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JAHEIM lyrics - The Makings Of A Man

What You Think Of That

Original and similar lyrics
She was just an ex of a nigga Who kept her from her fullest potential Always played games with her mental And fed the type of shit to make her self esteem little But now her days are always so fly She's a diamond in the rough no lie I'm rough enough to make the diamond shine Just like a trophy on my 'pode held high And all I know, all I know [Chorus:] And she's good to me, great to me She crowned me to be the King Now what you think if that? 'cause she's down for me, my homie, my tenderoni only Now what you think of that? 'cause she stay real with me, deal with me, perfect to be my wife Now what you think if that? She's beautiful to me and I don't care what you think of that Now, what you think of that? Hey She always keep it at a hundred Never caught fake, phony, or fronting Always show me love when I want it And never lose her cool over nothing I admit she a gift no lie The type of girl that you'd be dumb to pass by She's a blessin' when she came in my life And I'm so happy that she's mine, oh mine I know, Oh I know! [Chorus] Hey! This is dedicated to the woman That's making it Through the struggling and taking it inside I know that it's hard cause I seen the pain Through the tears on my momma's eyes Trying your best to be strong When your past did you wrong I got your back girl things will be fine And I gotta give you credit, don't sweat it Its gonna get better, forever you'll have my love And that's all I know, All I know! [Chorus]

I Want It All

La the Darkman
[LA The Darkman] It's 9 5 I survive Park shit is still real You know stacks money drugs and the whole ordeal Murderers that kill Alize makes me ill Jump in my rocket to the moon spark an L and just chill I got on stocks and bonds kid just because I want em And billion dollar businesses with Darkman written on em Not a front but an economical stunt I want it all I hope I didn't put that too blunt Sellin yay, movin on up like the Jeffersons Cop a Lex, a Jag, Land Cruiser and a Benz And a mafia of friends to dispose my foes Stand over my shoulder while I head crack a C-lo Takin care of my peeps cause I know how it be Mad court cases and white papers, that's all we see From the roll of poverty but I always got mine Flow from New York to Michigan on the mainline Now I'm in cash field still persuin my path Sever the mic in half to unleash my wrath I want an abundance of girls to escape the world Throw a party on solo, me and seventeen pearls Puffin on mad lai nigga without a regard I need seven acres of dungeon blowin in my backyard Full porch through the front and bathrooms as big as kitchens 2000 gallon aquarium to sink my sharks in All home on a stake, my whole crew livin great Enter the gate unannounced and you will meet your fate I'm with Carlito's Way, rollin with the real Protected to infinity in a security shield Chorus: (2x) I want it all Surrounded by techs and shit I want it all A fly mansion with crazy kids I want it all A million dollars and diamond jewels I want it all I wanna pay these fuckin fools I got big dreams for schemes to have diamond rings and cream And tote nines with infrared beams With crazy notions of makin motions Floatin yachts on the ocean, travellin coast to coast and My private jet, diamond studded links on my neck A bouncer with 2 techs, a Presidential Rolex Shined to perfection, my arms restin On two breasts, we by the pound when it comes time for sessions Morgan Cannon suits, cold hard boots Crazy loot, rollin in Acura coupes Chromed out revolvers, pearl paint to set it off A million dollar crib plus a loft out north And my capers stackin papers, draped out in luxury Big screen TVs, plush leather livin comfortably And my own private dancers to keep my dick up Two big niggas for my pick ups, ready to do my stick ups Two rottweilers named Cents and Dollar 4 carat diamond tennis bracelets draped around their necks for collars My girl's got a cute 45 Infinity whip With little windows to remedy my sound from all my enemies It's ten to me, deadly killers up in the Bronx PJs and killer waves, ain't a damn thing changed I gotta snatch mine, get it before the whole world ends Either it's Jesus to drink or to the fat Cuban link Slingin stones on the medallion, I'll escape the island Don't give a fuck about you, I'm from this island of Shaolin Which way do you want it, I need condos and hoes Set of vests, gortex, some black Timbos 850bm, a lighting system that's dim Young deniro damager sittin above the rim LA The Dark, my hustlin goal's to live great Cause I'm a New York nigga catchin money out of state Chorus (2x) KnowI'msayin, LA The Dark baby M-A-D A-V-E Wu-Tang, knowI'msayin Peace to my man Tyrik Jones, knowI'msayin For puttin a nigga on strong Doin right not wrong, cause I'm down to get it on KnowI'msayin

Off The Hook

Cross Movement
Verse 1: Your lookin' at an ex-crook · in fact, I'm lookin' back at the day I got off the hook · and put the crookin' act back behind · Man I got, no plans to rewind · I used to be blind · but now I see fine, with divine spectacles · Some biblical meats and vegetables, my level's risin' like cholesterol · best of all, I'm blessed to call God my father, I got arrested, y'all · Let me tell you how it happened · check it, y'all · Though I'm tough like shoe leather · I always new whether · or not I did good, I always could do better · Plus I knew a lot of fellas worst than me · I thought, How bad could I be? · · Then I got a letter · a subpoena · to pre-bema · court trial. I thought, How? · Of course I'll plead not guilty · I'm just a poor child · I figured, No lawyers needed… · the court speeded · they're mistaken. · I'll take my own case and plead it. · Conceited · I figured I'd throw the judge one line · blow his dumb mind and be out of there by lunch time · Dressed to impress · with my best clothes on · just then the Judge stepped in · with a red robe on · (hold on) · this must be a dream · it's Chief Justice Supreme Judge · Elohim · I'm feelin' sick like disease · cause in His court we all fall short like midgets on our knees · My lunch plans canceled · I don't stand a chance · He'll pull my file · I'm in distress like a damsel. · I'm shocked and in awe then my jaw hits the floor · the prosecutor comes in and it's Mr. Law · (Awww) · No more hope and now I'm waitin' · he's known · for bringin' condemnation · with his open statement · My heart is poundin' as he states what the charge is: · THE DEFENDANT'S GUILTY OF NOT KNOWIN' WHO GOD IS. Chorus: I'm in trouble man· I better come up with a plan· Maybe I can make the dash· Or give the judge a little cash· I know that I'm wrong· And I'm trying to be strong· But my rap sheet is long· So I'm singing this song Verse 2: I found myself jammed in court · and in short · I was guilty of bein' filthy like men in sports · I was losin' · the prosecution was relentless · he pointed out the flaws in my mouth like a dentist · He exposed my very words · gave the court a record of every dirty joke and every curse word · More error when he picked my mind like a psychiatrist · the jury's buyin' it · they're gettin' mad like a scientist · (There's a door) · You know I'm eyein' it · better tryin' split · cause Mr. Law rules with an iron fist · I'm not a chump but I know I gotta run · but I'm not dumb · I see that guard and he's gotta gun! · · No one's laughin' · not a one · He pulled out x-rays of my heart and I don't know where he got em' from · He labeled me a thug—I screamed, I WAS NOT! — Objection overruled—then he pulled out my mug-shot · showed the jury me and my boys at the drug spot and the bus stop smokin' much pot in a rough spot · He went on, revealed the lust I hold · plus I'm swoll · ‘cause He showed all the stuff I stole · (the prosecution won't rest) · He made reference to my sin-nature · pulled out mad evidence · Statin' ever since I was born I've been fond of sin, on one accord with Satan · like a Honda · With justice on the trail He proved I was gonna fail · put my motives on the scale · (that's it, I'm goin' to jail) · Kind of petro, · but yet I'm thinkin', Let's go. · How bad can jail be? · But now they're screamin', DEATH ROW! Chorus: This is ill yall· Yo, it's for real yall· Can't you see that I'm doom· And I'm about to be consumed· So young· But sin has got me so strung· I'm about to cry· Because I'm about to die Verse 3: I'm still in court · and in my mind thoughts of death sink · By now I'm funky · I'm hungry plus my breath stinks · The Judge, jury, even I'm convinced · I'm guilty of law-breakin' and it's all makin' sense · You and I only look good to the human eye · man bein' basically good is a human lie · I'm thirsty, but not for water, for mercy · I'm unworthy · the whole court room heard me · The Judge stood with the law book · They all looked · and saw what blew their minds as the one who made the law took off His robe, and became the substitution · · off we strolled · to the place of execution · Gave me a pardon · instead let them bruise Him · justified me and let the law accuse Him · They gripped Him, stripped Him, · whipped Him · They saw thorns and picked Him · they sticked Him, · He made Himself the victim · I felt the pain · I walked home in the rain · changed · not the same, · because I knew I should have got the blame · How could I complain? · I wept on my bed, when on my pillow I found a letter and it read, · I BLED, · ALL BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, MY BLOOD WAS SHED, · ALL BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, · THEY KILLED ME INSTEAD, · ALL BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, · I AROSE FROM THE DEAD, · ALL BECAUSE I LOVE YOU. · · He's Alive! I thought that He'd be back · at the morgue tears poured, then I hear tap · at the door · unexpected but…Yup, · you guessed it. · He had resurrected! · He came in my heart and blessed it · Love manifested · though I wear jeans and not the double breasted · I praise God I got arrested, · cause I had just heard of Him, · now I'm a son, not a distant relative · like a third cousin, word brethren. · Get a load of me · I'm free · I'm property of the only God who died for me · I can see a whole society who need to cop a plea · Sin's got the lock · but God's got the key. Chorus: Look now· No more crook now· Close the book now· My sins are took now· No more death row· No more death yo· Come what ever· in Christ I'll live forever· Forever off the hook.

Is There Someone Out There

Code Red "Scarlet"
Is There Someone Out There? (Lew/Graham/Hector) (Yeah...) Sitting by the phone But it's not ringing Nobody cares Who am I kiddin' But I've still got hope (yeah) See all of my life I've been searching For a girl to end this yearning Come now and fulfil my dreams Maybe 'cos I feel so alone I ain't got a love to call my own So I just want to know Chorus Is there someone out there? Someone who cares for me? Someone through the good and bad times too Is there someone out there? Is it you? (x2) If you're there and if you're listening If you're the girl that I'll be missing Then just make your move Show me, thrill me, don't waste time just tell me, yeah 'Cos you've got nothin' to lose Don't you know I dreamed of you girl, The scent of your hair, strawberry lips Even the perfume you wear Chorus Could you be the light of my life The girl of my dreams Could this be love and what does love mean? (Is it you?) Though nothing's for sure, we might find romance If you were someone special, then let's take our chance... Chorus Sitting by the phone But it's not ringing (is it you?) Nobody cares Who am I kidding (is it you?) Chorus

Love Unemotional

Victim of temptation, can't make it go away. You see it and you want it, baby, never hear a word I say. You know I don't want nothing I don't deserve, oh, no! I won't take less than I know I'm worth. All this talking makes me feel like a monkey in a cage, ain't no point in trying to change a man of my age. Love unemotional, purely physical, what I'm staying for's a mystery to me... ...the heart's what you want from me. People say I'm crazy, wonder why I play your game, sure beats felling lonely, baby, but the story ends the same. I want to feel like I'm living in a fairy tale, don't want to be just another broken heart for sale. Do I have to hit my knees and beg for something more? Maybe this is not the love I've waited for... ...the girl's insatiable... ...You feel no shame in being so unkind, all touch and zero feeling, I don't see a way of changing your mind. Girl, this kind of life is bound to leave you all alone. The light inside your heart is on, but no one's home... ...the soul's invisible... ...What I'm doing here's a mystery to me...


ACE HOOD "Blood, Sweat & Tears"
[Intro: Ace Hood] Hello gorgeous... I'm Mr. Hood... K.C. Wasup? [Kevin Cossom:] Good girl, gone fucking bad I bet she fuck me good she asking where the party at She beautiful so she get away with it And all of this in hopes of her making it [Chorus: Kevin Cossom] Oh, Oh, Oh Beautiful girl (ahahah) no matter who you are Whether a superstar, whether you're regular You know I love ya, so this one's for you girl This one's for you girl [x4] [Ace Hood:] I think I met her bout a year ago College girl she was a Florida state seminal Had a job at the mall working 10 to 4 Hella fine I ain't lyin' ya'll don't hear me though So I'm walking right up to her hey my name Ace She replied with a smile and said her name Shay Ha-ha, very conservative I love that Fitted jeans rocking jays and a snapback Yeah, but I can see that you a killa girl See you hot in that physique you betta get it girl Uh and you the shit but she don't know it yet Turning red got her blushin' where ya momma at Uh, cause all I wanna do is thank her I'm using beautiful and gorgeous in the same verse Uh huh, I swear I'm tripping you just got me open And hope that we can get acquainted, what I'm highly hopin' [Chorus: Kevin Cossom] Oh, Oh, Oh Beautiful girl (ahahah) no matter who you are Whether a superstar, whether you're regular You know I love ya, so this one's for you girl This one's for you girl [x4] [Ace Hood:] Uh, and I just hope this got you motivated That's cause ya body got me cultivated Seeing your fine ass alone I just can't tolerate it And all your friends say I'm a dog every conversation Mad cause you smilin' more on a daily basis Tell me why they hating everything's accommodated I'm just searching for your love but I'll be very patient True story had a thing before we started dating Said she never heard beautiful so many times Silly guys approaching with all the wrong lines That's the reason for her being single a long time And all the roses I sent you pleasure was all mine Yeah, women are beautiful in many ways Confidence the stain never let it wipe away What's a man without a woman I'm just here to say He-he, I'm just here to say [Chorus: Kevin Cossom] Oh, Oh, Oh Beautiful girl (ahahah) no matter who you are Whether a superstar, whether you're regular You know I love ya, so this one's for you girl This one's for you girl [x4]

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