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JAHEIM lyrics - Ghetto Love

Looking For Love

Original and similar lyrics
You alright, alright I been, I been Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh no 10 after 8 I'm runnin' late I jump in my ride headed down the west side I picked up the phone is my shorty home? See I saw you and the brother last night And you were lookin' rather fine Your fine ass line you blew my mind And I was hopin' that we'll get together tonight Girl I really don't' wanna sound conceded But I'm the type of guy you need to be with I've been 1- Looking for love in all the wrong places Been around seen a lot of pretty faces But I know that I'm the one for you The only lying I would do is in the bed with you You've got a brother feelin' And baby you know what I'm meanin' Girl I hope that you are soon to see That you and I were meant to be baby Now here we are flossin' in my Wixom Things are getting heated Time I get a grip I can play myself want lose my cool See I refuse to let you down Like those other fools did I only wanna give ya what you missin' Good lovin' when you want it Is what I'm givin' baby Now if it's cool to it's alright with me Let's take this back to the way love Suppose to be Cause I Repeat 1 Now what you want I got what you need Been lookin' for somebody to put down on my team now Baby girl you got me flippin' out So full of drama want you tell me What it's all about I put a time I make you mine Could of bounced on you girl But your ass is to fine Never thought that I'll be lovin' you You got me feelin' girl I'm stuck on you Repeat 1 til fade

Song To See You Through

THE DOOBIE BROTHERS "What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits"
(Tom Johnston) Sometimes I can't see past a day I know I'm growin' tired and I feel it, yeah And the song that I sing when the notes begin to ring It's hard for my head to get into the melody, yeah Day to day, I tell you Day by day I see faces all around me When they start to smile I just stop for a while And I say baby let me love you A small town store with an old wooden floor The old man inside sellin' dry goods Has a smile on his face Don't you know that's hard to replace I bet he's gonna live to be a hundred, yeah Day to day, I tell you Day by day I see faces all around me When they start to smile I just stop for a while And I say baby let me love you Summer is hot and the winter is cold People all doin' just what they're told It's too bad, it's too sad Thinkin' for yourself is a hard thing to do Well, don't you know they're depending on you To see them through, yeah To see them through It's the only thing you can do You know you got to see them through Shinin' my light like a candle so bright Show me the way to my future, yeah With your hand on my face Take me far from this place Honey, I'll be the key to your heavenly door Hear me, baby, calling to you now Don't you know now baby, well, they're countin' on you See me, baby, reachin' for you For you, reachin' out for you, baby Don't you see me reachin' out for you Hear me, baby, hear me callin' to you Don't you know, baby, that I'm countin' on you To see me through

You're Not Alone

BOYZ II MEN "Christmas Interpretations"
Girl you're so sad He was the very first love you had But he hurt your heart real bad He just let your feelings a stray And on a holiday Go ahead and cry Let me clear each tear from your eye And maybe sing you a lullaby Let my heart beat be your guide To a cure inside I know that it's oh so hard to let go Give yourself time to heal take it slow Let's talk as the rainbow colored lights make the tree glow I'm your friend I will be here for you till the end 'Cause I don't want wanna see you hurt again I can be the key for your heart to mend Chorus: 'Cause baby you're not alone The pain in your heart is strong Baby let me hold you in my arms Let me be your protector from harm 'Cause no one should be alone On Christmas How could he do Such a thing to one as good as you? Gave him your all And I know that it's true Had a gem and didn't know what to do But baby I'm here to tell you that I'm yours if you want me These feelings I've held in too long You've been on my mind Girl you know I'll never lie Love is so kind I opened a prayer That by the Lord's grace you would come my way And receive love that won't go away Celebrate this occasion With gifts of joy on his birthday On this night I'll fill all your empty spaces inside As the snow falls I'll make it alright 'Cause this day is for sharing And no one should be without some one caring Chorus Mike's monolauge: Girl this Christmas you won't be alone You don't have to cry You don't have to worry about a thing All the gifts that you wanted this year Are your's You don't have to worry about him no more 'Cause he's gone Don't live in the past baby I'm your future All the feelings that I have Are here for you Anything that I can do To take away any problem That you may have or have had I'm here Just say Michael And this Christmas is your's Chorus (repeats three times)

You Should Know (Untouchables Remix)

DONELL JONES "B-Sides Remixes"
1 - You should know It's over now Cuz I got another love So I'm saying You should know It's over now Cuz I got another love Oh Chuck D'joy Donell Jones Baby Caesar Bad Tip the bone Kenny, please us Oh, oh, watch how we do this ya'all DJ, on You never give me all your special time You're too busy hanging out That's not what my love's about I gave my heart, my soul, my trust to you Tried to play me for a fool It's why I felt somebody new You should know Repeat 1 We don't have to play this game no more I got someone new in my life And she always treats me right I don't even know why you still trying Cuz there's no way I'm coming back Girl it's way too late for that Yo, oh, miss I love way you flossed your pitch then It's clay boy crush for women Make a player want to hit on that Spend on that Make you little C's girlfriend a minute flat Kinda knew you loved the limelight Especially When you eyes got bright When you saw Frank White But I didn't mind no Good girls are hard to find though I ain't stress it, I crushed it Guess it got outta control When I saw your girl Nicole She said gettin my dough Was your main goal Crack me for a mink soon as it got cold I had Biggie on the line while she had you on hold I asked Frank He admitted That he hit it If I was catching villians, quit it So I did it I had to let it go like Teddy P Cuz I'll be damned if I have a bronze dressing me I need someone right there with me You just don't have that quality I'm tryin to give you everything But you couldn't love me So I'm saying Repeat 1 You should know It's over now Yeah, hey You should know So baby got a new love Repeat 1 Until fade ¡¡

Azz & Tittiez

THREE 6 MAFIA "Hypnotize Camp Posse"
'Say ahh, not a thermometer, bitch, it's the nine inches' -- [Kingpin Skinny Pimp] [Chorus: repeat 4X] Ass and titties, ass and titties Ass and titties, and big booty bitches [DJ Paul] You dealing with a thug thats quick to kick the diamond Roly (Rolex) Don't pay attention to these boyfriends cause I leave em holy Them boys fake maggets I done put they girl up in my rover Put the black quote em quote em face and took her to Cardova Jacuzzi bubbily drinking bubbily hoes they can't believe My TV built up in the wall like they don't want to leave There doing there best tryng to impress they sticking out there chest Paul go some booty and nothing less [Juicy J] A nigga got to get his dick sucked got to get his dick sucked Riding down the strip in the Lexus truck poppin hush Pearly rolex on my wrist haters bout to have a fit Dip frpm the curb I hit a case of Mo I'm bout to sip Lit to the hydo green blinging on them twenty thangs Heavy niggaz dropping weight while Juicy J be running trains Whats the business strictly pimping all them freaks I know they miss me When they throw a players ball tell em that your boy gon win it [Chorus 4X] [La Chat] I'm in the club I'm looking around I see you checkin me out I'm on that gin looking for a friend to put my ass in his mouth Ain't no doubt La Chat got plenty yeah I know that you scoping Got to be a baller or shot caller or I'm taking shaking and jumping Don't touch me trick you can't afford to put your hands on my ass I'm too damn sexy keep thses niggaz begging droping off game You in my ear you talking tough now can you handle me really I got the scoop on what you doing with them asses and titties Now nigga yeah I'm with it boo corress and holding me tight Uh uh uh uh you can't forget to fo your job late at night That cheese and chedar make it better no this bitch is not home No conversation without that drink and dank and plenty to smoke La Chat the mack ain't got no problems shit I love win you spending The number rule is break these rules I teach a lot about pimping So get it straight I ain't to have you I'm pretty yo ditty I be the bitch that make you niggaz hate these ass and titties [Chorus 4X] Lil momma got big tatta up in the club She been shaking and shaking it up she showed me love Big butt sock it baby Wanna be my lady girl please you must be crazy This ain't the eightys I'm a sucka for your black fit Split skirt holla holla for that dolla dolla For what it's worth I'm a step to this fine fucker I think I love her I'm a touch her with that ratitatat motherfucker Hug in public know you love it got me coming when you rub it Damn my stomach I can feel it going duh duh duh Look here honey I can't play no games lights go down when a freak ashamed Hit me up star 69 and then maybe will have sexual ways But I pray that this night of lust won't lead to a girl that I can't trust Shit young nigga post up in the club want to go strut your funky stuff But I do love the ladys cause they stay looking pretty While they shaking breaking it and taking it baby baby shake your ass and titties [Chorus 4X]

This Feelin'

JOEY BADA$$ "Rejex"
[Verse 1] Never used to like waking up in the morning Because I always thought school was boring But now that seemed to all change And now that feels a little strange that you You be on my mind constantly And baby I will marry you, honestly If I didn't have a ring on this lyric Music got my heart, but baby you can have my spirit Girl hear it, Here it goes, Here it is We should get away and have a hundred kids I want to introduce you to my mom We double like seven and James, that's how we bond Together, Fly together, Ride together Let's be together for good and better Yeah [x4] [Hook x2] This feeling that I'm feeling (is love) This feeling that I'm feeling (is drugs) This feeling that I'm feeling (cause I'm addicted) You got me lifted [Verse 2] Uh, I can't exactly explain it This feeling inside it pain and Day by day my love is gaining I spun a bottle and now it's you it's aiming Like can't you see girl? We deep in love, like can't you see world? Yeah, yeah Ain't nothing gonna break us apart Even if it does, you still got that place in my heart You make a nigga feel special and shit Take away all my pain, I feel mellow and shit I swear you got that touch, Swear they ain't stopping us Swear there ain't nothing above, Girl give me some love Yeah, yeah, yeah [x4] [Hook]

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