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JAHEIM lyrics - Still Ghetto


Original and similar lyrics
Young cat got back did a little bit, now he hard he buff he tough,doorag and timbs, kind of hard to get a job, back out on the block charge that to the game Young girl she grew up in a rush had it bad, no dad, she don't know who to trust every man she ever loved only wanna grudge charge that to the game [Bridge:] but its all gravy,hey baby shots get popped, the cops shut down the party jeans sag low, blow smoke out of dutches, we got love for ya'll but ya'll don't know us [Chorus:] Now we swerve in the suburban and switchin lanes spend up all our dough on them chromey thangs, name our kids some funny names, Don't hate on us were fabulous pre paid cellies for local calls lil dons and divas up at the malls rockin cornrolls and twists, thats how we roll don't hate on us we're fabulous [Verse 2:] They met he said how she was a dime, so naive that she beleived every single line, 17 first time slipped up bout to have a child charge that to the game was just us and mom, single family home, she did the best she could, did it all alone, met a man but he won't raise a child that's not his own Oh, no, Oh, no, no [Bridge:] but its all gravy,hey baby shots get popped, the cops shut down the party jeans sag low, blow smoke out of dutches, we got love for ya'll but ya'll don't know us [Chorus:] Now we swerve in the suburban and switchin lanes spend up all our dough on them chromey thangs, name our kids some funny names, Don't hate on us were fabulous We pay cellulars for local calls hatin kinds of demons up at the malls rockin cornrolls and twist, thats how we roll don't hate on us were fabulous We all that we've got and no matter whatever together we'll weather the storm it ain't alot we all we got it might get rough but it's alright 'cause U-N-I-T-Y is all we need to get our R-E-S-P-E-C-T and never G-I-V-E U-P and keep your H-E-A-D U-P and never G-I-V-E U-P and keep your H-E-A-D U-P and never G-I-V-E U-P and keep your H-E-A-D U-P and never G-I-V-E U-P and keep your H-E-A-D U-P and never G-I-V-E U-P and keep your H-E-A-D U-P and never G-I-V-E U-P and keep your H-E-A-D U-P

Shoulda Known

ATMOSPHERE "When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold"
Naked in the bathtub, sittin' on the porcelin Waitin for that little hurricane to pull your torso And the water don't run; just drips like rain Still drips like a painkiller drips to the veins Fill it up with a bag of that happy stuff Cause the way she runs out you can tell she ain't had enough Good times goddess, my goodness Goth fingernail polish autopilot footprints With a smile that's stitched to the fabric Of bedtime tales that keep them kids out of the attic The mouth of madness, loud and manic The motive of the word, hold it south on the atlas Picture a hole, put your hero in Envision the goal, now zero in Been watchin' your night train track for the last few stops With no desire to hop in How did we end up in your apartment? Pocket full of gossip says this ain't smart When it's all said and done can't hit restart But I'll be damned if I don't wanna kiss you (hard) [Chorus (x2)] Shoulda known better not to fuck with you Ain't got nothin' but too much to lose Lost in the rush, don't know what to do That drug got you like I want you I've got a restraining order against satan's daughter And I keep it at the bottom of this Jamieson & water And when we get there, just sit there and stare From behind your mascara and your thick hair I'm aware of that pain you harbor The same that give game to the names you martyr Apart from the details of substance and what not I fucks wit that hunger of love pistol gut rot Blodshot, gimme one shot, my shot Propped up on enough talk to make the time stop The lines of chalk that that Benjamin might cop Killed the illustrations on them neighborhood sidewalk Then all of a sudden she got silent Pupils like marbles hide behind the eyelids Getaway sticks, go limp in ?ho? place That fucked up smile sucked up most her face Truly beauty, seemed serene, each criticism becomes redeemed Swollow my words no more judgement is through Cause you look like what I feel like when i'm with you [Chorus (x2)]

Unseen World Pt. Ii

Danja Mowf "Word of Mowf"
[Lonnie B] See, we still unseen, know what I'm saying? Still unseen, and since you still looking We're gonna bring it [Danja Mowf] Yo, the mistake that is made many times that which aches in my mind Is when fakes try to rhyme and they take petty lines To put stakes against mine but I breaks them like spines Cause I make plenty rhymes that are dimes I'm often misunderstood cause I never soften, would You look as good in a coffin, should You think twice or thrice your lady Was on my knot getting hot in a shady spot Screaming Give me what you got Don't stop get it get it, when I hit it hit it Shit it's hard being me Did it did it occur that you ain't seeing me? Quit it quit it, give up the mic device B Cause you'll never be as nice as me, G, forget it I lit it like GE cause me-ee be-ee The-ee D-ee A-N-J-A M-O-W-F, ee hee You crack me up like Hump-deehee Dump-deehee Just for thinking you can see me [Speedis Toine] How should I attack this? Me the cool cat like Ratcliff For all the MC's who act as if I won't flip them on a cactus Point me towards the mattress I make your career go backwards like a dyslexic actress You shouldn't try to attack this, I use you MC's for practice While I greet you back with Something that your front took straight up that just been ate up While you went to sleep seems you couldn't wait up Kill you again and again, can't stop or won't stop Til I squeeze your body into a dot Very rarely do I break up the work you can't make up Stains so strong Bounty couldn't take up, so wake up Imagine over 100 dinosaurs attacking you That's my crew, straight from the VA zoo Keep your head up or be ready to die Yours truly, SupaFriendz franchise, oops, we caught you by suprise [Mad Skillz] While you niggas get upset, I'm a get to the point It's me, the nigga that slayed E on the vowel joint And a thousand attempts have been made to stop this The niggas who talk shit and got sit, I'm a fill your 40 bottles with hot piss Against the grain the ?Paraquan? is insane Shorty, you the aft, I'm in the cockpit of the plane I'm running through niggas, verbal abuse to do niggas Split one nigga's opinion and have him thinking like two niggas A rhyming nightmare for all you dreamers You want to fall? I'm on top of the game like an arena I got your bitch on me attack this While your wack ass swole at home fucking the hole in your mattress The fact is that you ought to know the half My staff's better, we bag the cheddar like Kraft So fuck yapping, I specialize in MC slapping I give a fuck about these noncircumsized niggas rapping If words had actions, mine would be crazy And yours would make about as much noise as a stillborn baby So put it back in the womb nigga and remix it See the shit is coming straight so you ain't got to get it twisted I'm dead aim, so fuck being a target Son you wouldn't blow up if you was giving head on the Top floor of the fucking Stock Market So flip your jibs and dodge your bids I'm trying to get my ends to meet, fuck, and have some kids [MynBenda] Your preceptual attributes seem odd In my face you'll see the indescribable beauty of God I slay rappers in the euthanasia Beauty of the Next is swift paragraphs is infectious Like the menegitis mind of conceptual inventions That only hold murderous intentions I shine in the Nimbus, touch entities which leaves MC's Stuck in between parenthesis cause my Frequency consumes attitives from 50 year old secrecy rooms I got the Spielberg, the ill-berg, the real words That actually baffles and kills nerds And halts and brain falls new days Cause I walk in the image of the one you praise I'm labeled as the unconcievable Or absolutely, completely, utterly unbelievable [Javon] I write horrific, rotate my journals like Polaris Murder messiah, upon grave death I cherish Guard the barracks like L's, so who you swearing at? Set to lead a nation of terrorists like Everfrag When described my voice travels through liquid interludes Decapitating apostles in cerimonal underground duels Child the greater, ever after war is fatal Air strike tiger force, marine the ocean naval Take a wiff of this contagious, Mt. Olympus Digest the flesh of rappers like I'm poetically carniverous Conquest built on starting crusades and riots Putting yellow journalists under pressure to keep quiet About the crew with this treacherous sound in this orbit We move forward with unauthorized severe orphans Javon the black emperor, let the poison be administered Then watch your body mathematically like integer No way of escaping the deaths and graphs of harm Sign your Biblical will with dead angel arms [Lil' Rock] I'm put on the Earth route to do things, known by two names The voter Lil' Rock, yo let's start a new game I'm a throw docks at the clowns with quarter moon fame Get attached to the minor shit we gonna shoot game Sharpshooter, smooth aim, can flash two flames You play niggas fuck around and get hung by fat shoestrings Bottle with a hat and a cane like Bruce Wayne See it coming to a nigga, and my crew insane Me and Shawnie Poo swing, gin and juice who swings And they thing we all about that weed I got a plan to make some grands in the southern pot lands And it's said for all to see If we was teams you would forfeit Took a long road with Tims and walked it Rap rules I absorbed it and still get high Colnel Strong the main target is to reach the organ with some Flavors that be distorted, if they real inside, so take heed And bring your punk ass to Justice League It ain't going to be no warm welcome me [Lonnie B] I dedicate this to those who ask me Lonnie, when your shit going to drop? In a minute, yeah, it's time for me to get my props And blow the spot up, niggas making loot hold your knot up My friends be super like the cat (Don Dada) I ain't scared of no man, you want it you can get it We can battle on the phone, your girl got my digits What? I'm a player with more game than your Sega Had your girl shaking like a hustler's pager when I ate her Banged her from the back, bust one off on her butt cheeks She went and told her friends now they all want to fuck me From the cute to the ugly, skinny to the chubby These seven inches they like the way I work it, money I'm on top of the world like Da Brat and I'm SoSo Def That I should use a hearing aid for my logo Y'all get the photo, and now you're too slow, yo (Woop woop) That's the sound of the po po I'm 5 foot 10, 200 lb's Known citywide from Holland Park to Belle Mead Been rapping 10 years, ain't shit y'all can tell me Bagged so many dimes I should stop rapping and sell weed

Burning Season

Killarmy "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars"
Get the vests; get the vests Word up, grab your nines Crazy head get out there God Blast that nigga hard It's all real over here Killa Sin, 9th Prince, what We don't give a fuck Yo, it's burning season Y'all thugs is guiltly of high treason Many of them bleeding Some getting sent to the brain for no reason On the streets niggas kill without a license, in Scarsville It's all for real cause everything is real Don't sleep on the average cat he's packing steel Ayo nigga I'm on the cash rules Wasted in my hand, half a hundred grand Injure that pretender in the black land Heard he be the crack man Selling major jums (?) by the pager son He the one sporting crazy tunes (?) lace 'em with your tongue So here's the plan Get the glock I got the doo-wop Follow him for two blocks And pop him if he do cock Scat back better snap his nap back for that black Pass the stacks to Fat Cat and find out where the crack's at Rolling out make sure you keep your phone out So I can reach your shit quick Get his whip stripped and take my own route For safety Mistakes be for hasty Many jakes who chase me But never have the space to embrace me A fool's game where all the rules change I never move the same But who's to blame My nigga Buddha came with the ruger aim Somebody screamed stop the violence So this nigga had the silencer spitting black talons at any challenger Yo, it was a ghetto Vietnam I tried to flee and harm Me and Har my nigga Buddha caught about three in the arm But one traveled to his abdomen I grabbed him and embraced him Had to see how bad this crab had laced him Yo, rapidly bleeding started pleading for his life Take care my seed and my wife Make sure she's feeding him right True indeed black I got your back I hold it down on the real May you rest in peace son I see you on the ground Many times I fought the urge to resort to crime But I find my criminal mind complying with the villain kind I'm feeling nines 'til they overflow Going blow for blow with the rest Cause them try and test the best It's a slug fest Round one sounds wrong I found one Lurking in the back now clapped him with my pound son The shells drop Old ladies yell for the cops and shorty shot shit Fell in the arms of his pops and didn't mean to Why he had them running away Should have taught him how to duck when he heard the fucking gun spray I say a prayer for the kid, keep stepping With my weapon cocked wetting up the block every section hot The gats flash out by leaps and bounds Now police and hounds making up grounds Cause they chasing me down I'm all alone in this war zone My brain's under stress Thinking I'm blessed if I can make it home Scared to death kid Catch my breath I bear left Hit the weeds and then rest to calm my chest But an undercover had discovered my plot and plan I shot the man so I dropped my glock and ran Get the fuck out the way, move, move Get the fuck out the way, oh shit Yo, I made a rally to a dark alley Where I bumped heads with crackhead Fred and his bitch named Sally She had a down low lab for me to go to Where I could relax and count stacks like I'm supposed to Keep my whereabouts on the hush hush I had to provide some heroin high, sick grooves, and five bags of dust I didn't wet up or let it slide because I was petrified If homicide got me they gonna watch me die Fuck that, I'm going all out No half stepping My last weapon is cocked to keep that ass jetting I lay low for like five days or so Put some troopers on the block round the clock to make me dough Yo out of sight and out of mind be my motto I promise myself I'm gonna make it to see tomorrow Word up, Killarm '96 Killa Sin, word up 9th Prince The saga continues For real though gotta let these niggas know To the rounds in the cut, all real niggas raise up

Bounce Wit Me

Eightball "Lost"
[Featuring Redman] [Redman Talking] You are now witnessing the effects of the BUDDHA! Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo [Redman] Redman kick through your door Liquidated then I come through your pores Think the track is bleedin' get at the gauze Mix fidgit 'fore I rip it in four's Look at my face you can tell that I'm slick The blunt excersize 10 in the clip Y'all niggaz ready for the un conterfit? D-O, dot, bee-bo, tuck in your shit That bogus holder of the sticky dolja Got me appearing on the wanted poster It's like when your body get caught on rotor's Wnen I snap like strings through boat motors My kitchen fridge look like Jeffery Dahmer's Boys screamin' for mama from the drama My hunger for hip-hop got my gun up Yo EightBall, hit the marijuana [EightBall] Yeah, yeah EightBall blazin' the hay And hella pound almost everyday Real playas run the game that they play That's why I'm doin' it the playa way I say, dope rhyme's, potent and real Showin' skills all my homies can feel Smile at you see the name on my grill Cut the track up let me show you the deal I be twisted with that Redman We get it all, cookin' dope makin' bread man I got the Eagle full of hollow tipped lead man Hear what I said man? Can all that weak noise I write, busta go and get your little weak boys You know what bring a player joy? Playin' with them glock toys See I avoid all suckas trippin' Full of liquor, actin' like a bunch of women lippin' Interested in what I be grippin' Dippin' in the Benz zippin' Pass all you haters fakin' Runnin' round seein' real players imitatin' Breakin' concentration, all up in my situation Hay blazin' Chorus: Get y'all shit together Coffee Shoppe we with whatever EightBall stay high forever Yo Doc, keep it tucked under my lever We here to keep the party live Smoke hay till we chinky eyed Wanna brawl? We can meet outside Red and Ball be down to ride [Redman Talkin] Yo, yo, look around you mothafuckers It's a hip-hop holocaust Yeah, you just found the right superheroes to take care of that shit Mothafucker [EightBall] Head rush and green stinky Feelin' like a niga dropped a mickey Drink up the Hen and watch me get tipsy Who wanna ride with me, 160 Up and down 48 trackin' Ski mask, kick in doors in, straight beat jackin' Ball battin' rhymes all in your skull crackin' Actin' like I got a problem that's heavy to me Smokin' brothers like a dooby in a gangsta movie MC's turn stank like a old lady coochie Ball and Red be all up in your shit So deep that it be damn near permanent So authentic you can tell it from conterfit Who wanna hit of the purest Coffee Shoppe crop Guaranteed to be bomb to the last drop Ball and Red keep it stone like Bedrock We keep it hot [Redman] Yo I'm ? the blackout mode I snatch cheese that your mousetrap hold Yo, who fucks ya baby? Hey Kojack knows my flows, Kodak Couldn't hold that pose Wow Goofy playin' tough on the streets Blue collar MC's suffer the heat Until I reach the isosoles heat Right angle better, double your sleeve I'm just a black nation wide singer Cops lookin' for Red, but can't arraign us You need more than lion trainers to tame us Famous for cuffin' mics with 5 fingers That's why I walk so distorted Any form of harsh aborted Word so superb it'll turn to herb if you snort it 50 sack and a nick can vouch for it We keep it critical If you hard core spit it out, out, out, out Doc who be arousin' police My underground funk be plowin' the streets So if you claimin' you the best MC Bring your arm over here and handcuff me We battle till the cattle learn to speak Cross examine me, I'm straight up framed! Chorus X2

A Storm Of Swords

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Visions Of Gandhi"
[Planetary] Yo, serious syllable wordplay, verse spray Like a desert bird please, niggaz, where the curb lay Turn plagen, pretty shitty on a church day Ya city my committee, tustle where the dirt stay Smoke inside the cell dirt, tray's are undercovers Old head feed kids, have to run the numbers Damn shame niggaz in my crew can't bang You the man, fame, here's my man frame, champagne Swig to the wig, Belle', vodka, hit my rib Corona beers with a slice of lemon first dig On an open mic, growl follows, space over night Destroying your perimeter, players and prototypes (High powers) lift through your soul, through die shower Resurrected your spirit, with lyrics for top dollars My squad, holler the loudest, y'all niggaz childish We grown folk here, spittin' raw street knowledge [Chorus x2: Planetary, Vinnie Paz] Y'all can't touch us, cause we ain't fuckin' around And y'all can't fuck with us, or else we buckin' dem down [Vinnie Paz] This animal rap, cannibal rap that we make I hate all, hate law and hate jake I hate everything that you stand for, it's fake Cuz everybody bitin' the gods, a day late I maintain, handle beef Islamly Manage my life calmly, like I was Gandhi Fuckin' with Vinnie Paz, the one man army It take a shack and metal tank to harm me Come on b, why you trynna to build Why you trynna get ya whole entire family killed I'm like a demon outta Amityville I'm the motherfuckin' that you had any skill With tight ill, crack ya head like when an egg drop And put you in the figure-four leglock And make ya head bop, cause we the rawest around Vinnie Paz, with my man Stoupe holdin' me down [Chorus x2] [Planetary (Vinnie Paz)] Surrender and quit (or I'ma let the venomous spit) Tremendous equip (we buggin' off the Hennessy sip) The weaponry hit (we hit you with the heavenly shit) Only reason you live (cuz we at the end of the clip) The energy split (young cats must be sick in the brain) We hittin' the vain (cuz of y'all spittin' the same) We shookin' the flame (and mounted all the chips in ya chain) We stick to the game (ran and inflicted the pain) The stitches remain (and matter fact, we sonnin' y'all kids) And after that we snatchin' up ya son and ya wiz (We robbin' the kids, and puttin' metal slugs in ya wigs) We stuck in the crib (frozen with your gut to the fridge) We cuttin' ya ribs (Jed Mind stifflin' y'all) It's right from the far (we pointin' fuckin' rifles at y'all You ain't icey at all, we provoke the sheisty to brawl) If y'all sleep, Outerspace, slicin' ya jaw [Chorus x2]

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