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JAMES MCMURTRY lyrics - It Had To Happen

For All I Know

Original and similar lyrics
Last time I saw you It could've been Christmas eve It could've been someone's birthday It could've been make believe for all I know It could've been make believe last time I saw you You had the room upstairs I never knew for certain What went on up there no I never did know What went on up there 'course you had that boyfriend With the Chevrolet He never met Will Rogers I'd be willing to say yeah it's safe to say He never met Will Rogers I guess it must have been a thousand years Since I changed my number Does it mean a thing When the phone don't ring And I don't call back Can't help but wonder sometimes I never got to know you Like I wanted to You never seemed to notice How I looked at you for all I know You never even noticed now that crowd's all scattered To here and yon Everybody graduated Or they just moved on for all I know They just moved on I guess it must have been a thousand years Since I lost your number Gonna rest my soul By this fishing hole Gonna watch that pole 'till that float goes under last time I saw you It could've been Christmas eve It could've been someone's birthday It could've been make believe for all I know Could've been make believe

To Beat The Devil

WAYLON JENNINGS "Good Hearted Woman"
It was winter time in Nashville Down on Music City Row I was lookin' for a place to get Myself out of the cold To warm the frozen feelin' That was eatin' at my soul And keep the chilly winds off my guitar. My thirsty wanted whiskey And my hunger needed beans But I guess it'd been a month of payday Since I heard that eagle scream So with a stomach full of empty And a pocket full of dreams I left my pride and stepped inside a bar Actually I guess you'd call it a tavern Cigarette smoke to the ceiling Sawdust on the floor friendly shadows. I saw that there was just An old man sittin' at the bar In the mirror I could see him Checkin' me and my guitar He said come up here boy Show us what you are I said I'm dry, he bought me a beer He nodded at my guitar. Said it's a tough life ain't it I just looked at him And he said you ain't Makin' any money are you I said you been readin' my mail He just smiled and said let me see that guitar I got somethin' you oughta hear Then he laid it on me. If you waste your time a talkin' To the people who don't listen To the things that you are sayin' Who do you thinks gonna hear And if you should die explainin' How the thing they complain about Or the things they could be changing Who do you thinks gonna care. There were lots of other singers In the world turned deaf and blind Who were crucified for what they tried to show Now their voices have been scattered By the swirling winds of time And the truth remains that no one wants to know. Well, the old man was a stranger But I'd've heard his song before Back when failure had me locked out On the wrong side of the door No one stood behind me but my shadow on the floor And lonesome was more than a state of mind You see the devil haunts a hungry man And if you don't wanna join him Well, he's gotta figure out someway to beat him And I ain't sayin' I beat the devil But I drink his beer for nothin' And then I stole his song You can still hear me singin' To the people who don't listen To the things that I am sayin' Prayin' someone's gonna hear And I guess I'll die explaining How the things that they complain about Are things they could be changin' Hopin' someone's gonna care. I was born to be a singer And I'm bound to die the same But I've got to feed this hunger in my soul If I never have a nickel I won't even die in shame 'Cause I don't believe that no one wants to know...

When The Sun Comes Out

John Wesley Harding "Here Comes The Groom"
It's been raining for a million years And the weather just won't turn Try to build a fire round your place And the damned logs refuse to burn The braindead have been sitting on their sunbeds Where's heaven for its own sake Lying dead or half-forgotten At the bottom of a bottomless lake But when the sun comes out The world's gonna go crazy Everybody's gonna move their arms about Cos what they believed is turned inside-out When the sun comes out It's been raining since I don't know when We're all in for a big surprise Go to the woods in your dreams tonight And when you awake you won't believe your eyes It's all the rage, it'll make the front page Gotta get the gutter press going down the drain Butter melts if you leave it near the window And it's time to try and use a deckchair again But when the sun comes out.... When the sun comes out His pa will be so disappointed To find out his son was double-jointed Some will flounder Some will be anointed The son couldn't wait to do a turn-about It's been raining but it's gonna stop Cats and dogs will shake themselves Time to work, time to pick those hops I gotta go and mend the greenhouse shelves This was meant, well, it's all heaven-sent Go out naked and have no fear One boy spent a little life in torment But now he's grinning from ear to ear Now he's grinning from here to here...

Father Time

Walking down the path that lead me to my memories. Facing all the way without a care in my stride. Where are the friends of my yesterday, Have they moved on with their lives. Can we still laugh and joke about things like before? Theres no need to hide the past that I have left behind Its a good resource somewhere for me to find Why am I waiting for someone to reach out it should be all up to them keeping in touch aint that easy but Ill have to try Where have all the years gone That's what I am asking now. What have I learned so far tell me Father Time - Tell me now. Now I understand I'll take from time what I need. And I store it inside it's there for me to find I can't deny that the years will pass by but it won't bother me. Coz now I will set out to realize my dream. Where have all the years gone That's what I am asking now. What have I learned so far tell me Father Time - Tell me now.


I remember I was asking why And someday you said I'd know All these years, of fighting hard And now it's finally come too close I can't believe it's now happening to me Oh, couldn't it wait a few hundred years Destiny can't rest you see, now it's time Time to cry your tears! Now cry! The child of centuries, forgotten in time You talk in circles of rhyme Seer of places future and past The warning you gave us is surely our last Warning! Behold the child, his pointing hand Is raised in solemn grace His eyes once wide with learning wonder Now leave stains upon his face Now see the hands of the working man He's leaning back against the wall Once busy hands are idle now Standing ready for the fall! Our fall! The signs will come as days past by For those that claim to see The blind will stay not choosing to die Not believing the visions I've seen Warning!


JEFFERSON AIRPLANE "Jefferson Airplane"
(by G. Slick) Oh I know they say someday time will show me How to be so cool someday but what about right now Please someone tell me what do I do while I'm waiting Waiting to be so cool--someday I know I'm not alone you know just how I feel We both know the rules but who really knows How to play this game? No one will always win good losers hide the pain They say everything's fine No one will hear them complain But behind those smiles, so much purple rain It's a wonder anybody ever comes out sane but they do And freedom it's all up to you When you're by yourself you get that silent noise Inside your mind all the party boys trying to fill up All the empty holes don't let one be her soul Freedom now you're on your own Freedom or does it really mean you're just all alone Freedom either way it's gonna take you home It just takes you by the hand and says Now it's time to grow So my friend you're gonna be alright Seems like it's all uphill But then that's the only way to get high Someday your soul is gonna fly But don't look back 'cause that's a waste of time And right now's the time for you to look inside And you'll see love--love has never gone away Freedom I've been standing still so long Freedom I almost forgot you had a song Freedom shine your light and let us begin Just take me in our arms I wanna be free again

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