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JAGGED EDGE lyrics - Hard

Car Show

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro:] Uno, get down, dos, get down [x3] Uno, get down, uno, dos, tres College park (stay with us), East Point, Decatur, Downtown Atlanta [Jagged Edge: Verse 1] Roll up at the spot, I seen her had to meet her I was at the bar, sippin' and I'm leanin' I just, had to get attention, but didn't wanna mention How, she just wasn't lookin' And this ain't what I'm feelin' Now, movin' on, to bout to have you later And now, she's my girl, I knew that I wasn't playin' and its Better than my friendship, it's kinda like my pension cause I'm savin' all my funds up And I'm gonna spend it long long long... [Chorus (2x):] She keeps me spinnin' like the blades on my rims and She keeps me winning so I can't trade her in and She keeps me bumpin' up and down like a 6 - 4 She keeps my engine runnin' hot like a car show [Verse 2] She's my movie star and I'm her director Sweat, in the car, driving as fast as we can go She's gonna be all on me, kissin' me touching me I don't wanna stop right now, she doesn't wanna stop neither She's a sexy girl, shaped like a coke bottle Or a fancy car the prototype model She's got curves in all around spots, keep my engine runnin' hot I don't wanna slow it down, I'm gonna let her go... [Chorus] [Big Boi from OutKast] Now get my damn trophy The way she's movin' like chest and checker Black white any color gotta respect her Double decker flat yea body gotta protect her Together weather the storm to things get better, never Fall to the waist, I grace, I cry Lifeless, lemme add some color to that shine I like this, bittin', fuckin', all of this for nothing Should've gotten an old shit or somethin' Some old fools bubblin' and that's what we becomin' See, you used to be comin', when the engine was runnin' Now ?? and you ain't that woman Mmm, damn, I hate that frontin' I hate just bumpin' in just case you was wondering Most wantin' a million and how you wantin' a hundred I done done it, I done done it, I done done it, ho, I done done it [Jagged Edge: Hook 2X] Up and down like a 6 - 4, party bumpin' hot dro Droppin' tops and way more, hot like car show Y'all know how we do, keep it true no see through Now I gotta roll it and and we bout to roll (out out out) She keeps me spinnin' like them blades on my rims man She keeps me winning so I can't trade her in man She keeps it bumpin up and down like a 6 - 4 She keeps my engine runnin' hot like a car show [Chorus] Ride ride ride... Feel so good... [Chorus to fade]

Live On 89.9FM Nighttrain

AESOP ROCK "Music For Earthworms"
[DJ chatter] [Aesop Rock:] Check it, in a box marked "divinity", I trap the trinity of honor, evolution, and serenity. Pulled the reign into me, Sorta? type hype oddities of style, lost child prodigy intrigued, fatigued by a suit and tie spy claiming post-Bonham? peacemakers with the worlds ends calibrated in their briefcases Case em when the sun bursts... and the populace awaited my reply: I spit a billion tiny, brilliant white lights into the sky. When your last murmurs fade like colors in graff burners, soon to be flustered and clustered in with comrade trash hurlers. Color me a sideline observer, alerted not yet retreating and the climate stubbornly hovered slightly above freezing. Penny for your reasoning, Doug, which luckily I ain't as blessed to hold your attendance so I could slide my guided tenants on the one. That drop in the bucket boogie begun, brick in the wall installments draw a fallen performance. Fifth element, critical endurance kingpin allow only the murkiest swamp bot to slip beneath the skin, this is Aesop recording til your TDK stops[?] watch laboratory clone demotions dodge on natural hate crops. With the bearers of the reptile smile again and again, blendin' a friend with a fiend lendin' a bended dream, keen, cold, the straight soul drenched, temper fuckin, back boogie, I'm a settler, kids wanna know the Aesop Rock... the off the top, prototype, straight Robocop. If you're Quasimoto, and you're slomo to stop ya rock bells, I block spells casted. If you wanna straight flacid pass me towards... you what? Kids wanna jet? 'Tis I, the 6 foot 4 space cadet all up in you, kids wanna bend you back so who's the next kid to rock upon the track? [other rapper begins, cuts out] [another rapper finishes, DJ] [Aesop Rock:] [from Wake Up Call] Tell me is you fat cats or lab rats? Trails tell my steppin' got em sweatin' flashbacks. I played a part of minesweeper clunkin' sneakers in my sunken city defunked and apparently examinin' famine. I'ma follow the strobe while your blind spot swallows the globe. Sink through the track and think back. When I was a boy, I employed styles exhausted by every lost child. At present, normally I drill pillars of normalcy. You're all cordially invited to accompany me in rotations at the tables to label the opposition as I choose. Refused to evolve with the cold. Rapidly dissolve my involvement in a solvent of soul and rolled back. My brain tripped the beta, waits, trap for the slaughter like livestock infected with anthrax. When my Compaq of clan snaps to lapse was the mandatory maze, where the bluest ribbons yield the glory days, I reside up on the opposite circuit in glorious dazes where glorious hazes are grey, spun through my array of operations slave to idiot box revelations that wrap tightly in a practice with my colleagues and slackers... straight 20,000 league mappers. And the swelling increases... Once the mortar hit the pestle, your whole vessel fell to pieces... And I laughed! I laughed for me and my starving art family. I laughed candidly, your failures ampin' me to vamp fresh. My mic stabs white flags and drags trembling, Devil skin-wearers through the terrors of compliance. When the day turns night, seƱoritas suck the woody like termites And wonder how they got labeled dick-hungry damsels in distress. The all new and improved, poetically portable Aesop Rock! Available in stores with my highly suggested parental discretion, and 99 brilliant new dimensions, bust it... [studio chatter] [Aesop Rock:] [from Shere Kahn] Bust this, I forever wallow in glitches, grimly distributed by side effects Consumed, cocooned in antisocial trenches, drenched! Gridled between dense pillars of polar value lies a grey so blueless it's got I fiendin for the sky. Synthesized lies rise synthetic Sittin' inside solidified plastics who's lateral burns germ compatible... My firm's radically piloted, dodging a fire swiftly Yellow brick stalker walking shifty... I am but a prototype Metroid programmed to Holocaust style while you're soakin' in the stages of denial. Your petty soldiers stand fragile like Giacometti sculptures, embedded in aromatic cultures. We's rock steady vultures Plus I's the guise of rowin' a soul. My wingspan stands flags in the snow of the poles. Berserk! Swerve my alignment towards solitary confinement and jade it. Stripping, color my passion mitigated... [shoutouts all around]

Thank You

JIN "The Rest Is History"
This feels good right here, just happy to be here, I mean I gotta take a moment to thank those that made a difference Whether small or big, damn, where should I start though? First and foremost I gotta give praise To the Lord above and His Almighty ways Blessin' me with the gift to lift spirits And evoke emotions through these words everytime you hear it I got the lyrics and flow, I'm capable so When I blow, just know this one's for April and Joe Me and my little sister, we're grateful you know Wish I could see you more Avah at the rate that you grow My favorite uncle Franky for opening ya door When I ain't have a place to stay, I crashed on your floor Taught me the basic survival tools Auntie Cathy, every summer kept me in vacation Bible school Mr. Diskin for more than passin' grades And my fourth grade teacher Mr. Scott who passed away Peep how I met Kamel, corner on the street We goin' to the top, let's do it for Shawna and Jaleek In the beginnin', no one was on Jin's side folks Bar and Amory, whoa Bundy that's an inside joke Before bullshit friendships, synthetic for cream Chilled with my wall click, Bryan, Cedric and Jean So when I moved to NY chose to invest in a few One love to Patricia, Ben and the rest of the crew To be loved is a privilige, that's what I was told A gem from my man unless more precious than gold Infamous Joe lacin' my tatt so sick Fong, Yungmac, and Ken down at Ho Yips To Dee Waah Chivon and the rest of the deans For believing in a young man obsessed with a dream Allowin' me to write history create my own chapter All original ryders and the generation after The double R staff my thanks worth a million And the whole 30th floor at the Universal buildin' You could never walk in my shoes or stand in my boots Know how I came up, I'll never abandon my roots Yeah, C Rayz, Poison Pen for sharing the stage Shouts to stronghold, tone and the rest of the plague Ask Big Zoo, we ten steps ahead of ya Vice versus, eye to eye, E-O dub regulars My man J pure for bringin' the heat right And the rest of the poets, chillin' under streetlights Just keep the beats tight, shouts to the record spinners Enough, felli fell and all the heavy hitters Kubichi K Sly hold me down in L.A. Might catch me flickin' it up with von in the bay Then it's off to the wake up show with tech and sway Or big nat and foot out in VA It's damn near tradition to kick a freestyle Anytime I'm with Eddie Francis out in Seatown Can't forget hometeam as high as I be Supa Cindy, Big Lip and DJ Irie The club and mixtape DJ's that break records 'Cause thanks to them we've heard some great records Shouts out to the technicians they get props Feel free to holla, anytime you need drops Bob Collina, the only one to call Anytime ya boy Jin gota run in with the law Bert Padell A K A Big Babe Ruth Got the brinks truck outside, let's get paid loot 6 4 6 6, the trips back and forth From the studio to the crib, I'm never slackin' off How 'bout Will, Spivey and of course Killa Kai? Boondo, Randy, Feron just a few of my Close associates that I love to see School me to the game like Joe box and Brother E Razor and Mario for all them times we rocked shows To the rest of 176, tato "Holla front dot com" go register today Peter Jun, Rock, Lisa, Landy and J Keepin' me fresh Ellis at the barbershop Coast to coast, lifestyles reppin' the R alot My man cartoon bringin' the fresh sound Cookie and mag OG's holdin' the West down And of course Swizz Blocks, Carl, climax Far east movement, they got what ya minds lack T dot Montreal where I keep mass appeal Romero, baby you, R G and Neil It pays to keep it real even more to be sincere Thanks to B E T for jump startin' my career As for one oh six who they askin' about Free and A J can't wait to see yall back on the couch And MTV for givin' advance warnings John Singleton plus the chance at performin' The soul stopper X L Rolling Stone vibe The truth, the lies, the layout in rides For every write up forever in context King magazine Elle girl and complex To all the producers for providin' the beats Shouts to Neo, Tunehedz, Divine and Elite JR, Wyclef, Kanye, can I rep This is real hip hop be damned if I let Y'all tell me otherwise 'cause we so live This one's for 954 and 305 All the way to 718 and 212 And if you ever showed love this one's for you But I gota say thanks even those that hated 'Cause, 'cause ya'll kept me motivated {You see, lot times People dont appreciate the love and support That they get from they family an' friends Haters and all they are locked into but not me} {See I never take none of that for granted So I knew I had to take a moment And atleast let ya'll know how I felt about it C'mon} I gotta thank God, I wanna thank y'all I gotta thank God, I wanna thank y'all I gotta thank God, I wanna thank y'all I gotta thank God, I wanna thank y'all 'Cause when I'm sure there is no me Oh my cha I can't forget about you I know when you make sinners down You doin' a real good job on that I know I probaly forgot a ton of people But don't think that you know count it Anyway you want, it's just that It's a lot goin' on right now I got my element Little bit of Henessee left in my cup No I don't even drink like that I love ya, the rest is history baby I gotta thank God, I wanna thank y'all I gotta thank God, I wanna thank y'all I gotta thank God, I wanna thank y'all I gotta thank God, I wanna thank y'all

Is This The End?

(feat. Ginuwine, Twista) [Intro/Chorus: Ginuwine] Momma told me one day it was gonna happen But she never told me when She told me it would happen when I was much older Wish it would've happened then (Is this the end) [Chorus] [Verse One: Puff Daddy] Sometimes I be wakin up at high noon sayin, 'Why me Lord' -- folks thinkin I'ma die soon I just tell em keep seekin, but when they sleepin I be concealed up in my room, knowin that it could happen I'm just tryin to maintin, because the future is untold till the static unfolds that the good die young Please God let a Bad Boy die old Do you think I wanna lie cold Or better yet have many shots come close to the head Shirt soaked til it's red The most that was said was that my homies had a toast to the dead Do I need a pack a vest for stress so I can rest Cause even though I'm blessed in my flesh It all came down to a test A motherfucker wanna go and put a tattoo on my chest Now I'm caught up in the mix and I can't do shit, but still I can't ride with program, fearing no man Hit the car door let the door slam it's a blessing that he had slow hands But he's still right behind me All these heartless fools is steady comin after my P So many phony niggaz lovin to hate Sean So many cheddar niggaz comin after my cheese Is it my car that they're losin, are we all for the choosin Or is it all in confusion Better yet all an illusion Shots rang through the hall bullets cruisin for bruisin Don't let this heartless bastard take my life away I don't wanna conceive takin his either Dipped into the back and took a breather Heard steps steady in closin with the bullet skeezer Gotta do somethin, I ain't scared to go but yet my heart is steady pumpin for somethin I refuse to be the one that they be dumpin Gotta get away before the techs start gunnin Bodies start jumpin, wreckin my brain not to try and understand but withstand, is it cause I'm a rich man Or just to try to put a brother down in the dirt like quicksand But no matter what the reason, I don't wanna stop breathin There's dreams to fulfill still Can't complete em with a still kill Face to face with enemies still grill Forgive me for the pain I've caused and the sins I've committed even though I'm not hopin to go I wish someone would open the do' This man's holding the trigger and his finger's steady choking it slow Is this the end [Chorus] [Chorus Two: Ginuwine] Just, can't, let, go (Is this the end) I, just, don't, know Wish it would've happened then [Verse Two: Puff Daddy, Twista] Did I just hear a tight jam, now it's on let make my maneuver Hit the alley saw a man in a landcruiser In his hand was a Ruger, dipped in a Lex like Luger Heard shots from a steel bruiser Teflon in the seat took a pale stress Felt the hate on my chest as I placed on my vest What's wrong with the brakes in the LX Ran straight into a lightpole, just before I got my life stole A car came to the rescue I bailed in and said, 'Bless you But what made me the man you would wanna show help to' I proceeded to ask him, and he said with a passion I could never watch a soul die, plus you the man lookin too fly (But who are you) The pimp nigga named Twista from the cold Chi When the sun's shy gotta keep one eye, nigga I been shot at and stole on No protection from one time, only caught for my prime So I asked the Father what I did so wrong Cause shit it's been hard for me besides chief and the smell of sweet news when the beef brew Motherfuckers steady ballin but steady fallin right in detours, bout to hit my feet soon So I just presume, deep into the rhymes of a rapper Prepare my mind for the capture Thinkin Ginuwine like the bachelor But why these niggaz wanna make us into crime with the rapture Ego for dispersin us, don't even hurt the clutch Cause he's coldblooded and merciless Steady bustin shots at both of us, was the strap close to us Then for survival we both to bust But Renaults get to roast to crush, cause he steady gettin closer Paranoid like a crackfiend when the gat seen scream when the bullet hit me in the shoulder Don't wanna die til I get older Try to visualize the beholder, he's inconceivable so now my sight is gettin dark a lot Best to step off in this parking lot where them dogs bark a lot And try to wait until his ma get hot I can make a person fight to survive whether good or connivin You never know when it's your time to leave Smokin weed to keep my mind at ease, let's go back to the car but wait, I can't find the keys Plus we didn't chill long enough, the footsteps are comin close Is it one of them unholy men With a strap ready to boldly sin Mama told me it was comin, but I wish she woulda told me when Is this the end [Chorus 2X] [Chorus Two fades out at the end]

Going Crazy

PLUS ONE "Obvious"
Gave my life away now I gotta play This is what I choose if I don't wanna lose Then I need to let you make my move [Channel:] 'Cause you know better than I, than I could ever And I don't wanna try to ever do without you You know more than I could, than I could ever And if you weren't with me I'd go crazy [Chorus:] I can't pretend that I don't need you With all the stuff in my life I just don't know what to do Every time I'm afraid of what's in front of me You keep me from goin' crazy I think it's done but the tape keeps rolling Can't push stop cause my life is recording All this pressure keeps on pressing You keep me from goin' crazy Every face I see takes a hold of me And keeps me where I need to be But with a lot on my mind sometimes it makes me blind And the vision gets hard to find [Repeat Channel and Chorus] I thank you for the life I lead I wouldn't trade it, not for a minute I don't wanna think that I don't need You with me You are my security Now that I got it I can't go without it 'cause I need you, need you to keep from going crazy

String Play (Like This, Like That)

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[Method Man] Uh, and it goes like this Uh uh uh uh, it goes like that Now let me tell you who I am Up early in the morning, dressed in black Who dat [echoes] [Genius/GZA] Yo yo Marvel this theatrical, drama on stage Broadway classical, led men to rage Like currents, the beat change and now a flow is strange You in the arctic wit wolves that viciously main Thugs that roam clubs, in the dark wit fireworks that spark Saltwater vibrations comin from sharks Blood-thirsty kids bite just as well as I write You're like secretaries who can't type, you're no use Broke down vessels who want a boost, there's no jokes Quick fast you, get stumped cuz you played, your organ pump Kool-Aid, from Indiana wit the Jones of a Lost Crusade Hip-hop done hit the church, choir girls rockin mini skirts The b-side kept plenty hurt Push like the shovels in snow storms And stack piles of foul, the shit you must GROW ON! [echoes] [Chorus (Method Man) 4x] Uh and it goes like this Uh uh uh uh, it goes like that [Method Man] Pay no attention to the evil they speak You caught the beef wit the equal eye, poisonous beats from underneath Crack the concrete wit two left feet Head on my meat Ain't no games here we playin for keeps (WE PLAY FOR KEEPS!) Introducing, the crowd seducing man on the street Penitentiaries is either half-dead or too sweet Back to basic, condition-al god, plus I can take it Wagin war within the matrix, it's hard to see Touch, hear, smell or even taste it, take your places We runnin in these human races, bucking naked Back-slappin kid yappin, actin villian catchin feelin like we cap peelin As if we killin every brick in every project building From Cabrini Green to Tildens, sincerely yours Mista Meth and Maximilion (da millions, da millions) (Ka ka ka ka ka ka ka KAAA!) (da millions ha!) [Chorus 5x] [Method Man] Uh uh uh uh Uh uh uh uh Wu-Tang Killa Bees on the swarm (WE PLAY FOR KEEPS!) (WE PLAY FOR KEEPS!) Wu-Tang Killa Bees on the swarm And it goes like this

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