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JADAKISS lyrics - The Last Kiss

Cartel Gathering

Original and similar lyrics
[Ghostface Killah] Yo yo yo! Word to ride nigga, yeah Aiyyo we four or five niggaz with furs on Up top gated up, big tables got the reserves on Blowin on saxophones, the band is rough So much ice on looks like my wrist been cut And we just made it back from Beijing Seen my jeweler, told him melt the bird down to eight rings And the music stopped, Jada stood up (yeah) Before the speech, he had everybody raise they cups He said, I been in spots where I can't even mention it "Don't drink the Cris', Ghost mighta pissed in it!" Romanian dude, black down, pourin the saki Face slumped to the side like Rocky Then Strahan came through, with his bullshit ring He said YIKES, when I pulled out my monster bling Don't be afraid of the New York street talk I switch gear all day bro, like you do on your peach porch The chairs is suede, the walls is velvet Marquise ballroom, so live I felt it Fat asses in fishnets, shakin they pelvis Playin with they pussy, middle finger drippin, I smelt it Poker tables, crap joints just for rap niggaz Me and Sheek, walkin around bitch-slappin niggaz There go Rae, there go P Yo Chop whattup! Whattup? [Raekwon] Sam Cooke writin hand, all of my lightning, damn Used to rob niggaz in Sam's, buy shams for my dude's baby shoe or booster baby, rollin with steel Eatin Jamaican food under the wheel You know the deal, book somethin then blow When from a O to a low, little apartment in Brookdale Gold was my motto, lotto numbers is what? Had it in me, rolled down coolin with coke That's the 90's, Chef era take over America Bag Ugly Betty up, make her Ms. Guerrera Pinky wench in sweaters, cortex burnin the mic booth Travel right past my heritage Them old school niggaz is me Taught me how to read, get skee'd, everybody missin a ki Yo I do this with a natural movement Catch me by the {?}, scope on me, fuck it I'm losin it [Jadakiss] AH-HAHHHH! Uh, yeah, yo I did it my way, lights off on the highway Greek statues on both sides of the driveway Word to the stamps on the diesel The way these niggaz is lookin either they got cramps or they evil One go we all go, D-boy fresh but hard dough Cashmere and suede cargoes On top of the beige Wallo's 45 government edition clippers, straight hollows My (Clientele) is (Supreme) and it's proven that I'm (Only Built 4 the Link) if it's (Cuban) I'm a pioneer, I'm not a vet (uh-uh) "Last Kiss" is a French one, it's not a peck (uh-uh) Movin powder, piff and a lot of wet You're gonna die, that's a promise, not a threat Yeah, but I ain't with the chatterin Cause I'd just rather splatter them This is a Cartel gatherin, what?

Got The Flava

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[Chorus:] Show & A.G. got the flavas (the flavas) Rollin with the dwellas and the neighbors (the neighbors) Show & A.G. got the flavas (the flavas) Rollin with the dwellas and the neighbors (the neighbors) [D. Flow] Hey yo no question I'm the best in this rap business No doubt I'm strapped, get back or get clapped rediculous son I'm flippin this one (don't be dumb) You better run or end up like my last victim Shit that's real I already been through Scared from the threats I sent you (it's all in the mental) Jackin niggas like I'm in the Central Cuttin through that ass like a Ginsu as I commense to Get big with my nigs, A.G. & Showbiz Now your idol was doin vital damage to your ribs Word straight up and down, crab MCs get crushed I'll leave your style cramped, my crew can't be touched So when you hear the bomb you know it's D. Flow son No one can fuck around, yeah that's right (no one) [Wali World] Hey yo the honies on the dilz cause I play ball good (it's all good) I'm still representin the hood Big shouts to Uncle Pete, you're my number one neighbor No doubt I'm puffin later with my nigga Gary Aida Peace to Roc Raider and all the goodfellas People gettin jealous, well it's the brothers (the brothers) On some other shit can't forget Shabazz Representin not to mention that I'm gettin cash Get with that or get with this because I'm kickin this With the styles I'm runnin through niggas like Emmit Smith [Party Arty] Touchdown, I buck down MCs that step up 10 G's if you wanna MC wrecked up The ghetto dwella's in your hood, hoodie down Stomps from the Bronx, the boogie man from the Boogie Down Momma never told me there would be days like this That I'd be rippin tracks, gettin paid with my nigs On tour, roar with that hardcore stuff Niggas call bluffs (I give em no chance) I make it more rough (And even slow dance) on niggas faces, rugged, fuck it Them niggas got to love it cause we made this I'm gettin papers with my peeps As Party Arty keeps Bacardi so MCs meet the shotty [A.G.] Check the method but don't sweat the technique Even made the baddest dime bitches get weak when the vets speak (Hopin) That your head meets my bed sheets (Now you're open) Like the Red Sea cause I'm potent Don't fit Don't force it, Flow got that 4-fifth Who do with that voodoo, my doll it's that cordless All this and that and then some Get paid to put raps on tracks, I guess that's my income The beat chills so they be comin back for refills (My man shows his street skills) From here to the Peekskills Kill the rumors, givin MCs brain tumors Time to step off the set, gotta jet like Puma [Chorus (2x)] [Method Man] What the blood clot, son lick a shot, show your love in the area Forget me not, mass hysteria My style revolves around blunts, the Methical The one and only piece original, never phony One love to my muthafucker A.G. A true giant in the industry, hold your shoes up (Word to God, youknowI'msayin) Yeah, that's how it's goin down, you know who got the flava We got the flava, the flava So bring it on, so bring it on, all you muthafuckin corns, yeah

I Hope I Sell A Lot Of Records At Christmastime

PRINCESS SUPERSTAR "Last Of The Great 20th Century Composers"
Ah yo Santa let's get something clear I'm half Jewish I shouldn't even be talkin about this time of year But I'm near tears tryin to fund my record label career While everyone drinks beer like they at Cheers makin Nintendo bets on debts from bad rekkid deals for real I'm probably next I'm here sweatin my ass off, it's July But by the time this comes out I'll be behind my release schedule and Mariah Christmas will be sellin out- why? I never did nothin bad to nobody I'm still friends with all my Ex's who stole money (Aw honey) Don't aw honey me/Just give me the money please One of those cards with a pocket for cash A big stash or check to cash I'll snatch it before you realize you acted rash and come at me all mad I've been good, well pretty good, at least in my mind Please let me sell a lot of records at Christmastime I'm too poor to afford life size cut out cardboard of me poured into a size 4 with a floppy Santa hat On the record store floor Need ace product placement/Listening Station so while I'm on vacation I got my face On Raisin Brans round the nation I'm impatient need my wax to sell by the cases Like Mase's in God's good graces I'll be gracious Just let me retire with his wages I'm not aimless I wanna be A-list Hang out with someone famous, then my friends and I would all have someone to date us Like Tom Hanks, Billy Blanks, Shabba Ranks or any of the Franks- Stallone, Purdue, Avalon, or Delanor Roo Bill Gates too-(Ew!) It's true, all I gotta do is sell through Go on tour then put out a live record real quick like Frampton or Badu I got a cold, it's gonna be Xmas soon and I'm getting old Hi Tower? Hi it's me again, how many units we sold? You mean we didn't go platinum or like gold? (Beep beep) Oh-that's my Rolls- Wait-- I'm on a payphone please don't even try to put me on hold!! Ok you're all listening to my song that's a good sign So either you bought it, it's on the radio or your friend is sayin 'ha ha listen to this funny song!' That's fine But if that's the case don't even think about the blank tape Take a date with your lazy ass go to Virgin or Other Music they close late And in case you don't make it visit my web site blah blah dot com See old sexy pictures of me, order my record, buy the clean version for your mom Santa, just one hit, one seasonal favorite One tear jerker piece of commercial shit for the ages or just enough to get an agent Watch how fast I'd sell out, get the cash get the hell out Be on VH-1 Where are They Now Eatin filet mignons by the pound Round baby, fat and gettin down baby No need to fit in fancy clothes now baby Hey get the Camera crews off my grounds! Call me flash in the pan, the blonde chick who thought she could rhyme Please, just let me sell a lot of records at Christmastime!

On My Way

GRACE JONES "Bulletproof Heart"
Aaaa, hey baby, where are you going baby? Hey, want to give me a ride, got get to where I'm going real fast, Ain't got no time to waste, thing here, I'm not about to stay here, There are children on street, with no food to eat, I seem them there, I said I got to get away, I'm on my way. I Gotta escape this poverty, I gotta find a new reality, Don't try and stop me boy, I'm on my way, So light me a cigarette, cruise in a plane, Take a trip to Paris, maybe Spain, yeah, Oh I've got to get there, take me away, I'm on my way, I'm on my way, I'm on my way. Hey, I'm on my way, You can stay, I'll leave you here, You'd be a fool if you like what's here, hey, I got to get there, hey, hey, hey, I'm on my way, Many places you can go, no one ever said I never told you so, I'm on my way. I've got to get there, got get there, hey, hey, hey, I'm on my way. Don't give a damn, don't really care, Given you all I got I've got to share, yeah, I'm on my way, Shut the door, you can lock me out, I don't give a damn I'm heading south, hey, I'm on my way, I'm on my way [echoes] I'm on my way, I'm on my way.

The Ave

Dre Dog
how can sick can one nigga be you think im off that PCP but its Chewy! a lot of niggas never heard of me i said beware of me now they scared of me hu...i said come to my sunday service nigga seen who the reverend was then they got nervous the niggity nasty Jim Jones boot ya in the head, steal toes to the dome poted dank, fools its your choice niggas hate my face but they love my voice and just like that, i make them ball and nob kiss the hand of a true dog god cross ya heart foo, and hope to die cause you will die when you crucify cause i gots frisco all sewed up pitbulls in a bunch hidin in the cuts cause when i say it, i mean no mercy the frisco hitler, turnin cali to germany im a down muthafucka when my homies call 20 rock while my dogs roll up like fog this was a triple six verse not a triple four and after this, im gonna give you some more yeah and it don't stop yeah and it won't quit dre dog is in the house fuck that muthafuckin bullshit my father abandoned me, my mother couldn't handle me thats why i made ill mater of my family nigga you ain't shit, im the lyrical lord ask whats up nigga, two plus four cause when i catch you im gonna bust your dick roll up a blunt, chewy and tai stick i snort caine, and do cocktails make way for the six five killa whale that love to box and don't care if i die with fists that will open and shut your eye niggas hate dre dog, so i'll die one day but reappear like the lord on easter sunday yeah, dankers going to call me puff daddy dippin in a caddy, pant hood a saggy i don't play dead, i don't roll over turn ya back and i'll break ya shoulder a voice that will sufficate your ass like plastic a throat that will chug a lug battery acid im dre dog, can you tell im high? nigga heres a shovel, dig deep into my mind you violatin, and a blow ya a chin and after this muthafucka i'll come again yeah and it don't stop yeah and it don't quit dre dog is in the house fuck that muthafuckin bullshit yeah and it won't stop yeah and it don't quit dre dog is in the house fuck that muthafuckin bullshit open up the frisco gates of hell fillmo, HP, dre, RBL and the siccer i come, the more they run im in a rage, off that indo and cocaine you got my fade nigga that was my chewy Fuck ya crew cause ya crew never knew me and just like the world turns muthafucka that burns like mase when dre dog is in ya face so come nigga, but im a come quicker finger nails will make ya call me jack the ripper and then i'll crack yo back like a flower seed punch you in the back of ya head and make ya eyes bleed dre dog won't stop cause its 187 on a muthafuckin cop and ya stripes will get took quick, bust ya damn dick by a reckless young black pit indo or tai, nigga lets get high 2 to 3 blunts and watch the red eyes plot, watch me plot 911, 415, coughnut im in a hot spot get ya glock, and ya guage your there for me and fortay get the rest of OCP and all the punks will pound them you want to hear this with a beat nigga, buy the fuckin album but for now heres a scripture, in the back of the bible you'll see my picture ill mannered, RBL, fortay, its a triple team and man im ghost and oh yeah sweet dreams


JUELZ SANTANA "What The Game's Been Missing!"
[Juelz] God will never put you in a situation that you can't handle But you can definitley put ya self in a siyuation you can't handle And some situations end in death And death is a mothafucka ya dig [Juelz] Old timer want the block back, stop that You been gone too long the young nigga said Lord knows, whats goin through this young niggaz head As the old timer stood and grilled him Pissed off, shorty looked at his man Touched his burner like I shoulda killed him Shorty in deep, but hew don't care But he don't know, these old timers don't play fair There he go, postin on his strip again Toast on him, niggaz wit 'em, posted on his shit again (Uh-Oh) He actin like it can't and it won't happen Old timer bout to blow dust off that old cabinet (Thats,Thats,Thats) Where dem guns is kept These young niggaz better show some respect (respect) I'll Teach 'em a lesson, he said to his self As he proceeded to pull the lead from his shelf Now he headed towards shorty block, forty cocked On his zip, on his shit, like he don't care who shorty wit But somebody saw him, before he go to shorty Shorty phone ring, somebody called him Somebody warned him, he's comin he's comin Shorty replied, somebody stall him Then he crept up wit his goons and guns Whispered in to old timers ear, death is soon to come [Chorus] They say hell is hot,but is heaven cold Know one ever knows til you Gone, gone, gone And when you gone does ya soul drift off to a better place Or do you jus float up and fade Away,away,away,away, like a bird when its headed towards the sky (huh, huh) Or do you just die (huh huh) Or do you just perish from the earth and its over [Juelz] Baddest bitch up on the block Prolly make a nigga cum when as soon as she get up on the cock She fuck wit Tony don't she (don't she) Oh he's, not ya average drug dealer, fa sho he's Bien watched by police, feds Investigators, oh, can't forget the haters Home girl ain't got a clue what he do for a livin She jus think she got a dude wit a pension She don't know dis dude is a henchman And he move on dudes wit the cruelest intensions All she know she got a brand new benz And its big enough for her and all her brand new friends (Damn) There she go, all through the street wit it Dude in and outta towen, she all through the street wit it We all know the street talk, we all know the street missin Next thing she's missin....(music stops, phone rings twice) "Hello", "Ay nigga I got yo bitch, have a million sent up or she dead" Damn,she in deep shit, and she did nothin I betchu she ain't see dis comin, but he did Cause he did nothin, he ain't pay (pay) He told 'em keep dat bitch, he okay He got a wife and a kid, back home And he don't care about the life that she live (Damn) Now thats wrong (wrong) But the story ain't over it drags on (aw man what happened next) They wind up beating her down Breathless, he winds up fleein the town (til the next bitch) [Chorus] [Juelz] And um, I say that to say this, alotta people don't appreciate life til their gone I mean, alotta situations can be avoided, you just gotta avoid it ya dig jus don't be one of them people I'm talkin bout, ya know....

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