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JAHEIM lyrics - Ghetto Love

Just In Case

Original and similar lyrics
1 - Just in case I don't make it home tonight Let me make love to you for the last time, baby Wanna cherish each moment like the last Cause baby you're all that I have So just in case Think of how we made love almost anywhere Haven't I taking you almost everywhere Think of all the things that, heh that we shared Then imagine me not there, oh Given you more karats than a rabbit Got you any ravish Anything I've got, you can have it Baby I'll do magic I'll do all I can, to keep you satisfied So just in case I don't make it home tonight, baby Repeat 1 (2x) Haven't I made you feel so special As your man I've held your hand Never letting go Let you hold the keys to the Lex, huh to drive Gave you all you need and want as long as I'm alive Even from the heavens above I'll shine down our love Too much is never enough Ooh you are all I want Even when I'm gone, your love will carry on It's just that strong So just in case Repeat 1 (2x) Baby you know I love you More than any thing in this whole world You're my anything, my everything My wife, my queen So if something happens to me There's something you need to know, oh Repeat 1 till end

I Like

1 - I like the way you walk The sexy way you talk Ooo I can't help myself Baby I like I like to kiss your lips And when you move your hips Ooo I can't help myself Baby I like Baby let me say what's on my mind Take a little time to express myself Honey I think you're fly Now I don't have no problem Saying what I like I like to spend some time with you Starting with tonight and I like Repeat 1 Here's the situation I lay here on the line Meaningless relationships be wasting all my time You are the special someone that I want to get to know Baby can't you see it in my eye I wanna take you home 2 - Tonight lets take our time Do it nice, do it slow Baby we got nowhere to go Oh I hope you don' t mind Oh I'm coming on real strong I give good lovin all night long Repeat 1 Repeat 1 Make it hot Montell, make it hot Repeat X7 Repeat 2 Repeat 1 Repeat 1

More To Love

CASE "Case"
1 - There's more to love than making love baby There's more to love than making love to you There's more to dreams than dreaming And baby I'm not dreaming There's so much more in me To do to you Last night I called you on the phone And you weren't there when I called So now I'm wondering if you've gone away Gave you everything a man could give And now you're gone And I'll keep on holding on Cuz there's more Repeat 1 What can I do Oh, what can I say to make you feel the way I feel And make you understand this love is real I'm just a man Just living proof of how our life should be I'm in love so don't you leave me 2 - Just trying got to do what I got to do And commit myself to loving you The pain I felt And the love we share I can not see me loosing you All I know is there's more Repeat 1 Repeat 1 Repeat 2 Repeat 1 until fade

You Might Need Somebody

Ama Shola
Who's loving my baby And taking care of you I need to know right now Do You still care for me Who's loving my baby And taking care of you I need to know right now Do you still care for me I may be young but I was ready To fall in love with you once again You tore my heart apart Right from the very start I didn't know what to do, baby Gave you my heart, my soul, my time But I guess It wasn't good enough for you I just don't understand how I could lose my man Somebody tell me All I wanna know is, baby - (*Repeat with ad lib) You left me Standing in the failing rain, baby Now in my heart there's an empty space And I never knew that This love could hurt this way I sit at home staring at your photo And all I do is break down and cry Still I can't understand How I could lose my man I never know love like this No, no, no, no (* Repeat with ad lib) Where do we go from here (Where do we go from here) I must wipe away my tears 'Cause no more tears My eyes will cry for you Where do we go from here (Where do we go from here) I must wipe away my tears No more tears My eyes will cry for you, no (* Repeat and fade with following) Who's loving my baby I need to know, I got to know I need to know right now, baby Do you still care, yeah What am I gonna do I need to know right now I got to know right now

What's The Deal

Monifah "Mo'hogany"
[Jack Knight] Yo, huh Monifah and Jack Knight on the track (uh-huh) Why ya'll do that for? Shorty what you doing Rolling with a real thug nigga like me Baby, I'm from Brooklyn, but I hang out in VA a lot Cuz down there, I here the business is hot Mad chicks rolling small town kids with big city game Sign up bad boy stuff we ain't never been the same And if you want a dream would impress your luck Cause I got more hits to bust, what the fuck? [Monifah] 1 - What's the deal baby You haven't paid these bills And I ain't seen you lately With all the lessons learned You won't come home And I think I can do better on my own So what's the deal cutie Things been on my mind And I ain't seen you lately With all the lessons learned You won't come home And I think I can do better on my own I'm confused I think that we both need to talk Cause I feel used Like those can-do's when it's no-more-doll And all this time Pretending like your love is really here But in my mind Your body and your soul is really there 2 - And I can feel it in the way you're holding me Your love's been gone for days Is there a reason why you're hurting me It shouldn't be that way Repeat 1 I'm so in love and so damn blind My heart can't see But is it true that you've been sleeping around on me And all the joy I've brought you When you gave me the pain And I don't know if the kids even know your name Repeat 2 Repeat 1 And when I need you You wonder what to do babe And you hurt would come over and over again It's too bad that you can't see I'm all you need, yeah Oh, all you need All you need, yes Oh baby You won't come home You won't come home What do you do Uh, uh, uh Repeat 1 til end of song

Damn I Wanna Be Your Lover

My heart's in chains And still remains in Deja Vu But first I wanna spend the night with you Everything you need Come get it from me Set your emotions free Oh, yes baby Come on and give in the name of love And let our bodies slowly touch Tonight let's move on Chorus: Yes I do Take you to be How about you and me Damn I wanna be your lover Don't refuse Cuz I need you Damn I wanna be your lover (I wanna be your love, your lover, oh baby, yeah, yeah) Verse 2: Why don't you stay Desert will make you Call out my name My first and my last name That she is being All you'll ever need To take you higher than eyes can see Oh, yes baby Why don't you give in the name of love And let our bodies be common Cuz tonight I wanna give you all Baby, let's move on Repeat 1 (I wanna be your lover, your lover, your lover, baby) I don't wanna have to compromise The things you make me visualize Intuition keeps on telling me These emotions need to be set free Don't you want to give it to me We'll feel the heaven's prophecy Take a visit to my paradise We can hang around For the rest of our lives Repeat 1 until fade

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