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This Christmas

Original and similar lyrics
CHORUS: All I want, this Christmas, is 2 keep your body warm If we share this Christmas, I will give you, the world. Girl if you let me explain, I know it's a shame This time of year, it should not bring you pain So many things that went wrong, and I was the cause I'd climb down the chimney 2 be, Santa Clause. BRIDGE: So girl, don't go, this day, is made 4 love. CHORUS All I imagine is you, since it's Christmas time And all of our hopes have a means 2 come true, between me and you Said all I can do, yeah, and I'll do whatever it takes, 2 see it through. BRIDGE, CHORUS 2x (There's nothing like, Christmas time, babe) 2x CHORUS 2x

Sweet Lies

whao(ad libs) Verse 1: My stomach aches, and sweat in my bones This is so sudden,(what I'm suppose to do) I thought that love calls between our hearts We're truly touching(be careful what you ask) Bridge: One day i'll meet that special girl Just for me She'll have open ears, she won't ignore me I bet i'll meet some special girl She'll save the day And she'll give it when i saaaaaaayyyy girl Chorus: I don't wanna go on, in this life Wondering why(baby why) why (baby why) I'd rather the bare truth when it comes to you Not sweet lies(sweet lies) lies(sweet lies) Verse 2: I don't like this song Don't you love me (i love you put that on everything) Well maybe where i went wrong was callin' you honey (I'm sure you was shocked to know that) bridge chorus Usher Talking: What I'm suppose to do? Sit around all day thinkin' about this Hmph, man please I'm lacin' up my bathing apes And i'm out, i'm out tonight You'll see I bet it was sweet on your lips When you told me(had me shook, that hurt me) My heart is just swiftng slowly(I let you through) No one to hold me bridge chorus vanessa i'm sorry i' messed up on you baby and i promise i won't lie to you again

I Wanna Love You

If i tell you that i love you, and i put my trust in you if i say that everyminute all i do is think of you will you do the same for me? are you really down for me? let me know just how you feel and would you give it all for me? how would you feel if i told you all i ever do is remanice of the times that i spent with you rollin' through the park on a sunday afternoon dedicating slow songs to say that i love you, It's for my honey with the pretty brown eye's never givin up on me never tellin lies makin promises together we ride i put this one on everything im glad she's mine and i love it when we all alone never miss a beat when a slow jams on babygirl please understand i want to be the only one to ever hold your hand yea and show me that your down for mine keep my reservation till the end of time your like a treasure i was blessed to find my presious one. and im gonna love you for life (chorus) i wanna love you like you never been loved i wanna rock you like you never been rocked but i gotta know the deal baby tell me how you feel if i change my world for you are you feeling me too? hey girl i'll never leave you a perfect man is what you need there's no such thing so i'll do anything to please you i know you want me girl and i want you too feels just like a dream to be here with you i would drop in a second just to think you'll be gone living a lonely life i just couldn't go on we fell lost in love from the first time we met you was so down for me you showed much respect. i know it's hard to love a nasty boi like me you know you had a choice and who you liked was me sometimes i wish this world was just me and you my love is unconditional best believe is true thank the lord everyday for connecting us two so tell me baby girl what you want to do im that one (?) showin much love to you they wanna know how im rolling? im rolling with you (yea) (Chorus) you know im feelin you girl i just can't lie things just wouldn't be the same without you by my side i loose my mind everytime you come around and im going to do whatever just to prove that im down you broke my game and set new rules and all i wanna do is just rock with you dont be afraid cause im going to take my time and before the night is over you're going to be just fine. (chorus)

Ain't Nobody Home

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, wherever you'd lead me, I would surely follow Girl, you put me through some pain and misery And now you are standing on my doorstep, telling me how much you need me Baby, ain't nobody home (Chorus: nobody's home) Ain't nobody home (Chorus: nobody's home) How many times I begged for you to come home, but you laughed at me and said let me alone Through my falling tears I saw you walk away And now you're beggin' me to forgive you, but this time, baby, it's your turn to beg Baby, ain't nobody home (Chorus: nobody's home) Ain't nobody home (Chorus: nobody's home) Girl, I used to love you, in ways no one else would love you Gave you everything that I own Girl, you can't come back here Ain't nobody home (Chorus: nobody's home) Once upon a time, when you went on your way But, girl, I hoped and prayed, that you'd come back some day But time has made some changes, turned me upside down So, you can beg me to forgive you, but this time, baby, you can turn right around Ain't nobody home Ain't nobody home Girl, you hurt me once (Chorus: ain't nobody home) I hear you knockin' (Chorus: ain't nobody home)

Time Goes On

EN VOGUE "Born To Sing"
Intro: Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick repeat x14 chorus On and on, time goes on, never stops, Just goes on repeat I'm seem forever, since time began So full of mysteries we don't understand Searching for answers and remedies As problems plague us like an enemy bridge Round and round in circles we go Will we ever stop, nobody knows Running with the hands of time Always reaching, still we seem to find Time just marches on chorus So many blinded by life today When will we realize love the only way It's time to wake up 'Cause times have changed Time waits for no one It's a crucial game bridge chorus Take care of business, don't procrastinate We must decide on what becomes our fate Nation to nation, love is the key Let's take the time we need more unity bridge chorus x2 bridge chorus x2 fade

Hollywood Lie

Fame Factory
Verse If I got on my bike and took off my top Could I be a new babe, a Pacific Blue cop If I change my name into something insane Like Scary Spice, would I get all the fame Bridge Would it happen to me if I walked down the street singing Hit me baby one more time Chorus I want a penthouse in Hollywood Sitting on the W Limousines and wannabe's, polishing my brand new shoes Find me an old rich man Put a diamond ring upon my hand Let him die with his own big lie Take his cash – And get me Verse If I made a success with an old melody Took of my dress and made pornography Bridge Would it happen to me if I walked down the street singing Hit me baby one more time Chorus If I hit the front page of Vogue magazine Would I be in your face, if you know what I mean If I'd be a big star would I come as far As Drew Barrymore, drive an expensive car Bridge Chorus

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