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JAMES TAYLOR lyrics - Live

Carolina In My Mind

Original and similar lyrics
Even the old folks never knew Why they call it like they do I was wondering since the age of two Down on Copperline Copper head, copper beech Copper kettles sitting side by each Copper coil, cup o'Georgia peach Down on Copperline Half a mile down to Morgan Creek Leaning heavy on the end of the week Hercules and a hog-nosed snake Down on Copperline We were down on Copperline One Summer night on the Copperline Slip away past supper time Wood smoke and moonshine Down on Copperline One time I saw my daddy dance Watched him moving like a man in a trance He brought it back from the war in France Down onto Copperline Branch water and tomato wine Creosote and turpentine Sour mash and new moon shine Down on Copperline Down on Copperline First kiss ever I took Like a page from a romance book The sky opened and the earth shook Down on Copperline Down on Copperline Took a fall from a windy height I only knew how to hold on tight And pray for love enough to last all night Down on Copperline Day breaks and the boys wakes up And the dog barks and the birds sings And the sap rises and the angels sigh, yeah I tried to go back, as if I could All spec house and plywood Tore up and tore up good Down on Copperline It doesn't come as a surprise to me It doesn't touch my memory Man I'm lifting up and rising free Down on over Copperline Half a mile down to Morgan Creek I'm only living for the end of the week Hercules and a hog-nosed snake Down on Copperline, yeah Take me down on Copperline Oh, down on Copperline Take me down on Copperline

Escape 120

JOEY BADA$$ "B4.Da.$$"
[Hook - Joey Bada$$:] An ode to the worst of my days I've been working away But the sky's been looking so gray Sometimes I really need to get away, yeah I just need to get away, yeah I just need to get away, yeah Sometimes I really need to fly away [Verse 1 - Joey Bada$$:] I could never forget them gloomy days Although I regret where my time was played If I could go back, some things would be changed And I would know that, for a fact, it was fame That drew me to this unfamiliar side of my brain That withdrew me from familiar and the closest remains Although I'm gaining ends now, I'm loosing friends They say that time is money, and my time is well spent Girlfriend hit me up to chill, but does this shit make sense? And I don't expect for you to know if you ain't paying rent I got to make this album, and hold it down for my camp Surrounded us all like bonfire When I lay a verse down that's born fire I was born fire [Hook] [Verse 2 - Joey Bada$$:] Went outside this morning, morning, uh Seen the sky was falling, falling, yeah Old man no longer snoring, snoring, ah The rain just won't stop pouring, pouring, uh Whats heaven's capitol like, like, li-like Maybe I can crash tonight, night, night Cause I'm trapped inside this hell, hell, hole God, please answer your cell, cell, phone I'm coming home tonight, can't touch no microphone tonight Outside my comfort zone tonight My brain's blown my dome tonight Tonight's the night, don't you try to put up a fight Don't you trying looking for life Cause I'm bout to take that flight [Hook] [Verse 3 - Raury:] Indigo father, meant to go farther And travel across the water and park at a million dollars I am the spirit, I am the guava You sippin' out of your coconut beverage in the Bahamas Pardon me mother, pardon me father I'm glad that you spared a part of us, part of my firestarter Along with niggas, bitches, and ballers And people that look down on me like they so taller I go harder, I go smarter, the flow's water Like [?] how to rob a [?] dollar, every single piece of change Movin' to the woods so I never ever change Lose a couple things but I never ever change I probably miss some money but I never ever change And they can say whatever but I never ever change I feel I understood what the stars wanna say I'm brain battered from scattering every Saturday Pitter patter with people that really matter And I'mma fuck her regardless cause I'm a kid right? That's why you can't spell summer without trouble Stripper with no bubble, threesome with no double Love without hate, life without pain This without that, choice without thought A dog with no day, a Seattle without rain [Outro - Raury x2:] If it rains in Seattle I'll [?] with lil' nigga, can ride with ya nigga Fly with ya nigga, high with ya nigga Ride with ya nigga, survive with ya nigga Say, if it rains in Seattle I'll take you 'round the world on a Sunday With me, one day, one day, one day, one day, one day

My First Time

JIN "Jin Presents: The Emcee's Properganda"
This is a motion picture Courtesy of The Emcee With an original score, by the Golden Child I wanna tell y'all bout my first time I know its kinda personal buh, I feel â€" I feel like I can open up right now Yea, everybody remember their first time And it goes a little something like thisâ€Â¦ It was a stormy night, rain drippin' off the window pane Come clean I don't remember her name Prior to that evening, I saw her in my wet dreams Ageless, but usually she's sixteen Been around, I ain't the first to do her Actually a close friend put me on to her I was only 14 at the time, A bit nervous, cause she was experienced and fine Within tha confines of my bed-room Just the two of us, knew where it would head soon Parents next door, wait till they fall asleep Then we can get it on, the nature of a freak I seen her before, but never in the nude She requested music to lighten up the mood In the stereo, a mere coincidental I had a beat tape full of premier instrumentals She got open and I knew it Told me that her previous partners be smokin' up before they do it My mind blank like the paper never shoulda been I close my eyes and slowly put it in At that very moment, time froze Sent chills thru my whole body, only my spine knows Tinglin', like rabbits we went at it Hittin it raw from the bed to the floor Nonstop wicked back shots, I'm smashin it In my young life never felt passionate About nothing, so much what a rush The second each time my hand and the pen touch It was a race to the finish line I came first She came at a close second, there go the verse The climax, was more than sensation She surprised me with the oral presentation To say the least, it was damn good Brought me one stop closer to manhood So I vowed never to forget my first time I'm talkin' about that night I wrote my first rhyme Uh yea, I wrote my first rhyme Uh huh yea, I wrote my first rhyme

Jefftown Creek

Head East "Flat As A Pancake"
I remember the first time Yeah, down in Jefftown creek You, and me and a bottle of wine Night just felt so sweet Come up Sunday morning, the first day of the week And I found that I had changed down in Jefftown creek I know that I'm not the same anymore Well, can't you see its true Find all the answers and pass them along Hope that it's me and you When I found all the answers the words I could not speak And I knew that I had changed down in Jefftown creek When I found all the answers the words I could not speak And I knew that I had changed down in Jefftown creek I remember the first time Yeah, down in Jefftown creek You, and me and a bottle of wine Night just felt so sweet Come up Sunday morning, the first day of the week And I found that I had changed down in Jefftown creek


ATMOSPHERE "To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy - The Atmosphere EP's"
[Slug] I sat down and put a fifty on the bar A whisky and a beer, let's forget where we are And keep 'em coming till I drink that whole grant up Filling up that cup till I can't stand up Look around, see what the room's got Well there's Sunny by the jukebox Grab my drinks, headed over to say peace But had to think, do I owe him any late fees? Wait up nah, I'm all paid up huh Yeah I made it square last time I came up town What up Sunny? {What up?} How's business? {How you doing Sean? I ain't seen you in a couple of minutes} Man I just been working and jerking Tryna get the rent right and be perfect, how bout you? {Oh you know how the same old game go Hustle through the wind, rain, snow or tornado} Yeah bro, spent time catching up The bar tender kept the drinks fresh enough Good conversation, no pretension I drank up my whole fifty bucks and then some It was getting close to last call So I grabbed my coat and stood up like that's all But Sunny say {Hold up Sean, it's your day I need a favor, let me throw some money your way} I sat back down in the booth I said, I know your deal Sunny, what I gotta do? He said {I'll give you three-five piece of the pie If you pick up a package for me on the eastside tomorrow} Three and a half for an hour and a half Saint Paul and back's only ten dollars gas Yeah I can handle, give me all the info Only one thing though, I won't bring a pistol {Hahahah} He laughed and said {It ain't like that It's simple, grab the package and come right back It's a tattoo shop, it's called...} Shhh don't snitch {They some nice cats} Nice cats? {Cool as an icepack} Well alright jack {Discretion is a must Keep a hush, other than that I don't give a fuck} Cool, I got this, it's done like dinner And then I stepped out into the winter I got behind the wheel of my vehicle Streetlights shining on my face, you can see it glow The rearview reflection got clearer I starting talking to the image in the mirror I said, you should go back in and decline Sunny will understand, everything will be fine Sean calm down, get a grip, you're tripping I took a deep breath and put the key in the ignition Stop being a bitch now, man up Rolling down twenty-six with thoughts of handcuffs Pulled out on Lyndale, killed by a couple of drunks broad side of my pickup truck

Run Up On Ya

JOEY BADA$$ "B4.Da.$$"
[Intro - Joey BADA$$:] Yeah, run up on ya bitch like Probably run up on ya bitch like [Verse 1 - Joey BADA$$:] Lord, can I get a bad bitch? High class whip, be above the average Headed north west, that two seater Kardashian Type to give me brain up in the red light traffic And keep ya head up, that 2Pac blasting Face two stacks and then be back into this action No time to relax, I need someone to count this cash with That match with, give me what I'm askin' The lady in the streets appear beast on that mattress That's it, you're the only one I'm trying to mack with But you could be a liability or fat (ass)et How real is that ass miss? Bend that shit backwards Hit one backwood, crack the pussy like a password Bet that pussy's last word is master Ask her, roll my rocker til I made that astronaut That's NASA thought, be that young fly, nasty one Swallow the seeds, please, but you can't catch me slipping, hon [Hook - Elle Varner:] So let's just ride away We could die today Got no time to waste So just roll with me, baby Ride or die Always by your side Until the end of time Driving me crazy [Verse 2 - Joey BADA$$:] First thing's first, I, Joey Freaks all the honeys, mommies, the playboy bunnies The hoes love me, get down before the money Just know shit could get ugly, but whether it rain or sunny Just never worry, chinchillas in February Vanilla, that's when you ready Check the itinerary whenever it's necessary Keep my baby straight, peep my lady lace The Margiela to Doneva Fool less it's planned and everything is in control So hit the gas and let's go It's no sleep til Brooklyn, another beastie boy And she just can't stop looking, she like it raw Real spitter and all and that's the word of mouth And let her sit in the jaw I'm so nasty, please just walk past me So tempted to grab it, I gotta have it We could be living lavish so tell me, girl, right away We could hit the bank then escape to the hideaway Is you riding, riding with me? Is you riding? Is you riding, riding with me? Is you riding? [Hook] [Verse 3 - Action Bronson:] Getting head in the whip and not crashing it FILA Velour shorts set, half Arabic I sit in dove room with candle lit Tell little mama handle it Or you could leave the sandals on and pull your skirt up I really remember reading Word Up Tiger Beat, see me on the cover soon, fold out posters Hanging on your shorties wall I still be fucking women half my age when I'm 44 Young skin, a winning personality Hard dick, million dollar salary These cheating refs calling fouls on me Break the fucking whistle off in his ass, now hit the road, Jack Hop off the bozack, the .44 clap You'll need low jack to define your whole back Euros'll get down, you know that Swimming trunks and throwback Yeah, you know that [Hook]

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