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JACKYL lyrics - Push Comes To Shove

Headed For Destruction

Original and similar lyrics
Hello everybody, welcome to the show We're headed for desdtruction, don't you want to go It's time to romp and stomp It's time to jam It's time for you to kick some dirt up off the ground Are you out, are you in, if you're in are you for sure 'Cause if you're in you're in, and if you're out you're out And get your ass on out the door Sister won't you help me, Mother Mary may I And then we'll do it again CHORUS Headed for destruction Don't you want to come along say yea Yea Come on say hell yea Hell yea Headed for destruction Don't you want to get it on say yea Yea Say hell yea Hell yea Round number two and we're back for more I'm here to tell you baby just what we got in store It's down to groove when you're diggin' that sound If you're hot you're hot, if you're not you're not And you're not gonna hang around Sister won't you help me, Mother Mary may I And then we'll do it again CHORUS Hello everybody, welcome to the show We're headed for destruction, don't you want to go Come on everybody, don't you want to know Heading for destruction now, don't you want to go CHORUS

Redneck Highway 101

Speedin' the down freeway Tryin' to make some time I pull into school, it's 5 to 9 Run down the hall to make the 9 o'clock check But you don't have to go if you're a real Redneck Too many times I've heard it this way Two lates equal one absent day I got my ropers on and I'm ready to ride But the seat in my truck is just a little too wide My girl's on the left and the boys on the right I hope she knows she'll be alone tonight I don't know how it always ends up this way There's time for girls on another day CHORUS Hop in the cab Turn the radio up We're heading down to Lefty's for some fries and ketchup To them girls in the shiny pink cadillac There's three in the front and four in the back Slid'er into gear boys were headed for fun Cruisin' down Redneck Highway 101 Well the sign says 80 but we go 45 Got the pedal to the metal just to keep it alive Truck broke down along the way Cut across farmer Jim's field of hay Hot wired the Deere and then we headed to town Thank God there were no cops around CHORUS ...Cruisin' down Redneck Highway 101

Sum Of Us

JURASSIC 5 "Power In Numbers"
[Chali 2na] Sparklin' extreme spinnage Watchin' your scene plumett If lyrics were green vomit My vocals would clean stomachs Addicts wean from it Where dreams and green run it The faces on money change like the host on Teen Sumit I'm close to being done with this industry's cream driven Supreme livin', seein' more demons than Gene Simmons And mean fibbin' actors be adlibbin' Fakin' the funk and some of us naturally had rhythm Some of us act like they had women Gats in the abdomen back when the fact is them cats They didn't have nuttin For certain I'm sure it's fiction but for some The purest diction Insures their jurisdiction I'm kicking it up a level trying to stay in the red Some stay in the bed, zombie Like the Day of the Dead With decay in the head Playin' instead of stayin' ahead Steadily portrayin' celebs, delayin' the inevitable When some come round They run down when they touch ground They climb up the structures unsound Some of you like the way my words caress tracks While some of these politicians secretly suppress facts Chorus: (2X) [Both] I'm sayin' through songs I write My wrongs I right If you wanna fight the power Get the power to fight Cuz some of us judge without knowing the man's inner And some of us find fault in the sin and not the sinner [Akil] Influential ideas Push pressure on my peers That's why most of these brothers have short term careers You appear to be what's happenin' One a year you crackin' One hitter quitter now you missin' in action With no satisfaction from the streets I only hear foolishness when you speak I repeat, my predecessor's endeavor with pleasure Lock and load, explode and come better Hopin that generation X Be more wicked with the flex And not so quick to cash a check And disrespect, talkin' guns and sex Guns and death, but end up gettin' layed to rest At your request You're at the end of your line Out of your mind Idle women, weed and wine And shells for your nine The blind lead the blind Time after time When you rhyme for the shine Chorus (2X) [Chali 2na] Yo, I'm tellin' you to REBEL But dude, if you stale The 2na can tell Either you're comin' to the party or you truant as hell Politicians ain't got no problem puttin' you in the cell It's like we rolled up a snowball and threw it in hell See some of us are looted with mail and suited to swell But still blind like you're fluent in Braille [Akil] Yo, I never can tell uh, why some make it or fail Speak it and spell overcome and still prevail [Chali 2na] We ripple the water frequently Blink if we show delinquency, please Human frequencies Have been diseased, A breeze ain't what I'm feelin' Healin' is essential Mental aggrivation shows you what we've been through [Akil] Yo, sign of the times influence the way I rhyme, man Pick up a nine and put down your picket sign, man Your life is worth way more than just some diamonds Without bling I still gleam Glisten and shine, man Chorus (2X)

Big Gun

Riot on the radio Pictures on the TV Invader man take what he can Shootout on the silver screen Sticking 'em up and knocking 'em down Living out a fantasy There's a bad man cruising around In a big black limousine Don't let it be wrong Don't let it be right Get in his way You're dead in his sights CHORUS: Big gun Big gun number one Big gun Big gun kick the hell out of you Terminators, Uzi makers Shootin' up Hollywood Snakes alive with a .45 Setting off and doing no good If you ain't wise they'll cannibalise Tear flesh off you Classified lady killers Prayin' in the human zoo They saddle you up And take you to town Better look out When he come around CHORUS (Show down) Big gun, got a hot one Big gun, got a number one Big gun, loaded and cocked Big gun, hot hot hot Got big gun, ready or not Big gun, give it, give it a shot Terminator, Uzi makers Regulators, gonna get you later Big gun kick the hell out of you

Nothin' To Lose

JOSH GRACIN "Josh Gracin"
It was noon time, down time, break time Summertime, Miller Time, anytime She was looking pretty fine A red light, green light, go All fired upside downtown She was shaking me all around I was tuned in, going nowhere, second wind Jonesing, drooling, feeling good, if you would Chorus: Oh yeah, by the way she moves She's got me rolling in dirt in a white t-shirt Breaker Breaker 1-9 she's a big ol' flirt By now she's got me pretty tied up Tied down, any way I chose I got nothin' to lose In like Flynn, I was Looking for the win Just trying anything, hey Baby, where you been All my life I've been looking for Someone like you Falling head over heels Hey what can I do (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: Now I'm in the fast lane going 98 By now I know she can Smooth operate me I know she's no goody two shoes But hey I got myself nothin' to lose (Repeat Chorus twice) Noon time, down time, break time Summertime, Miller Time, any time She was looking pretty fine In like Flynn I was looking for the win Just trying anything, hey baby where you been All my life I been looking for someone like you Falling head over heels hey what can I do I got nothin' to lose, yeah

Hell On Wheels

Fu ManChu "King Of The Road"
Cut yourself off from the pack Flat out against the freaks There's nothin' they won't try Hot head - heavy foot they meet It's been so many days And we tried every way We knew of a Masterplan So put the keys in my hand In my hand x2 At a time when you would think All of a sudden it hits the streets As they're swappin' the big block Slow-motion - time has stopped El Camaro never dies Look closely you'll know why Outrun 'em you know we can So put the keys in my hand In my hand Chorus: Hell On Wheels is no big deal Road burnin' all across the land Hell On Wheels is no big deal Takin' 'em out of the Masterplan An idea whose time has come A land ride for everyone Been like this for years on end We'll let you know where and when As he splits the road in two Underdrive we never knew Ourun 'em you know we can So put the keys in my hand In my hand Chorus In my hand X8

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