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JAHEIM lyrics - Ghetto Classics

I Ain't Never

Original and similar lyrics
[Bridge (Intro)] Mmmm get thorough it hmmmhmmmmm I don' sit out on the block 12 Oclock still bitchin', I don' coked up bricks Wit baken soda in the kitchen I don' lose my religon And spend nights wishin' I could fill up the holes in my sole Theres something missin' I don' sat back and laughed and let The beef unfold done scolls on Triggers rob niggers an stole em' 5 years paraol kid I been locked up I don lost so much my heart is boxed up [Chorus:] I thought I'd never see a blue sky, never seen the birds fly (ohhhh until I metcha' Sunshine) Neva new the otha side I Never new what love was like (what love was like) Neva seen a pot a gold (seen a pot of gold), Baby ur the rainbow (baby your the rainbow Take me to where I neva been (ohhhh Iiiii) I thought the day would neva end But now, now that I found my girl I aint Nva eva eva gon' a let her go Noooo And now, now shes inside of My world I ain't neva eva eva gon let her goo nooo [Bridge] Ide don' drown my sorows Ina' bottle of gin I don' poored out Liqua' for my very best friend I've Been hitched fell off and got through again, Then left out in the cold so I coud neva' win I don' promiesd to my lady I've been tryna' change Meta' chick went back an did the same damn thing I don't trip to blame and blame people for things snatchin' chains on trains I've done some crazzzzee things. [Chorus] I thought I neva seen a blue sky (seen a blue sky), Neva seen the birds fly ohhh until I metcha' sunshine Neva knew the other side, Neva knew what love was like- (what love whas like) Neva seen a pot of gold But baby your the rainbow, Take me were I've neva been ohhh IIIIiiii. (I thought this day would neva end) But now, now that I found my girl (I've got too) I aint neva eva eva gon let her goo0o0o And now, now shes inside of my world I aint neva eva eva gon let her goooo nooooo Every day seemed great Until you came and brought the sun my way (to heaven I waste sendin my way I'm home for the day sombody will say I love you baby) And if it wern't for you there be no person I be trustin' and you got my word Oh for beter or worse missed you so much you just my girl for ever Now now that I found my girl I ain't neva eva eva gon' let her go nooooo And now, now shes inside of my world I aint neva eva eva gon let her go (I will neva let youuu goo) [Fade out]


U2 "Pop"
Weather 'round here choppin' and changin' Surgery in the air Print shirts and southern accents Cigars and big hair We got the wheels and petrol is cheap Only went there for a week Got the sun got the sand Got the batteries in the handycam... Her eyes all swimming pool blue Dumb bells on a diving board Baby's always attracted to the things she's afraid of Big girl with the sweet tooth Watches the skinny girl in the photo shoot Freshmen squeaky clean She tastes of chlorine MIAMI MY MAMMY Love the movies... love to walk those movie sets Get to shoot someone in the foot Get to smoke some cigarettes No big deal we know the score Just back from the video store Got the car and the car chase What's he got inside the case I want a close up of that face Here comes the car chase MIAMI MY MAMMY MIAMI I bought two new suits... miami PINK AND BLUE.. MIAMI I took a picture of you... miami Getting hot in a photo booth... miami I said you looked like a madonna You said... maybe... said I want to have your baby... BABY WE COULD MAKE something beautiful Something that wouldn't be a problem At least not in... miami Some places are like your auntie But there's no place like MIAMI MY MAMMY


[First Verse:] All this time, you've been mine, heaven-sent Valentine And just like that, my life stopped on the dime I can't stop cryin', inside I'm dyin' I caught you red-handed, that's what I get for spyin' But I've been suspicious, cuz you done caught me with some bitches But you promised not to shoot me with the same triggers You didn't know the new Benz I just bought you Could be tracked by satellite, and that's how I caught you Oh Baby why In the past I've been unfaithful I can't believe it, I feel like, this nigga raped you But you allowed it, you gave yourself to a coward I'ma bury both of you, and STILL buy you flowers [Chorus:] Remember when Our love would never end But now I am Tastin' my own medicine [2x] [Second Verse:] It's disturbin', it's sick, I keep thinkin' bout this shit I wanna spit on your face, while you lie in a ditch You forgave me, but I just can't forgive you Cuz it ain't the same, I can't explain it, but it's true It's way worse, I never felt pain like this I can't take you back, you fuckin' nasty ass bitch You destroyed me, you ruined, everything I worked for A house with an elevator, a spa on the third floor I still love you, but never in my life will I touch you You disgust me, your beautiful face became ugly I just wish you was a dream, and that I could wake up But it's real, so I keep, gettin' drunk, as fuck [Chorus] [Third Verse:] I'm home waitin' for you, you don't know that I know yet You're probably gettin' fucked right now, sippin' some moet I checked the address, it's some dude named Paul Thirty-three years old, oh yeah, I checked it all Probably met him at the mall, spendin' up my cash G-string up your ass, wearin' tight ass pants Oh my, look who just pulled up in her Benz Where you been at Girl Oh, doin' some errands Take your shit off! Let me smell you, what you thinkin' bout I know where you've been! Shut your muthafuckin' mouth! Whose house is this And who the Hell is Paul What you mean this ain't a house This where you took the dog You mean....this the vetinarian's office You got the Parvo shots, for the puppy I just bought us It's some old man named Dr. Paul Seigel Here's the business card, in case I don't believe you Call him up right now Nah Baby that's okay You know I trust you, I love you, that's all day Why is my face red It looks like I've been cryin' Gangsta's don't cry Baby, don't even try it [Chorus] Yeah This song is dedicated for all you niggas fuckin' over the women you love. If she don't get you back, your conscience will. And if she's not happy, then you'll never be happy, that's just the way it goes. Yeah, this the SPM, it don't never quit


KUMBIA KINGS "Amor, Familia, Y Respeto..."
Babee Power, Roger (together baby) Let me get some flavor Kumbia Kings... This is for the ladies Oh yo, baby girl I got to let you know my purpose in this world And them hater chicks They got nothing on you The love I feel inside Is like all for you Oh we could be on a desert Lost without a place to go (hello mamma mamma quiero ser tu dadda) But we're so in love In love with each other That we wouldn't even know I don't care any place, anywhere Just as long as you are there, baby baby Together, together baby Together, together baby Together, baby (baby) just you and me How happy we'll be My beautiful bezzlebub When I'm all alone My good loving's on the phone With a sweet voice She make a brother wanna zone And whatcha talking about sonny I ain't got much money But my girl roll with me when I'm lavished Oh we could be in poverty No one to lend a helping hand But it's alright, alright I know Because you'll always understand (oh oh oh i) I don't care any place, anywhere Just as long as you're there, baby baby Together, together baby Together, together baby Together, baby baby just you and me How happy we'll be My beautiful bezzlebub It's like love to find You and I combined You the moon, I'm the son Girl we gon' shine Let's get it on baby I waited for this Baby girl you got me shaking when I feel your kiss Together, together baby Together, together baby Together, baby baby just you and me How happy we'll be Hello mama mama quiero ser tu dadda dadda You drown me with your love Kill me with your hugs If I act up tell me to go sleep on the rug Let's me a toast, it goes Juntos para siempre, together forever Let's reminisce of all them things we did together I remember, oh When we used to play shoot em up, shoot em up Bang, bang baby Remember When we used to play shoot em up, shoot em up Bang, bang baby Together, together baby Together, together baby Together, baby baby just you and me How happy we'll be My beautiful bezzlebub Together let's stay together..

Drunk In Love (Remix)

I’ve been drinking, I’ve been thinking Ya, if I opened my heart and made you a live potion of it's content would you drink it Or would you thank me? Yeah, to be the one that you... Be the only one that you want. I done spent time in your zone. And I do whatever they don’t. It’s been a long time since we [?] deep in thought I drown in my cup. I don’t baby sit when I drink so I got me a lot more than a buzz. I get high off of your presence and drunk all on your love. Cigars on ice, cigars on ice. Feeling like an animal with these cameras all in my grill. Flashing lights, flashing lights. You got me faded faded faded. Baby I want you. Na na. Can't keep your eyes off my fatty daddy I want you. Na na. Drunk in love. I want you. We woke up in the kitchen saying how the hell did this ish happen oh baby. Drunk in love. We be all night. Last thing I remember is our beautiful bodies grinding up in the club. Drunk in love. We be all night love. We be all night love. We be all night. And everything alright, no complaints from my body so fluorescent under these lights. Boy I’m drinking park it in my lot 711. I’m rubbing [?] If you scared call that reverend. I’ve been drinking. Get my brain right. Armand de brignac, gangster wife Louie sheets, he sweat it out like wash rags he wear it out. Boy I’m drinking. I'm singing on the mic with my boy toys. And then I fill the tub up halfway and then ride it with my skateboard, surfboard... Graining on that wood Graining graining on that wood. I'm swerving on this. Swerving swerving on his big body been working all this. Surf surfing all of this good good. We woke up [?] Goodness gracious. Holy smokes you're amazing. I'm just an open letter. You scribbling on my pages. I got bird's eye from my third eye. I've been watching you dance for ages. Been washing wishing waiting, now I’m growing impatient. Drip from my waist till my hips slow down. Got me feeling like a lipso now. Hands in the air put your hands in my hair. When you and I together further things go down. I don’t need a king I don't need no crown. Whole lot of money so the green go plow. Hold up I’m freaking out. That suggest that I need you now. Would've sent this as a text but I guess now my secrets out. Strong without a drink in mouth. Mine don’t you I’m freaking out. I do say that [?] hold up let me wash my freaking mouth. I be honest I turn up, so I can turn my ego down. I can turn my scene around. Flashing lights and people drown. All the voices in my head telling me to seek you out. I hope you did it now and I hope you hearing this. Baby we drunk in love. Right now we feeling it. [?] We be all night love...

Lady (Remix)

Hook: You're my lady (x4) Don't think I don't see them looking at you All of them wishing they could have you And as a matter of fact, uh A bunch of them are itchin' for you to scratch 'em I'm tiried of hiding what we feel I'm trying to come with the real And I'm gonna make it known Cause I want them to know Hook You're my little baby (baby) my darling baby (baby) I swear you're the talk of the town and everybody wants to know what's going down Babe, I know they've seen us before Maybe at the liquor store, or maybe at the health food stand They don't know that I'm your man Hook I can tell they're looking at us I pick you up everyday from your job And everyguy in the parking lot wants to rob me of my girl And my heart and soul, and everybody wants to treat me so cold But I know I love you and you love me There's no other lover for you or me AZ: Yeah, yo though I only paid you occasional I'm raising you up then those ivading you Pushing up persuading you with conversation That consist of solicitation false information See I deal with sophistication, shimp and lobster style You see me dressed up proper in crocodile Crock awhile I leave alone, unofficial is not your style My innger vision is this plush life living, me escaping the inner city prision Raping our women is causing havoc Breaking bonds that birth marriage this Earth was once lavish Now it's ursed left for a savage Mind, I tech mine, respect mine, let's connect projects Lex wet sex and wine all the time, the Firm staff on the climb Nas the trio, D'Angelo and Primo You know how we go Firm affiliation 9-6 Hook

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