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Promise (So So Def Remix)

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Loon (Harlem World) & Jermaine Dupri) [JD] Girl listen When I be sittin' at home all by myself now I be sayin' damn I had a good girl You know You don't even realize how hard it is To find somebody like you till they gone You know what I mean If you'll let me just, come back in your life I-I'll never do it again, I promise [JE] Down at the studio trying to make tracks Girl at home all over my back Everytime I say that's what I'm doing She just thinks it's an excuse Cause I'm out try-na get some new snatch Now I realize that I don't work too hard To keep in here in my life, I've done came to far For me to turn around girl Ain't none of that shit going down girl So believe me when I say [1] - Girl you know you're the only one in my life I know I've been wrong But I'm try-na live right I'll leave my life if it makes it right I promise, girl I promise, I promise [2] - I promise I'mma stay out of these streets I promise You'll never be hurt by me I promise To be the n-i-g Cause all along you can get at me I promise That wasn't in my head I promise You ain't gotta worry about me No more, no more Girl just believe, I promise [JD] I promise baby, I'mma be the best man I don't even know how to be I promise no more Monday nights at the gentleman's club It's all about you [JE] Believe I really meant it when I said I left it back See me in the streets and I'm not about that Said that I'mma be there and I know maybe you can see That I'mma be there Whenever just cause you're my lady I'mma show you just what you deserve Tell you, you ain't waitin' no more for your turn You say you want a ridah And I can be that and so much more like your provider And I want you to know I love you [Repeat 1] [Repeat 2] [Loon of Harlem World] Uh check it out, girl I promise you love Promise I never would leave you I promise long as you love me I could never decieve you I promise you dis, promise you dat Whatever you want As long as I got it, ain't no problem with that You my ebony queen, everything Playa ever could dream Give you the world and everything in between Now you wanted honesty, manogamy The way that you honor me Ain't no other way it gotta be I couldn't see you with another man rolling in sand Strolling through the park, in the dark holding his hand Me and you versus the world is only the plan I know it get rough, but I'm doing all that I can Now to the world I'm just Loon from Harlem If I had a choice girl I'd rather lose then start 'em Than to ever lose you, I promise I'll never use you This not a game girl, I promise [Repeat 2 (3x)] [JD] Come on, come on, come on Rock with me, uh we love y'all Yeah, uh-huh This for the ladies, know what I mean

My Feelin's

My Feelin's (Intro) [Female Voice] Hey, this is Keisha You've reached 757-444-8363 Sorry I'm not available at this time But if you leave your name and number I will get back with you as soon as possible Thanks for calling [Dave] Hey, baby listen, umm I know that I'm the last person That you'd ever wanna see or hear from I mean, I know But I really want you to hear what I got to say Girl, I know I done you wrong before It jeopardized our love Thoughts of you walkin' out the door Realized too late, huh What I've done to us And if I can't have you now I can't go on, oh no I can't imagine livin' alone Where you used to be Knowin' that I just lost, baby The best part of me, yeah If I had half a chance to do it all over again I'd never ever break up our happy home Between friends, ohh ohh oh oh 1 - My feelin's are takin' over What do I do now? I don't know Girl I know that I've hurt you But what can I say now? Please don't go, ooh Don't go Please go lonely nights That I'm left here without you I promise baby, what's wrong, I'll make right For you, mmm They'll be no more lies, no more games This hurtin' feeling's drivin' me insane, uh 'Cause I can't live my life, huh Baby, I'm lost Without you, without you Repeat 1 Girl, the way you make me feel When you're sayin' to me you can't go on I never wanted to hurt you Just wanted to fulfill every one of your needs You're my everything I took you for granted And you took your love away, huh But I need you right here with me Please don't go, ooh Whoa, my feelin's Repeat 1 Baby, whatever you need Whatever you want from me You can have it baby 'Cause you're my life, everything Every breath I breathe Baby, you're my everything Baby, don't leave Got to have you, baby baby baby I'll love you for my life Whatever you want from me Don't leave me, don't go I can't eat, I love ya, yes I do Baby, you're my everything Girl you know that you're my everything I'm sorry baby

Don't Wanna Lose You

LIONEL RICHIE "Louder Than Words"
You know it's taken a long time to realize How much I love to be with you Times are hard,spirits weak Everything seems to be going wrong Outlook's bleak You know I fooled around playing the field That's when I found that your love was real No I haven't treated you so right But I won't lose your love without a fight Chorus: I'm gonna hold on to the love we have togther Hold on don't you say good-bye Tell me now before we lose forever Girl I don't want lose Gotta have your sweet loving 'Cause without it girl I'll just lost my mind The way you hold me Comforts me and shows me That a love like yours is hard to find I need your loving every day and night You're kinda lovin' makes me feel alright Chorus Baby don't go Baby don' go ,not now Baby don't go I need you by my side girl Baby don't go I love you so I don't want to lose you You know it took me a long time T finally realize That a good thing is hard to find That's why I'm standing right here With you doday girl I want to keep you I've come to my senses I don't wanna go anywhere I'm coming home Chorus

Ode To My Project Chicks

[Verse 1:] Now turn up the product This for the D shawn S lawn, her mama and her friends Lisa, Tereza, Maria, Tia Lia and Camp I love y'all broads no disrespect to my dawgs But I love y'all broads yeah I love y'all broads To my ladies having babies without no drama To my niggas with figure to say I love my baby mama I bought them shoes them tattoos and even fixed your breast Put you inside the flyest ride put that S on your chest This is for the ones who bubblin and put they mouth on it And they suck everything out of it and they catch it and swallow it From Louisy fasheezy I'm off to hizzy believe me See me I'm squeezing between it And then I leave it so greezy When I pull up in the rose rice Leave em with no choice But to hop up in it and just let me make that dough moist Ruby Red and Vodka, it just carry a nigga Give me 3 minutes maybe 4, she be wantin to marry a nigga [Hook:] Give me a project bitch Give me a hood rat chick One that don't give a fuck And say she took that (took that) Give me a project bitch Give me a hood rat chick One that don't give a fuck And say she took that (dick) [Verse 2:] I know things get hard But girl you got it, girl you got it There you go, can't you tell by how they looking at you everywhere you go Wondering what's on your mind it must be hard to be that fine When all these mufuckas wanna waste your time is just amazing Girl and all I can say is, see you and I know you girl I'm so proud of you And see you in the melf girl I'm so proud of you And I see you in the ville girl and I'm so proud of you Other chicks baddest as fuck, but they ain't real enough [Hook]

Every Little Bit Of My Heart

AZ YET "Az Yet"
[Keith Andes, Babyface, Marc Nelson, Bryce Wilson] Girl, I always think about it 24/7 Can't get it outta my mind I want so bad to be with you Baby, when I dream about it, it feels like heaven Why you gotta be so fine I want so bad to be in you I'm longing girl to tell you 'Bout the visions in my head You never will be lonely Long as roses are red Girl, you should never worry My intentionms, they are true The only thing that matters is you 'Cause I love you And I want you And I can't be without I swear there's no doubt That I need you I adore you Every inch, every part With every little bit of my heart Baby, I can think of 'bout a million reasons Why you gotta be with me My lovin' flows like endlessly Baby we can go about a zillion places What's your fantasy Just ask and girl, you shall receive I want so much to tell you Girl, you'll never hurt again Long as London Bridge keeps falling Girl, just know I got your back Girl, there's just no rhyme, no reason 'Bout the way I feel 'bout you The only thing that matters is you [CHORUS] 'Cause I fell in love the day, baby You came into my life I've never been in love before Changing everything I think about And I don't want nobody else to have you [CHORUS]

I'm Gonna Be

DONELL JONES "Journey Of A Gemini"
Yo whats up boo I know we never had a love like this before But u know I wanna be that one for you Yo tim and bob Drop that [Verse 1] And im not the average guy cuz i Cherish you and I'm lovin you baby I'm tellin you to single these guys Cuz you really got my heart You better hold onto me tight It's not a dream it's reality and If you down you got me for life Cuz I really love you girl [Chorus] I'm gonna be The one that comes home after work and fix your bath water I'm gonna be The kinda guy that'll never do you wrong I'm gonna be The kinda guy that ain't flippin out when you with your girls I'm gonna be The kinda guy that'll make love through the night [Verse 2] Every night I'm treatin you right Cuz our chemistry is a mystery To everyone lookin from outside Cuz they want what we have When I look right in your eyes I see your soul and I'm the mate baby If you down you got me for life Cuz I really love you girl Your smile cuts through like a knife And what you doin for the rest of your life Cuz I'm thinking of presenting you with a ring Hope you accept this invitation Everyday will be a celebration Birthdays, holidays, could feel the same [Chorus 2x] Through the nite (through the nite) When love feels right I really love you can't get enough of you Want you in my life oh girl You a star and sky so bright You won't regret it match mate in heaven Girl whatever you want me to be [Chorus 2x] Your smile cuts through like a knife And what you doin for the rest of your life Cuz I'm thinking of presenting you with a ring Hope you accept this invitation Everyday will be a celebration Birthdays, holidays, could feel the same [Chorus 2x]

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