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Hold On

Original and similar lyrics
[Jake Miller] Yeah now I'm rocking with the best Pass me the mic and turn me up Bound to blow any moment now I'm bound to self destruct Man I'm just a normal dude With far from normal dreams Doing donuts in the whip I ain't talking crispy cream So sit back and watch me kill it A dynasty rebuilding We taking over the world Yeah I know you feel it Man this life I live is crazy And maybe a little Chaotic But I'm living out my dream Even though my dreams psychotic Cause, ain't nobody ever really gonna do it like me Come and take a walk in my shoes, you'll see I never show no mercy I torture the mic and murder the beat I shut it down in your city Windows down when you bump this I'm circling round the map Like Christopher Columbus Man, I'm crossing it off my bucket list Soon I'mma need another one And when I'm done I might just do them all again, Just for fun We pour it up, pour it up Then me and my team we down 'em We bout to change the world If your looking for the best I found them Baby lets go [Hi-Rez] Risking everything for everything Gonna go to hell to make your way to heaven I'm married to the game but I never had a wedding I'm more of a menace But that doesn't mean I'm independent Messing with the great whites, Working late nights And with a little recognition I take time I make rhymes, Never waste time I found my dreams and I chase mine I've been up, I've been down Beat the competition like Chris Brown Don't close your eyes you'll miss out on me Making it, my momma been proud I never lie, but I'm just the truth Killing tracks when ism in the booth They say rap is dead, rap is dead But I disagree cause I'm breathing proof Better hide ya girl when I'm in the room Cause I'll make her mine and ill be the groom I'mma need a broom to clean up the game Cause everybody nowadays come without the fame I'm all what I'm the real deal My music help me to pay bills So hungry I could eat eight meals I'll never know how being fake feels I seen debt but I'm still the blest No bath salts but I eat flesh I'm so fresh, I get no rest I'm grinding to make progress Your rap is whack, where the passion at? You're blowin' up, man there's not a chance of that You got a bit of chance Got a beat and check Been around the world I've been there and back [Jake Miller] I'm a lyrical mastermind,One of a kind,You'll never find Anybody with a - Wait hold up, cut the track and rewind Baby, everyday is a party, sometimes I think I'm tripping Just tryna keep my head from getting big like Stewie Griffin Man, I'm married to the game, Holy matrimony You say that you going ham, best believe I go baloney Cause if you ain't heard of me, then I think we need to talk Man, I bet you live with Patrick cause you living under a rock Cause, ain't nobody ever really gonna do it like me Come and take a walk in my shoes, you'll see I never show no mercy I torture the mic and murder the beat I walk around my city Felling like a mayor I'm worldwide baby Just like the equator Man, I'm living like I'm dying, but I haven't even hit 20 I'm living like a millionaire but I barely made a penny I'll take a break when I die, no stopping by any means Cause what's the point of sleeping, When you're living your dreams

No You Ain't

JME "Integrity>"
[Hook x2:] Sick? No you ain't! Coming to the rave with a stick? No you ain't! Top three? No you ain't! Leveling up with me? No you ain't! Brave? No you ain't! Getting reloads on stage? No you ain't! Grime? No you ain't! Represent all of the time? No, safe! [Verse 1:] I came to this planet, a 8lbs caesarean Now, I'm a badman-arean Apologies to all aquariums But I roll with couple pescetarians, Vegans and vegetarians An' a few rastafarians Man don't wanna see no dead meat on their plate like some barbarians I'm a 80's baby the best MC lately? maybe Cause I'm getting played on the D-A-B while you're in the rave doing D-A-B's JME, 80's baby the best MC lately? maybe Cause I'm getting played on the D-A-B While you're in the rave doing D-A-B's [Hook x2] [Verse 2:] I've always got new tunes for the car But I need to get a new car for the streets I wanna get that P85D and alcantara seats If you see me and the light goes green 0 to 60 off the mark it's peak They say you are what you eat So go against me and you're dead meat I'm representing, with the new flow I'm inventing Pay the mortgage, I'm not renting Yep, my fiance is a peng ting If a man violates, I'm venting Trust it won't be a draw for the leng ting And it won't be a count to 10 ting Straight in his forehead I'm denting [Hook x2] [Verse 3:] 0, 1, 2, 3 then my speech when man's on the mic Say what I want, give a damn when I like Any month of the year, I'm hype January, February, March, April, May I put my fist through your teeth Elbow drop with elbow grease Old school kid man, alphabet beats A, B, C, D, E F your crew and gang When I get hype when your with 8 man Any day of the week I'm nang Monday, Tuesday, when's it gonna stop? When you realize I'm that guy, that's right I go harder than using a toothpick to eat a bowl of rice [Hook x2]

Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

Everything is gonna be alright Broken hearts are a part of life Don't you worry, you be strong Help you get along Everything is gonna be alright Find someone who would treat you right He don't deserve a woman like you Woman you are You never knew that goodbye could hurt so much 'Till the morning he told you he was going away He lied to you, mistreated you He even raised his hand to you You weathered the storm but ended up in the rain It's driving you crazy You're wondering maybe Think it's something you did wrong You carried his baby But now now now lady Can't you see that you're so strong You were so strong The suns gonna shine again It won't be long 1 - Everything is gonna be alright Broken hearts are a part of life This is something that you must go through Everything is gonna be alright Find someone who would treat you right Very sorry that he hurt you Whoa, the time has come To place all your fears aside Owe it to yourself to give love another try With someone who'll care for you, true to you Make dreams reality's for you, the rain is over Just dry all the tears from your eyes It's driving you crazy I'm telling you baby You ain't done nothing wrong Take care of your baby But na na na lady Can't you see that you're so strong The suns gonna shine again It won't be long Repeat 1 Repeat 1 Repeat 1

Camera Thief

ATMOSPHERE "SouthSiders"
Camera thief Take pictures Run like the parallel stitches Attach my feet to the path I beat Teach myself to keep the answers brief Gnash my teeth like the last to feast Imagine me on that abandoned beach Sand and sea as if the jazz was free I’m Ice cream mixed with gasoline Direct attention to the craftsmanship Neglect to mention that the past will stick Like initials carved in the concrete Like the tattoo that hides on your mommy I still kick it with angels The difference is that instead of the bar, I’m at my kitchen table The starlight shines through the glass But you feel safe underneath that mask Ferris Wheel, give rides These scars healed in time to get high Lock the doors and hide the keys Lets go describe how to climb a tree Don’t sign the lease just cop a corner For you to curl up and try to sleep Those cheap police won't find my wings I keep my dreams inside my dreams And If I had a time machine I’d probably use it like a vacuum and try to clean It kind a seems, quite more than a handful of these regrets have been circumstantial Now give me all the cash out the drawer Touch that mustache down on the floor And I’ll be in court holding a pitchfork Before I let the contest outlast the sport Pocket watch, impatient Find a mate then make the migration Break the rules, but first break the rulers And keep it moving like a rumor I don’t need to defend my defensiveness I keep to myself, my family, and friendships I’ve got enough people I could disappoint If you disagree I think you missed the point Now go ahead and grab a chair Let me tell you about the last few years Pulled out a sack full of Samson’s hair And put it on the dash like a dancin’ bear I wrote you a horoscope It won't fit on this post-it note But if I had to sum it up into a shorter quote It goes fuck it, you might as well row that boat

Coo Coo Ca Choo

BLOODHOUND GANG "Use Your Fingers"
Coo Coo Ca Choo Baby You That's What You Are You Are A Hollywood Star You're The High Priestess By Far And You Know This Tune's For You We Call It Coo Coo Ca Choo And It's A Very Brief Description Of The Things We Could Do To You You Were Looking At Me I Was Looking At You Coo Coo Ca Choo Coo Coo Ca Choo You Were Looking At Me I Was Looking At You Coo Coo Ca Choo Now What Ya Gonna Do Oil Me Up Quick Miss Daisy Before I'm Lubing Up Your Tailpipe Or The Bedposts Will Be A Knocking And A Knocking Til The Break Of Light Raised And Dazed In A Million And One Ways Like A Morton Coffee Roll I Want You Hot And Glazed You're Not The Real Thing Baby You're Parkay You're Not Butter Gonna Have To Get You Home And Lube You Up With Fluff-N-Nutter Scope It Scope It Baby Looking So Fit Playing Games And Laying Dames You Know I Know You Know It Quick To Get The Condom You Know The Jimmy Fits Too Snug Lean You Against The Fire Place And Ride You On The Bear Skin Rug Chow Down My Ding Dong Come And Sing Along Slip A Grip Around My Tip And Then You'll Be My Kling-On Now In My Sweat Pants You're Gonna See My Erection Ooh Oh Pick A De Pop Pop Perfection Umpla Dumpla Dippedee Do Cause I'd Never Leave The House If Mommy Looked Like You You Were Looking At Me I Was Looking At You Coo Coo Ca Choo Coo Coo Ca Choo You Were Looking At Me I Was Looking At You Coo Coo Ca Choo Now What Ya Gonna Do Butter Up Butter Cup Did Ya Really Think It Would Really Last That Long My Attention Span Hutches And When You Wake Up You Know That I'll Be Gone Cocoa Butter Beach Blonde Wearing That Thin Thong You Know I Got A Thing For You It's Only An Inch Long Picking Up Your Signals Like You're A Tv Station I'm Looking For The Channel To Have Immoral Applications Looking So Fine Cosmo Behind Fermentation Of Time Like Reunite Wine Well I'm Bubbling Up And Steaming Like An Active Volcano I Think I Clogged Up All Your Pipes Better Get Yourself Some Draino I Get Annoyed Cause I Can't Avoid Baby Sounding Like A Mongoloid I Gots The Skills To Keep Ya Busy All Night If You Do Not Bite I Hope You Blow Like Dynamite Happy Thanksgiving Would You Like A Little White Meat I¹Ll Stuff My Butterballs Then You Can Eat You Were Looking At Me I Was Looking At You Coo Coo Ca Choo Coo Coo Ca Choo You Were Looking At Me I Was Looking At You Coo Coo Ca Choo Now What Ya Gonna Do.


BIG PUNISHER "Capital Punishment"
[Big Punisher] Niggaz is flossin a lot, time to start extortin the plot Just a portion of prod' off the top for my Porsche and my yacht Somethin for the cops to keep em blind, so we can crime with piece of mind, turn the key and shine without bein down Time to expand, New York to Chicago, Colorado You know my motto, clock G's and rock keys like Drago Pablo Escobar and Dom Perignon We're buyin out the bar, with Don Juan, and every woman's Shawn Dawn-ing Long donging em down like Shawn Michael does and I'm like a pyscho fuckin suckin the butt like liposuction Up and down with the tongue twister, c'mon on sister Big Pun's used to cock and squeeze like a gun tester Crushin sister's backs with the demon snap, hit you from the back Close your eyes relax, let me feed the cat Livin fat, true mack, niggaz was catchin feelings Dealing with a smaller deck it just wasn't as mass appealing I started feeling funny, niggaz comin short with money I called my Son he told me chill he'd be over with twenty Punny what's the deal, niggaz wanna kill me He said it's real, they jealous and tired of seein me Willie silly Had more to claim, niggaz throwin shit in the game Gave my wife some pictures with me and bitches runnin the train It's like a dream, I called my team and started flippin Lock the clip in started liftin niggaz off the ground like a magician I skipped town, be back around when things quiet down I lost the war for now but it'll take more to hold me down 'Top of the world ma! Ha ha, top of the world!' [Chorus] Yo, this is the bad time - boomerang, bring it all back Flashback, livin prosper', eat well and get fat I was Pop Dula, popular to the masses I miss the E-Classes, riding game with def glasses Rock bottom struck and threw my world off it's axis Boomerang - plan to come back like Bronx rap Storm like the Redcoats through anything in my path First you shine like sterling, then you broke like brick in Berlin [Big Punisher] Now should I slit my wrists, go for it all or call it quits Picture me taking my life, leaving my wife and my daughter shit Wish I could slip back, and switch the memories Lift the felonies from my record I respected my enemies Live like the Kennedy's, above the law, fuck em all I'm coming for the rich thieving em even if I wasn't poor I seen it all like I said before The streets are for men at war and the beasts are the predators I shed it all first and beat a prob every source Of course, I bury any adversary tryin to floss Just because, the reason I leave em lost in the sauce Teein off like we up North just for bein soft A beaten horse like a slave gettin minimum wage Fillin the gauge, front page, these are the last days Cash pays, and rules - the root of all evil Shootin amigos for lootin perrico pollutin our people Movin kilos like it's all good, through every ghetto I ain't judgin, but buggin how we floss so many levels The devil's got us by the balls, that's why the law allows the drugs to overflood, knowin we gonna buy it all It's time to call a world order where every girl's your daughter and priceless as ices and pearls fresh out the water I'm gonna get mine, either from crime, or through the bible Whichever way, you better pay, I'm feelin suicidal [Chorus]

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