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James Elmore lyrics

Shake Your Moneymaker

Original and similar lyrics
The Sky is Crying by E. James, M. Levy, C. Lewis performed by Stevie Ray Vaughan The sky is cryin. CanÕt you see the tears roll down the street The sky is cryin. CanÕt you see the tears roll down the street IÕve been looking for my baby And I wonder where can she be I saw my baby early one morning. She was walking on down the street I saw my baby early this morning. She was walking on down the street You know it hurt me, hurt me so bad Made my poor heart skip a beat [guitar solo x2] IÕve got a real real real real bad feelin that my baby she donÕt love me no more IÕve got a real real bad feelin that my baby donÕt love me no more You know the sky, the skyÕs been cryin canÕt you see the tears roll down my nose [

I Like It

AUDIO PUSH "Come As You Are"
[Intro:] I like it Ooooh I like it Ooooh I like it I like this right there Yea you know it [Hook - K. Roosevelt:] When I'm plotting in my ride And you giving me the eye Girl it's alright baby you ain't gotta hide now Just tell a nigga oooh I like it We can fall in love But only for tonight Anything goes you ain't gotta think twice now Just tell a nigga oooh I like it [Verse 1 - Pricetag:] Banging E-40 riding with my shorty Got 7 rings on I feel like Robert Horry I'm 22 my bank account look like I'm 40 Cause that paper mandatory Play with that, that's another story My ex is hater but she real cool with my people though I told her cherish this cause they don't make em' like me no more And girl you know what I came for Legs in the air Liu Kang flow Call that pussy the finish line Tonight I'm gon' be Usain Bolt Now told her load the TEC for the boy so I know it's real Hit the set with the boy so I know it's real Get it wet for the boy so I know it's real I put it on you like no other girl you know the deal [Hook] [Verse 2 - Oktane:] Alright, tell me how you like it Get it how you want it baby The way u moving that body I hit it til' the morning baby I lay back if u got it Arch it up and I'm a make u say When I'm up inside it- bounce Give it til' she can't take no more Then tell her she can't stay no more She ain't on my team, don't know my team No jersey baby and I ain't no coach You girl you're the 1 And I think I like you 2 And I'm leaving here by like 3 So if you all 4 it then cool We'll go 5 rounds, bust 6 times And by 7 AM I rest You gon' love the way that I 8 that And 9 time out of 10 it's the best Just know I told u so when I kill it It's our turn, the realest Just don't catch that one STD called feelings Cause you know that when I'm... [Hook] [Outro:] You know what I'm talking about This shit feel like 1990 all over again So listen It's really just me and the homies Come thru the house and hit Bring your homegirl Grab that cup Pour that drink Smoke something We're gonna have a good time Yeah It's like that So you can run the streets with your bucks I was waiting for you To come and put it down like you do 'Cause ooh I like it Yea Oooh I like it Oooh

Come See About Me

American Idol
Trenyce I've been cryin' (boo hoo) 'Cause I'm lonely (for you) Smiles have all turned (to tears) But tears won't wash away the fear That you're never ever gonna return To ease the fire from within me burns Keeps me sighin', baby, for you, Keeps me sighin', baby for you, So won't you hurry, come on boy, see about me (Come on, y'all) See about your baby Sometimes up, Sometimes down, My life's so uncertain, oh When, baby, you're not around From my arms you may be out of reach But my heart says you're here to keep Keeps me cryin' baby, for you Keep on, keep on sighin', baby, for you, So won't you hurry, come on, boy See about me...


REDMAN "Malpractice"
[Verse One] Yo, now first of all I'm a kid about money Talkin hot bid'ness and my paper work, runnin Doc in hot knickers like Good Will, Huntin Put them shotguns up in the air and start, pumpin Real niggaz in the hood don't start, nuttin When the heat breaks they proceed to start, dumpin You eyeballin me like you movin somethin Yo' bitch fuckin you with me in the Walkman Slow down boy, you're not a real, killer Three-wheel motion from me shootin the wheel up Out the jungle, Doc straight go-rilla (ahh ahh ahh ahh) Bananas, antennas can't pick up (doo doo doo doo) My crew is Triple P, watch us do it Brook-nam, Shaolin, the T-Dot, Newark All my shorties skippin school watch truant Hit the college dorm, make freaks out the students [Chorus] Yeah, now do you like the way it feel baby (uh-huh) Do you like the way the Bricks move baby (uh-huh) Roll the L, let's inhale baby (uh-huh) Startin it up befo' twelve baby (uh-huh, uh-huh) To my niggaz that say buck hoes (uh-huh) Only real dog is they red nose (uh-huh) If it ain't green can't accept those (uh-huh) that can't roll with niggaz that's petrol (uh-huh) [Verse Two] Niggaz, abandon ship when I'm geared for landing Your own tec-ll see my grill and start, jamming Throw your hands up in the air, keep 'em standin Fuck if you in here on V.I.P., laminates (fuck you) You'll get touched too with the, cannon Around the handle, a fuck you ban-danna Dawg I was grown with balls and bad, manners That's why me and your broad is on, camera [click click click] I'm sick from a childhood head, blow When systems was pumpin before I let, go The head honcho fall back and pump, fo' Bigger four flows 'til they scream, ALL GO! Now wake your punk-ass up if you asleep Doc and Brick City bout fo'-thousand deep Fourteen years old, got TV's in the, seat Watchin pornos of Janet Jack-me [Chorus - 2X] [Chorus - whispered]

Run Up On Ya

JOEY BADA$$ "B4.Da.$$"
[Intro - Joey BADA$$:] Yeah, run up on ya bitch like Probably run up on ya bitch like [Verse 1 - Joey BADA$$:] Lord, can I get a bad bitch? High class whip, be above the average Headed north west, that two seater Kardashian Type to give me brain up in the red light traffic And keep ya head up, that 2Pac blasting Face two stacks and then be back into this action No time to relax, I need someone to count this cash with That match with, give me what I'm askin' The lady in the streets appear beast on that mattress That's it, you're the only one I'm trying to mack with But you could be a liability or fat (ass)et How real is that ass miss? Bend that shit backwards Hit one backwood, crack the pussy like a password Bet that pussy's last word is master Ask her, roll my rocker til I made that astronaut That's NASA thought, be that young fly, nasty one Swallow the seeds, please, but you can't catch me slipping, hon [Hook - Elle Varner:] So let's just ride away We could die today Got no time to waste So just roll with me, baby Ride or die Always by your side Until the end of time Driving me crazy [Verse 2 - Joey BADA$$:] First thing's first, I, Joey Freaks all the honeys, mommies, the playboy bunnies The hoes love me, get down before the money Just know shit could get ugly, but whether it rain or sunny Just never worry, chinchillas in February Vanilla, that's when you ready Check the itinerary whenever it's necessary Keep my baby straight, peep my lady lace The Margiela to Doneva Fool less it's planned and everything is in control So hit the gas and let's go It's no sleep til Brooklyn, another beastie boy And she just can't stop looking, she like it raw Real spitter and all and that's the word of mouth And let her sit in the jaw I'm so nasty, please just walk past me So tempted to grab it, I gotta have it We could be living lavish so tell me, girl, right away We could hit the bank then escape to the hideaway Is you riding, riding with me? Is you riding? Is you riding, riding with me? Is you riding? [Hook] [Verse 3 - Action Bronson:] Getting head in the whip and not crashing it FILA Velour shorts set, half Arabic I sit in dove room with candle lit Tell little mama handle it Or you could leave the sandals on and pull your skirt up I really remember reading Word Up Tiger Beat, see me on the cover soon, fold out posters Hanging on your shorties wall I still be fucking women half my age when I'm 44 Young skin, a winning personality Hard dick, million dollar salary These cheating refs calling fouls on me Break the fucking whistle off in his ass, now hit the road, Jack Hop off the bozack, the .44 clap You'll need low jack to define your whole back Euros'll get down, you know that Swimming trunks and throwback Yeah, you know that [Hook]

I Want You

Feels like going in circles You're like a maze I can't get through Should I go left should I go right Should I let you stay for the night It's like a see-saw when it comes to your love Boy when you're up this girl is down and I just can't figure it out [Chorus:] Cause you know that I want ya And you know that I need ya Is that any way to be Just have your way with me My body is cryin These tears can you wipe'em Is that any way to be Jus have your way with me I'm goin out with guys I don't wanna go Places that I've been before (they pitchen the same game) Boy it's a dam shame (how I wish it was you) callin' me (I want it to be you) holdin' me (boy it needs to be you) kissin me Cause it's like a see-saw when it comes to your love Boy when you're up This girl is down And I just can't figure it out [Chorus] [Bridge:] (have your way) have your way with me Anytime anywhere However I don't care Have your way with me Cause tonight Boy tonight Tonight................ [Chorus] [Ad libs] Cause you know that I want you And you know that I need you Huh huh huh My body is cryin These tears can you wipe them Is it any way to be Baby have your way with with me Cause you know that I want ya baby And you know that I need ya baby In my life I need you I want you Right here Cryin for you baby Boo hoo hoo hoo Boo hoo hoo hoo Shoo doop doo doop doop do doooooo

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