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JAHEIM lyrics - Ghetto Love

Du & Jah

Original and similar lyrics
[Duganz] What the deal Ja what's been going on? [Jaheim] Not a damn thing been going on Looking for my ghetto queen [Duganz] Alright, I heat that damn dog, you stressed What you need love Hold up let me gest I'ma shoot you to the peppermint Let you wild out [Jaheim] If my ghetto love's there [Duganz] For sure no doubt [Jaheim] Got my dorag on gid it way to the back Backbone, gymsuits, timbs, trunkin' back [Duganz] You got voice [Jaheim] 40 inch cable, got yo knife? [Duganz] We ain't gon' need that tonight But what you gon need is a shitty grill pack It double off 4 wheels at the exit After that t's on boy Trust me when I tell ya walk around let'em smell ya Hit the door cock somein post up Play the cella Ja you smoke let me No can't I got a philly and a jo Here twist that shit lite it up Fuck it nigga let's go

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