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JAGGED EDGE lyrics - Baby Makin' Project

Whole Town Laughing

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1:] The truth about it baby If it were me, I woulda done the same thang If it was me, that caught you cheatin' in the streets If it was me, that caught you creepin' two or three times, I'd cry The truth about it baby You's the sweetest, the sweetest lil' girl, but I've messed up, in this fake ass crazy world, and Here's another song 'bout tryna get your girl back Oooh [Pre-Chorus:] Kissing you (Oh) Kissing you (Love kissing you) Loved the way our lips used to meet I've destroyed everything I can hear what they say And I know the [Chorus:] The whole town's laughin' at me How'd the hell I mess up such a good thang She was your woman (Yes she was your woman) Should never turn your back on your woman They said come back around Then the whole town laughin' at me (Whole town, no no) How'd the hell I mess up such a good thang (Oh) Baby, I'm sorry (Baby, I'm sorry) I hope it's not too late to say I'm sorry (I hope it's not too late) The whole town laughin' at me, me me [Verse 2:] The thing that drives me crazy If it was me, woulda gave you understanding Woulda gave you like, two or three more chances Cause it's hard to find Similar romance like we have Thoughts of you, they chase me I can't go to bed, I see you in my dream My nightmare seems like I keep falling (Falling) Falling...nobody to catch me [Pre-Chorus:] Kissing you (Oh) Kissing you If I had it, to do over again I'd treat you like a friend That way, we'd have a bond that we can't break [Chorus:] The whole town's laughin' at me (Oh) How'd the hell I mess up such a good thang (Such a good thing, yeah) She was your woman (My woman) You never turn your back on your woman (Never turn my back on my) They said come back around Then the whole town laughin' at me(Oh) How'd the hell I mess up such a good thang (Such a good thing) Baby, I'm sorry I hope it's not too late to say I'm sorry (I'm sorry baby, yes I am) The whole town laughin' at me, me me [Bridge:] Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha... (Oooh) That's the sound that I hear-er-er-er (Oooh) I should've kept you right here Should've kept you right here-er-er-er (Oh yeah) Should've put you down, busy runnin' around And I hate to be the laugh of the party, oh no no Drowning sorrows in this crowd (Sorrows in this crowd) Crying tears of a clown-own-own (Crying tears of a clown) You know I hear them laughin' at me [Chorus:] The whole town's laughin' at me How'd the hell I mess up such a good thing She was your woman (Oh she used to be my) Never turn your back on your woman (I gave her loving all the time) They said come back around (Feels like I'm breaking down down down) Then the whole town laughin' at me (I'm breaking down down down) How'd the hell I mess up such a good thang (I'm breaking down down down) Baby, I'm sorry I hope it's not too late to say I'm sorry (Oh) The whole town laughin' at me, me me


[Verse 1] Playground voices speak again thoughts of how we were in my head tell me how we lost the innocence like a child waking from a dream everything's not what it seemed you were never really a friend to me [Bridge] Must've thought i couldn't see it that you were only down for the ride and out for yourself now you're bound by the life you left behind [Chorus] Cuz you kick me when i'm down trap me when i'm free cut me with your lies then sit back and watch it bleed i think your losin grip baby you're in to deep tell me which one of your face baby you're so good at bein what you ain't betta hold your breath cuz honey it's to late you've run right outta time baby you're in to deep tell me wich one of your faces is it gonna be [Verse 2] You pulled the wool right before my eyes i was blinded by your disguise young and you didn't wanna face reality without the mask where will you hide can't find yourself lost in your lies whatcha think that i'd just sit back and let you use me [Bridge] [chorus] [Verse 3] Sorry's just a game you like to play to ease the pain but words ain't good enough when it's all in vain is that what you think i'm just that weak that you could walk all over me [Chorus]

Take It Off

MC LYTE "Act Like You Know"
Now you called my house and you said come over Your mother and your father are gone, and you're alone with Rover the dog, but now you're frontin You said if I come you'd give me somethin So don't start playin around cause I'm serious What did you call me for cause I'm curious Or did you call me just to look in my face Now I know I didn't come just to take up space The night is right, and the stars are bright So c'mon now brother just treat me right and just take it off, I mean everything Hurry up pretty boy so that we can SWING I don't smoke and I don't get high but if I say I don't love well that would be a lie Because I do every chance I get But if I don't I won't fall I won't fret I'm no fool I got plenty of sense So I just be cool, and have patience Make up your mind, please let me know And when you give me the green that's when I'll go So please pretty boy don't hesitate And entice me nice and cooperate You tried the rest and I tried the best And when the time comes boy no regrets and just take it off Now take off your hat, untie your shoelace And after you finish, I want you to face me Now baby, don't get scared cause I'm not like the other girls so don't compare me Tender lovin care is all I give and if possible boy, well I would like to live with you And if I do it ain't everybody's business It seems to me ya just how you got into this Take it off, cause I'm ready to rock Like Maxwell baby, until the last drop Cruisin down the street in my SL when I seen this dude who was built very well Face was handsome, body was fine How did I know, I was cruisin behind him Looked at the car, looked at me Then he asked me my name, I told him Lyte the MC but I didn't want to outplay my hand So I talked so smooth he could understand me He was definitely the move I only said sweet things, that could soothe him Opened up the door, and he got in and automatically my mind just turned to sin I told him take it off - I mean everything Hurry up pretty boy so that we can swing I mean take it off, cause I'm ready to rock like Maxwell baby until the last drop Met this guy at an amusement park He was good to go and it was after dark You can guess girls what was on my mind Let's go under the boardwalk and have a good time baby Instead the boy asked me my sign And I said, Why? and he said, Never mind. When the time come and it's you I'm thinkin of A sign don't make a difference only how you make love to me You make me feel so good you're a man Oooh baby I melt like cotton candy If I could predict the rest of my life I'd be a millionaire and I'd also be your wife So let's take a bout through the tunnel of life because you know what I'm thinkin of.. .. c'mon baby just take it off Take it off Take it off That's right, now take it off Take it off Pal Joey, take it off C'mon now, take it off

You Don't Mess Around With Me

WAYLON JENNINGS "Waymore's Blues (Part II)"
I blew in from Texas And you don't know who I am Most of you could care less And the rest don't give a damn But you might take special notice When you take a look at me I'm everything you've ever been And ever want to be My game is the winner take all I live on the edges So i'm subject to a fall I ain't never been a loser I ain't never gonna be I'm like runnin' in a ringer You don't mess around with me I've got money in my pocket I've got money in the bank If I look like a poor boy I've got much more than you think I got a woman on my right arm Woman on my left When it comes to women,Lord I just can't help myself I know it's not the right thing to do But I could never change Even if I wanted to So if you are a lady Anf if you always want to be I'm a living lovin' legend You don't mess around with me She's got honey drippin' off her lips So good you can taste A walkin' aphrodisiac Too damn good to waste Prancin' like a thoroughbred Out to win the race It don't matter how good lookin' Or how good she may be There's just one foregone conclusion You don't mess around with me

San Diego

Lil' Rob "Can't Keep a Good Man Down"
What's up ese It's your homeboy Lil' Rob Representing my city San Diego, Southern California to the fullest thats right That's where I'm from, simon S-A-N D-I-E-G-O representado con Mano Lopalo Mi pa mi lado, Chicano limpio creased down with the wrinkles Bet you get them tingles when you listen to my singles Fijate, pelonsito un marijuanito Got one hand on my cuete and the other on my pistol Siempre listo, me fijo en todo I'm one bad motherfucker from the wrong side of town ese, ni modo Pero no me olles, but I still enjoy this Lil' Rob controla, fucking up this rola like a bomba on the boulevard Cruising with the 45's, got my loaded .45's still living this Crazy Life I lay low like a Chevrolet, Chevrolet And I bust my rhymes and they come away, come away And I been many places but it's not the same though L-I-L R-O-B, S-A-N D-I-E-G-O [Chorus] S-A-N D-I-E-G-O, E-G-O San Diego S-A-N D-I-E-G-O, E-G-O San Diego S-A-N D-I-E-G-O, E-G-O San Diego S-A-N D-I-E-G-O, E-G-O San Diego, Southern California Though my town ain't what it used to be It still means everything to me I used to have dreams to be, something is what it made of me Nothing like I used to see, drug deals everyday homie Overdoses? Yeah usually, but the streets was so damn good to me Pain the walls with graffiti, all the vatos acting rough with me So rough so tough with me, pinche juras handcuffing me They never left me alone, just cuz I was pelon And because of my skin-tone, fuck that must be cuz I'm chingon And I tell it like it is, my shit's bad damn right it is Can't believe how tight it is, like baby Jennifer Lopez Leaving all you fools so please, knowing you can't fuck with this Say that you don't like my shit, your fucked and now you're stuck with it I know that you're bumping it, on the down low you be loving it I'm the baddest one Brown-raggin it, catch me on the street Brown-baggin it This one's for my city where I learned my flow S-A-N D-I-E-G-O, San Diego [Chorus] I always say stay down for the Brown But don't let no one get you down, don't frown Ready for showdowns, I got more sold than MoTown bumping in your town Who's got the flows now? Who's running the shows now? The wicked wicked Lil' Rob gots it all under control now Go now, if you know what's good for you But you're one of those vatos that likes to talk away If you had any sense you'd swallow your foolish pride homey and walk away The other way, oh by the way I fly away ddaammnnn to my four corner room Like my song 4 Corner Room, tripping out like I was on shrooms I sit and look at the colorful things, evil, good or whatever it brings Spread my wings and fly away again, Lil' Rob the San Diegan Let me know when you want to play again, play again Maybe next year on the Fifth of May again, May again But until then keep up with Lil' Rob year round And I'm promising you the crystal clear sound of a Mexican But it's time for me to go rest again It's time for me to go but I'll be back to flow Remember my name, Lil' Rob Know where I'm from, San Diego [Chorus] That's right That's the way we do it San Diego, Southern California Yea, 1904 That's right San Diego

No Need

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN "The Wild, the Innocent and The E-street shuffle"
She's a broken winged angel Refugee from things her mama knew And she's done everything the Bible say not to do Well I don't know if she believes in Jesus The good book, or even Satan you see I'm just trying to get her to believe in me Oh, 'cause when I see her face No matter where I am I'm in the right place And the girls I left behind Oh, they never satisfied me, it's so true But baby, baby, you do She's the belle of Eighth Street High society's midnight vamp Oh, she's my queen and I'm her tramp Yes she's a free falling flyer And she flows whichever way that the wind blows And she's the only woman I never knew Who could teach me more about me, bind me in chains And still let me be free My heart swells up inside Starts beating like I'm gonna die And my body breaks in pain As she falls down on me like the rain It's only her and my songs that keep me from going insane And I guess I'm one of those people Who measures love in pain You see, I never had too much personal success And to me there's nothing sweeter Than a teardrop of rain I just love that feeling of sadness Oh and it worries me so ... She's my West Side angel She looks so funky in her Hollywood wing And she knows how I stumble when I talk So she says: 'Don't talk, babe, just sing' And I have seen her body in candle glow In the deep heart of the night When you finally let loose of everything Oh, and she loves me like such a good woman And still, oh, she's just a sweet young thing And I know this might sound crazy or just the words of a young fool But I swear I'd be on the floor And she ever walked out the door I swear I'd wish that she would shoot me first And I know that sounds insane but sometimes I believe it's true And that's what scares me worst 'Cause I dance for her Take any chance for her And I play for her Lord God knows I play for her And I need for her And I bleed for her

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