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JAHEIM lyrics - Ghetto Love

Let It Go

Original and similar lyrics
Yeah So you want drama huh? We can do this Well well well well well I heard you've been poppin lip Talking slick If you want it you can get it we can handle this My shorty keep telling me you're stressing her out You need to relax before I go up in ??? I'm not the one to be played with Your loose-ass lips will get your dome split You're getting me steamed and you don't wanna do that You mess around and make me have to wile out and snap Chorus I think you better let it go Heard you been creeping round my baby's back though Now what you sliding through here for? I think you better let it go I think you wanna let it be (be) Cos if you want beef I got the recipe Now you don't really want no parts of me I think you better let it be (let it be) Can't believe you came here, thinking bout what's gone What the Hell is wrong with you son? Best be moving on Before you go, gotta let u know See those excuses you was using, you can't come here with that there no more She's been around the house, stacking what you bought, Everything you own is on the back porch, You're breaking the rules, kid I've had enough I'm bout to start hooking off with jabs and upper cuts What? What? What? What? (Chorus) Wilin' over this chick Ja, Slow you illin' Probably be the next book by Terry McMillan Open off of Hennessey, seeing the remedy, Ready to pop ‘em both like, like they breaking and entry, It's Tempting, they'll turn your last name Simpson, Redemption, leave you in a centre of detention, If he don't listen, air him out It's Shorty ???? It aint a game It's what a playa about. Cash flow (chorus)

Obsession Blues

Michael Mcdonald "Blue Obsession"
(Michael McDonald And Bernie Chiaravalle) Starin' back at a room full of strange faces I sense another welcome worn thin A bartender sayin' 'son take it outside' 'take it out the door you brought it in' He said, he don't wanna hear about my problem Or why I think I got it so tough He said guys like me come a dime a dozen That my only problem is knowin' when I've had enough (but) how can I have too much? How can I have to much of somethin' I can't get enough of? You said it so well in your letter baby You gave me every reason why Girl you sure use a lot of paper, just to say good-bye Well here's to the good times Here's to the way we were Here's to how you tried to be my lover 'till disaster struck Now you wanna be a friend and tell me I'm a man who simply needs too much But how can I have too much? How can I have to much of somethin' I can't get enough of?

Real Fine Love

JOHN HIATT "Stolen Moments"
Well I never went to college, babe I did not have the luck Rolled out of Indiana in the back of a pickup truck With no education higher Than the street of my hometown I went lookin' for a fire Just to burn it all down CHORUS: You've got a real fine love You've got a real fine love One I am unworthy of You've got a real fine love, baby I thought I had a line on something Maybe no one else could say And they couldn't find it in their hearts To just get out of my way Then out of nowhere, and from nothing You came into my life I'd seen an angel or two before But I'd never asked one to be my wife CHORUS Well you can sprinkle all your teardrops Across the evening sky But you cannot hide the twinkle Of starlight in your eye Well I left my map way back there, baby I don't know where we are But I'm gonna pull my pony up And hitch my wagon to your start CHORUS Well now the babies are all sleeping And the twilight's givin' in She looks like you, he looks like her And we all look like him Well maybe it's just the little thing The way I feel tonight A little joy A little peace CHORUS TWICE You got it


SHYNE "Shyne"
Bang [Verse 1] I done fucked *The Baddest Bitches* ask Trina Give her coke to stuff between her, said she loved my demeanor Felonies and misdemeanors, I'm villified I just, rap on the side, black mafia ties Prolific words, I speak for the unheard Niggas who love guns, money, girls, and furs Sittin up in the mans', runnin shit On the phone moving bricks, orderin hits Perfected the game, diamond infested the chain Niggas think I change I just wanna watch 'em change Livin the American dream Drugs, violence, sex, and loaded magazines That's all I could talk about in these sixteen Cuz that's all I live, ask Tibs It is what is, either graveyards or consecutive life bids, shit CHORUS 4X: Niggas wanna bang, we could bang Niggas wanna slang, we could slang [Verse 2] Niggas wanna bang we could bang out Til the clip's done, or your vital arteries hang out Ham a cot, Bad Boy, the black Camelot Raise the price and connect the dots Through life's journies, all I need is a couple of mack mils A couple of mils and good attorneys Skatin on big blades, goin out in a blaze in my last days I'll probably die with a bad drug trade or an overdose Without tellin my moms, sorry it was close My wife and my bitch fightin over my notes All my niggas skied north makin a toast Til hell, just gimme bad bitches in Channel Connects wit, Chinese cartels and that new SL And the judge that's gon' set my bail CHORUS [Verse 3] I'm on top of this shit, look at the wrists Too much rocks in this shit, aint that a bitch Make hits, til my last breath With that nigga, the P U double F So lay back in the cut motherfucker 'fore you get shot I kill niggas on the spot like a cop I did it all four seasons suites to a cot Give bitches nothing but breathmints and this cock Call me what, there's a way to eat And all we got is sports, entertainment or the streets I'm in deep, think of Citibank when I sleep Ching, ching like I was from Shaolin Brooklyn nigga what you say, keep stylin My air force ones you couldn't walk a mile in I love politics, narcotics, and violins Bad Boy forever, we move in silence CHORUS

Lil One

LIL' WAYNE "Lights Out"
(feat. Big Tymers) [Lil Wayne talking] Fuck, Man I been on this block all day Hot my shirt, Hot Boy that look like Baby That aint Baby That is that nigga Let's go [Baby] Say Lil One [Lil Wayne] One Whats happenin' with you big dog [Baby] Look I need to talk bout some serious shit [Lil Wayne] Like what, Look I aint have nothin' to do with killin' [Baby] Slow down, I'm talking bout some get money shit an how its gonna go down [Lil Wayne] Well holla at me nigga, Talk to me, Let me know somethin' Cause right now I'm tired of husltin, And these rocks aint doin' nothin' And to tell you the truth I feel like I be out here for the fun of it I swear if I don't hit a lick by next month I'm done with it [Baby] I understand, But you ain't listenin' you just talkin' I said I could get you paid, Is you with that offer I know you see me comin' thruogh everyday pimpin' In a Benz, the Jag, and a Ferari [Lil Wayne] Yea, But I like that Bentely [Baby] All thats cool shorty, You can get this if you with me Let me run it down to ya bout this shipment I'm gettin' in [Lil Wayne] I mean I'm sayin' it sound good, I like that [Baby] What thats a blunt [Lil Wayne] Yea [Baby] Light that, Nigga I'll be right back [Lil Wayne] Aight cat, Don't be playin', This worth my while [Baby] Lil daddy I play with hoes, Is you a hoe [Lil Wayne] Nah [Baby] Say I got work, I need to flood it all over I can't do it all myself, So I need me a Lil solider I been peepin' ya Lil ass, I see you grindin' an shit [Lil Wayne] I been peepin' you to, Nigga I see you shinin' an shit An you don't even know how long I been tryin' to find me a brick To make it flip and take the chips and go an buy me a whip [Baby] Fuck a whip, That could wait You worry bout your cake Once you make enough to play Go buy a Z-28 [Lil Wayne] A Z-28 Boy go head, Once I get change I'mma go an cop me a Range or two platinum chains [Baby] Well look I ain't fuckin' with ya You to young from the start [Lil Wayne] Man that aint even got anythnig to do with it Its dedication and heart [Baby] Dedication and smarts Don't put your heart in this game Cause when you fall to deep in love you get caught in this game [Lil Wayne] Well correct me when I'm worng And acknowlegde me when I'm right [Baby] Lil bitch, If ya hard head ass listen I might [Lil Wayne] B I'm all ears [Baby] Get yo ass in this car [Lil Wayne] Unlock the door [Baby] Its unlocked [Lil Wayne] Don't holla at me You ain't my pa [Baby] Now stop playin', Look I got a hundred bricks just came 50 ki's of raw dope, and 50 bricks of cocaine Pays 5 a piece [Lil Wayne] Every week [Baby] Just move it together I'mma knock off my Lil section You take care of ya area [Lil Wayne] Ughhh, Nigga I been waitin' to be the Don round here I'mma have Coke and Dope Its gone be on round here But how you want me to sell this Zones, Quaters, Halfs, Ki's [Baby] However they ask for it, Just give it to them Lil Weezy [Lil Wayne] I'm all for it cousin I'mma get me a million If power get between it I'mma split me a nigga [Baby] You better, But when I get you this shit nigga Let them have it I bet you be on the block workin', Directin' traffic [Lil Wayne] Like you park here, You park there, You meet me in the cuts [Baby] Say Lil One [Lil Wayne] Wassup [Baby] We gone fuck it up [Lil Wayne] Nigga what Nigga what

Check Yourself

KJ-52 "I'ts Pronounced"
Excuse me, I don't think so. I don't know what you're trying to tell me but you just better check yourself, UH Uh! I don't get down like that. Oh NO you didn't... Uncle KJ gotta talk to ya'll kids Listen up quick cause the way some ya'll live Must have lost ya mind and just flipped ya lid Now ladies I know what he be telling you I know cause back in the day I used to do it too Talking about aww girl you know I love you If love me too then let me sleep with you ooh He's a fool a lying scheming dude I'm a tell ya straight girl now cut him loose Why ain't no guy that cute He won't respect for you and won't wait for you See you need a real man that loves God too And will take a stand even if it's hard to And I know that you can now it's worth it for you Check the program this is what i'm telling you chorus: ooohh ya'll better check yo self, nah ya'll need to check yo self un uh ya better check yo self, nah ya better just respect yo self ooohh ya'll better check yo self, nah ya'll need to check yo self un uh ya better check yo self, nah ya better just respect yo self Where my fellas at where my fellas at? Now some of ya'll need to check where ya head is at I know in the locker room what they be talling cats Don't buy into that now when they selling that Virgin ain't a dirty word don't be ashamed of that See in reality people be respecting that Stand up for yourself tell em just chill with that And even if they diss turn around and just bless em back Let em talk smack and leave it at that Cause everybody ain't doin it now just learn that facts Don't never let somebody ever hold ya back Nobody 'cept God should ever tell ya how to act It's God saying that cause peeps won't tell ya that But it's the truth and I'll never back down from that So if ya can ya handle that and like the sound of that Then people halla back on the track if ya down with that What are you trying to say man Chorus Ladies and gentlemen ya need to stop playing Stop running around always missionary dating You think that the one you're loving you gonna be saving But end up with problems from the choice ya making Now some ya'll girls ya'll need to start caring And think twice about all these clothes that ya wearing I know it might be nice to have all the guys staring But take advice respect yourself as a woman We all want love and we all want attention But that ain't the way to get it you understand what I'm saying? With the baby gap outfit on that ya wearing Sneaking out the house trying to hide from ya parents See God said save yourself for ya marriage And it was for a reason don't misunderstand it Sex is a beautiful gift don't mishandle it Ya better check yourself and don't damage it Chorus

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