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JAHEIM lyrics - Another Round


Original and similar lyrics
[VERSE 1:] Whoa I think I'm losing it Without you the harder it gets Being without your smile (without your touch) Sho nuff this is love that I'm feeling in everyway I need your healing only you can give me that feeling Girl you just don't know how I'm dealing with being so far away I'm anticipating everyday I'm seeing you again My homie lover friend Always holding me down thru the thick and thin And I'm grateful I gets on my knees and say thank you For the song you put inside me And its such the sweetest melody And its goes something like [CHORUS:] Whoaaaa (the one and my only love) Shorty got me singing with the love she bringing She got my melody so I'm like whoaaaaa (mmmm my love) Don't ever take it away cause I need your love everyday So I'm like whoaaaa (mmm my love) My shorty got my singing with the love she bringing I can hear it here it go my love [VERSE 2:] Like a drug to an addict that body for sure I gotta have it Something like an angel in disguise Baby you're the baddest thing in my eyes The first thing I do as soon as I get home Is call my darling baby on the telephone Cause I cant get comfortable til I know she fine I treat her like an diamond cause the girl is mine all mines Shorty knows she got my heart And I cant stand to be apart Cause it hurts me so You can hear it down deep in my soul [CHORUS:] Whoaaa (the one and my only love) Shorty got my singing with the love she bringing I will like to hear it go so I'm like whoaaa (hmmm my love) Don't ever take it away (don't ever take it away) I need it like it everyday so I'm like whoaaa mmm my love [BRIDGE:] I can hear wedding bells they're ringing See your ring finger blinging We singing whoa lets go get ya licensed changed Change ya last name to my last name When you come around I'm like whoa When we get down your like whoa love slow flow I found love on the perfect note want to hear me go whoa [CHORUS:] My Shorty got my singing With the love she bringing I will like to hear it go So I'm like whoaaa hmmm my love don't ever take it away (don't ever take it away) I need your love cause you make my body go whoa my love My baby got my body straight singing Like to hear it go so I'm like whoa I need her in the morning I need her in the noontime

For Your Precious Love

Jerry Butler
He Don't Love You (Like I Love You) -Artist: Dawn featuring Tony Orlando from Night Songs : -Warner Special Products HD 3297-2 -peak Billboard position # 1 for 3 weeks in 1975 -Words and Music by Curtis Mayfield, Calvin Carter, and Jerry Butler -charted in 1960 at # 7 as He Will Break Your Heart by writer Butler -charted in 1966 at #91 as He Will Break Your Heart by the Righteous Brothers CHORUS He don't love you like I love you If he did, he wouldn't break your heart He don't love you like I love you He's try-in' to tear us apart Fare thee well, I know you're leavin' (I know you're leavin') For the new love that you've found The handsome guy that you've been dating, whoa I got a feelin' he's gonna put you down 'cause CHORUS He uses all the great quotations Says the things I wish I could say Whoa, but he's has so many rehearsals Girl, to him it's just another play but wait When the final act is over And you're left standing all alone When he takes his bow and makes his exit Girl, I'll be there to take you home He don't love you (and he never will) like I love you If he did, he wouldn't break your heart Oh, he don't love you, girl, like I love you He's try-in' to tear us apart Whoa, he don't love you FADE

I Love A Piano

Irving Berlin "Cheek To Cheek: Irving Berlin Songbook"
[1st verse:] As a child I went wild when a band played How I ran to the man when his hand swayed Clarinets were my pets, and a slide trombone I thought was simply divine But today when they play I could hiss them Ev'ry bar is a jar to my system But there's one musical instrument that I call mine [chorus:] I love a piano, I love a piano I love to hear somebody play Upon a piano, a grand piano It simply carries me away I know a fine way to tickle a Steinway I love to run my fingers o'er the keys, the ivories And with the pedal I love to meddle When Padarewski comes this way I'm so delighted if I'm invited To hear that long haired genius play So you can keep your fiddle and your bow Give me a P-I-A-N-O, oh, oh I love to stop right beside an upright Or a high toned Baby Grand [2nd verse:] When a green Tetrazine starts to warble I grow cold as an old piece of marble I allude to the crude little party singer who don't know when to pause At her best I detest the soprano But I run to the one at the piano I always love the accomp'niment and that's because


AVANT "Ecstasy"
I know I was wrong and that's not fair Playing games with your mind cause I new you cared Walking out of the door every other night And I knew two wrongs wouldn't make a right Now things have changed And what your feel is not the same I thought we couldn't make ends meet But you can't stand no more pain And now I know pain and it is me I'm lonely and here is where I want you to be A woman like you is too precious to lose and I am confused What will I do baby I love you and I'm Chorus I'm sorry (I'm so sorry) I'm sorry (ooh yeah yeah) I'm sorry (I I I I I I'm) I'm so sorry I'm sorry (I want you right here with me) I'm sorry (ooh baby) I'm sorry (sorry, ooh yeah) I'm so sorry I never knew what true love was till you left me And now the thought of you with someone else hurts me deeply I tried to keep those thoughts out of my mind But I'm thinking about you all the time Where is our love, I must be out of my mind What else can I do to prove my love to you I'm going crazy baby and your love will make me I never should have done you wrong And now I'm sitting here all alone You should feel my pain and for you I'll change Can I have a second try cause with out you what am I And I know you don't want to see a grown man cry I'm sorry Chorus I'm sorry (im sorry baby sorry baby) I'm sorry (I don't want you to leave me) I'm sorry (baby please yeah) I'm so sorry (I want you to love me all the time) I'm sorry (I need you to love me all the time) I'm sorry (whoa whoa whoa) I'm sorry (whoa yeah) I'm so sorry (Listen babe) Bridge Sorry I done you wrong and I never ever, ever wanna be alone (that's why) I got my self together now So you don't have to worry bout me running around (running around) Sorry I done you wrong and I never ever, ever wanna be alone (that's why) I got my self together now So you don't have to worry bout me running around (you don't have to worry no more babe) Repeat bridge and chorus till end

Grand Finale

JA RULE "Pain Is Love"
[DMX - dialogue] I ain't goin back to jail Next time, the County or the State see me it's gonna be in a bag UHH! This is it baby! End of the road, ha hah! When you a dawg, you a dawg for life! You don't hear me though, you don't hear me though You don't hear me though, c'mon, c'mon! [Method Man] Watch them young guns that take none, nobody safe from the Friday the 13th, ghetto Jason Itchy trigger finger achin, snatch yo' ass out that S-Class for fakin, forty-fo' blast is a bloodbath, take your first step down a thug path Ain't no love here, just slugs here Kids know the half you get plugged here, that's just impossible for the weak to last now behold the unstoppable Third eye watchin you, watchin me Throwin rocks from the penalty box, cop a plea Young G we was born to die, don't cry for me Just keep the heat closely and ride for me Cause we family for better or worse, you and I from the dirt, you snatch purse, so hard it hurt to be here, and each year, I'm pourin out more beer for deceased peers, holdin fort Police line 'Do Not Cross', they found his corpse in the loft with the head cut off, and butt naked Homicide the crime Method, add another killer verse to the murder record, the Grand Finale [Lennox speaking - movie dialogue] Who wan' test me, c'mon! Me shot pussy-hole fi fun [Nas Escobar] Hot corners, cops with warrants, every block is boring Friday night, getting bent, lick a poem My dawg, not even home a month yet, and blaze a girl in the stomach, he robbin niggaz who pumpin Lil' Blood got popped, by the Group Home cat Everybody nervous in the hood, pullin they gats Fiend yellin out, who got those Go and see shorty snot-nosed, he don't floss but he got dough Thug faces, fugitives runnin from court cases Slugs shootin past for the love of drug paper Queens cap peelers, soldiers, drug dealers And God'll throw a beam of lightning down cause he feel us May the next one, strike me down if I'm not the realest The Mayor wanna call the SWAT team to come and kill us but, dawgs are friends, if one see the morgue, one'll live to get revenge, and we ride to the end Bravehearts blow the lye with Henn, and still rise Took alive with live men, my man got three six-to-eighteen's and only five in, the Belly of the beast Didn't wanna hear the shit I tried to tell him on the streets It's irrelevant, the beast love to eat black meat And got us niggaz from the hood, hangin off his teeth We slangin to eat, bringin the heat Bulletholes, razor scars is the pain in the street, huh [Chorus: Ja Rule [repeat 2X]] When you a dawg you a dawg for life (ride or die) My dawgs feel pain from love (see eye to eye) Give us one shot at life (let us fly) Come on niggaz! (we dawgs for life) [DMX and Lakid {dialogue}] There's mad money out here dawg Mad money out here What you tryin to get it (Word up) You gonna bust your gun to get it (Tsh, whatever yo) I hear you I hear you [DMX] Uhh, I've lost my grip on reality or so it would seem Pinch myself to wake up, cause I KNOW it's a dream Niggaz that don't know me see me and think I'ma rob em Niggaz that know me well see me and think I'ma problem I'm just a nigga that's misunderstood But word to God I turn your last name to Underwood Cause if I see it, I'ma take it and run with it, that's me What type of bullshit is this nigga on That's D The dawg come and getcha outside The more blood flows, when I plug holes with the snub nosed Gun blows, bullets whistle, wouldn't miss you Hit you all up in your mouth like it tried to kiss you Drama, it's right here, how MUCH YOU NEED Beat you down with gat see how MUCH YOU BLEED How MUCH YOU PLEAD, for your life, you was a killer And all the bitches comin up out that ass you feelin, gettin realer Now beg for your life, one more time, one more crime one more nine, c'mon cry nigga It's over! This is the shit, that hits hard You either the last one standing, or the last one to fall [Chorus]

Cry For Love

MICHAEL W. SMITH "I'll Lead You Home"
My life is like a racing car hurting towards the wall At the speed of sound My time has been so finely tuned But I've never seen a human being so tightly wound At times it seems beyond belief I just need a bit of relief Like a war-weary soldier Marching up and over the edge Take my hand and pull me up cause I'm falling too fast Somehow I've lost my way-I'm cryin' save me Can you hear me... I'm calling out I'm crying out...a cry for love I can feel're touching me You're healing cry for love I will be the first to admit I don't have the strength to handle it alone anymore I don't have to fret, don't have to explain All my worrying's in vain I'm not alone anymore Why is this so hard to believe What is mine is mine to freely receive Like the changing of seasons This is the beauty of the word And for all that I have seen and heard Oh I wnat to come home Somehow I'll make my way-my way home to you Oh Father hear my call (Oh Father hear my call) I know you'll catch me when I fall Oh Father hear my call I know you'll catch me when I fall Oh I pray that you'll hold me now Hold me And take my fear away I'm cryin' save me Oh I know that you can hear me Hear me crying out for love Oh I know that you can feel my cry for love...ooh... I can feel you-you're calling out You're crying out-a cry for love I can feel you-you're touching me You're healing me-my cry for love

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