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JAKE MILLER lyrics - Spotlight

On The Move

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro:] Yeah. Haha. We going old school on this one. Let's go Yeah. Uhh. Yeah, let's go [Hook:] Ain't no stopping us now, we're on the move Yeah, I'm on the move. You can hear me on the radio or watch me on the news, like Ain't no stopping us now, we're on the move Yeah, I'm on the move. All these labels wanna sign me, I don't know which one to choose. [x2] Aiyo, I'm always on the move, something different everyday Tonight I'm on the news, after that I'm on my way To Power 96 cause they say they wanna play My newest track that I finished earlier, today Upgraded from a dorm to a hotel suite No more sittin' in class, I'm in the first class seat Flying to the city, all these labels wanna meet With the kid that everybody's tryna sign like a receipt I'm the hip hop Bill Nye, always in the lab Mind's so sharp that my brain got stabbed Phone's blowing up, think I just got tagged Oh wait, it's just another kid who wants to collab Got photoshoots and interviews literally everyday Nothing that I haven't done, you can check the resume These the memories that nobody could take away And now my name's gettin' out, Double Play [Hook x2] Aiyo, I'm always on the move. Going here and there People see me out in public and they stop N stare I'm taking the cards life deals me, Solitare And I'mma win every hand 'til I'm a millionaire Putting college on hold, people tryna ask why I'm making the most out of life, that's why Plus I'd rather be a star than a frat guy And work hard to get bigger than a fat guy A couple months ago, I was a no name Used to stalk celebrities at the Heat game Gave my mixtape to Chris Brown, and Mac Maine To Rick Ross, and Khaled, and Weezy, and T-Pain Now the labels that they signed to Are callin' me back saying "we wanna sign you." Kids that used to hate saying "I'm behind you" And now they tellin' me I'm sicker than The Swine Flu [Hook x3]

Let Somebody Know

DIANA ROSS "Take Me Higher"
(B.Hull/Brenda Russell) Love we all hope to find It'll come so easy or can take its time But I've never given up along the way One day you're gonna raise your blinds And evey little dew drop is a treasured find, oh my When you say the things you have to say Wake up and the day is dawning It's another chance to change your mind Reaching for the stars around you I found you Let somebody know what you really love Show somebody just what you're made of Always in a rush, don't you see the sign? You can always take the time (Let somebody know) Just when you think you got it done In just a moment it can turn around, oh my When you're wishing for yesterday Wake up and the day is dawning It's another chance to change your mind Reaching for the stars around you I found you Let somebody know what you really love Show somebody just what you're made of Always in a rush, don't you see the sign? You can always take the time To let somebody know that you really care Let somebody see what you have to share Oh yeah It's a simple thing To let somebody know Always in a rush, don't you see the sign? You can always take the time Let somebody feel the tears that you cry Let them know the love is still alive, oh alive It's a simple thing To let somebody know (somebody) Let somebody know (somebody) Let somebody know, oh yeah (somebody) Somebody baby Let somebody know, oh yeah (somebody) You gotta let somebody know (somebody), somebody Let somebody know (somebody)

Whatever You Wanna Call It

JUELZ SANTANA "What The Game's Been Missing!"
[Intro] Uh-ohhhh! Cold cold time again baby I'm back in the, back in the, back in the building Juelz Santana (Aye!) Dip Set bitch I need all my soldiers and my block men to stand up for me It's 'bout that time you know [Chorus] My hood, my city, my side Whatever you wanna call it nigga I ride My town, my car, my block Whatever you wanna call it nigga I rock My state, my strip, my ave Whatever you wanna call it nigga I'm bad My building, my porch, my stoop Whatever you wanna call it nigga I'm loose [Juelz Santana] Straight for paper Paper chaser Gangsta gangsta Gangsta gangsta I know my block is a crazy zoo But it got me crazy glued (stuck) I got to make these moves So I hustle the hardest (drugs) I got no team Just a connect and a couple of partners I keep my street niggaz, my street niggaz (yup) I keep my cheese niggaz, my cheese niggaz (Yup) I keep my beef niggaz, my beef niggaz (yup) I keep my weed niggaz, my weed niggaz Keep business business, keep pleasure pleasure And I never mix it, ever ever Yeah the code of the street Eyes open don't sleep (whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop) There go the police That's why you catch me moving through dolo Moving through solo, steel weapon, steel weapon [Chorus] [Hell Rell] Niggaz always catch the bodies in the hood (yup) Straight shootin up the party in the hood (uh-uh) Mafia ties, I'm like Gotti in the hood Tellin hoopty on the black Maserati through the hood Rememeber when we used to play karate in the hood (remember) Now my rims look like ninja stars Nigga I've been the star (I ain't have shit) I remember when I didn't have shit to bar Now I can lean you a couple of clips You hungry homey you can eat a couple of clips Come to my strip, you gon see niggaz G'd up cuz We slangers (slangers) Gang bangers (east-side) And when it comes to squally we strangers, plus I keep my thug niggaz, my thug niggaz I keep my blood niggaz, my blood niggaz Spend it all I ain't no cheap ass nigga I'm always gonna ride this I'm a weed sack nigga, YUP! [Chorus] [Juelz Santana] I represent mine to the fullest (oh yeah) I represent the grind to the fullest (oh yeah) I represent scar time, bar time, hard times Yeah, hard times to the fullest (oh yeah) We need to have a million man march again We need to have a million man march up in The white house start a million man argument Like Bush why a million man starving in? My city, my town, my hood Whatever you wanna call it nigga what's good We riders, we rollers, we survivors, we soldiers We don't crack under pressure We relax under pressure Most of all, we don't rap under pressure We bang, and we pitch this crack 'Till the cops shut us down or waste respect [Chorus - repeat to fade]

Fa Ha

LL COOL J "10"
'Don't you knowwwwww, don't you knowwwww..' See this is worldwide baby 'That it's wrong..' Germany, Italy.. France, Japan 'To take what is given..' Many foreign lands.. Talkin bout {HA!} Queens I'm talkin bout, Brooklyn I'm talkin bout, Uptown I'm talkin bout, downtown Oh y'all with this too {HA!} Jerz! The girl like, Strong Isle (oh they wild) The girl like, Connecticut Yo they get them, they need to get more shoutouts up there, word up 'To take what is given..' {HA!} [LL Cool J] Breaker breaker one-nine, I had a rendezvous Pop vintage wine with this dime, hot as a barbecue {HA!} She was young, too wild without a curfew {HA!} Smile I hurt you, had me goin berzerk too I'm guaranteein she'll be leanin in the coupe Fiendin for your loot, little demon schemin for Tiffany hoops {HA!} Yeah, her right there, Dominicans is doin her hair The jewels and gear, it's all there, fully equipped Body sick, she never played fair, yeah {HA!} Far from classy, walk real nasty Talk real sassy, why you frontin Come smash me I can't do it baby-girl, your man might blast me for {HA!} I can't die for American Pie Hypnotized cause somebody combined thighs and lies, but it's {HA!} No surprise, your pipe will rise Don't bounce with her, puff a ounce with her, not wise, not with {HA!} Papi chill, get sloppy, get killed by {HA!} Blood streams the guillotine f'real, yeah {FA HA!} Pop bottles with hot models and rock throttles I guess your motto is I'm a desperado Leave {HA!} alone, end up like Castellano Believe me, she flap her gums like Sammy Gravano It's easy, child barely an Italiano But don't do it, she'll have your eight by ten on every channel [Chorus] {HA!} No honey can set your body on fire like {HA!} Make you wanna get higher and higher with {HA!} Put your muder game down so you can buy it for {HA!} Street dreams, you gon' hustle and retire with {HA!} Walk in the crib, filled with desire for {HA!} SL, the rims and the tires for {HA!} Third strike, and all of your priors for {HA!} Gave up your whole empire for {FA HA!} [LL Cool J] She do it so fluid it's hard to see through it, 'til it's too late You wanna time travel and re-do it, but wait You a inmate, or worse at the pearly gates Damn, all because you and {HA!} had an early date Close your eyes, recognize, visualize What's the real reason you really freezin them pies, huh {HA!} Tan lines, strawberry oil on the thighs Got you subconciously contemplatin suicide Shoulda learned, remember how your man died {HA!} Grabbed his iron, it was time to ride for {HA!} Multiple homicides, takin lives for {HA!} He's dead and gone, the next man's deep inside {HA!} Check one-two, I select a few jewels for those of you, who are still confused She's an obstacle, hot and tropical Fatty so rockable, that anything's possible with {HA!} [Chorus] [LL Cool J] Cheese fantasies, dodgin the D's to please {HA!} Livin life on a flyin trapeze to keep {HA!} Who's the one you want {HA!} Who you wanna flaunt {HA!} She haunted, but who's the only bird you ever want {FA HA!} Why you sell drugs {HA!} Why you a thug {HA!} Why do fools always seem to fall in love with {HA!} More advances than technology Every day I stack chips, whether music or flicks All these transparent cliques full of devilish politics Wish they could take my longevity and bottle it for {HA!} But they can't so they kill for Grants Smuggle iron in the party, pop {ex} for hot sex with {HA!} Love's an illusion, mental and emotional confusion Instant gratifacation oozin Exotic temptress, eyes just like a empress Spilt game relentless, I had to represent Miss {HA!} [Chorus - repeat 2X (skips at start of second repeat)] [LL Cool J] Yeah, oh yeah {HA!} It's my 10th album, ha ha {HA!} Heh, and you don't stop {HA!} I said this my 10th album, uh-huh, oh yeah yea yea, yeah {HA!} And you won't stop, knahmean {HA!} 10 baby {HA!} Easy 'To take what is given..' We right baby, huh

Lifetime Affair

MYTOWN "Mytown"
Lifetime Affair I know I never realized how much I need you in my life But it hit me when I was sleepin' I had a vision in my head It danced around and someone said There is a secret that she's been keepin' You're afraid to fall in love 'Cause you've been hurt before I wanna let you know That this here love can work and more Put your hand in my hand I wanna place a ring upon your finger For a lifetime affair I wanna know what's on your mind I wanna feel what you are thinkin' Tell me anything, I don't care I wanna treat you like a princess The only thing that's missin' Is a crown filled with pearls, yeah, yeah I got no fancy way to get there I'd use the old-fashioned way And sail around this whole world I can see it And I'd picture seeing Your face in the stars at night As I wish upon your radiance It guides me though the darkest days 'Cause within your love, you know I'll be all right, You know

Executioner's Dream

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Violent By Design"
[movie sample] " you don't fuck around with the inifinite There's no way you do that... A painted hill has two sides, the kind you can touch with your hand The kind you can feel in your heart Your soul, the spiritual side; And you know, the worst of the the spiritual" [Jus Allah] I'm leaf-twistin, but still kill your whole belief system I speak wisdom, translated to street diction A past victim of the government for grapple Now I slash you, I'm the slave wit snapped shackles After cash rules, a-alikes move wit me We murdered the fakes involved in the three-sixty Eighty-five face the truth, you're too dumb You burn and failed attempts reachin the sun I grab you and squeeze until your pores bleed Manipulate the earth that you formerly believed Even after you're buried underneath the soil Send a message to hell, nobody grieve for you Your physical mass is converted into ash Allah's wrath is engraphed on your epitab Spend eternity wit the underground forces Your screams echo in deaf ears of the remorseless [Chorus x2] "You don't even wanna test" "Uh-uh-oh, you wanna kill more, God bless" [Ikon] The raw mangler, seven angles of Angular Strangle the pagans who stayed in the pages of Diameter Rhyme shatterer, with nine rhymes I'm hackin you The author will scorch ya with the torture of Josef Mengele Sended you to the squared circle to meet me To beat me won't be easy, you'll face thesis of Meche Blood'll apease me, raps are prehistorical Cerebral of cathedral that leads you into the oracle I'm horrible, I burn wit no time to react Rewind DAT's so fine I pull spines out the back In time I crack minds that's what the brain desire Messiah pulls as Mariah into the rain of fire Barb wire around pagans that read the Bible Genocidal and liable to just cleave your spinal Final hours, the forbidden fruit they fond as Iris Study rappers, bringin wackness like Abolo scholars First in line to try to battle me, I left him limbless Tragic rappers just a fallacy, I left em skinless Beginners, keep your distance because we might be vicious You can find me wit Louis Logic drinkin pints of Guiness "You don't even wanna test" "Uh-uh-oh, you wanna kill more, God bless" [J-Treds] Aiyyo when I rhyme Fortunatley I possess a Jedi Mind So the force is with me (When I rhyme) Son it makes me spit a fresh one So when Treds is done, even a athiest will say I blessed him And when my jam bang, better cop that Fuck all these players who can't hang, get a jockstrap Cuz we drop bombs, better be scared Cuz it's either hop on or be prepared for us to lock horns We engage, when the pen sprays we wage war And then you know what they say, when it rains it pours So face us, cuz you can't change the laws of nature We independent, it's competition callin us major We major threats who deliver, so place your bets We'll bring it minus the Moet, Rollies, and Avirex We just spit shit too amazing, just shit That when you face it you'll see it's a must-win situation Ain't no second chance (anyway), not next to the champs Because it's our freestyle that's gettin grants from the NEA We well in doubt versus these rappers we tell about (Cuz us and them) Difference between takin a L and a bow [Chorus x2]

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