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JADAKISS lyrics - The Last Kiss

Can't Stop Me

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1:] Mhmm, yes, I does that. Stays hot, I ain't got to get my buzz back What everybody trying to be now; I was that They could never stop me; that's why I love rap Been living the life, praising ice. Bang the baddest chicks in the world, maybe twice The swag, the gear, the bread, all the whips is a year ahead I only fear the FEDs Forty-five on the other side of the peep hole Head shot from point blank; call it a free throw Funny, 'cause I had divisions since Calico Back then, I still ain't reached my peak, though Louie loafers, Pollo pea coat Call me whenever the bosses meet, yo I drove papi crazy, so the industries never gonna stop me, baby [Verse 2:] I'm gonna call it confidence, 'cause I ain't cocky I just know one thing: They can't stop me Whether I'm on "Ef" or LA, or they swap me; it's all good, because I know the gangsters got me First thing's first "they jar us" abruptly I treat the rap game like a large monopoly One on one they can't guard me properly But when they double team me the odds are sloppy I move like them eighty milligrams of oxy Send your sister back to your family knockneed Got too hot for the grams, and got weed In the rap bracket he remains the top seed Revolver holds six; quick to blow three Audio heroin, so you don't OD Shooters know you, but you don't know me The block is crazy, can't stop me, baby [Verse 3:] Once I start I ain't gonna stop the squeezing And the gauze ain't gon' be able to stop the bleeding And your girl ain't gon' be able to stop the weezing When she get that phone call from the doc; we even You could not stop me, so stop believing Ring tone rap, this is not the season I punch lines hard enough to stop your breathing And the ladies will still pay a lot to see him I'm gonna get rich long as I got my freedom And usually when you get hit it's for a reason If you in the hood, better dodge the Ds, and watch your Qs, and be on your Ps, and Thank you all for coming out this evening Having a good time with your liquor, and treason Even if they knock me, then continue to watch me They still wouldn't be able to stop me

Make The City Stand Still

Maestro "Built To Last"
[Maestro] This joint's dedicated to all emcees Yo, stay focused with this A'ight Stay strong, stay dedicated Maestro Check it out, yo Yeah yeah, yo I'm still smashin' it So compassionate House of Commons want me on the cabinet The graduate who got the phattest shit I splatter shit Niggas better scatter when I'm splashin' it Flashin' it Pass the record books and watch me shatter shit I made the city hot Rhymes makin' niggas drop Even free-stylin' when CKLN was fifty watts Then I built the strategy Gradualy, I planned to be The greatest from the city Brothers started stabbin' me Made your backbone slide to this, glide to this Brothers jealous 'cause their sons couldn't shine like this It ain't my fault that my song's phat It ain't my fault that my pops loved my mom, black I made the bomb track Kids were jackin' for beats when my rap hit the streets I went to church and even signed my autograph for the priest When my track was released, you noticed me Toronto prodigy of poetry Even white chicks were faintin' over me The flyer boss, toured like Diana Ross It kills me when I see you young brothers tryin' to floss You got a long way to go to keep the hip in the hop I left in ninety two, it's like the fukin' industry stopped But it's on, don't panic Emcees stay frantic It's automatic, we makin' audio dramatic Lyrically I'm a bill, at the top of a hill Show my sons how to chill, and make the city stand still [Chorus: Wade O. Brown] We're gonna make it happen We're gonna make it shine We're gonna make it happen It's a race against our time Oh, oh, oh We're gonna make it happen [Maestro] Yeah, yeah, yeah I remember when my pops took me to this lady She said she couldn't beleive how many shady people wanna slay me She said they wanna wreck you, they wanna wet you But don't sweat it, your ancestors will protect you Many nights I woke up, frozen stiff, couldn't move Stayed calm, bible open on the twenty third song Who could it be now A brother that I ripped, an old school shorty that I used to hit (go figure) In life I learned cats'll try to hurt you That's why I gotta stay tight with my family, and keep a small circle Many broads said to me, that my seed they wanted to carry Didn't love me at all But to shine, they wanted to marry Sayin' let's sex tonight , but I'm a skeptic type It's a rougher world That's why it's tough to trust a girl Never the less I'm maintainin', with pure determination Two junos, plus ten nominations No way I'm gonna crumble, I stayed humble I reminisce when K-4CE teamed up with MC Rumble T-dot, nineteen eighty six, turned the party out Gave love, but didn't have to sweat the brothers down south It's on, don't panic, emcees stay frantic It's automatic, we makin' audio dramatic Lyrically I'm a bill, at the top of a hill Show my sons how to chill, and make the city stand still [Chorus] [Wade O. Brown] I know, for sure That we're bound to make it In time, we'll find It's the sky of ????? Oh oh oh We're gonna make it happen We're gonna make it, We're gonna make it [Maestro] Yeah You could never make the city smile You're Conway Twitty style Silly pile for real You ain't a willy child I cap your dome, everytime I rap alone Plus the way I chaperones, make the feds tap a phone I elevated you, you know who educated you Peace to Ron Nelson, he put me on in eighty two Now I'm comin' back I got the stunning tracks Spreadin' love to all my peeps and show the younger cats Hit 'em with the phattest songs Fuck the sprint, it's a marathon I seen alot of shit, now I'm passin' it on I love Redman and Naughty shit But now I'm on some Barry Gordy shit I need another forty hit It's on, don't panic Emcees stay frantic It's automatic, we makin' audio dramatic Lyrically I'm a bill, at the top of a hill Show my sons how to chill, and make the city stand still It's on, don't panic Emcees stay frantic It's automatic, we makin' audio dramatic Lyrically I'm a bill, at the top of a hill Show my sons how to chill, and make the city stand still [Chorus]

Mr. Fuck Up

MC Ren "Shock of the Hour"
* (NOT Cash Money -- MC Ren's brother) My niggaz call me Grinch and yes I'm known to be a fuck up Loaded clip, folded sticks, my lifts and double cuffed up Put my stick so nigga feel my pockets with the dollar 'Cause they rock keep the stock in a private prison parlor Grinch you did it, your black ass really did it Give Bone the microphone and let him kill it Give Bone the microphone and watch me beat you like a cop Lil' G from the hall so the maggot won't stop And plus I'm packin' punches always keep a good grip My homies call me Bone from the Whole Damn Click I live like a mack and keep the bitches on my dick You sorry sap sips still hangin' on my shit Compton is the heart and that's where we all from The jackin' goin' on in the hood and in the slum And don't be caught slippin' while we dippin' the 4 'Cause Ren'll grab his nine and watch him smoke 'em from the door And then we make a dash and put that ass in the air True checkin' done by the true fuckin' player I'm headed to the cut with straight chronic in my pock Rainin' make 'em kill 'em 'cause I'm servin' 'em spot And that's how it's done I keep it flowin' like a sailor My beats are large my feats are star, some called me Chuck Taylor Then I call the Juvy 'cause I know we gotta Coupe Don't worry 'bout a damn we got the end, we gettin' loot Then call me Mr. Dopeman when I'm chillin' in the spot My niggaz call me Bishop when I'm rollin' with my glock The crackers call me bandit when I'm runnin' from the cops And the bitches call me daddy when I'm tearin' up the cock Yo the title's Mr. Fuck up so I figure that I'm fucked Got no luck, shit, gotta go and earn a quick buck Boom boom, is the sound of my cannon 'Cause I'm a nigga with a motherfuckin' gun master plannin' I'm a crazy ass nigga makin' motherfuckers fall A nigga from the streets hangin' in the fuckin' hall I place where we smoke bud and niggaz get bent And when it comes to music put on MC Ren shit Now everybody chillin' and the bitches gettin' freaky Took a trick to the room now she gots ta lick me Lickin' out my ass hole like a fuckin' groupie I'm through now I cleans up and call my nigga Juvy Headin' downstairs my niggaz hand me a 4-O Smokin' the extension you know it's the indo Now I'm feelin' high like I'm sittin' on a cloud The dust that we kick I guess we live our lives foul Beware of the nigga that they call J-Rock The party's goin' through but I still got my glock I'm watchin' for the bad apples in every bunch And if it's necessary motherfucker we can thump Or get a fuckin' pump, put a hole in your chest Slugs goin' straight through a bullet proof vest Matters gettin' worse if I have to drop the dogs Beat ya in your face yellin' till ya hit the hall So smalls, get your fuckin' 9 and your clip And let these motherfuckers know what's up on the Whole Click

Then She Cried

Just laid it all out on the line Too late to take it back this time The silence here is deafening So afraid of what she’s thinking Did I just scare her off or make her mine? Her beautiful eyes just keep on looking at me And time stood still I’m starting to understand eternity How does she feel? Will she laugh and maybe call me crazy? Say adios, goodbye baby Please god let her love me, give me a sign And then she cried, then she cried When that first teardrop hit the floor I’d swore that girl was out the door Did she just smile or is that me hoping? I’m about to die right here not knowing What on earth could she be waiting for? Her beautiful eyes just keep on looking at me And time stood still I’m starting to understand eternity How does she feel? Would she laugh and maybe call me crazy? Say adios, goodbye baby Please god let her love me, give me a sign And then she cried Happy tears fell like rain She said I’ve been so afraid That you might not feel the same way Then she laughed and she called me crazy She said what took you so long baby? Don’t you know I’ve been waiting all my life? Then she cried, then she cried, then she cried

All I Know

AKA "Altar Ego"
[Hook:] AKA he's a beast, he's a problem though The one that you motherfuckers should solve but don't Spin six CD shuttles then revolve my flow Six joints in and your coffin close See me in the club I'm in my office clothes No plan B this is all I know Broke bitches looking where the bottle went But she be lucky if she get McDonalds man Ahh, I'm so professional I spit the truth it's like this booth is my confessional I'm under pressure hardly sober in my session now Rappers feel inferior, I'm focused on them hits but my girl missing her period That shit that make me go crazy, I'm still a fucking baby No ready for no babies Baby, want me to stay a while I wanna make her smile but money don't make itself Now I'm loading up my baggages, in pursuit of happiness Told her that I dealt with the flaws of my character I'm headed to the capital, cape of good dope Nikki got some girls who gon' be some good hosts She gon' be like "See? There you go again" That's why I'm in a club on my fucking BBM That's why I'm never trusted when I'm in DBN We work it out then we go right back to the begin [Hook] I need a paradigm shift on a double A paradise somewhere in my mind I can run to I, once upon a time you and I was a couple But now you turn to ice everytime I try touch you Wish I could press rewind, on every single line When I was kicking it with different bitches every night They say that love is blind, you see that camera clickin' in my eyes Now everytime I need to go you need to pick a fight I be leaving for domestic See me by the exit, Jesus on my necklace The evil's on my guest list Yes, this is the path I chose, cut deeper than the pieces of the hearts I broke And she gon be like "Why we go through this every week? You taking all my energy I need a new release" That's why we best enemies when I'm in CPT We work it out then we turn in 180 degrees [Hook] We thought this love was ever green You told me that my loving would be all you ever need Lucky for you, it's the last time I ever leave I'd rather die on my feet than try to live on my knees The party scene tore us apart So many new beginnings I don't know where to start Sometimes I wonder if you think about me at all Shit all you gotta do is turn that radio on (Let's Go) [Hook]

Love To The Limit

S CLUB 8 "Sundown"
Boy its Friday night Im lookin for a place to go thats right Got one thing on my mind I'm heading where the music flows lets ride... And out on the street You can the heat A good things coming on Just you and me gonna celebrate A grove sensation Gonna take this love to the limit So baby dont you stop Lets move all night long Gonna dance to the rythm The feeling is so right So right Tonight cant get enough So turn themusic up Just let your go Lets roll tonight Cos right here's where we belong We're jammin in the key of life So tight And out on the floor You can feel the beat A good thing's commin on Just you and me Gonna celebrate a grove sensation Boy dont you know You got the best of me Aint never gonna let you go And i cant wait gonna celebrate tonight

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