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JAHEIM lyrics - Another Round


Original and similar lyrics
[VERSE 1] There's something about young love So many people say that it is so impossible, impossible, impossible Yeah this is how I feel Ever since I met you girl everything about me changed Suddenly I feel alive something about you by my side Me and you against the world finally a diamond girl I've even been the same ever since I heard your name You are the reason my heart skips a beat sometimes I've been waiting all my life I think I finally found my wife But I don't wanna rush your heart take your time sweetheart Say the word I'll come wherever you are [CHORUS:] Shorty hear me now when you need me Just reach out I'll be close enough to witness the moment you say Now it's impossible For me to live without you For me to breath without you Cause I can see just who I am suppose to be Now it's Impossible for me to be without love Girl you make my life about love So the people see the impossibilities yea [VERSE 2] They say we couldn't touch the moon Look what our love can do Got forever in my sight Saw haven in your eyes Just what I was dreaming of Need you on my team because you make me a superstar I don't need a fancy car You are the reason my heart skips a beat sometimes I've been waiting all my life I think I finally found my wife Heaven is in your smile Mind if I stay a while Happiness everywhere since I found my shorty [CHORUS] [VERSE 3] Can't no body tell me that I don't love this girl It's driving me crazy I'm trying to love around the world? Then I think about the past don't wanna bring it back Loneliness and heartache is all I ever had Come closer To me Whoa whoa [10X] Real love makes you say oh yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah you're my genie in a bottle Forever you're my super model [CHORUS]


KARDINAL OFFISHALL "Quest For Fire: Firestarter Vol. 1"
[Kardinal Offishall] Wha wha wha what Yo yo yo yo Sit me down Mr. Kardinal Kardinal Offishall, number one bad bwoy heheheh Yeah, yeah It's all about this girl, ya know, drive de man crazy Going out to the raspberry crew, Circle Hear me now, hear me now Let me tell you a liccle story bout this girl I used to nkow Use to come and tell me she love me since me sing Onwiddasho She say she loves do way me represent de whole of T dot O She say she love me on de TV, love me in a de video She say she sit dung pon ar' bed and listen to de radio And wen me sing 'bon-diddley-bong' she haffe run an change ar' clothes She say me kill ar wit de styles and just a murda wit de flow Me juss a sweet ar with the riddim tun ar eena yo-yo YO! She comin in like she don't know Seh me 'ave a girlfriend and she don't play (no) Might box her in ar mout and chop off she toe Lawd God why did Kardi haffe so sexy though? She try fe kiss me pon me neck, mi haffe tell de gyal 'Yo!' 'Walk and live-touch and you've got to go' Yuh body look good, yes sweet like mango But you know the story girl, come on 'a ho is a ho' Yuh nuh 'ave nuh drawz on how yuh skin dry so? Favour one ol' piece of dry up cho-cho! Yes girl yuh batty big but you know how dat go I'm a very tall yout because I won't stoop low for... [CHORUS: Kardinal Offishall] Maxine, oh Miss Maxine Yuh body look ready, for you I am waitin It goes Maxine, oh Miss Maxine Yuh body look ready, come make we rock steady [Kardinal Offishall] Yo, I was walkin down de street and this girl said 'Hi!' 'Aren't you that rapper named Mr. Kardiny?' Chuh, see me yah-yes girl dat's de I Lyric specialist, number one bad bwoy Give tanks to de most high for lookin so fly So pretty sometime mek yuh eye dem cry Drip out eye water and flood up de sky Rush de man dem first in case de youth dem waan try She said 'I like your style and yo Kardi mi nuh shy Me want strip off yuh Karl and den rub up yuh Kani Squeeze up yuh brugah and nyam off yuh fry Blow off yuh top and show you mi two ply!' I told ar 'Hol' on girl, a musse die - you waan die Betta wash yout yuh mout bout you a nyam out mi fry Clean up yourself and meet me top a Mount Zion Cause only one girl mek de Kardinal high And that's [CHORUS] [Kardinal Offishall] Diamond, and Gold, and platinum next to she Look like a big ol' rusty tin a bully beef! She lip dem juicy and sheleg look sweet Body just a shine from she head to she feet Nice type of girl dat you waan yuh moumma meet Every time yuh talk ar name, yuh haffe skin teet' Pretty like a who? The gyal bad yuh nuh see it Everytime she want a slam mi haffe get up and dweet Clothes dem cris bran new Parasuco Grip de bamsee like noby livin' in Toronto Boassy whe she walk-never listenin' to 'Yo!' She only listen to ar man when she walk outta door And that's Maxine Lord let me tell you something about Max-ee-een!!!! Hahahaha [CHORUS x2] Yeah yeah yea You don know, zeen Hahahaha You don know Leave me alone now, chuh

Don't Front

JOEY BADA$$ "1999"
[Verse:] It all started with this patch reheard And after that it came the sexual worst I'm meeting shorty up to patch her a verse She played body and I collide With the vibe when I'm inside the walls I cut my dotties on the side 'Cause I decide that she all mine's I keep her in my eyes all the times Not because I don't trust her I just can't get enough of her On the phone late until her mom dukes Because of her, she played the hustle up And I'm like mad 'cause most Man swammin love and ain't afraid to admit it Be blowing up a lime man I swear I'm addicted, but It's all cool 'cause when I lie for ya I fool They say men lie and women lay naked that's all for me Don't be so mad after the first night Right, so what the fuck is love at the first sight If you ask me and not the stupid analogy Makes it cover flaws in the female anatomy [Chorus:] But I'm a keep gradually telling these bitches Don't front (Don't front) Don't front (Don't front) Don't front (Don't front) Don't front though I got some weed and some front though (Don't front) Hey you know I always hunt hoes I tell 'em leave but don't walk through the front door Now don't front (Don't front) Don't front (Don't front) Check (Don't front) [Verse:] It's like a massacre when less occur I got a massive urge but I had to learn Heard you had it on locks on pass away I sat you heard sit back observe That she make me feel good Is all I ask of her And the clouds they would've known We would've crash and burn I pray long and hard Hoping things will last with her I ain't mad at her But I really wish that it ain't have to hurt Let's be blunt we're best buds Both knew our role this is more than just a crush I used to pick a rub long before I lust to touch But know I really even see it, Everybody hurt not even the Lord Force that we can keep up If you don't wanna know start campin on the love Everytime that we would kick it I make sure I had some toe I thought I knew her better than anyone would know Begged her at her friends, but home then I would take her Didn't know that she was a hoe That only wanted my paper Whenever I was with her, my mind was just relaxed Could've been the high time because I swore we were a match in I admit it girl you fine as hell Don't know your perfume but you exhert the finest smell You try to find it, I follow a trail She left a few all other aside off the jail That's all a part of the tale [Chorus:] But I'm a keep gradually telling these bitches Don't front (Don't front) Don't front (Don't front) Don't front (Don't front) Don't front though I got some weed and some front though (Don't front) Hey you know I always hunt hoes I tell 'em leave but don't walk through the front door Now don't front (Don't front) Don't front (Don't front) Check (Don't front) [Verse:] Hey yo don't tell me be patient With no doctor prescription Emotionally pretentious And provocative figures Should've known you missed a note Like the eye would switch it Remember hate the game But she spot in some glitches It's a simulation yeah It's demolation Take off your shirt Let me feel manipulated My heart like in Himalayas But yeah I got the slayer I'm crushing on you sweetheart But yeah I'm a player Sort 'em like I see 'em Baby let me coach you And I know I'm not the first jerk to approach you So this ain't nothing new to you, nothing unusual Nothing you ain't used to so my Nothing is useable [Verse:] We all try when you go by We all hide, trush is I'm never home And I'm calling that's where The heart lies So label me as heartless There's nothing I don't care I just learned to use my heart less The insanity and alot stress It put me in a state They just started taking the tone on me Kept the secrets from me Kept emotions how I hold belief Always kept the L so I know defeat So everything will feel much better as soon As you know I'll leave Now sure if this is the less of me You think I'm mediocre I was still body with a glove on You know I'm coma, I'm in animal pause But you got it off When it flood I used to always feel like Noah And I know I know her Had this kind of skills I have to show her I told her I'm the nigga She seein' on the posters Came back through And I put it in the hostel Just had to teach her one type Put it down, don't really give a fuck though Don't front And tell your bitch don't front though Don't front

Who Am I?

{background lady singing ba-da-baba & Who am i, who am i, to think a man could neva neva neva cry} Uh-huh, Santana I like that man, that ba-da-ba-ba, that's hot I like that, yeah who are you? Santana Shit is crazy man Y'all think niggaz don't cry man? We do Yeah, man I gotta get my thoughts together, I be thinking a lot Light up a blunt, think of a rhyme sometimes too But it's like yo... zone out [Juelz Santana] The time is now, my grind is here shit My body is focused, my mind's in gear, let's start it I'm moving at an unstoppable pace, I managed to reach the top of the race Before it started damn, cold-hearted man Rip apart your man, for the green dollar Playin' wherever my target, stay and holla Shoot and move from where ever my targets land Damn, shit, I see ghosts when I sleep It's real, I got to wake up, just to know I was sleep Holding the heat, cold sweat all on my sheets That's why I paint the most vividest pictures For my niggaz my bitches in the same position I live in No oil or hot water, just boiling hot water Cooking coke, to the oil and hot water, shit But Who Am I man I cry too man, fuck is wrong wit ya'll man Who am i, shit is real man, U kno...I told u we cry man, We also talk about real shit, so fuck wit me Well atleast most of da time, we do talk about some bull shit too man [Juelz Santana] I lived the life of a loner, with a righteous persona But still sell crack right on the corner My life consist of, a big puzzle that's mixed up Big bucks, big drugs, if I get caught, then it's big cuffs Big bailor gets up, I get out, shit what, this shit sucks I need to find another road to follow One that's new and strong, not old and hollow As I hold this bottle and smoke this reefer Listening to some old Aaliyah, I say, damn... shit is crazy man And a tear comes trembeling down You never seen a man cry, well you witness it now Shit, this ain't game from the heart, this is pain from the heart This is for you Dame, it came from the heart, so I already told ya'll we cry man, U kno who seen me cry da most? my mother tho man She watched me cry alot man Yeah i cried a whole lot around moms [Juelz Santana] Mommy, I just want you to know I'm in love with you so, if you wasn't here I'd be in love with ya soul My angel, mommy I'd die faithful Just knowing somebody tried to violate you I'll slide 8s through the side of their facial Squeeze and rip apart a side of they facial I'd take a slug, eat a bullet,I'll swallow a gun Shit, you gotta know I'm your son Damn, this type of love, could only come from a son Hold up mommy, I'm twisted I'm drunk...listen listen to me damn, damn once again man, once again [Juelz Santana] Yeah, but it's more then the liquor and weed Yeah it's more then the liquor in me Shit, I gotta get it together I was falling off, with drunk words and sober thoughts So, I'm still speaking the truth And what I'm still speaking is truth, this is your youngest sons speaking to you.. mommy Who am i man I done spoke to ya'll enough I think now ya'll know why we cry Ayo dame cut dat shit off

One Day She'll Love Me

I'd never imagined before That the world could be turned on it's head I'd never have thought To be here in this place I'd never have dreamt that in love I'd be lost and so easily led I guess I was caught By that hint of a smile on her face I thought I was happy When my life was as easy as pie But that was the past Of an ignorant youth I'm falling in love with the girl But I'm forced to be living a lie And she'd never love mew d If she knew the truth Is it asking too much If I pray for a miracle, miracle That one day she'll love me One day she'll say I care Although he's changing day by day He finds these tender words of love Impossible to say He walks in the room And I'm never quite sure If he's trying to be somebody else I'm liking him better that he's Not his arrogant self Perhaps I'm expecting too much Of a miracle, miracle One day he'll love mew d One day he'll say I love you And I will love him until I die Distant Star Cast your light On my life And one by one I didn't anticipate feeling the power of love In this way And day by dayw d We've never been closer than this And I find myself daring to pray We'll find these tender ways of love Impossible to disobeyw d One day she'll love me One day he'll say I love you And I will love her Until the moment Our hearts stop beating And we are light

Back On The Chain Gang

Pretenders "Isle Of View"
I found a picture of you, o-o-oh, o-o-oh You had hijacked my world at night To a place in the past we've been passed out of, o-o-oh, o-o-oh Now we're back in the fight We're back on the train, yeah(ho-ah) O-oh, back on the chain gang(ho-ah) Circumstance beyond our control, o-o-oh, o-o-oh The phone, TV and the news of the world Got in the house like a pigeon from Hell, o-o-oh, o-o-oh Threw sand in our eyes and descended like flies And put us back on the train, yeah(ho-ah) O-oh, (ho-ah) back on the chain gang The powers that be That force us to live like we do Bring me to my knees When I see what they've done to you Well, I'll die as I stand here today Knowing that deep in my heart They'll fall to ruin one day For making us part I found a picture of you, o-o-oh, o-o-oh Those were the happiest days of my life Like a break in the battle was upon us, o-o-oh, o-o-oh In the wretched life of a lonely heart Now I'm back on the train, yeah(ho-ah) O-oh, back on the chain gang(ho-ah)

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