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JADEN SMITH lyrics - The Cool Cafe

[Hidden Bonus Track]

Original and similar lyrics
To be honest my conscience giving me caution, I'm dealing with all this nonsense To be honest I'm talking to all my aunts and they giving me bad responses Girl, I'm a be honest They got trickery in their pockets, they're hearts are blacker than onyx And girl let's just be honest I feel like on narcotics with you, I feel so erotic You know I'm a workaholic If your fingernails are still polished you're planning to go to college Then we shouldn't have to worry That you live your life in a hurry You drivin out so it's blurry We fallin down in a flurry You serious... you go through these periods when you hang with these eerie kids It's hilarious And you call me while you're delirious and tell me how it's going and they I sought to get furious You go up in a room, play Ciel, light a candle I play Bella's Lullaby while I cry on the piano People questioned it a lover Just know it cuts deeper than what all them bracelets cover and that's very true In this evening undercover It's just to uncover all the magic that is happening this summer And girl you'll always be my lover But then a time will come when you'll go and find another But you'll always be my star (Girl, you'll always be my star) Man, I remember Only here to be up Trust me, I'm always dreaming star Beckoning, I can't even remember how old I was You'll always be my star All the woopsucker, no matter where you are Trust me, you're my superstar I might have been like 8 and I had my first girlfriend I guess we've been messing up ever since I don't do it on purpose so... I guess... I don't know what this means I want somebody I can touch my body Who's loving everybody But it's loving nobody but me And nobody can see What me and her doing on my spare time That was all time It isn't their time And I'm just happy that it's over And I'm not the one to look over my shoulder Keep it moving forward If I'm looking back I'm gonna try And she told me that I'm really just a selfish kind of guy Well I guess she knows me best But it didn't feel like it when her hands were on my chest I guess that Costa Rica and Philly was very selfish of me Well I'm sorry girl, I'm just silly and I feel hopeless if that's true Because you know that them really is a very lonely when you're gone and we were chilling em til we uh... broke up Know what? You was there when I woke up Got emotions that we could soak up Girl, I can be your soldier Girl I promise that And I'll never take that promise back It wasn't for you I would just counteract Prince shaman may come one day And girl I'm found with that' But you'll always be my star You'll always be my star You'll always be my star Girl, no matter where you are Trust, you'll always be my star Girl, you'll always be my star You know that You would always be my... Girl you always be concerned Cause this room is really story This is me telling every girl I've dated, dad I'm sorry Yea it's really story This is me telling every girl I've dated, dad I'm sorry Self, girl I'm sorry Cause This is me telling every girl I've dated, dad I'm sorry Kennedy, I'm sorry This is me telling all them other girls that I'm just sorry cause But this rumour's really story And I'm sorry Girl, you know I'm sorry I was really really sorry Rachel girl, I'm sorry Man it's really just your story And it's time we shoot some story Brother let's pray outside The girl live here, it's really story Olivia I'm sorry but this rumor's so... story Girl I'm sorry Still up Girl, I'm sorry

Let's Get Busy Baby

DJ Jazzy Jeff The Fresh Prince "He's The DJ I'm The Rapper"
Mmm! Say baby you got some fries to go with that shake? Ay what are you man? Yo man that is NO way to talk to a woman man Man! I =BEEN= talkin to girls man what are you talkin about? That girl looks =GOOD= Man look you just you buggin man you know what you said? Okay okay alright =YOU= show me how to talk to a lady [Fresh Prince] Aight bet uhh sweetheart? Listen up toots I like your looks I used to see girls like you in them girlie books I'm losin my mind, but it's not lost yet I'd pay a thousand dollars just to see your sihlouette Red is the rose's color, blue is the violet's Here's my number baby, when you get home, dial it up I'll be your man and you can be my lady and YOU can come to my house, and we can get busy baby Girl.. for..get about your boyfriend, he's nothin but a hassle You can come with me and cold chill in my castle Oh what a wonderful time it would be, imagine -- -- you and me, in my jacuzzi or horseback ridin or we can play tennis But, the most intimate part will be when it's time to eat dinner, we'll go get dressed And then we'll give a call to Antonie, my private chef First we'll eat crablegs, by candlelight Then sip wine by the fire for the rest of the night And if the time is right, I'll ask you to be my lady and we can dip right upstairs and get busy baby You know since I first met you, I wanted to let you know how I felt, so I could get you to treat me like a phone and take me off hold and make your hero come so I can pour my heart and soul I can't help but dream about the ultimate life Two kids, a dog, a goldfish - and you as my wife We'd have a rosebush, with a white picket fence and all the neighborhood kids would call me Mr. Prince And on the lazy Saturday afternoons right after me and the kids get finished watching cartoons we could send them both outside to go playin And we could spend some time upstairs, get what I'm sayin? The only problem, that we would have is whether or not to drive the Porsche, the Benz, or the Jag And every night before bed, flip the radio on and sip Dom Perignon to the quiet storm Gucci, Louis Vuitton, you want more? Gloria Vanderbilt or Liz Claiborne or Christian Dior from head to foot The world is yours if you'll be my toots Ohhh I know what your problem is Look those other chicks are just good friends I'll give up my harem if you'll be my lady C'mon whaddya say, huh? Let's get busy baby Look, be honest, c'mon, don't lie Tell the truth - I'm a hell of a guy, right? Pretty smile, light brown eyes I've got miles on them other guys, face it You could search America, Russia or Germany but never will you find another man equivalent to me But let's discuss it, perhaps over lunch about how I'll be your poopsie, and you will be my hunybunch Now isn't that special? Why ain't you widdit? You'll be my only girl, yeah, that's the ticket Life's a risky business, babe you know the deal Sometimes you just gotta say what the hell Now is that time, roll for the money Life is a gamble but I'm a sure thing honey Girl, you know you drivin me crazy So how bout it, come on, let's get busy baby

U Know What's Up

DONELL JONES "Where I Wanna Be"
[Chorus] Ooh, say what, say what, say what Ooh, girl u know what's up Ooh, say what, say what, say what Ooh, girl u know what's up [Verse 1] Me and my niggas be rollin' Schemin' on u and your homies The very first day of summer All chromed out in a Hummer, babe Hit the park and parlay Hopin' that u walk this way Do u and your girls wanna ride Play all day and puff on the la [Chorus] Ooh, say what, say what, say what Ooh, girl u know what's up Ooh, say what, say what, say what Ooh, girl u know what's up I'm diggin' u and I'm feelin' u U know what's up Said i'm diggin' u and I'm wantin' u So tell me what's up [Verse 2] Peep her thighs and I'm zonin' Right around two in the mornin' Lookin' fly with a sundress on Think I feel a bone comin on Girl u got it wide open Want all day and in hopin' Baby don't front Back seat Jeep, u know what I want [Chorus] [Left-Eye's Rap] So baby tell me what's up Can we ascend to higher heights And when the path gets rough We can give in to brighter nights Breathe with peace, expand by leaps Sow to reap our souls to keep The passions deep and filled with heat Living this life on the hustle I barely get enough time U know me for the Platinum How I stack them and shine U see a lot of contenders They try to end up in my world A reputation known as the untouchable girl I'm movin' on and now I'm tryin' To make a change in my ways Be the best that I can be To last me all of my days Now we can blaze pathways Or just take our time Better hollar if you hear me Cuz Left-Eye gonna shine My eyes don't lie see how They glisten when you pass me by U and I don't need permission to be unified Surely I done seen and heard of many places Then I traveled around the world, seen many faces don't let another one get near me if you wanna be true And show me that nobody else can do it better than you So if you serious, I'm curious to see what you got My love is furious, cuz I believe in blowin' up spots [Chorus]

Little Long Time

Wonderwall "Witchcraft"
At breakfast tea some toast and eggs The T.V.'s on I'm lying in bed My feet are cold and my cheeks are red I pet my real fat cat Nobody knows my secret dreams Nobody knows why I can sleep But if you've ever felt before Like I feel now you'll know much more Chorus: A little long time I watched T.V. A little long time I drank my tea A little long time I tapped my foot But all the while I thought of you The spinach tastes like raspberry jelly Your snore sounds like the buzz of bees The rain is like the children laughter And every day is like a dream Your eyes are like a silver river Your hands are strong like a lion's paws With your head in my lap I feel like a Queen Chorus: Should a girl wait for better times When the rain is tellin' tales Should a girl search some other places When the sun shines in her heart Chorus I discovered you like Columbus America I sank my treasure in the sea I feel like the highest leaf Of the highest tree I feel like I feel like a rolling stone That nobody can stop But if you've ever felt before Like I feel now you'll know much more Chorus ¡¡

Hey Girl

THE JACKA "The Jacka"
Hey girl, what's ya name Hey girl, what's ya name [Girl] Hey boy, what's ya name [Verse 1: Jacka] It's the jack Yeah I'm a dope dealer On top of that I'm a liar and a stealer You gotta remember I'm ya nigga homes Real big like king kong and godzilla in the same room I'm on the run from the boys havin fun But I know I'll feel tha pain soon Yo, look what I go threw I know you want me to stay all night But I gotta flight To the next state, cop me a zip So I can concentrate While I travel tryin to make my rhymes elivate And ya trunk raddle at the same time Feelin high, feelin fly man at the same time I'm in K.C. pushin kicks With my nigga freeway rich I smoked a zip And one day I'm feelin crazy Always hella loaded so the hoes think I'm lazy But really I'm rich [Chorus] [Jacka] Hey girl, what's ya name? [Kazi] Flossin in ya 4 dot with ya chain Posin in ya half top, tough and braids Lookin like you want dick, what's game [girl] Hey boy what's ya name? Lookin like a rapper, but you prolly push 'cain Rockin ya drop top pumpin game Frontin like you really that hard to tame [Verse 2: Uzi] Fresh out the plane Pants saggin with my dick in my hand Who am I? bitch, I'm U-Z-I yes I still push 'cain I ain't gone front main Feeliin it under pressure with my ninjas feelin pain I'm a ghetto star So don't approach sidewayz girl Might smack ya hard I'm still young It might be yo ho that I flip and smash on Run her over in my big wheel with no mask on From Africa to England And Back to the bay Oochies stay hatin Girl hey Oochies stay hatin [Verse 3: Kazi] Yo, yo Yo, yo Yo, I push the 4's the 5s It's not a game Night time livin life in the fast lane Quite live at the light I see the boys to the right It's a must i get out of they sight I...tucked the 2 E Dumb cop made a Ui (u-turn) To my left squatin off was a cutie Sparkin up, her car was tough It must've her man's truck Mommy actin like she can't talk Her look was ill If looks could kill I'm bout to be a dead man Trapped in the losts of the land It's not me, really I just wanna get to know ya If it's right spend the night Blow trees enormous You the thug type Sneak a gun up in the club type Heavy on the wrist ma you aint right Stop trippin girl quit ya games Kazi just wanna know ya name [Chorus x2]

The 'notic (Feat. D'angelo)

This beautiful blend, I knew her through a mutual friend She was a work of art, a part of my heart from back then A brown skin singer, with a knack for actin Alana's whole attraction Just fractionally based on surface I got into her mental on purpose And with alertness, as I flirt with her emotion Walls we built up out of nervousness was broken I reminisce on how this Black Thought had her open Wit da energy that got the whole summertime smokin Very hypnotized When it was time we spent time It's no way to rewind or prevent Time from slipping away like day, into the dark And the way that things fall apart, will make some start To feel more, weak or insecure But for whatever reason our relationship remain mature Even when she caught feelings cuz I stay on tour As I reflect on before, and recap the situation I guess from experience, comes education We set on a path to opposite destinations It's best to chalk it up and add it to the elevation Then eventually flow on to lost communication I called but lost all information And with time forgot it, it's not like I'm all in tears about it But the fact still remains that I miss the Hypnotic You're a shinin' star No matter where you are For the world to see What you truly be You're a shinin' star No matter where you are For the world to see What you truly be She was the hypnotic, and potent as a narcotic The bizarre logic of it all, is why the clock tick Pages of the calendar flip, we can't stop it Time will either tell the tale, or turn a love toxic Now was she real, or an illusion of this optical Confusion with the accent of ancient Egypt Or could it be that she's the one I was supposed to be with And together walked this twisted Staircase is somethin realistic Damn, her lips having me addicted to her presence Front page material on essence, a queen Imperial before her adolescence And as she grew into a woman she became refine I never knew another like her in my lifetime So now I travel through a tunnel of space, without a place On the face of this earth, with this pain gettin worse Drivin me insane, or release I'm touchin the brink, of sanity Tto think of how I can link, or contact her I was a fool before, but more wise after the fact I'm analyzin how I'm wantin her back And wonderin exactly where she could be on the map I'm just sittin here spinning the world on one finger Reoccuring thoughts of this brown skin singer Yo, the psychotic, the hypnotic, yo check it out The most melodic hypnotic, yeah You're a shinin' star No matter where you are For the world to see What you truly be You're my shinin star No matter where you are Dont know what to say Was it true to be

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