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JAGGED EDGE lyrics - Jagged Little Thrill

Did She Say (Remix)

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Lil' Bow Wow, JD, & Da Brat) (Oh shit!) So So to the Def, JE, Bow Wow Six in the mornin', mom's at my door Airport's all wired, cause the kid should flow Got an interview to do I ain't tryin' to be late But I can't leave the house Without my Funk Flex tape You know me AKA little cold crush Keep it hoppin' like a 6-4 juiced up Keep it poppin' from The Tunnel to the plush So So Def, yeah that's us [JE] Tell me how can you Believe everything you hear She ain't telling you Cause she really wants to be here with me And she would do anything to get with me So please, don't believe a thing that she says to you Did she say that she, that she be calling me baby When she told you I was no good And how all the time she tried to give it to me Did she say that she wanted me Did she say Ain't the first time that she stabbed you in your back Open up your eyes and see A real friend wouldn't do that Cause you need to sit her down and let her know You can't mess up a good thing so go I just wanna know one thing, baby did she say She said I want your man Making all sorts of plans Trying to get me away from you And as soon as you're gone She's tryin' to get it on Baby don't you listen to what she say [JD (Brat)] We don't stop (For what) Yo uh Now when my pager go... Who you think that is My bitch, no your bitch see She like you, but she in love with me And how I go back and forth with da [Da Brat] B-R-A-T, when the two way vibrate It's your nigga that's tryna come up on a hot date To get next to Chante Face it, he only fucked you cause he was wasted And now he want a replacement [JD] Basically your listening to the hottest fam Since the Jackson 5 We don't run outside, we hit the middle with the dive Playa ice and the tweny inches on the ride Playa when you see me [Da Brat (JD)] You see me, same thing, same way Radio, TV, up in your face It's us that digustingly bust and come up (With our head out the window screaming) We don't give a fuck (Meet us dead in the bed) Till the shit blow up [Funkmaster Flex] Yeah shout to Big Kap, Alcatraz Cipher Sounds, Johnny Walker Ray DJ Keori, Mister Cee DJ Scratch and DJ Twinz

Friend Or Foe

Intro: I want you I got to have you But what will this lead to? Will it just be me and you? Tell me.... you know I want you Tell me how you feel.... Verse One: MJG I'll be obliged if you step outside because my ride is awaitin our date an of steak an a night cap we matin awakin by smells of perfume that I inhale and then tell how well we raise hell on the dizzell satin sheets heat from your feet keep me warm The mood is perfected by sounds from the storm You came stronger I lasted longer Than I've ever lasted your mouth was fantastic the fuck test you passed it the way you made a nigga laugh I had to getcha and when I saw that ass pass I had to hit cha ya makin me fight against my will What must I do? [Would ya kill for me?] Ya if my life in danger too [Even steal for me?] Ya if that shit belongs to you [Then feel for me?] Ya if the way you act is true Who knows fine clothes Lexus doors you'll be closin when you become one of the chosen hoes in different places different faces different cases got me tied like shoe laces no mistake this MJG you ain't gotta be constantly tryin to shoot that P claimin that you ain't heard of me keepin it real let me know how you feel when we communicate We'll be straight if you express your mind instead of referring away some who can't do it lose women but nigga like me used to it Space Age Pimpin' Chorus: New day, new age Every once in awhile this is how we slang our game New day, new age Nothin is too strong New day, new age when settin it out is all we straight to do New day, new age Just me and you, just me and you Verse Two: Eightball You and I, me and you situation gettin sticky your mouth is sayin no but your body's sayin stick me lick me don't be afraid of what your friends say rappers get dat ass then be outta here like yesterday but not tonight you look so tight it feels so right this indo got me pervin let's go hop in my Suburban and ride til we get to where you want to be no matter how far just call me Oball baby to me your the superstar ask me time and time again why did I choose you Do I wanna be your man or just misuse you I hear your partners dissin' when they think I ain't listenin' them hoes just be wishin they could be in yo position wit me in luxury I got to be everyday chief in hey would somethin stout wearin lingerie Let's hit the hotel get a suite an order somethin to eat tell me things about you I'll tell you things about me then out the blue I'll be carressin you undressin you You start doin all shit you said you'd never do lustin bustin all out of my boxer drawers fingers dripping slippin in an out in an out constantly tellin me the things you don't do Yet you do it like a pro and think I don't know but I do that's why I'm here wit you and you know this slip on the latex and dive in SWISH! Chorus Outro: Hey... please come back to me baby don't ya leave... [shhhh... don't do that] you know I want cha, you know I gotta have you... [Ya, I know but I got to go] I want cha please come back to me... [Damn, you makin it hard for a nigga to leave, don't do that] Don't cha leave, don't cha leave, don't cha leave [I got to go, I got to get up an go] I want you, I want you [I think I want this baby]

Here We Go

MYSTIKAL "Unpredictable"
[Intro E-40] Uh, uh, hah! Alright, Mystikal, (BITCH! Hombre!) Mystikal. Alright nigga, this E four O. Huh, E four O, E four O, huh. Finna get it crankin up in this biatch, what. Finna get it crankin up in this biaiatch. V-Town (V-town), New Orleans. Check it out. [E-40] Thangs fine, in the middle of the street, sirens and violens silence Muthafuckas play for keeps, violens and diamonds on my grand piano Turn the channel, lemme see that, gimme that back Muthafucka fool what's your problem (What's your problem) Nigro, why you wanna pull all on the side of my column Column, shot em shot em, got em, stick em, lose em, stock em Bitch em, dodge em, block em, stock em, rock em, chop em, scheme em Plottin plot em, 45 special, 45 special, nigga with the four five realize [B-Legit] I got this monkey on my back, shit be funky that's a fact Screamin up in them swamps though, pocket fulla twamps though To stomp hoe, totin my pis-tal Up and down them side streets up in my vehi-cal Calli still, rally's fell, French Quarters at night Smoke blunts, get the money, and make shit right We're smokin weed pipe, niggas stuff it and roll Just some fools bout they paper, way out of control Now, here we go [Chorus [B-Legit & E-40]] Here we go, time to let these niggas know Here we go, here we go, uhhhhh Here we go, here we go, time to let these niggas know Mystikal, P go get the four door Here we go, here we go, time to let these niggas know Here we go, here we go, uhhhhh Here we go, here we go, time to let these niggas know Mystikal, Master P go get the four door [Mystikal] A-I-N-T-N-O-L-I-M-I-T Nigga, we B-O-U-T-I-T-B-O-U-T-I-T Fonzarelli, gimme the mike Let me get in they ass And with the Ice Cream Man we kickin ass Came way from the project in New Orleans Where the drug dealers slang and the killers they blast Pass the grass, gimme the weed, smash the gas, we actin bad We lookin for the bitches with the pink cookie We already got the plastic bag Nah-nah-nah-nah-NAH Our money don't stop, it multiply Could this fucker be, P lemme in the pool lemme show ya I pull my size I know some of y'all niggas gon probably have a problem with everything we say Bitch, G-E-T-O-F-F-M-Y-D-I-C-K Always been the shit, so I'ma be the shit Fuckin with niggas like E four O and B-Legit Y'all niggas got a pay to feed the men, we the men Do it fast or slow, we dressed up straight from a fashion show Passin hoes, ain't nothing on the wall in the hall but platinum and gold I put the dick on the track, and break they back To the mighty N.O., came fame, when I brought it to the top Here we go, in this B-I-T-C-H [Chorus] [Master P] [Talking with echo] Represent, Ughhhhhhhhh! Ha ha! That's how we gon bubble. No Limit style. Mystikal, nigga. E-Feezy, B-Legit, and Master P. The kisarme. Yeah baby, yeah. Represetin ya heard me. How ya do dat dere. 707, 504, we gettin y'all ready for that there. It's a new beginning, a new millenium. No Limit.

Plug Me In

Sing of the week shit they beat us on the radio Live as stereo so once again here we go To all my real cats who love to hear the real rappin I still understand the reason that you feel that Yo, I'm a crook like Donald One Shit sat up like coins listen everyone joins in the session Know when I'm about to teach a lesson In love when micronesses starts remising Listen, raps of the hook as Elves run take it like a man kid it's our turn Shout out to all my peeps getting green like they suppose to Yo from the fam understand, yo we don'ts do Love the way of goin down baby No doubt these bitches weak arse on the style Until the day I'm up an gone I'm gonna get it on An' let me warn all your foes you gettin shitted on From day one we had hot mix Yo I thought you cats could chill shit I got this Inner smile, time to take respect first semester cats Keep it come through an' get some extra arse Plug me in I see you wanna be down but you don't hit the liss You could either give that or you can get with this Man I promise just to hit you with officialis An' all I ask is you don't get me nor my pistol clips So recognise the guns blast for the love of that Are yo good for me pull my blast I'm a see that arse Until then I'm a rhyme kid and still shine But when I spot him I'm a get him doubt him bottom line That future rap, yo I'm crap cause I play the streets An the way yo niggas live that's what I say the beast Keep the cheddar in my pockets ain't no bubbly An when it trouble me, honey make it a double G Helby fam represent New York City Hang on the siss, an we get criss pretty All my keys throw your L's up, you know it's on I'm a keep this here strong until the flow is gone Plug me in Let me get a mic a checker, one, two now I came through this show these niggas how we do now Cadillacs be seated an we gettin weeded As long as I've been in this game I have been indefeated You can't fuck around my shit is at a puntin radies Top or not still hot ain't nuthin changed All these are G subs in uniform You violate the fanzine now you'll be gone Out the flame y'all you now how a nigga came An' by the time I'm at the door you know a nigga name Mr. Cheeks MC, did you get it yank it Wish an' rest I got some guess up in my naughty sweats Love the Benadet, elves we throw Sue Wynette We hate enough to get in they well, fill your stretch Get, an' meanwhile while you be talkin that same shit You whoop a nickel this game kid Plug me in

Ready 2 Ryde

SNOOP DOGG "Tha Last Meal"
(feat. Eve) [Eve] Keep it shaking, Cali keep it quaking Cause the Ryders got me bringin home the bacon Show me love, and it wasn't no mistakin that I would dedicate this melody - fuck the hatin [Chorus: Snoop Dogg] I had to tell my girl to pack her shit cause she slipped and dipped inside I need a girl that's ready to ride to keep the heater right by her side [Eve] Aiyyo, so what the deal Dogg, tell me, keep it real Dogg Niggaz seem () to the brain, how you feel Dogg Nigga I'ma ride, set it up, let it spill Dogg Anything you want, I can flip, got the skill Dogg [Snoop Dogg] Baby girl you so so-phisticated Finance related, you graduated to the next level in the game, wearin my name Bad little brickhouse, go and do that thang [Eve] Yo - niggaz surprised when they open they eyes Thick in the thighs wasn't part of they plan Not just his bitch, I'm like his main man Act shifty - your resistance gone swiftly Bitches mad at a nigga, askin why he kissed me Stop whinin, just to cry and get the mackin daddy I don't like it when the angry chick is actin crabby That's why he bagged me Ghetto jewel, never loud and trashy No stressin over chicks - problem Bet I solve it fastly [Chorus - 2X] [Snoop Dogg] We gangbang on these niggaz like we 'posed to do and I'll be damned if I let a bitch get close to you We posted Boo - you, my, one and only Quick to dump before the homies Remember when that phony nigga ran up on me at the club You filled him up with slugs, that's what I call love All that pushin and shovin, kissin and huggin Thuggin, dig it, dug-in I'm lovin every minute of it Boo The way you stay true, and always kept your cool You kept the heater right by your thigh And when the shit got hectic you was ready to ride You didn't run out, when I pulled the gun out That's what I'm talkin bout, no doubt Ruff Rydin, Eastsidin, to the realest y'know D-O-double-Gizze, you know how we get busy [Eve] Aiyyo, how could I leave a real nigga A real nigga's all I need Fake bitches try to take my place, fall to they knees Don't violate, see my man, he don't like no scrapes And if I heard you was frontin I hope on the case Wild one Maybe, but I'ma protect my baby Test me fool and by the end you gon' think I'm crazy That's how I do for my Dogg, keep my () strong Both sides relied on the shit, nigga sing the song [Chorus - 2X] [Snoop Dogg] Yeah.. hahah, E-V-E! D-O-double-Gizze! Y'know! Ruff Rydin, Eastsidin! Foe life, ahh! Yeah.. And you thought it'd never happen Fuck the haters, bow wow! Woof.. woof.. woof.. woof.. [Dogg panting] BEOTCH! It's official now, yeah We gon' Ruff Ryde up on out of here on this one Eastside up Eastsidaz Goldie Loc in the house Lil' 1/2 Dead DJ Jam, my nigga E, Davey Dave, uhh, misbehave Give it to 'em Dogg Whattup DMX WOOF! Master P UNNNGHH! Dr. Dre [chronic inhaled sound] My nephew Scott on the beat Illy Philly-delphia [sounding like a P-Funkster] Awwwwwww, yeah babyyy! It's another one, funky as they come Evey Eve and Doggy Dogg Bitch please, awwww!

Game Face

XZIBIT "Intro (The Last Night)"
Game Face with Ras Kass I don't fuck around I'll break you down in the hours of H All these L.A times motherfucka's keepin the pace No need to pull strings things still get done To have you yellin at the top of yo lungs So Xzibit never speak wit a false tounge Slid off like a handgun Tryin to build an empire to pass to my grandson I never like to talk business over the phone So either have love for the game or leave it alone Plus action speak louder than words And pussy move faster than birds So I gotta keep a gameface On the street you slip, and you might catch a hot one Xzibit stay low and kick back like a shotgun I keep it bangin to the end of the line When a rapper think his saggin style is fuckin with mine, it's divine Cuz my family is harder than bricks Anything to keep it movin cuz it's harder to hit Chorus: (Ras Kass) Only right I fuck wit you when you fuckin' wit mine Keep it movin to the end of the line And action speak louder than words And pussy move faster than birds Gotta keep a gameface (Xzibit) Only right I fuck wit you when you fuckin' wit mine Keep it movin to the end of the line And action speak louder than words And pussy move faster than birds Gotta keep a gameface Verse 2: Ras Kass Men must be either tramp or the crutch To regulate, relegate, delegate power, nigga touch something Trust no one and die dumping Drained ya battery you barely talking like Teddy Ruxpin See that's wassup, nigga I don't give a fuck Say some shit so nasty, it'll make Little Kim blush As if, a 98 bentley didn't tempt me To lay bullshit over this empty But consequently my conscience wouldn't permit me I'm one-third black man, one-third Jackie Chan One-third sand, shiftin across the surface of the land Golden State Warrior let my nuts hang like niggas in nooses While you givin groupies all your loochie I'm known for fucking hoochies in suskis And slippin ??????? Loved and feared, severe yet loved The full time titan fighting three million over night thugs So keep your, hand out your rectum 'cause you can't stop shit Don't rock shit, studio hustlers claimin' they got more keys than a locksmith What part of the game is this Bonus Round, give me the mic, the money The pussy in that order, the mortar over populated get fucked and orally copulated And all you chumps on some you owe me an apology shit can suck yo apology out my dick Chorus: Verse 3: (Ras Kass) This is for the black niggas, the yak sippers The part time strippers,slash full time student,and fifty buck slippers I got athletes feet,we run these contrete streets Sporting cleets, ain't nothing sweet (Xzibit) I'm making rappers get they shit together Still smokin, still drinkin, still maintain clear thinkin Everyday is the weekend, mashin thru in a lincoln And style so sick, the whole car start stinking Chorus

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