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JAGGED EDGE lyrics - Jagged Little Thrill

Where The Party At (So So Def Remix)

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(feat. Da Brat, J.D., Lil' Bow Wow,Nelly,R.O.C.) [Jermaine Dupri:] Uh haha Remix All I see over here ain't nothin' but a lot of honies lookin' for man And niggas with a lot of money, bottles in they hand And short shirts, honies tryin' to show that slow (show that) Lined up tryin' to get through the velvet ropes 'Cause over here when the jam drops everybody bug Standin' on the couches like this our club Got the Bacardi and Cristal mixed in too (yeah) Knowin' in the morning I'm a feel the blues (uh huh) Now the jam keeps droppin' and the drinks keep comin' and the girls keep talkin' to me (talkin' to you) I mean shit straight poppin' everybody jumpin' Makin' it hard for me to leave (oh) [Da Brat:] All you gotta do is call me and I'll come runnin' to where the party at I keep a fat sack in the backpack So what's happenin' In every city I'm rappin' in If it's a after splash I'm the last cat in Get in, purrin' tight like virgin Like snow, flurrin' The party begins when the slurpin' ends (oh) You do me I do you Spend a night with boo-boo Let's have a private party for two But it's gotta be pumpin' in order for me to get cream Runnin' to the border for Colombian's green Studyin' horniculture My green thumb keeps them water vapors twistin' I freak until I cum I keeps it number one [Hook - Jagged Edge {Jermaine Dupri}:] Uh ooooooooooh (Uh oh oh oh) Uh ooooooooooh (Uh oh oh oh) Uh ooooooooooh {Yo, yo R.O.C.} (Uh oh oh oh) Uh ooooooooooh (Uh oh oh oh) If the party's where you're at, just let me know [R.O.C.:] Uh, uh Now here we go, how 'bout another shot of henney I heard the apple martini happen to help plenty Mami ven aqui, the party's over here!! But the hustlers, gangsters, thugs is over here!! Get wit' us (why) We true ballers like the Sixers We all hoppin' out of sixes Mines is black, Jermaine's is champagne Jagged Edge in the blue, black and pearl white and gray What a sight to be seen (uh) So So Def's the crew I thought you knew It's a beautiful thing (so beautiful) I mean there's nothin' like us it's true The sun could retire if the rocks we got get any brighter WHOA!! Once the man and the game that I kick begins My nickname is ESPN Now if ya jewels is blue and ya goose is gray Mix in the O.J. and let's party away [Hook] [Nelly:] Just show me where that party at dirty Somewhere where it's crackin' right around one-thirty Never get done too early I'm comiin' as is.... UHHH!!! Doo-rags and Tims I'm rollin' pass his... UHHH!!! His little Jag and Benz with the Rolls Not the one with the stems, the one with the rims The one that seems to make more enemies than friends I'm slidin' in pass doors, both eyes closed Both arms rose, both charms froze With the S-O SO D-E dot F Buyin' bottles bottles, until it ain't none left I'm quick to go left, I plays with no ref I Jams mo' than Def, baby show me the club I'm like... 'Ay, where that bacardi at' Mix it with the Cris' baby, what's wrong with that We in the VIP twisted, down right spliffed it Two way and shit, ooh they makin' like they mislit, missed it [Jagged Edge {Lil' Bow Wow}:] Left side just put ya hands up, throw 'em up Right side just put ya hands up, throw 'em up Everybody put ya hands up, throw 'em up When the beat come back around everybody do it again Do the eastside run this mutha for ya (Hell yeah!!) Do my southside run this mutha for ya (Hell yeah!!) And them haters and hittin' on, ain't talkin' 'bout us (Uh ooooh) {O-H-I-O} And they look like... (Uh ooooh) If the party's where you're at, just let me know {C-O, sick flow} [Lil' Bow Wow:] Yo, this lil' cat got girls Cat got flows, roll up in the party, snuck in the back door I don't mean no harm, I just heard it was rockin' Let me party witcha 'til the cops come knockin' I'm tryin' to see what all the fuss about Bounce a little bit before they put me out I'm like the sun - this lil' cat got beam Got girls 21 wishin' they was 14 (haha) That's the affect that this phenom Bow Weezy When I do it I do it like it's for TV They might come close but you and I both know they can't see me I'm a So So Def representative Young niggas in the game they was born to live And we do what we do, we don't talk no smack And we always know where the party at, bling (bling bling) [Jagged Edge] {Jermaine Dupri} Ay, where the party at {Tell 'em} Girls is on the way, where the Bacardi at {J.E. y'all} Models and models, talkin' all of that Know I can't forget about my thugs {C'mon} (Where the party at) And all my girls {Yeah} (Where the party at) Up in the club {Uh, yo} (Where the party at) {Tigah} If they party's where you're at, let me here you say [Tigah:] Man I rip flows, get dough everytime I rip shows Rip hoes, when we mash out in Chevy's and fours Niggas know they ain't heard it like this before Whenever we pull up on the strip they like 'Oh!!!' Chickens know me, hundred dollar mac and shorts Tank tops and Polies If it's 'bout cash, I'm gas chick, I'm on E On e'rything Me and Jagged, everytime we hit the club This nigga's off the chain!!! You can believe that And if you don't, come on down here where you can see that Anything you wanna be, best believe I be's that (oh) Where the G's at Where the keys at Where the 22's on them SUV's at Gotta have that from the do' And gotta get me some mo' Man you think I'm goin' on a groupie, no Spot me with a fifth in the velvet room Crown Royale while J.E. spit this velvet tune It's over (over) Dog

You Can't Fade Me

ICE CUBE "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted"
Now the taste of alcohol is filling up my bladder What's the date and time it don't matter Had a pocket full of phone numbers I was trying to sort To make a long story short Ran into this girl named Carla Knew her from the back seat of my homie's Impala She said what's up yeah what's the deal Check the hairdo of course it ain't real Then I looked down she was fat in the front I asked how long, well about seven months Oh how time flies when you're having fun She said yeah but the damage is done Where you been, on a little vacation Oh by the way congratulations Who's the lucky man I don't have a clue Then she said the lucky man is you I dropped my brew And everything looked fuzzy Not a baby by you the neighborhood hussy She said yeah remember that date I thought back and tried to calculate Then I said damn are you sure it's mine Cause I know you been tossed plenty of times She said that day no I wasn't whoring Your ass is mine that's when the sweat started pouring Cause all I saw was Ice Cube in court Paying a gang on child support Then I thought deep about giving up the money What I need to do is kick the bitch in the tummy Naw cause then I'd really get faded That's murder one cause it was premeditated So what I'm a do I don't have a clue How many months left damn only two I'm gettin faded No cigar, G Ay yo homey man I'm getting faded It's crazy cause before I could sleep with her I had to duck and dodge and try to creep with her See the booty and the front was all in place But the girl had the pitbull face So we ran jumped drove swam crawled hid Oh lord god forbid My homies see me at the motel Cause those fools would love to just go tell Everybody in the hood that knows your rep So jump in the back seat and quiet is kept And hold your big fat butt steady Cause yo hoe I got the paper bag ready She started moaning and gobbling like a turkey I knocked the boots from here to Albuquerque I dropped her off man and I'm knowing That I'm a hate myself in the morning I got drunk to help me forget Yo another day another hit shit I'm gettin faded Ay yo you know what time it is Nine months later she's ready to drop the load And everybody in the hood already knows It's supposed to be mine so they laughing at me You know Ice Cube can't be having that G I'm thinking to myself why did I bang her Now I'm in the closet looking for the hanger JD and Jinx and T-Bone won't let up they won't shut up I'm gettin fed up bitch Cause I know you're tryin to break me But if I find out your tryin to fake me I'm a buff that duff for a hoot Beat ya down and leave a crown or two That night she went into labor And the shit is getting kinda major The baby came out damn it was a lifesaver Looking like my next-door neighbor She said it was mine that was her best guess But let's check the results of the blood test I started smiling yeah cause it read negative Damn why did I let her live After that I should've got the gat And bust and rushed and illed and peeled the cap But no I just told the hoe who laid me Excuse me bitch it's a switch You can't fade me Naw baby not this way Yo you ain't playing Ice Cube out like no booger I don't fall for the okey-doke And before I fall for the okey-doke I let the pistol smoke Now sing it Yeah baby you can't fade me Naw unfadable baby

Let Me Fly

[Rell] Whatever you wanna do, girl we gotta do it tonight You don't wanna let me go, I can see it in your eyes But you know I gotta fly, cus baby this is my life Baby this is my life [Jim Jones] She's spillin' drinks all night on my favorite pants She was all up on a nigga givin' crazy stares The loud knock in my door had me wake up scared As I looked into my bed she had her makeup smeared Damn, it's like a party what we made in here And I was tryin' tell the time through the jacob glare Can't front the fat ass and the wavy hair Had a nigga contemplate about stayin' here I missed the flight I got to pay delay She tried to do it all again she ain't playin' fair She reached up like do you gotta leave I wanna stay but baby girl I gotta breathe Jet lag screamin' that we runnin' late My louis bag on wheels runnin' to the gate Party all night to the A.M. And it kinda pushed my time back like daylight savings [Rell] 7 a.m. turning over in the sheets Manager blowin' up the phone in my sleep A smile on my face I don't mean to make em' wait But she's that much sexier when she sleeps Throwin' on my clothes put my shoes on my feet Bags packed up now I'm ready for the streets Glanced back at her now she's staring up at me She wanna pull me back but she know I gotta leave Flights at ten then we land at twelve Then we then check-in to another hotel oh well Do it all again I think I want her an my homie wants her friend Ball like tomorrow might be the end We can let it all go, we can play pretend We can do up from the dusk til' the dawn Like the Marvin Gaye song baby lets get it on

Doin What I Want To

-Bizzy Bone-Intro- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Capo Regime, Lil' Capo Confuscious first and foremost. Yeah, yeah. Live in the ghetto, we're in the ghetto, War Drone, Rasuu, Gotti, Nina Ross, Skails; Seven, Seven, Seven. (Outta my mind, outta my mind, outta my mind and outta my brains, brains) the pain is, motherfuckers. Yeah. Hell yeah my niggas. Get that shit for us. -Bizzy Bone- Bitch, it's Mr. Business Man/ You can suck a dick or something/ Dippin' through abandoned buildings and tuckin' my motherfucking pump and runnin' a trench and I don't even think about no pension; Just get me out of this dimension (It's clear, niggas) Jesus was sanction/ Destination was Heaven or Orion/ My body was man, so was the brethren/ So here we are, 2000 years and plus later/ Plus labor, dippin' in my Oakland Raider/ Momma Mabel drank liquor till the last savor/ Bullets is following like Satan, holler at the Savior/ Notice the shit gets spiritual with the misfits/ Think its some street niggas like sellin' dope or sellin' Bisquick/ Stripped that woman down/ Hurry up 'fore somebody come take her/ Would you leave her if somebody raped her? And if she cheated on ya, would you take her ass back? And if he beated on ya, would you cut that nigga some slack? Some married nigga can come feel that/ How many can feel the gun clack? Then the one come and clackin' em back/ Rap for the fuck of it/ And, oh dog, my way through/ Buck it/ Bless my little brother, money is a motherfucker -Chorus-Lil Louis- Just doin' what I want to; I'm livin' my life/ My life, my life! Tell me what I gotta do/ Just to survive (Just to survive, yeah) Just doin' what I want to; I'm livin' my life/ My life, my life! Tell me what I gotta do/ Just to survive (Oh...) -Bizzy Bone- Niggas, we Kamikaze pilots/ We are the Vietnamese when it comes to violence/ Are we movin' in silence? The desert ease/ Ugly style, for the real O.G's inhiblious been trippin' on human bodies, the body's working with me/ Say the early bird get the word, huh? I'm feelin' the war drum, beatin' my chest; My ancestors, do my best/ My momma was European, Italian to be exact/ And, oh the German in her father, my father she'd a harrassed him/ And welcome to Revelation, we in the mist of Babylon/ We in the war now; Get your own plane or stay on the ground/ Capo, you my nigga forever/ Fuck what bitches say, yeah! That's my brother, he'd never play me on any day/ Pass me the green leaves as soon as I write that/ Heterosexual-type that, homosexuals bite that/ Black gloves and hands dirty/ And shit concurrin' in the aftermath and we will smoke/ My 7th Sign soldiers... -Chorus- -H.I.T.L.A.H Capo-Confuscious- Niggas talkin' bullshit/ Naw, dawg, ain't got time for that/ Pity the fool, I tell you/ Try to conquer by dividing proof, stupid/ Gambini named me the Capo simply cauze he knows I'm ready without a doubt/ My hammers cocked, barrel down your mouth/ Seperate fate from the profound great, and bury, we can't bury no more dead weight/ You dickin' much demand, midget/ Dealin' with gigantic game, flammable as propane, ready to blow/ So get the fuck out of my way, no chance for survival/ My rivalries, finish them, fatality/ Totally unstoppable, new steel-o/ Wannabe's try to copy this rap-ability/ Mentality, war/ No sleepin' rippin' as I spoke/ Read it and weep/ Regime lock it up and throw away the key/ Funky comedina/ Bartender, we need some more Hennessy/ Get drunk, then flip out/ It's another gangsta party/ Everybody scream loud! -Chorus-

Party At The Beach House

Oh, wake up on the beach now Yeah We everywhere you wanna be now Yep I just had a dream - I could be a grown up Friends telling me I'm a pop like soda Wild summer night, well some of you woulda known A kid like moi woulda blown up Chilling out east Gotta rock Lola Only fair matters like I'm Carl Winslo, But Pop in the road trip I got the windows low shit We're doin this for kicks - I'm Matt Stompra And when that's over I don't wanna quick ending And then moneys so cool while you quit that spending Girs do yoga they just split and bending If you acting sinister then quit pretending Oh that's offending me why don't you cover up Cause I could show you to my room get you bundled up She took a look into my pocket got 100 bucks I crash landed in the country club cause I got 'Cause I got Friends in the bank, friends in the Hamptons All I gotta say to them is thank God for that And we could party all damn day And the last one to stay awake Can thank God For my friends in the bank, friends in the Hamptons All I gotta say to them is I'm all for that Uh-ha, yeah uh-ha yeah uh-ha Thank God for that Cause we'll be in the house, eating up the dominoes Living at the top of the world, Geronimo What the fuck you do last night, donna knows Man I think I'm heading for a fall like a domino Someone pick me up 'fore they kicking me down I don't usually score - so here's the rebound Woody Harrelson - I kept my feet on the ground But - me and Andre Ethier really in the league now, With no beach house Just a sand bucket - we can shovel dreams Or we can hitchhike and make it by other means But if I sit tight, I'm sinking the submarine, And sipping bubbles, I just rather sip the bubb-er-ly Yes, so let the chef cook the souffle, Eating food n liquor with my food n liquor lupe Who'da picka better opurtun'er than a new day Bitches tryna grabba me a bouquet, 'Cause I got Friends in the bank, friends in the Hamptons All I gotta say to them is thank God for that And we could party all damn day And the last one to stay awake Can thank God For my friends in the bank, friends in the Hamptons All I gotta say to them is I'm all for that Uh-ha, yeah uh-ha yeah uh-ha Thanks God for that 'Cause I got Friends in the bank, friends in the Hamptons All I gotta say to them is thank God for that And we could party all damn day And the last one to stay awake Can thank God For my friends in the bank, friends in the Hamptons All I gotta say to them is I'm all for that Uh-ha, yeah uh-ha yeah uh-ha Thanks God for that


Emm Gryner
You left a good drug on my tongue And I know and I know and I know I should write about the dizziness 'Cause I can't talk to the constellation Like I want and I want yeah I want 'Cause I know too well what's good for me You just dropped your bomb Like blood on Tuesday night Like everyone else you found a pretty face And you're all set for life Hey I'll always wish I was with you Hurt me you can't kill me whatever you wanna do Hey I'll always wish I had your hand It would take away the acid if I thought you'd understand You say it happened like the movies Yeah in a shot in a shot yeah you got All the things you were looking for I've got enough indigo to wash away my heart No you gotta keep me on this side of the great wide sea Now I think I might get myself all 1967 on you Run screaming to the balcony But I can't do that can't do I gotta keep my good composure And swallow everything I want to say

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