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JAMES MCMURTRY lyrics - It Had To Happen

12 O'Clock Whistle

Original and similar lyrics
The air raid siren at the high school blew Every weekday, twelve o'clock noon Dinner time, people as if we didn't know I guess the city fathers liked to hear that thing blow The boys were chasing the city truck, spraying DDT It kept the mosquitoes down And that stuff won't hurt you none the neighbor lady'd say Encephalitis, now that can ruin your day Granny was hanging out wash, talking across the fence The neighbor lady nodded like it all made sense She's just gonna stay with him 'til the kids are grown Fetch me that clothes pin up off the ground would you hon' Won't you stay with me 'til the sun goes down? On that flat top mountain to the West of town Won't you stay a while, I just don't see Why you must be leaving? Won't you stay with me? I had a cherry coke dripping on my cowboy clothes Riding down Scott street in that big white Olds We're going through nigger town, honey lock your doors 'Course that's not what we're supposed to call 'em anymore We're going to the beauty shop, it's not too far You can come inside or you can just set in the car No you can't go with grandpa to the pasture today They're shipping calves and you'd just get in the way Won't you stay with me 'til the sun goes down? On that flat top mountain to the West of town Won't you stay a while, I just don't see Why you must be leaving? Won't you stay with me? We had fried okra and black eyed peas Granny had her saccharin, she was putting it in her tea Pull that screen door to hon' you're letting in flies Don't you know nothing Yonder comes the pickup, he's coming down the street Run help him put the horses up so we can eat He's always late for dinner, Lord, he moves so slow 12 o'clock whistle blew half an hour ago Won't you stay with me 'til the sun goes down? On that flat top mountain to the West of town Won't you stay a while, I just don't see Why you must be leaving? Won't you stay with me?

Ride On 4's

[talking:] Ha-ha, H-Town say [J-Dawg:] I got my Lac sitting low, like a Honda Civic Hundred sack of that dro, got a G lifted And the way I work the grain, gotta be gifted Dipping, in and out of traffic swiftly Tipsy, off drank but no beers here I got a tre, and a twenty ounce root beer Muddy, like a motherf**king hog pen Banging Pac "Makaveli", play that number eight again Time go by, puffing on high I'm feeling too fly, and that ain't even high See I's a gangsta nigga, I shoot or shank a nigga But it's some'ing about them swangas, that'll change a nigga Have you chunking the deuce up, to a stranger nigga You shining harder than a bitch, he don't blame you nigga Who could blame you nigga, you doing the damn thang Staying true to the game, you deserve to swang [Hook:] Behind that five percent, windows never go down Music never go down, my nigga say slow down Keep driving, pass that dro Tip slow while you ride on 4's, when we ride on 4's [J-Dawg:] Hit your breaks homie, let the third light glow Swang open the do', let em smell the dro Naw we ain't capping, that there for them bitches We grinding hard as f**k, and riding on our riches Shit the fam good, the kids good So why not grip wood through the hood nigga, come on now Kush got me gone now, I don't smoke the stress I been blessed, so if it's in the air it's the best And if it's in my cup, it's that purple Got me flipping through the hood, riding in a circle No destination, nigga just riding Big mothership gliding, motor on siding That's what it is, what could be better Send a couple pictures of the slab, in the letters To my niggaz in the Penn, I'ma hold you down Show the whole unit, how we do in H-Town nigga yeah [Hook x2] [Slim Thug:] I'm rolling on 4's, with the windows closed Dro smoke up out my nose, letting the trunk do shows Playafali on my toes, gotta show the world I'm having change So I bought a candy Cadillac, up on them thangs Hurting boys mayn, Thugga gotta represent I stay lit up, behind that five percent tint Stay bent on the daily, when I'm in the hood Shining like a superstar, when I grip the wood Pieced up smelling good, gotta stay fresh And show the world I'm blessed, everytime my voice up in your deck Wreck the mic, and I wreck on the 'vard Every season some'ing hard, coming out my garage I don't barred, H-Town repping till I'm dead From the Tre to the West, to my G's off the 'Stead Boys out here getting bread, and reaching our goals Behind tint with the windows closed, when I ride on 4's [Hook x2]

Stay In Line

Genius "Legend of the Liquid Sword"
[GZA] Throw down ya mic son, ya gauge is empty Plus the wack shit in the game might tempt me Quickly drop non-stop rec shot What I took on the road on the lap and desktop A mixture from up-tempo to slow grooves 8-Track figure that's mixed wit Pro Tool I rhyme wit sense the paragraph was intense Area's dense with the flow from the sentence Engine powered by five hundred horses Press by a threat of joint forces For emcee's who spit rap to cause beef Cause they depend on wild kill for fresh meat On the board, you're just a piece that's captured Weak is the land that's laying in the pasture The plug that gave ya juice, I might pull it Can't escape these endless waves of rap bullets [Chorus: Santi White (GZA)] They got no place for me In my life can't you see? I must not push or bite it tell me Stay in line, Stay in line (Stay in line) Stay in line, Stay in line (Stay in line son) Stay in line, Stay in line (Stay in line kid) Stay in line [GZA] I'm not insane in fact I'm kinda rational Chrome-plated serrated swords slashing you I shine light to the mic That's filled with the unspoiled water that sprits with light But um, you get high of the wealth and livin' large We rely of the stealth of camouflage Cut supply lines, flood ya mans market From high altitude cover the land target Lost in the desert, the journey is stressful Where the rescues are unsuccessful They perish while they search for it, intriguing treasures Should of taken precautionary measures The rhyme with the shank in the yard that kept stabbing ya A shakedown from Alcatraz to Attica Because we rock the jails Wit it and mase write the verse on the walls of cells [Chorus] [GZA] Ya out cold, ya styles old Allah just rolled, attack his skull wit a plan less bone Hit ya king with a Check that caused directly damage ya disco tech Shoulda' Protect ya Neck [Santi White] And do they think they got me? I don't know They seen ya picture baby? Don't think so Now do your mission and while you were thinking Ain't no collision that'll stop me from screaming [GZA] Involving movements, controlling the squares that's closed in Wit impact, in fact ya zone is frozen Submerged in deep blocks of ice Sceaming a wise by the high-tech devise The slightest fame can bring pain and torture The author, who came with a burning offer Published by whoever made it must own it Is just symatomic for one chaotic moment [Chorus]

Me & Jiggs

JOSH RITTER "Golden Age Of Radio"
Me and Jiggs staring at the ceiling the stars above the radar range Song from a station wagon laying foundations on the shadows of overpassing planes I'm feeling good, at seven o'clock we're gonna drive across the county line And find Saturday night like an orphan child that the good days left behind And I'm not sure we can make it stay Sun's going down and its the end of the day Me and my friends in the park drinking beer underneath the tree Lying on your back as the sun goes down, you know it's perfect cause you've got to leave On a Saturday night in a town like this I forget all my songs about trains A bar with a jukebox and you on my arm heaven and earth are pretty much the same And I'm not sure I can make you stay Sun's going down and its the end of the day Later on sitting on the roof talking like the night could last all night Like we are all half crazy and all at least half alright Sitting on the porch playing Townes Van Zandt play guitar to burn off the hours 'Til we climb the fences at the edge of town and paint our names on the water towers And I'm not sure we can make them stay Sun's going down at the end of the day

It's Not My Town

The one who calls me insane, me pregunto quién? ‘Cause no one around knows in fact my name Quien sabe quien soy, back in town Is waiting for the moment just to bring me down Check the body no found bullets around Who cries now, would you open your mouth La gente adia without sense like a fobia If is not your business stay back I told you Who can really feel respect for your words I don't think I should stay anymore Town it's not my blood, it's not my town Don't tell me shit in front of muerte For sure in future you won't have that suerte Esta vez no convengo que siempre te creas The god of the hood Who decides who really scare us Damn aggression, bad presagio Come when it's time just to see the epitafio Keep the distance sigue tu camino have respect For the kinds and for me que soy latino And those who call me insane Don't even know my name And those who call me insane Don't even play my game 7 es tu número de suerte habrá 6 muertos y 1 sabreviviente Es mi trato nato only for the navato I'll give him respect no more licor barato I've head million versions of the same reflection I'm looking around and faking is prevention A gift of what I have in mind Aggression has begum and you loose your time How can really feel respect for your words I don't think I should stay more

Stay In Shadow

So cold that you cannot cope With a frozen heart I guess we blow apart I guessed it from the start Stay in shadow I'll run this world out Stay in shadow It's running out of time Stay in shadow I want to watch it drown Stay in this now Don't say because you can't Say what we should have been Don't show what I resent Don't know cause I forget So cruel to be so blind Darkness was on my side Now that you've come and gone I know where I belong Light is leaving as I watch you go Light is leaving inside of my soul

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