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JAKE MILLER lyrics - The Road Less Traveled

A Million Lives

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1:] The other day I got an email, I almost didn't read it But something caught my eye right before I could delete it It was bold and underlined, "Please Read" was the title Followed by "Jake you are my idol" It said and I quote, my name is Nikki and I used to be dancer Til the day the doctor diagnosed me with cancer So I said goodbye to all the hair on head And said hello to my hospital bed Yeah see I was just a normal girl, it happened so fast There were so many days that I thought would be my last However the fight was tough, and the battle was long But I felt strong when I listened to your songs You were, always there for me, you helped my heart beat You were my only friend, kept you on repeat I thank God for you every single night Cause believe or not, you saved my life [Hook:] I've met a million people, been a million places Shook a million hands, seen a million faces I've had a million lows, and a million more highs No I havent made a million, but I've touched a million lives I've met a million people, been a million places Shook a million hands, seen a million faces I've had a million lows, and a million more highs No I havent made a million, but I, but I [Verse 2:] Yeah the mailman knocked said it was for me Handed me a box, sent from tennessee Written on the top "for jakes eyes only" Inside was a journal and letter that he wrote me It said my name is dillon I'm in 7th grade I'm ridiculed and picked on almost everyday Yeah they push me in the halls in between my classes Yesterday they took my books then broke my glasses I got no one to talk to, it's like I don't exsist Sometimes I wonder if I was gone, would I be missed? But lemme tell the real reason for this letter You've helped me through it all, you've help me feel better You're words gimme confidence, your messages inspire me You help me find my inner strength deep inside me Through all the bad times, you helped me find the light Believe or not, you saved my life [Hook] [Verse 3:] I was sittin at my table at dinner the other night When I noticed a little girl sittin to my right She was lookin at me like she knew me, I guess she did Cause then she walked right up to, and then she said My name is sami and I swear that I'm your biggest fan I think she even had my name written on her hand She said me my brother used to listen to you every day Until last year, when he passed away I'll never forget seein my parents cry When they got a call sayin that your son had died Man I wish that he was here now, you were his favorite He had your mixtape and never stopped playin it Your music gives me a feelin that I just can't desrcribe It's like I got my brother back, and hes still alive I pray for both of you, every single night Cause believe or not, you saved my life [Hook] Now lemme turn the table, and talk to you I had a dream but your the reason that it's comin true Yeah I've had some dark days, when the sun don't shine But you always reminded me that I would be fine Cause when no else cared, you believed in my vision And now I got an army comin with me on my mission I thank God for all you, every single night Cause believe or not, you saved my life

A Song For Assata

COMMON "Like Water For Chocolate"
(Common) In the Spirit of God. In the Spirit of the Ancestors. In the Spirit of the Black Panthers. In the Spirit of Assata Shakur. We make this movement towards freedom for all those who have been oppressed, and all those in the struggle. Yeah. yo, check it- There were lights and sirens, gunshots firin Cover your eyes as I describe a scene so violent Seemed like a bad dream, she laid in a blood puddle Blood bubbled in her chest, cold air brushed against open flesh No room to rest, pain consumed each breath Shot twice wit her hands up Police questioned but shot before she answered One Panther lost his life, the other ran for his Scandalous the police were as they kicked and beat her Comprehension she was beyond, tryna hold on to life. She thought she'd live with no arm that's what it felt like, got to the hospital, eyes held tight They moved her room to room-she could tell by the light Handcuffed tight to the bed, through her skin it bit Put guns to her head, every word she got hit Who shot the trooper they asked her Put mace in her eyes, threatened to blast her Her mind raced till things got still Opened her eyes, realized she's next to her best friend who got killed She got chills, they told her: that's where she would be next Hurt mixed wit anger-survival was a reflex They lied and denied visits from her lawyer But she was buildin as they tried to destroy her If it wasn't for this german nurse they woulda served her worse I read this sister's story, knew that it deserved a verse I wonder what would happen if that woulda been me All this shit so we could be free, so dig it, y'all. (Cee-lo vocals) I'm thinkin' of Assata, yes. Listen to my Love, Assata, yes. Your Power and Pride is beautiful. May God bless your Soul. (Common) It seemed like the middle of the night when the law awakened her Walkie-talkies cracklin, I see 'em when they takin her Though she kinda knew, What made the ride peaceful was the trees and the sky was blue Arrived to Middlesex Prison about six inna morning Uneasy as they pushed her to the second floor in a cell, one cot, no window, facing hell. Put in the basement of a prison wit all males And the smell of misery, seatless toilets and centipedes She'd exercise, (paint,) and begin to read Two years inna hole. Her soul grew weak Away from people so long she forgot how to speak She discovered frredom is a unspoken sound And a wall is a wall and can be broken down Found peace in the Panthers she went on trial with One of the brothers she had a child with The foulness they would feed her, hopin she's lose her seed Held tight, knowing the fight would live through this seed In need of a doctor, from her stomach she's bleed Out of this situation a girl was conceived Separated from her, left to mother the Revolution And lactated to attack hate Cause federal and state was built for a Black fate Her emptiness was filled with beatings and court dates They fabricated cases, hoping one would stick And said she robbed places that didn't exist In the midst of threats on her life and being caged with Aryan whites Through dark halls of hate she carried the light I wonder what would happen if that woulda been me All of this shit so we could be free. Yeah, I often wonder what would happen if that woulda been me All of this shit so we could be free, so dig it, people- (Cee-Lo) I'm thinkin' of Assata, yeah. Listen to my Love, Assata, yeah. Your Power and Pride, so Beautiful... May God bless your Soul. Oooh. (Common) Yo From North Carolina her grandmother would bring news that she had had a dream Her dreams always meant what they needed them to mean What made them real was the action in between She dreamt that Assata was free in they old house in Queens The fact that they always came true was the thing Assata had been convicted of a murder she couldna done Medical evidence shown she couldna shot the gun It's time for her to see the sun from the other side Time for her daughter to be by her mother's side Time for this Beautiful Woman to become soft again Time for her to breathe, and not be told how or when She untangled the chains and escaped the pain How she broke out of prison I could never explain And even to this day they try to get to her but she's free with political asylum in Cuba. (Cee-Lo vocals) I'm thinkin' of Assata, yeah. Listen to my Love, Assata, yeah. We're molded from the same mud, Assata. We share the same Blood, Assata, yeah. Your Power and Pride, so Beautiful... May God bless your Soul. Your Power and Pride, so Beautiful... May God bless your Soul. Oooh. (Assata) Freedom! You askin me about freedom. Askin me about freedom I'll be honest with you. I know a whole more about what freedom isn't than about what it is, cause I've never been free. I can only share my vision with you of the future, about what freedom is. Uhh, the way I see it, freedom is-- is the right to grow, is the right to blossom. Freedom is -is the right to be yourself, to be who you are, to be who you wanna be, to do what you wanna do. (fade out)

Say It Ain't So

WEEZER "Weezer"
Oh yeah Alright Somebody's Heine' Is crowdin' my icebox Somebody's cold one Is givin' me chills Guess I'll just close my eyes Oh yeah Alright Feels good Inside Flip on the tele Wrestle with Jimmy Something is bubbling Behind my back The bottle is ready to blow Say it ain't so Your drug is a heartbreaker Say it ain't so My love is a life taker I can't confront you I never could do That which might hurt you So try and be cool When I say This way is a waterslide away from me That takes you further every day So be cool Say it ain't so Your drug is a heartbreaker Say it ain't so My love is a life taker Dear Daddy I write you in spite of years of silence You've cleaned up, found Jesus, things are good or so I hear This bottle of Steven's awakens ancient feelings Like father, stepfather, the son is drowning in the flood Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Say it ain't so Your drug is a heartbreaker Say it ain't so My love is a life taker

Line 'em Up

FREEWAY "Philadelphia Freeway"
(feat. Young Chris) [Intro - Freeway] Thank you ladies and gentlemen! Hold your applause J'yeah, holla! Its bout to go down, shut em down! Just Blaze, Freeway! Young Chris! Young Guru! The Roc is definately in the building! J'yeah! uh, holla! uh oh! uh oh! uh oh! uh! [Verse 1 - Freeway] J'yeah, listen, if the rhymes stop dumpin and beats stop knockin then Free still fuckin with Beans R-U to the G-S, manuver the ve throughout the U.S. with two teks of keys one start up your whip and the other start up your block retarded just like a Carter El Nino come take a sniff or take a few of you like the glass zit Stick shit in your artery ooouuu Hustlin's a part of me Niggas retardin me Come at the team wrong its like a see-saw They down and we up The pound heat clowns up I'm moving and re-up teks, blocks and keep gon' ?? and cocks like a school bus (why?) It make stops and it picks kids up and it wake up the block really early in the mornin Word, niggas want drama? Then line em up! [Chorus (repeated four times) - Freeway] Uh uh uh Line em up! Uh uh uh Line em up! Uh uh Line em up! I, I shut em down! [Verse 2 - Freeway] Listen, if the coke stop jumpin and the block stop poppin Then Free still fuckin with Schi! M to the is-ash, come down with the gat take your sti-ash and kidnap your keeps One, puff in my face and the other go in your face Reatrded? This is a stick up if you slow then pick up the pace I came to take everything out your safe and even snatch all your jewelry (oouuu) Robbins a part of me, you just oughta be singin the same song when money low Ain't no parameters, snatch chains even honeys know amateurs get state green's and hit with 24 months From playin the game long, the eight long Make pockets short snatch hair and bones weight They been taking from us for too long it ain't wrong Line em up and I jam em all yo! [Chorus] [Verse 3 - Young Chris of The Young Gunz] They want a war with the Roc? OKAY! Cases catch 'em and beat 'em like O.J. I been stretchin my d's since the O'Jays Before I met Beans and Free, before Jay Homie, Pops never was there so I hustled 24 7 like the cops never was there Yeah, fuck a box cause the metal was there Fuck the cops cause the Fed's was paid I been settled for years, I'm ahead of my years Tuck the glock come pedal with K's We can settle it here We run with this beef, we runnin his peeps Like five in the mornin while they under them sheets (wake up) Like five gats drawn, soldiers come out they sleep Tell me what they gon' tell me when the gun out they reach Homie, we ain't gotta cheat Y'all ain't stopping Sig Young Gunner startin p. guard from State Property [Chorus]

Money Ain't A Thang

JERMAINE DUPRI (JD) "Life In 1472"
Uh uh So So Def Yeah, yeah [Chorus: Jermaine Dupri and Jay-Z] [Jermaine Dupri] In the Ferrari or Jaguar, switchin four lanes With the top down screamin out, money ain't a thang [Jay-Z] Bubble hard in the double R flashin the rings With the window cracked, holler back, money ain't a thang [Jermaine Dupri] Jigga, I don't like it if it don't gleam gleam And to hell with the price cause the money ain't a thang [Jay-Z] Put it down hard for my dogs that's locked in the bang When you hit the bricks, new whips, money ain't a thang [Jermaine Dupri] Come on, y'all wanna floss wit us Cause all across the ball we burn it up Drop a little paper, baby toss it up Ya slackin on your pimpin, turn it up See the money ain't a thang [Jay-Z] I flex the Rol', sign a check for yo' hoe Jigga's style is love, X and O Save all your accolades, just the dough My game is wide, all lames aside Tryin to stay alive, hundred thou' for the bracelet Foolish, ain't I? The chain'll strain ya eye Twin platinum gun son, aim for the sky Ice on my bullet, you die soon as I pull it Willies wanna rub shoulders, your money's too young See me when it gets older, ya bank account grow up Mine's is one-zero-zero-zero-oh-doub' Damn near out the rear trunk when I roll up Multi til I close up, it's all basic I been spending hundreds since they had small faces Rob your stash house, doubled out down in Vegas Me and J.D. got it locked crazy Where you at haters? [Chorus] [Jermaine Dupri] My cake thick, I live the life Eatin' crab, watching bitches shake shit all night I make the big moves, do the big things Take small groups, turn them into big names The big dog with the big chain, frostbit bracelet to match Cats say I'm the shit man The type of nigga that you need in yo' crew Type of dude that will do shit you won't do, can't do Get more burn than a candle Too hot to hold, too much to handle In the black C-low, he know if she look She go bye-bye with da-da and I ain't gotta say no mo' I'm "The Truth" like A.I., got the proof and stay fly In the safest shit you could never buy Know why? Cause I write the songs that the whole world sing I don't know about y'all but every night I swing [Chorus] [Jay-Z] Ya'll shit ain't for real til y'all ship a mil' And ya hit a R&B chick and she fit the bill Said she loved my necklace, started relaxin Now that's what the fuck I call a chain reaction Went from wholesome to Jigga, you awe-some Baby, I don't play all my jewelry is light grey Platinum, spend your whole life in the day What's down is a bet, roll the dice [Jermaine Dupri] Yeah, yeah, so let's play So what you went gold and rock a Roley with the ice bezel It's gon' take a lot mo' to see my level Where I'm at, your check, you better double that And personally your raps is where the trouble at I'm a Benz bubble cat, leather with the wood grain In the platinum frame screamin it's not a game Gleamin, from ear to ear, wrist to wrist, ring and chain Even me and Jay-Z got it locked, crazy [Chorus] [Jermaine Dupri] So So Def, Roc-A-Fella, collabo' You know, all we do is.. Rock, rock on [repeat to fade]

Uh Huh

'Bus driver -- this here gal refused to give me her seat!' [Intro: Method Man] Everybody... huh, yeah Yeah, uh, uh, uh, now, uh, yeah, yo [Method Man] What up my people equal?, this be Tical: The Prequel Shine up the desert eagle, light up that extra lethal I mean that 'ooh wee', three years and two g's I'm back with new trees, I wrapped in loose leafs While ya'll was just rappin', who get the set crackin'? Just like a neck snappin', let's get this next platinum What's happ'n Def Jam? Remember Meth Man? I held your hand through them years when ya'll was stressed, fam That's why I still love you and Russell still hustle Let's get to pumpin' iron, and flex some real muscle Up in this bitch due, my click is Rick Rude And I ain't got the ivory, this ain't the flick, dude Somebody told me, ya'll can't hold me Naughty By Nature, do my dirt all by my lonely You need back off bitch, you don't know me Got to leave these hoes alone, they too nosey [Chorus: Method Man] Meth is killin', M.C. killin' What more can I say, stop grillin' That's what niggas get for actin' Hollywood And since ya'll understood... would you? Would you? Would you? Would you? Uh huh, that dollar day, that dollar dollar day, ey That dollar day, that dollar dollar day, ey [Method Man] Ok, the love issue, don't let that love get you My brothers love pistol, doin' they thug dizzle Bet ya'll ain't know, did you?, that I'm a pro, did you? Until the flow hit you, f**k it, I'm official Bone wit more gristle, thrown from chrome nickel Place that don't tickle, can't wait to zone wit you I'm hard as stone chisel, Meth got his own little Formula to go triple -- for shizzle Ya'll know my occupation, I'm puttin' in the work So any imitation, I'm puttin' in the dirt That shit is aggravatin', why ya'll procrastinatin' I got some massive waitin', and she probably masturbatin' Welcome to New Yitty, where half is two fifty If I got a problem, then that's one problem too many So don't tempt me, I'll bust until I'm empty Swiftly, that way, I get the chance to take you with me, muthaf**ka! [Chorus] [Method Man] Yo, I got style, H rap round, back up and back down Act up, we back clown, last up to bat now It's me Ticallion, swing like Barry Bonds Mommy got a ratty thong, happy cuz daddy gone Turn it up it a little bit, a notch, and it'll get Cook it once the griddle gets so hot, good lookin' kid Ok, now where was I? Prepared, was I Your man broke his jaw tryin' to say what I Say on this mic, not a day in your life, could ya Say I ain't nice, could ya? If I ain't nice, would ya? Get off my dick and tell your bitch to come her, she stuntin' Can hear me 'cummin'' like my dick's in her ear or somethin' I put that on my momma, she put that on her kids He put that chrome on your dome and blowed ya f**kin' wig That's how it is, ask Bobby Dig' We back on your block, with 'nuff shots to give, muthaf**ka! [Chorus 2X]

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