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JACKYL lyrics - Relentless

Billy Badass

Original and similar lyrics
i'm just a boy from under the hood i play in a rock-n-roll band i cut my first track i stand alone why you feel i cut my second with a chaunsaw in hand cuz it was loud, mean, aggressive rude everybody came to hear it watch me get nude i was the first to stand up against the pmrc how soon we forget but you can't forget me chorus cuz i am a motherfucker i am a pound of broken glass yea i am a motherfucker i am a billy badass i'm all over you like stink is on shit when you put me in a category i don't fit i set the stage on fire in woodstock '94 it either rocks or it don't i'm rock to the core remember headbangers ball back when mtv was mean that was back when carson daly was still shittin' green you want to see the real world, then step on our bus cuz the real world is comin' to jam with us chours well rock me, roll me, jackyl me off well i am a world record holder, got my name in the book 100 shows in 50 dayswas all that it took to set the record straight the way it should be you say fuck you, i say fuck with me i am a motherfucker i am a pound of broken glass yea i am a motherfucker just call me billy badass(2x) billy badass

None Of Y'All Betta

JADAKISS "Kiss Tha Game Goodbye"
(feat. Styles, Sheek) [Styles] It's sorta like the Holy Trinity... I'ma say... I say it's like three different guns you fuckin faggots Get shot three different ways Matter fact, make that six different ways Gun in each hand bitch None of y'all betta [Primo scratch twice-- Jadakiss] - 'Aint none of y'all betta' If it is name it We'll squash you, ASAP, feel it All I know, niggas give me all my dough Like Boston George comin through with all my blow Right now I'm tryin to charter a jet Fuck this hit the Panama Canal and get a harder connect Step on your toes, mess with your hoes, shoot up your mans Come through the block tryin to screw up your plans Cuz I still rob niggas for coke Understand I'm the first one they call when they gettin the dope I'm the one who prick your finger when they give you the oath I'm the one who made the hit when they bring you the toast Like Pacino and DeNiro 'cept they call me Paniro Sad Styles still spin that arrow, fuck it Like the boss of New York, you know how I feel Kill a motherfucker cuz a corpse don't talk (no doubt) Sixteen in the joint wit one in the head If the bullets had legs have them run in your head, bitch [Primo scratches:] [Jadakiss] - 'aint none of y'all betta...' [Sonja Blade] - 'what y'all know about...' [Styles P] - ' put in my work...' [Sheek] - 'on the block...' [Jadakiss] - 'aint none if y'all betta...' [Styles P] - 'but you know it's all real...' [Tef and Billy Danze] - 'Is it real Yeah son!' [Jadakiss] - 'aint none of y'all betta...' [Sonja Blade] - 'what y'all know about...' [Styles P] - 'put in my work...' [Sheek] - 'on the block...' [Jadakiss] - 'aint none of y'all betta...' [Styles P] - 'bet you know it's all real...' [Tef and Billy Danze] - 'Is it real Yeah son!' [Jadakiss] - 'aint none of y'all betta...' [Sheek] Let's get it poppin my nigga Load the tech up and go shoppin my nigga and I don't mean the mall or no Gucci store You know what the fuck I want, bricks of raw and I'm too old to make less than a hundred a year If it means wavin the hammer and leavin you there If it means grabbin your kids out daycare Somebody losin a seed, pay or bleed It's Sheek Louch, I aint got no heart I shoot broad daylight right in front of the mark I put 28 holes through the icy car Fuck around, like the God won't squeeze If I don't see the badge I'm clappin the D's LOX motherfucker, the OX motherfucker The reason why you shouldn't cop drops motherfucker Like it's something for me to shoot your pops motherfucker, what [Primo scratches] [Jadakiss] Ayo the dopes and the rice, the cokes and the pyrex over the stove and I'm bout to hit it with the ice Runners love to pump the bomb They know no fair ones, now niggas'll jump they moms You god, minus the 12 disciples I pop up, all you see is shells and rifles If I don't like you, I'ma kill you not fight you I bite a little piece of your ear off like Mike do and everybody gon' follow me now Down eighth and an oozie mahogany brown Faggots want you to kill 'em in a hurry It fucks me up, like they aint got no money to get buried You could flip, I'll survive m'kay, motherfucker In my block still doin twenty-five a day Know you work out, chest and your back all nice But the twelve gauge'll have your six pack on ice, what [Primo scratches]

Rock Back Billy

JOHN HIATT "Stolen Moments"
Get a load of that guy With the dew rag on And the cowboy tie Man that cat is gone Form Memphis to Nashville Then way out west Put that Hollywood party To the acid test Got a little bungalow In the valley somewhere Took a gig playing bass With Sonny and Cher He took it on his chin And never got it off his chest He wouldn't be caught dead wearing that vest Not rock back Billy Rock back Billy He came to make a stew With that swamp guitar He kept it lonesome and blue Yeah, in the trunk of his car But no one gave him a long shot Though he never did doubt What it was not Or what it was all about He got all tangled up with liquor and drugs Trying to make a racket Like those English mugs Till he couldn't get arrested And he couldn't see straight He couldn't even shine shoes In that Golden State Not rock back Billy Come on rock back Billy When you see him on the street Well, he's no spring chicken But ask him how he makes ends meet He'll tell you, I'm still pickin' Aw, rock it, Billy, rock it Yeah they counted him down When they dropped that beat But that red hot sound They could not defeat It started coming back from Boston From East L.A. Down in Austin, Texas And up New York way And as long as there's a kid In a room somewhere With a beat up guitar And some funny looking hair Well, it might be Billy's kid You don't know And all I've got to say is Go, cat, go Come on rock back Billy Come on rock back Billy Rock back Billy

Santas Shady

May I have your attention please, May I have your attention please, Will the real Slim Santa please stand up. I repeat will the real Slim Santa please stand up. We're gonna have a problem here. You all act like you've never seen Santa before, Toys all over your floor, who the hell ya think brought them? It wasn't your drunk dad or your mother that whore, It was me and now I'm skinny and I'll tell you the score. Its the return of Christmas but not the jolly fat elf, my ass got so big I couldn't wipe it myself. My doctor said, 'Santa you've never looked worse, lose 200 pounds or your heart's gonna burst.' Everybody loved me big and fat ho-ho-ho, Big ass Santa look at him walking around, his belly like jelly, have some more eggnog. They didn't give a fuck if my arteries clogged, So I said fuck them and I joined a gym. Started eatting low-fat cookies and drinking milk that was skim. I lost so much weight I can see my candy cane, and Mrs. Clause is happy I can fuck her again. (Your name is on my list) x2, and if your nice, not naughty I might give you a little gift. But here's a message for you if your a big fat slob, If your gut is in the way your girl won't bobble your knob. You can't expect a hoe to gobble your goo, if you just sit there eatting twinkies, watching Scooby Doo. If you ain't nothing but chubby, no girl wants a fat hubby, you'll end up working construction. Your love life lies in ruins and destruction, by the time your 30 you'll be asking Santa for liposuction. But if your thin you'll get seduction, underneath the mistletoe. Sing the chorus and it goes! I'm Slim Santa, yes I'm the real Kringle. All you fly girls like my balls cause they jiggle, so won't the Real Slim Santa please stand up, please stand up, please stand up. Cause I'm Slim Santa, yes I'm the Saint Nick. All you other fat Santa's can suck my fat dick, so won't the Real Slim Santa please stand up, please stand up, please stand up. Ho-Ho-Ho I guess theres a Slim Santa in all of us. On Donner on Blitzen lets get the fuck out of here! WEESSSTTTSIDEEEEE (echoed)

Redneck In A Rock And Roll Bar

JERRY REED "Rides Again"
Well hello boogie palace I'm sittin' here alone A listening to the music of electric saxaphones Now there ain't no sexy dresses and there ain't no beehive hair Just boys who look like girls who look like boys who look like Cher I'm just a redneck in a rock and roll bar I miss the fiddle and a steel guitar They're starin' at me like a bug in a jar I'm just a redneck in a rock and roll bar I stopped in here to have a beer to ask some gal to dance Well I've been waitin' patient now and I ain't had the chance Cause they ain't played any waltzes nothin' like a Texas swing And with no belly rubbin' music how in the hell can I do my thing I'm just a redneck in a rock and roll bar... Well good-bye boogie palace I'm gettin' outta here Back to country music and back to Lonestar beer Where the women look like women and they dress so you can tell And them men are good ole boys just drinkin' beer and raisin' hell I'm just a redneck in a rock and roll bar...

Older Lover Undercover

Well an old saying goes mind your manners mind your mother And a man can find a lover who is tan and undercover Well she might lies about her age, but lady I got no complaints She can be as crazy and as foolish as she wants to be Because her old school ways are practically technicalities and perfectly sane Im saying I aint never seen a saint. I met her at an old cop bar down in silverlake Where we spoke about the give and we joked about the take And when they asked for identification I knew hers probably was a fake Shes just another older lover undercover. Shes just another old school lover undercover. Youre wearing that thin disguise. Dont apologize. And youre birthday suit suits you. Well it suits me too its one hell of a costume I cant find the zipper anywhere on your back Perhaps its attached to the breach of your ass-crack Burr its cold in here. You keep it hot dear. with a sip of mexican coffee and some grapefruit juice a glass of coke a glass of wine just to keep it loose oh the things that you say and do, wow. And the way that you groove to the music Like the who and the velvet underground old sounds You like indie rock, spock rock, anything youve found In the backseat of your downtown brown and bruised beat up bmw Chorse...your just another lover undercover... Any melodramatic role is just a garment of the soul I respect your nakedness and the way that you unfold and the way your wiser stories are always told your just another lover undercover

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