story about Jellyman Kelly-He still loves jelly! And yes and maybe someday you and me, friend, We can have tea with him! (Repeat chorus)

Cook It Up

AESOP ROCK "Bazooka Tooth"
Cook it up, Spooky, Salute, Look 'Zook'll hook it up to shoop the local Wendy Cooper loopy Low brow, low brim, she asked me, "What's the name?" I flashed the grossest fang in show biz Young Valkyrie's open, "What's yours?" "Um, Jenny, um..." body clocked in a ten-penny sum Sprung colossal, miss, may I process your Pentium? But Ae is hesitating, "My princess, The pigeon holing roles that your predecessor's lunacy in the kismet" Her eyes googled back as that of one unfortunate breed Plus a new kink in the posture "Just don't get all barnacley Or Get P.T. Barnumed in 3D THX sound stereo dismissal Sorry hun, it's just the last few have been a fistful Like, like, them girls you bump into out dumb luck get high innocently kiss once when she's punch drunk Watch her misinterpret the moment tongues touch Crazy Miss Cling-a-lot claim instant one love And you gotta beg your friends to take 'em off your hands like thumbcuffs Or them barbies you'll vibe for a sexy second (lovely) Give it a month; Hyde Heckles Jekyl and she makes Hitler look cuddly But Jenny in the sky with emerald eyes You're so different, so delicious, so the fish I'd be willing to walk the limb with! So let's just get a few things out the way: (okay) I'm clinically bonkers and hate just about everyone God's great earth offers I won't be getting dressed up to impress your family, dear And if I can't wear jeans and sneakers then I won't be lamping there Nope, aggro-pimp, sinfully, finicky nova, back it up no-diggity soldier Magic-touch fingertip donor Own up to your dirty debutant animalistic instincts Ritual courting dance and breeding behaviours (like what?) Like, "I dream of Jeannie and fucking her obscenely" But Jenny could be Jeannie so easily if you'd let me Hell, the bad tact daddy-o Merlin-- 'e' for effort Most of these high-post Fabio world motherfucks make my head hurt Dead up-- I got death in the skull but you'll get used to it ma Dinner and cinema, yes, just cough the bread up Sure, he schleps with naked pockets but I carry dreams Like I wanna be an astronaut after you marry me" (WHAAAAT??) "You're rushing this I feel smothered it's crowding me awfully, dolly I love you, Get the fuck off me! Sorry." (Call me) And I'm circling her like a tiger shark frenzied but friendly "I'm cool, how you feeling Jenny?" (Jenny) Jenny (Jenny) Jenny "So quiet, ooh I like that, so mysterious, I dig it The way you haven't made eye contact with me once in ten minutes I'm just saying girl, I'm dirty-dog raw vintage mixed with mega-low society Mister gutter-fuck etiquette, try me So there it is.. game. I mean it's not like I'm sweating you 'Cause when it comes down to it, most y'all females are the same But now it's your turn baby, spit it out "Okay," she punched me dead in the fuckin mouth and walked away Watch out ladies cause you know he don't love ya Bazooka Tooth is one bad motherfucker He's a low life pimp with a low life game He needs a no life dame with a strobe light frame Cook it up now.. No ring on the finger There ain't no strings attached But if you love television and manic depression Get a carton of cigarettes And we can make it happen Get to mackin' Just leave your bag up on the curb with the trashcan It ain't like I seen you in maxim Relax with the tap dance Lights, camera, lap dance Cook it up now..


LAURA PAUSINI "Entre Tú Y Mil Mares"
jenny ha 16 anni e gli occhi blu con i suoi capelli come il grano va a piedi nudi verso una citta' cercando il viso di un ragazzo che non sogna piu' stringe in mano la fotografia ma dove puo' trovarlo jenny non lo sa spinta da una cosmica energia vede un corpo soffocato da quest'arida realta' riconosce che e' lui perche' non ride mai jenny e' un'isola l'ave maria dei naufraghi una lucciola che brillera' nei momenti piu' bui per lui jenny lo accompagna a casa sua sente i suoi pensieri e la malinconia che lo affoga come una marea e gli salva il cuore dal dolore della sua follia mentre il mondo va via senza avere pieta' jenny e' un'ancora la terra a prua dei deboli e' una nuvola che piovera' coriandoli e' una favola e sta dentro questa realta' per lui per lui jenny e' l'africa la nostalgia dei brividi e'una briciola che sfamera' la solitudine jenny e' un cielo blu e' un miracolo e' un attimo che si accende per lui nei momenti piu' bui jenny ha 16 anni e se ne va camminando a piedi nudi e non lo sa che e' un'angelo

In The Haughhh!

INSANE CLOWN POSSE "Beverly Kills 50187"
Jugglers come out to play... Guess who's coming to your big town Jugglin' jesters kick it clowns Circus sound painted frown Carnival of carnage creeping round I'm Violent J and I'm sick They try to run me down but ya know I'm too slick And I slip and slide like a slinkie Slip and slide with my twinkie Welcome to my world as it winds and it twists I'm a kick a funky little rhyme that you missed Boloo-chewy-wuwwy-do-boo And you'd be fucked up if that was really voodoo Come see the one at the show of your life See me breathe fire and swallow a knife, right I ain't swallowing nothing, Jack But I can juggalo like you never thought you'd ever know And we packin' that funk With a snap and a clap and a jump jump So chicky chicky freak if ya wanna be down Step on up, ah...and kiss the clown Kiss the clown Stop the bus Violent J comes out Barrels to your face And blow your fucking face off Cuz ya know my mind is golden oh Happen to catch me a Beverly show Body fell asleep but my mind goes on Welcome to the world of juggla's dome First day I enrolled at the high school Butt-naked with an axe, wow, he's so cool Stand up and say your name, tell us about yourself My name's 2 Dope and I cut necks all to hell Dylan, Dylan, I'm trying to find Dylan I'm finna cut his throat with a carny carny killin' Rich boy never seen a ghetto jokero Slap you in the head with a sledgehammo Sorry Dylan didn't mean to knock ya Then I stuffed his dead body in my locker To the next class don't wanna be late Finna ask Brenda on a little date I heard this bitch likes to fight in clubs Took her to a Might Max threw a pair of gloves Wants to get her ass beat by a fat dyke And left the money-ass bitch there for the night Woke her in the morning, threw her in the trunk Threw her in the tub, cuz the dumb bitch stunk How you doing Brenda, mind if I bend ya Over rover, do me like Dundy I'm sure ya'd like that, ya little skank And when I finished, I stuffed the fucking head in the fish tank Back to the school, fat bitch in the locker Couldn't fit her booty in, so I cut her booty out Sometimes I feel like I'm already in hell Throwing up children on Del Ray smell Fuck those fucking fucks, uh Rich fucks, man, fuck those fucks Beverly Hills is Beverly Kills I'm gonna bring ghetto carnival thrills Where's that other little rich little fag Looking for Brandon cuz we can't stand him I know my boys make the bass go boom But shhh, you can hear jacking off in the boys room Aww, aww, Dylan. I want your anus. Aww, you're so hot. Kicked in the stall then I kicked in his jaw Kicked him in face and kicked in his balls Punk tried to run but he couldn't try to wobble Bust him in the head with an empty Faygo bottle Took him to the staircase, jumped on his face Road him down the bumpy chase Can I hear him breathe one last note Stuffed his back down his throat Back to the locker, boy oh boy oh Back to the locker, stop that fucker! Back to the locker, boy oh boy oh Back to the locker, fucking stop that fucker! Walking down the hall and I'm feeling like the shit Cuz all that's left is one skank ass bitch Kelly, Kelly, your neden's kinda smelly Funk down your legs and up to your belly But I'm with Del Ray, so fuck, don't fade me Let me him man, you're finna kick the can Come on, bitch, man. You're getting ready to die anyway. Bitch, calm down. Let me get a little putang, ya know what I'm saying. Let me get a little trimp, bitch. You finna die. Okay, cuz I'm not a raper But ya still make morning paper Kelly found dead in her bathroom Nah, Kelly found dead in her dad's room No, Kelly found dead in her backyard Cuz Kelly choked on a Joker's Card Smashed up bodies chilling in my locker Kelly wouldn't fit, chop-chop-chop-chop her Oh no, principal know what I'm about Cuz one of Dylan's sideburns was sticking Oh shit, they chase me cuz they found the bodies Now I run my ass off, he-ho he-ho Yelling, getting mad, you can hear them cuss Didn't look both ways and got hit by bus Crunched up under, tangled in the wheels Spit me out the muffler, ya know how that feels Lost both my legs so I'm running on my hands Then I seen Prince so I clap cuz I'm a big fan And straight busted my face on the street And here come the police...ya know

26 Years, 17 Days

LYFE JENNINGS "Lyfe 268-192"
[1st Verse:] I was looking for God at my grandmother's house underneath the cushions on the couch I looked all around side to side up and down that man was no where to be found So I called my grandmama on the phone said old lady you best get home cause God aint where you said he would be and there's something that I really need to speak to him about immediately She said boy tell Granny what's wrong is there something I can do I said big mama now it's a sensitive issue and Lord knows I don't wanna worry you but I need somebody to talk to [Chorus:] It's done been 26 years 17 days been to 5 different prisons got 2 babies on the way and they say it'll be a waste of time to pray seeing that I'm going to hell anyway [2x] [2nd Verse:] I done smoked weed with the best of ya'll shot at all the rest of ya'll my heart hurts like an old man with high cholesterol the preacher said that I'm the dirtiest dude he ever saw shouldn't even be livin' and he a Christian Shoulda been dead like 17 times for 17 crimes I committed took 'em all to trial and got accuited Left wavin' my middle finger in the air whispered in the prosecutor's ear, yeah I did it I done stole everything from dreams to wedding rings auctioned off my soul for material things but lately its been kinda botherin' me I guess that turtle always catches up with the rabbit eventually [Chorus 2x/Bridge:] Somebody loves you baby whoa whoa whoa somebody loves you baby [4x]

Dice Of Life (The Bottle)

ANDRE NICKATINA "Conversation With A Devil: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 3"
Yeah it's a picture; yeah it's a job Maybe that's why I do it so odd Walk around just like I was God Kick it so live, when I'm with the gods Freeway strikin', we be lightin' If I die, remember the titan 22's, 25's, Chocolate 9's and 45's Let em rip, all through the sky This for the ones that hate that I'm high When you see me, it's no surprise Tap your brain, and blow your mind Bettin on Lakers, and takers and fakers, and makers And mami we do it for paper You come with the vapors and capers for papers It's cool, someone I'll call later [Chorus 1:] Me and my homies, love the bottle Like Tyson loves Cus D'amato So on them days you feelin' real bad Think of the best freak that you've ever had Garlic tipped, and they love to hollow Like Tyson loves Cus D'amato So before you go to gettin' mad Think of the best freak that you've ever had She like the Nikes, I like the 'didas She like the Reeboks, and I like the Filas She like the winners, and I like the cheaters She like the lion, I like the hyenas Spit some game, then hook up with Shaq On the Playstation, I'm known to brag Hook up with pimps that love the cash Man you should see how we giggle and laugh With of hearts of ice, the house is cold It's like Slick Rick, without the gold This right here is the life we chose No excuses just go for gold There's no producing, this perfect pose Hit the street in the freshest clothes Rip the stage, and bless the shows Spit the flows, and hit the do' [Chorus 2:] Most of my homies, love the bottle Like Tyson loves Cus D'amato So on them days you feelin' real bad Think of the best freak that you've ever had Garlic tipped, and they love to hollow Like Tyson loves Cus D'amato So before you go to gettin' mad Think of the best freak that you've ever had Don't tell me twice, I'm out the door Talk is not what I came here for Into the night, like the star by the moon The engine will rev, and the bass will go boom Just like the pirate that sailed the seas 13 thieves I do believe Yes of course they run with me Flash our rings, or that there freak Hot to handle, and hard to get Easy to rip, and hard to fix So rap your presence, I'll spit the gift Man you my homie, we'll split the spliff Ride like a maniac All in the Cadillac Tiga, whateva I'm draped in leather With angel wings, that rip the wind And a safety grin of a p-210 [Chorus 3:] Cause all my homies love the bottle Like Tyson loves Cus D'amato So before you go to gettin' mad Think of the best freak that you've ever had Guns they lust, and they love to hollow So before you go to gettin' mad Think of the best freak that you've ever had ... Like Tyson loves Cus [Talking:] This life of ours, this is a wonderful life If you can get through life and get away with it, hey that's great But it's very, unpredictable There are so many ways you can screw it up

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