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JAE MILLZ lyrics

NBA Allstars

Original and similar lyrics
[Introduction] (Let's Go) It's the N.B.A! (YEA) They cheerin for me (Huh it's me) And now (captain of the team) (I love you too) (Alright let's go) Startin at (I love you too!)All 5 positions (ha-ha) Straight from Harlem N.Y.C (Lights out for me) it's Jae Millz Ownin on the's the N.B.A! UHUHH! [Chorus] We up and down the court Back and forth Save the talk for the post-game It's time to ball It's the N (n) B (b) A (a) N (n) B (b) A (a)!! I'm shootin, I'm dishin I'm dippin, I'm dunkin! Nobody lazy on my team Playa we all runnin It's the N (n) B (b) A (a) N (n) B (b) A (a)!! [Verse 1] Homie I'm too fast for an instant replay You gotta freeze that, speed back The defender ain't even see that Guardin me is like the ref. tryin to D' Shaq Or seein a citizen tryin to guard T-Mac Don't even reach haters I'm like B. Davis One dribble (LOOK) Now I'm past three playas No matter who you ask (ask) I'm the main topic Roll it better than Gerve Not even Yao can block it When I'm heatin up There's no way to stop it Perform like LeBron Dribble up stop and pop it I'm like Jermaine O'Neal K.B K.G Fresh outta high school Playa don't hate me Get the roc and switch speed fast like Steve Nash And get my Jason Kidd on and dish off a sweet pass And just when you think the lane to the basket is empty I finish it off with an oop like Finely OH! [Chorus] [Verse 2] I'm tough in the zone Can nobody stop me? (Nobody) And I love this game It's not just recreation or a hobby No point-guard But my no-look is swifter than Vlade's And my young energetic defense is like Omarie's So don't drive down my lane Cuz like Artest I won't just lock you up I'll rap you in chains And in offense Who you gon get to get me When I'm movin' through the D swiftly Rainin on 'em like Nowitzki Droppin trips like Stojakovic My shot fierce like Paul Pierce I barely acknowledge picks Put your best man on me Put your whole camp on me I'll leap over your team like Vincanity Or Shawn Marion cause I be jumpin But my game is big Like T.I.M Duncan My heart is huge like Iverson's And if you ever guard me, like Marbury I'm invitin 'em and slicin 'em [Chorus] [Verse 3] I doubt you find anyone as smooth as this I'm a Vet like Erving Whether it's Johnson or Julius The court is where my heart beat You can't guard me I'm a beast on the court Like Lenny B. and Barkley If I want I can glide like Clyde Or drain three's in your eyes Like Byrd from any side I could, lace up my sneaks And leap like Dominique Or I, could give your team flashbacks Of Pistol Pete point blank Gettin the win for my team is the job That's why, on the court I'm the King like Bernard All in above the rim like Daryl Dawkins Or flat our single handedly Disgracing your team like Jordan Either way I'm puttin it down Playa I been had games Since I've checked The Mack-a-Do was around You ain't gotta ask You know how I'm built Drop three digits on your team Alone like Wilt You know what it is YEAA! [Chorus]

Hit 'em High

(Intro) Greetings, earthlings We have now taken over your radioooo..... (B-Real) Goin' straight to the hole You ain't got no game I'm breakin' ya out the frame Coming through like a train Looking to take over the world is my goal With my unstoppable crew takin' all control You can't get none of this, we're runnin' this Well taker, earth shaker, 3 point gunnin' this Get out the lane, I'm comin' through And if you don't wanna move then I'm comin' right through you (Coolio) It's like inch by inch and step by step I'm closing in on your position and destruction is my mission Though eight is not enough, your whole squad better duck It's like switch when I bust Now you're whole crew is dust Comin' through my area, I'm a have to bury ya The real scream team on your scream scene It's like showdown on the range Go tell me who wanna tangle with the ghetto witch-doctor neighborhood superhero? Chorus: (B-Real) We want it all (want it all!) Unstoppable, we run the floor (run the floor!) You can't take none of this hardcore (hardcore!) In the game we take you to war (war!) You ain't seen nothin' like this before (all) If I hit 'em high, hit 'em high, hit 'em high And you hit 'em low, hit 'em low, hit 'em low If I hit 'em high, hit 'em high, hit 'em high And you hit 'em low, hit 'em low, hit 'em low (Method Man) Insane like a runaway train I'm in your lane Like it's only 3 seconds to score to win the game Came to bring the ultimate pain upon the brain Untamed, you won't like it when I change And you are type strange Make room, manaical monster in the game And I got my eye on you Deadshot aim, as free throws keep comin' down like rain You feelin' me, I'm feelin' you The Monstar again, i'm tellin' you Pass me the rock, now i'm headed to the basket Get up out my way is what you better do My tactics is unsportsmanlike conduct You better ask it Don't get no better than this, you catch my drift? You get stripped by ballhandlers ruled by Swackhammer Danger, you're dealin' with offical hoop-bangers With hang time like a coat hanger Jump, with thunderous 360-degree type dunks What up doc? The Monstar funk (LL Cool J) Lightning strikes and the court lights get dim Supreme competition is about to begin Above the rim, finessin' and moves is animated Once I get to ballin', I can't be deflated I'm rugged raw, my Monstars is gettin' money When clicks get to buggin', I'm snatchin' up their bunnies (Uhh!) Every step I take shakes the ground I'll make you break your ankles, son, shakes you down This is my planet, I'm bout business The best that ever done it, can I get a witness? (Uhhh!) Cumulus clouds bring darkness up above You in it for the money? Or in it for the love, M.J.? 23 ways to make a pay Loungin' in the mothership back around my way (Uhh!) I'm 28 light years old If the refs get political, dribble like Bob Dole Am I gettin' lyrical? Daddy, I think so Monstar droppin' flavor fluid so drink slow Chorus (Busta Rhymes) Yo, god bless!! Pick up your chest Here's an example of how I can stress your full court press With finesse, I bench-press your stress whenever you test We're speed ballin', on the fastbreak just like the pony express I'm gonna mingle in your face and take the lid off Just use your head and forfeit the game You and your team just need to back off!! Get off my block, gimmie the ball, I said it's my rock!! I'm startin' a line-up by gettin' y'all to bring the livestock Throw all your money in the pot And make sure you bet all your money on my bank shot When we come right through tell me what you really gonna do? We'll leave your team name in shame and take your talent from you While you abandon your ship, we take your championship With nothing left for you to see except the instant replay clip Money spending, goal tending, stay-bending teams like crash cars Who do they be? They be the Monstars!!!!!! Chorus

Grid Iron Rap

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
(feat. Street Life) [Bishop Don Magic Juan] 'Dropped outta school early so I could get me some paper That's a good book, I don't mind you gettin knowledge about the game You dig So you won't have to have those young girls fool ya, you dig Trick ya outta your check, so you can learn about it Don't try to play if you ain't ready for it Cuz the game could be detrimental to ya boy.' [Street Life] I Silver Surf the city circuit, forever lurkin on the street surface I spit blood for blood verses Plan span divided, we still stand conquer land One man'll body slam Def Jam Focus ya head cam, zoom in, we radio tunin I know you're listenin so I keep showin and provin Play the sideline, waitin for the right time to take mine Street crime, nickel and dime rhyme f*ck a peace talk, let the gun spark, on the streets of New York I Shaolin strut through the city asphalt, FED UP Hold ya head up, I'm circlin the block, keep ya eyes up Wise up before you get sized up (tied up) Play no game, speakin on my name you catch a clip full from close range, diggin in your pocket, take the loose change [Method Man] Punch the data in ya mainframe You want it all, I want the same thing Strive to maintain, live out my name Hard to obtain, hard to explain, ain't nuttin changed Leave the same way I came, Bringin motherf*ckin Pain [Chorus: Street Life, Method] Killa Hill projects, hi-tech street intellect Best connect, blow your headset, f*ck a mic check Bring em round the underground, pocket full of sound Ashes to ashes y'all n*ggaz goin down [Method Man] Eat sh*t and die slow, battle ground no survival You goin down, y'all n*ggaz f*ck around sh*ttin where you sleepin, so my rhyme Proposal came Indecent Beef from the butcher, sink your teeth in [Street Life] f*ck what you believe in, you real-fake Fishin in the same lake, eatin off the same cake you blow face [Method Man] Who go that ready cook, synthetic look, actin crook Betty shook worm, tryin to shake the hook as the world turn n*gga burn, once again the Super Sperm, rub it in your skin, like it's Lubriderm, time took to write this The war will be fought by the righteous Who stand criticized by his un A*Alikeness Knowledge is the truth and it's priceless Real like them Rahway Lifers, nuttin but time on my hands Observe the black sands in the hourglass, fallin fast In the savage land haulin ass, Days of Thunder It's Road Rage, your days are numbered What RZA put together let no man tear asunder (motherf*cker!) [Street Life] This is P.L.O., Killa Hill flow but you don't hear me though Live in stereo, pumpin loud until your speaker blow Ghetty-o slang pro, sling rap for cash flow Keep it live from the intro until the outro [Chorus] [Street Life] I'm on a suicide run, y'all n*ggaz know the outcome Razor sharp tongue leave scars in your eardrum Forty-five bar seminar, ghetto rap star Slide like water rats through the Staten Reservoir Swingin swords cut your mic cord, snatch ya rap awards Commercial cats f*ckin up the game, that's why I crash boards Break laws, wired jaw, keep on tryin yours Hardcore, something that my street n*ggaz is dyin for [Method Man] Snatch your neck and the dope fiend, Golgo 13 Professionals wit no things, say no more Check my Dogs at the Reservoir Gourmet special of the day is n*gga Souflee, pusher gotta pay And the games people play, John J. back around the way Fish filet, Mister DJ, turn it up a notch Hit the replay, for dirt bomb n*ggaz in the P.J. to Klingon, bring on, the Good Times for Keyon Hood rhymes that's be-yond ya thinkin For eons, I've been hear to shine on the black minds Tell you like the last time, year of the grimy n*gga Rag time, bad sign, flatline [Bishop Don Magic Juan] 'It's easy to get into the game, but once you get on top Can you stay there'

By Chance It Was

Clannad "Clannad 2"
By chance it was I met my love It did me much surprise Down by a shady myrtle grove Just as the sun did rise. The birds they sang right gloriously And pleasent was the air And there was non save she and I among the flowers fair. In dewy grass and green we walked She timid was and coy How can'st thou choose but pity me My pretty pearl, my joy How comes it that thou stroll this way? Sweet maiden tell me true Before bright Phoebus' glittering ray Has supped the morning dew? I go to tend the flocks I love The ewes and tender lambs That pasture by the myrtle grove That gambol by their dams There I enjoy a pure content At dawning of the day Then, hand in hand, we lovers went To see the flock at play. And as we wended down the road I said to her, Sweet maid, Three years I in my place abode And three more must be stayed The three that I am bound so fast O fairest wait for me And when the weary years are past Then wedded we will be. Three years are long, three times too long Too lengthy the delay And then I answered in my song Hope wastes them quick away Where love is fervent, fain and fast And knoweth not decay There nimbly fleet the seasons past Accounted as one day.

10 Wayz

BIG TYMERS "I Got That Work"
[Mannie Fresh {talking}] Turn it up Turn it up Turn it up [Hook2x (children)] Ten ways to a G Three situations - pay attention to me [Fresh] Yeah, yeah [children] Ten! [Fresh] First, ya gotta go get the chips Scope out the section, tell 'em, 'Go get the bricks.' [children] Nine! [Fresh] Then ya gotta find a place to meet You better bring your heat 'cause them villains ain't sweet [children] Eight! [Fresh] Ya better let your chick drop to get 'em And follow that broad to make sure them people not with 'em [children] Seven! [Fresh] Don't bring () around your house Cause you don't want that heat pepper nowhere round your house [children] Six! [Fresh] See how it come back before you start And if it come short bring back everything you bought [children] Five! [Fresh] Wait, if lil' daddy on the street Cut the cake, hit the hood the next day about eight [children] Four! [Fresh] And if you can't move it all, call your dog Jam him up, and tell him, 'Fool, me and you about to ball.' [children] Three! [Fresh] Split it up - four quarters-a-piece And if y'all do that everyday, that's fifty-six-a-week [children] Two! [Fresh] When the money start comin', keep sellin' Don't buy nothin' special unless you got good credit [children] One! [Fresh] Make sure you put some money aside And in a month call the man and tell him, 'Bring a extra five.' [Hook2x (children)] Ten ways to a G Two situations - pay attention to me [children] Ten! [Fresh] Gotta floss everyday of my life Forget the price - get the ice, hit the club every night [children] Nine! [Fresh] Buy the ball, let 'em know you a star When everybody come outside to see the dubs on your car [children] Eight! [Fresh] They gon' hate - so keep that tool Scratch off and holler out the window, 'Boy, I'm a fool!' [children] Seven! [Fresh] When ya meet, take a broad to plug And make sure that chic was the baddest broad in the club [children] Six! [Fresh] Lay it down when you're comin' around - bumpin' the sound Got the truck touchin' the ground [children] Five! [Fresh] 2000 Range Rover, you see Leather, wood, television all over it, B. [children] Four! [Fresh] Watch bracelet - wodie, shop daily Everything them wannabe's got, I played it [children] Three! [Fresh] Two dice on the block - keep it real Bet the house that's about two-point-five-mill [children] Two! [Fresh] Keep cheddar - what you got, I can match it Ride everything chrome, rock everything platinum [children] One! [Fresh] Keep shinin' 'til it burn me out But never ever let the money, baby, turn me out [Hook2x (children)] Ten ways to a G One situation - pay attention to me [children] Ten! [Fresh] Tell a broad, 'Everything for free. You can shop 'til you drop, shorty, all on me.' [children] Nine! [Fresh] Number ten ain't nothin' but a lie Don't buy the broad nothin', and I'm 'bout to tell you why [children] Eight! [Fresh] Sell the skank a dream bigger than life And she gon' stick around for the shoppin' spree, alright [children] Seven! [Fresh] Tell your broad you know me, and we jam tight And you like what I like, and you gon' be alright tonight [children] Six! [Fresh] Nine times outta ten I went out with the broad you with But that shouldn't stop you from doin' what you do, slick [children] Five! [Fresh] Then turn to her - tell her you love her, and don't laugh And if I had a penny, baby, then you got half [children] Four! [Fresh] What's yours is mine, and what's mine is yurn And you got it right now - and that'll leave a-thousand dollars to my tax return [children] Three! [Fresh] At this point, if you love me, you'll make my fantasies come true And if she say, 'What it is' - To sleep with your sister and you [children] Two! [Fresh] Don't love these () - love yourself And if you pay attention to this you'll have plenty of wealth [children] One! [Fresh] I'm done, and I ain't got nothin' else to say 'Cause I can't think of nothin' to rhyme with this shh.. y'all have a nice day [children] Ten ways to a G [Mannie Fresh] Good night, everybody [children] Ten ways to a G [Mannie Fresh] Yeah, yeah, yeah [children] Ten ways to a G [Mannie Fresh] What What Now looky here [children] Ten ways to a G [Mannie Fresh {talking}] I gave you three situations And ten ways to deal with it You see what I'm sayin' If you apply that to your everyday-life whether you slingin', you dig Ballin' Or playin' on broads You, too, can be scraped I said scraped - that's right - scraped See what I'm sayin' And these () I mean, we gotta get together - marry yourself, man 'cause ain't nobody gon' care 'bout yourself but yourself Know what I'm sayin' Go marry yourself, go on a honeymoon - treat yourself I mean, 'cause can't nobody cheat on theyself You gon' be with yourself, but you can't cheat on yourself You know what I'm sayin' Man, that's ballerrific Stuntastic And I like to say one more time: good night Mmm-hmm And tell myself, 'Self, I am so enfatuated with you.' [self] Hey, thank you I'm enfatuated with you, too [Mannie Fresh] Good night, self [self] Good night Good night, Mannie I love you

Young Playa

LIL' WAYNE "Tha Block Is Hot"
[Lil Wayne] He he hee I'm a young playa nigga, (what) I get the game from the big tymers, nigga (what, what) Who else (Speak on it) On the real nigga, on the real nigga Respect the game Cuz I got the game [Lil Wayne] Y'all know who I is Weezy coming thru in the bubble eye Benz See me front in back with the wood all around Plus I got that *boom boom* surround sound Don't hate on me boy if you do *pow* get down Come from under my shirt try to lift you off the ground But on the other hand, I'ma keep running man I got about a hundred coming up with three Hummers man We stuntas man I might stumble across a grand and give it to you wifey And watch how she *slurp* on my pipey like a Icee I might be in a Range that night I might be in a Lex watching the game tonight I got a hundred on Kobe, hope he playing it right But if I lose, its cool, that's some change lil shite That ain't nothing I ain't doing nothing if I, I ain't stunting Hold up, girl be quiet, Lil Wayne coming. [Baby] Slow yo roll lil one You ain't glad its bought And Ms. Pat and gray head over there In the back card gambling At the bar dranking But go head, just be quiet with 'em lil one [Lil Wayne] Broads I use 'em Hatas I bluse 'em My whole front grill is full of confusion Got dammit Weezy pull up in a Porsche, expanded (expanded) I was to the back, niggas couldn't stand it Soon as I left the scene, the women vanished I got it like that Got Rolex, blue shit hard to say watches Plus I bought all of my niggas Cartier watches Weezy and his clique leave with forty b-e-atches Million Dollar Man baby Ted DeBiosi Catch me sippin on some Hen, maybe Covoursier Sammy, Mario, tody Taz, that's my posse And what You might see me dippin low in a Benz truck Tell yo girl hello I done did her, what you muggin me for Keep playin with me, I'll put a slug in yo do [Mannie] Now looky here, young blood Pull yo pants up on yo ass and put that piece of metal up in yo shirt Don't make me get up out this wheel chair and kick yo ass Now keep doing what you doing Go head Y'all know me, young playa, stomp with the big dogs Play with me boy I give you cancer like menthol Cough cough cough up Got a cat eye Benz on Brabus They call us Uptown shiners Original hot boy$ baby, big tymers I spit game Get in they head, they be like, Quit Wayne! Half hour later, I'm in they split man Hehehehe it be kicks man Let me get real I'll kill on the battlefield Steal for the scrill I will never leave my clique nigga, I'm to trill I'm a little peepsqueal But I'm a ape in that jungle And if you get it twisted, Nigga, I'm taking yo lover I mean I'm raping yo lover Leave her taste in my rubber I'm a playa nigga, I'm a playa

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