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JAMES OTTO lyrics - Sunset Man

Drink & Dial

Original and similar lyrics
Well my good buddy John likes to tie one on And get drunk on Friday nights And he’s just fine till the beer and shine combine Then he’s Jekyll and Hyde Starts cussin’ ’bout his boss and the job he lost And what he’d like to say to him Then he reaches for his cell says what the hell And that’s when I step in and I say [Chorus:] Friends don’t let their friends drink and dial Don’t let their fingers do the walkin’ when they’re whiskey wild ’Cause they’re gonna wake up in the morning with a poundin’ in their heads And they’re gonna wish to God they could take back all the things they said So when you see your buddy reachin’ for the phone Say friend wait awhile ’Cause friends don’t let their friends drink and dial Well my sister Diane lost her man To her best old ex-girlfriend Now the only time he crosses her mind Is when the margaritas set in She’ll start thinkin’ ’bout his blue eyes winkin’ And how he used to rock her world She steps out in the hall to make booty call And I say hold on girl because [Chorus] It ain’t ever been a good idea To reach out and touch someone When you’re flying high half outta of your mind Blowin’ a .21 and I say [Chorus] You know friends don’t let their friends Drink and dial

Lost My Mind

JUVENILE "Rejuvenation"
I lost my mind All drinks on me, all drinks on me [x4] All drinks on Mr Mardi Gras alias Juvenile You can stand there by the bar and drinking bitch smooth And I'm about to drink a drink I didn't choose I don't know you but I still fuck with you, get used. I got them hoes and they're drinking like a waterfall Pop's in the corner, mad at me, I got his daughter bouncing Looking at her go, she's got skills throwing that ass at me And like she's going on wheels pointing that glass at me Swa-swallow, yeah, baby, just swallow, Swallow, swallow 'till the bottle get hollow. Get the money, folks and all the women gonna follow I ain't gonna tell you niggas, you know I lost my mind All drinks on me, all drinks on me [x4] Slow it down in case you're drinking too fast If you gotta go to work tomorrow morning, too bad And I'm another when you get the news flash When your people tell to aim at the urge is news cash Drink that shit, pour that shit You're working with a quarter bottle, automote that shit Buy your own drugs, bitch, I don't support that shit And don't you nigga drink and drive, I don't promote that shit I got the owner chilling, the bartenders running Couple tables are aces, got twenty more of them coming We ain't a building, stoned, yeah, me and my youngin My people always tell me all the time I lost my mind All drinks on me, all drinks on me [x4] Meet me by the bar, you hear me? But next time you're treating, you got me? I lost my mind All drinks on me, all drinks on me [x7] I lost my mind.

Act My Age

HOODIE ALLEN "People Keep Talking"
[Verse 1:] They say the way I act is immature Well don't be mad at me because you're feeling insecure The only golf I ever tried to play was miniature And when you ask me sign your boobs I smiley face my signature But my parents raised me right, they were sticklers And we don't even fight, we're like oil and some vinegar Getting a job is like a pregnant woman giving birth You're trying to push me in the wrong direction and it fucking hurts So most our friends already moved out of they mama's cribs I'm still throwing parties at my house, like Stifler So if you go around and try to tell me how to live I'mma take your girl and Mortal Kombat finish her [Pre-Hook:] But when it's done and the party shuts down And the cops try to lay my ass on the ground One day we might tell our kids, but until that day let's live like this [Hook:] My friends grew up, they never get drunk They never wanna hang out late They're gonna get jobs, they're gonna pay bills They're gonna get old and gray I'll never do that, I wanna stay young Don't wanna fit in, I wanna have fun So if that's okay, I don't think I'm ever gonna act my age [Verse 2:] And when it comes to getting older No matter what I do, I'm never feeling like a grown up People trying to make me change, you'd think there was a quota Like there ain't enough unemployed motherfuckers with diplomas Everybody waiting 'round hoping that they blow up But I'mma make it sooner, Oklahoma I learned to be a player, make money like I'm an owner These other rappers are so over the hill, word to Jonah So if you see me in a restaurant, say hi to me And if I ask you if you like my new shit, lie to me Word to Tim Roth And I don't know if I fit in with your society So chill, take a pill for anxiety and doze off [Pre-Hook 2:] But when it's late and you're all alone And you're too damn drunk to be walking home Then maybe you should call it quits But until that day let's live like this [Hook] [Bridge:] Oh, it's all good, it's alright, it's okay We can live however we want And there ain't nobody that can get in our way Oh, it's all good, it's alright, it's okay We gon' do whatever we want Never gonna listen to a word you say [Hook]

Man With Two Surnames

John Wesley Harding "Dynablob"
When I ask you where you've been You look suicidal One day I'm gonna lock you in a room With a bed that creaks and a bible Gonna wait til the wallpaper cracks I asked you for the truth We mean different things by that Maybe my attitude was lax But oh honey, I want you back To back with the guy Who couldn't lie About circumstances extenuating A little bird told me you've been mating Said nothing 'bout a man with two surnames Said nothing 'bout a man with two surnames How come you sold your new flat Can't you pay the rental Or maybe possessions mean nothing at all When you're getting transcendental Gonna make you an offer you can't resist Try to refuse me eye to eye It'll mean a good deal But not a goodbye I'll let you off the day I die Til then and there's no knowing when You look real good in his blue Ferrari Like Sylvia Kristel, Mata Hari And I'm haunted by a man with two surnames I'm driven round by a man with two surnames Get your name stuck on his windscreen Barclaycard and Visa I'll think of a girl I knew back when Said money could not please her Is his name double-barreled like my gun Or does he have a pseudonym for fun I'm stunned by your logic of all for none Maybe he's a rich man's number one son But he's made me number two No credit to you I'm sitting here freezing in this cold overdraft Last time I phoned you You both laughed And I'm haunted by a man with two surnames And I'm haunted by a man with two surnames And I'm haunted by a man with two surnames Get him off my back

Prawn's Blue

I am sleeping in the park I'm thirsty like a low tide shark the only time I get to see my wife is by her new man in the MALL... wait a minute... think I'm gonna FALL... I have shot the president I'm queen of Brittain for a cent for fifty bucks I'll do a trick your wallet might not be as thick as you recall it to have been before good-bye my friends you won't ever see me wheeling again this chair is gone and so is prawn! easy come, said grinning prawn but suddenly it all was gone made a mil but paid the bill an oilfield in the middle east butt scuds were having fire-feast, same noon people turn around and they look at me don't they see that I've just lost both of my legs and my company burned down to the lawn I did piss on the day I was born? now I am a prawn! fascinated eyes in disguise smiling at me I know they're telling lies 'cuz their eyes don't like to see! that crippled little rebel in the chair must be gone before the dawn. but I'm a prawn! didn't you see the show with the miracle man and his band? lots of good songs and a lot of good digging fans that I was sledging down the strings with their hearts in my hand? bvadr! breaking up the band wasn't easy for me to do 'cuz I had made plans for my company hoochiekoo makingamoneydasupadacalidafragidalisticaexpialiyawn became a prawn! good-bye my friends you ain't never gonna see me again my life depends on wine'n'women, song'n'dance good-bye my friends you won't ever see me wheeling again this chair is gone and so is prawn!

It's Not The End

Alexia "Mad for Music"
Now I know, how you feel Going down without a chance to deal No more friends to take your hands Without a reason to believe! Do they know, the way it feels Living in this world that's made of steel With no plans, as a broken man Loosing your mind is hard to survive You don't have to kick and fight Because they'd never understand All you've got to do Believe in yourself Cause this is not the end Where is he gone, there's still a chance We can try to take the right from wrong Let me stay, show me your way Your sunny side until the end of the line You can say to me you're sorry But you know that it's no good This is not a story Baby this is you! You've lost your mind, you've lost your friends You've lost your everything again Without your love you can't pretend But if you keep this burning flame I'll understand I'll understand baby, this is not the end

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