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JAMES MCMURTRY lyrics - It Had To Happen

Wild Man From Borneo

Original and similar lyrics
I'm the star of Captain Midnight's traveling show Came to this circus many moons ago My mother's in your story books She loved a jungle king Left me standing here alone Inside the center ring In a bamboo cage I crossed the raging sea Like a page torn direct from history A hairy scary legendary screaming souvenir Don't you come too close to me Don't you come too near I'm the wild man from Borneo The wild man from Borneo You come to see What you want to see You come to see but you never come to know of The tattooed lady left the circus train Left all of her pictures in the rain And I wonder if you're happy I wonder if you're free I wonder if you'll ever know the mark you left on me

Still Wonder

written by Kevin Bowe performed by Jonny Lang from the album Lie to me I wonder about her, I wonder where she went from here still wonder about her, but nothing's comin' in too clear since she left me all alone my days go by like years Well I'm thinkin' about her and all the things she used to say still I'm thinkin' about her but something's getting in the way I remember when she told me she would up and leave me someday I drive around in circles through the city just waitin' for the lights to change but right about when midnight hits me moonlight gets me feelin' kind of crazy I wonder about her, does she still wear that same old ring I still wonder about her and I know it ain't no big thing well she left me all alone now and I'm just waiting for my phone to ring I've been dreaming about her, I guess I never really knew that living without her was more than I could ever do Because she ain't comin' back, no she ain't comin' back no she ain't comin' back cause there's nothin' left to come back to

Already There

THE VERVE "A Storm In Heaven"
Seen it all I'm already there Save your books and your pills I don't need them I'm there You can do anything you want to All you've got to do is try I thought my best days had left me My best years had left me behind Then I felt them come back (to me) And all the wild eyes All the wild eyes know what I mean If trees cut stars and eyes to heaven I'll bend them back and bend them again If my skin looks tired and old from living I'll turn right back and live it again You better pray when the music stops And you're left alone in your mind 'Cause I'll be hearing music till the day I die Then I heard it turn off I swear I heard the screams And all the wild eyes All the wild eyes know what I mean They're scared they've lost their dream They press down on me You know I thought I was there Hello, high, are you Yes Well that explains it Oh you were walking round like some kind of angel You were walking round like some kind of angel Hello, high, are you Yes Well that explains it Well that explains it


JEDI MIND TRICKS "Violent By Design"
[Ikon the Hologram] A to the eye of the storm Rappers just battle me for the glory It gets gory They shitty like suppositories, that's the end of the story Bury his body in Missouri Banish the apparatus of Gladys to crematories My territory, perimeter of pergatory Stingy in winches of vicious, malicious inflictions upon your click Circulatory Causing head spasms Rip through your motherfucking temple like Phantasm Hologram has 'em and walks through the holy arches Left you in the forest with your carcass in the harness Death is upon us We slam like Adrian Adonis Swarm onto pure blood like malicious pirahnas Islamic farmers, no contender is parallel When I'm on paper, devestate 'em like 7L So where I dwell, without question rattles the league Left you in a vessel with severe battle fatigue Before you leave I insist you listen to more raps Before I saw cats, making weapons out of your thorax [break] [Jus Allah] I inhale toxins Drunk off blood from dead cops and The watchman, that kill us in this maze we locked in Side corba clutch, only truth can sober us Wild 'cause we know there's no Jehovah watching over us Only 10 percent that's controlling us Try to take our souls from us, while the state patrolling us Caged in we break barriers, change to new areas Dodgin' the pits and chariots out to bury us Jus Allah don't make threats Leave your fuckin' necks clipped Had you speakin' the manual alphabet Seeing' me is death not repeated or done twice I laugh as I cast the first stones at Christ Joint in ace bands, you move to Graceland and Satan Mics spray then, bury flesh in wasteland Infect you Inject you with the gunpowder pegs Indent your forehead with hot lead Whether in the abode of the dead Or resting in the Zions A lost day chasing the doe, like wild lions Unchained tearin' your flesh we unfed Flyin' through, like birds we takin' your daily bread

New Drug

Lil' Rob "Can't Keep a Good Man Down"
Hey, what's up It's the homey Lil' Rob Back to clear some shit up, you know People be stealing my shit And making money off it And you know who you are Hey, Mr. Postman, do me a favor Deliver the letter, the sooner the better Blew you vatos away like a feather Familia Records, chale, whatever People don't know, and I'm not one to talk But I gots to clear my name, for the shit that you dropped Lil' Rob - Still Smokin' Homey who the fuck you joking? Burning Raza with my name, use you brain, you're insane It's a shame you're not ashamed to being lame Are you Raza? No, then change what you claim Be proud of who you are, and not who you wanna be I don't wanna work with you, why do you wanna work with me? I'm not your artist, so focus on them If they're not making you money and you're broke, that's on them But, to take the shit the way you did You remind me of a jealous little desperate kid No llores No llores You wonder why I broke left If I would of stayed I would of left broke (simon) You wonder why I broke left (you wonder why) If I would of stayed I would of left broke (I would of left broke) No llores You wonder why I broke left (you wonder why) If I would of stayed I woulda left broke (simon) You wonder why I broke left (you wonder why) If I would of stayed I would of left broke (and that's no joke)

Is It Any Wonder?

Is it any wonder That she would feel less than real When she reveals what is clearer In her mirror Take a look around her Magazines, glamour queens Waist-line dreams in her diary So inspiring Nobody told her that little girls Don't have to have the softest curls for love So whatever's left inside her Is gonna smile wider, shine brighter Until she gets pulled under Is it any wonder? Is it any wonder That he's obsessed with what is best And nothing less... he's a hero With six zeros Take a look around him His wallet size and what he drives Will symbolise how he's made it How they'll grade it Nobody told him that little boys Don't have to have the fastest toys to win So whatever's left inside him Is gonna keep on tryin' to keep on buyin' Until he gets pulled under Is it any wonder? Will somebody tell her there's a love that can't be glamourized Tell him there's a hope that won't be downsized Someone tell them that the billboards lie All the time Cos whatever's left inside her Is gonna smile wider And whatever's left inside him Is gonna keep on tryin' Until they get pulled under Is it any wonder?

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