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JAHEIM lyrics - Still Ghetto


Original and similar lyrics
Yeaah aw Looking back at all I put you through Too much of a thug nigga to tell you I love you I know I made mistakes Here hoping and prayin that it ain'too late Thought I had my game tight Thought I had it locked down, knowing shit wasn't right Now you wanna blow Before I let you go Something you just gotta know [Chorus] Ain't nothing stopping me from getting backtight with you Go head and trip you got the right to If I gotta roll up my sleeves and fight for you I'll stand outside in the rain all night for you Ain't nothing stopping me from getting backtight with you Go head and trip you got the right to If I gotta roll up my sleeves and fight for you I'll stand outside in the rain all night Three months three weeks two days it's the same shit Shorty she ain't haven't it Back then I wasn't serious Makin so much paper kept me curious Chickens cluckin everywhere...I didn't care Thinking to myself that you'd always be here Instead of makin love to you lady I would rather be out pushin my Mercedes [Chorus 2X - Jaheim adlib] If the sun was to fall and the stars was to lose their shine I'd be content with it all as long as your by my side...girl Through the good through the bad through it all gonna need your back I'll always be with you just wanna please you [Chorus 2X - Jaheim adlib]

Midwest Swing

ST. LUNATICS "Free City"
[Chorus - Nelly] It's a Midwest thang y'all And ain't got a clue (Ain't got a clue) Why my Cutlass blue And I got them thangs on that motherfucker too It's a Midwest Swang y'all Ain't gotta trip (Ain't gotta trip) While we swing and dip (Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay) Cuz we do big thangs On the motherfuckin' hip [Verse 1 - Nelly] What you think, we live on a farm Nigga, be for real We got Benz's, Rovers' and Jag's, Hummer's and Deville's Got a green S Class, ain't broke the do' seal Shit ain't been the same since I signed Fo' Reel This shit got ill, when I hit 4 mil Five and countin', dirty six at will Did seven on the slide, 8 worldwide I'll be on my third Bentley by the time I'm at 9 I hear'em cryin', 'You gon' sell out' Ya damn right, I done sold out before And re-caught the same night Straight hopped the next flight Too *Icey* for sunlight Dunkin' without Sprite, yea you heard me dirty I'm from the Show-Me State Show me seven I'll show you eight Karats in one bling, heavily starched jeans Representin' St. Louis everytime I breathe In the city I touch down, and I bob and weave, ay [Chorus] [Verse 2 - Murphy Lee] I sport my beeper on my boots That's why I be a buzz when I kick Maybe it's on my lips, it's chaos when I spit Quarter man, quarter schoolboy, half Lunatic Quarter rubber, quarter dick, other half in yo' shit Keep a quarter of some sheeeiit I'm the Pookey of the backyard All colors and all types like a junkyard High young boy with high young ways Cuz I connect three blunts and be high for three days You can tell by the way I walk I ain't from 'round hurr (here) Probably couldn't tell cuz I ain't walkin' nowhurr (nowhere) I got a old-school Cutlass, with a hole in the urr (air) TV's urrwhurr (everywhere) wood grain to sturr (stare) I don't curr (care), hell naw I ain't cuttin' my hurr (hair) 10 and a half in the Airforce Ones, give me two purr (pair) ugh I'm from the Lou and what I do is a Lou thang One rapper, two rings and three chains [Verse 3 - Kyjuan] Nothing but some ole country boys that ride V12 horses Saddle up and put spurs on my Airforce's Back porches made for hide and go seek We got space out here, we can ride and cheif Ain't gotta worry 'bout nobody approachin' us By the time they catchin' up, we smokin' up And my eyes be red, my lips a lil' dark St. Louis sportin' the Rams, Cards and lil' Arch My dirty's love to spark, and love to sparkle Love homies *Vokal* coats with matchin' cargos We racin' down Skinker, see how fast a car go Granny be like 'Ay, ya ya' like Ricky Ricardo I know you wanna know why we do what we do You cats ain't got a clue why the Cutlass blue Brand new 22's on new UP's With one, two, three, four, five TV's [Chorus] [Verse 4 [Big Lee A.K.A. Ali)] I'm sittin' on the front porch, writin' a hood rhyme Waitin' on my connect to deliver that good line Wish I would find, one seed in my weed Sticks and shit, if I do somebody bleed Pull right here, eight pounds of Chinamen Two stay hittin some blunts and Heineken Hidin' in the back with the po' po' Stickin' my do'do', man they some ho' hooo's They put the gun to my earr You know the law don't fear Nann nigga, nann hoe, let's keep that bullshit clearr They had me face down in the skreet (street) Errbody (everybody) watchin', thinkin' Ima pull the heat And leave the D-tects with a leak in the skreet (street) And that - pussy ass nigga that set me up my peeps Gon' give it to this nigga like NYPD Beat the K, fuck coke, now I'm back on my granny poche (porch) hustlin' [Chorus til fade out]

Bodies Gotta Get Caught

Play time's over lime green rover Even after Remi still seems i'm sober My cream got lower them things got colder Ever since the last thing I caught in October June's now here move around where Parts of D.C what ya'll doin down there Dough gotta get flipped who gotta get hit Got a lot of work can't let shit sit I know down there it's slow down there Everything's double I can blow down there Next flight out i'ma jet right out Got the white floating on the 95 south See y'all soon it'll be around noon And y'all know a nigga style i'ma leave y'all room Dressed in old clothes step on no toes Money over bitches sexxin no hoes It's shit like that'll make you slip like that Crossed all up and get you hit like that The game ain't fair names ain't clear Everybody wanna hustle it's a shame I swear [Chorus:] Bodies Gotta get caught (Niggas gotta die) Everybody wanna shit talk (Why niggas gotta lie?) Somebody gotta get scorched (Niggas gone fry) It's time niggas get taught (Stop gettin high) [repeat] Ain't no rules no more nobody's cool no more But I ain't never give a fuck so screw y'all all Love to ball since school got moves and all Sweet J's three play I abuse the floor And there's certain niggas now I refuse to call Swtiching up on the cards only confused them all You got blocks go head move that wall Like to break shit down I give em two for four I'ma get my run few trips i'm done Wanna fuck but the work can't mix wit fun See the shit don't stop till i'm sittin on top And ain't nuttin like floating through picking up knots Y'all know that vibe a nigga's soul done died Play the board till the lord above close my eyes It's real like that why I feel like that Couldn't understand til I had to conceal a ghat But SOS don't play it goes both ways And we love hittin corners just like roach spray [Chorus] So if you love yourself you won't cross my path I gasoline niggas up and torch they ass 40 yards from the field goal caught the pass While you fumble shit knocked off half ya stash Had to be your work I see your hurt But any fool on the street gotta eat first I earnt that right i've turnt out nights Just now taking time out to learn about life It's more wise to it like why did I do it Why if I do it y'all would die if I use it [Chorus x2]

Baby You Got Me

[Chorus] x 2 (Erykah Badu) If you were worried 'bout where I been or who I saw or what club I went to with my homies baby don't worry you know that you got me [Verse 1] (Black Thought) Somebody told me that this planet was small we use to live in the same building on the same floor and never met before until I'm overseas on tour and peep this ethiopian queen from philly taking classes abroad she studying film and photo flash focus record said she workin on a flick and could my click do the score she said she loved my show in paris at elise momarre and that I stepped off the stage and took a piece of her heart we knew from the start that things fall apart, intentions shatter she like that shit don't matter when I get home get at her through letter, phone, whatever let's link, let's get together shit you think not, think the Thought went home and forgot time passed, we back in philly now she up in my spot tellin me the things I'm tellin her is makin her hot startin buildin with her constantly round the clock now she in my world like hip-hop and keep tellin me [Chorus] x2 [Verse 2] (Black Thought) Yo, I'm the type that's always catchin a flight and sometimes I gotta be out at the height of the night and that's when she flip and get on some 'ol (Eve) Another lonely night seems like I'm on the side you only loving your mic I know you gotta get that paper daddy keep that shit tight but yo I need some sort of love in my life, you dig me while politikin with my sister from new york city she said she know this ball player and he think I'm pretty sike, I'm playin boo, you know it's just wit you I'm stayin boo and when cats be poppin game I don't hear what they sayin boo when you out there in the world, I'm still your girl with all my classes I don't have the time for life's thrills so when you sweatin on stage think of me when you rhyme and don't be listenin to your homies they be leavin you blind (Black Thought) Yeah, so what you sayin I can trust you? (Eve) Is you crazy, you my king for real (Both) But sometimes relationships get ill (Female Voice) No doubt [Chorus] x2 [Verse 3] (Black Thought) Thet snake could be that chick and that rat could be that cool cat that's whispering she tryin to play you for the fool Black if something's on your chest then let it be known see I'm not your every five minutes all on the phone and on the topic of trust, it's just a matter of fact that people bite back and fracture what's intact and they'll forever be I ain't on some oh I'm a celebrity I deal with the real so if it's artificial let it be I've seen people caught in love like whirlwinds listening to they squads and listening to girlfriends that's exactly the point where they whole world ends lies come in, that's where that drama begins, she like [Chorus] until fade

If You Wanna Leave Me

BRYAN ADAMS "Into The Fire"
You can't stand still for a moment You can't stand still for a night Your feet just starta move when it's boring But you gotta stick around to get it right So get it right You can't find love in the kitchen You walk the dark side of the street You can't find any hope in religion Ya gotta feel the road under your feet I'm gonna shed a little light I'm gonna love ya every night We'll get it right - get it right! If you wanna leave me can I come too If you wanna leave me gonna go with you If you say no - I'm still gonna go If you wanna leave me - can I come too You try 'n keep dry in the water You try 'n keep cool in the fire The politics of love are getting harder So grab a hold, take my hand, we'll take it higher!


JEFFERSON STARSHIP "Blows Against The Empire"
What you gonna do when you feel your lady rollin' How you gonna feel when you see your lady strollin' On the deck of the starship With her head hooked into Andromeda C'mon Hijack Gotta get back and ahead to the things that matter Amerika hates her crazies And you gotta let go you know gotta let go you know gotta let go you know gotta let go you know or else you stay SPILLIN' OUT OF THE STEEL GLASS GRAVITY GONE FROM THE CAGE A MILLION POUNDS GONE FROM YOUR HEAVY MASS ALL THE YEARS GONE FROM YOUR AGE Hydroponic gardens and forests Glistening with lakes in the Jupiter starlite Room for babies and Byzantine dancing astronauts of renown The magician and the pantechnicon Take along the farmer and the physician We gotta get out and down Back into the future Beyond our own time again Reachin' for tomorrow It's so fine Starshine THE MELTING ACID FEVER STREAKIN' THRU MY MIND MAKES IT OH SO DIFFICULT TO SEE YOU AND OH SO EASY TO TOUCH YOU I MELT WITH YOU FEEL WITH YOU MAKE LOVE FOR YOU AT YOU AROUND YOU I LOVE YOU Dear Brumus, the ship'll be ours and you got to roll with it Though your master's head's blown off you got to go with it Roll with the natural flow Like water off a spinning ball Out - the one remaining way to go Free - the only way to fall The light in the night is the sun And it can carry you around the planetary ground And the planetary whip of the sun Will carry you well past Gideon And the people you see will leave you be more than the ones you've known before Hey - rollin' on We come and go like a comet We are wanderers Are you anymore? The land is green and you make it grow And you gotta let go you know You gotta let go you know You gotta let go you know Or else you stay MANKIND GONE FROM THE CAGE ALL THE YEARS GONE FROM YOUR AGE At first I was irridescent Then I became transparent Finally I was absent

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