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JACKYL lyrics - Push Comes To Shove


Original and similar lyrics
Big Orange rolled into Boston headed straight for Chinatown To find the native restless and see what's going down We hit the streets a walking, checked out a rated X It was all about a woman and a donkey named Rex [Chorus:] Get me out of Chinatown Get me out of Chinatown I don't like what's going down So get me out of Chinatown See the big man dressed in ladies clothes, he looks really rude I guess he forgot to look at himself when he was in the nude Jeff and Jimmy had to laugh when the he/she lost his hair Rolled up in the caddillac's window that left him standing there [Chorus] I seen bigger towns than this And this is one town I won't miss Just let me go, I won't leave a thing Just my ass to kiss

LP Intro

JERMAINE DUPRI (JD) "Instructions"
Ladies and gentleman I don't know what this is coming down through the audience With all his bad looking clothes on and that over-sized hat And raggidy clothes and all this stuff Looks like he just came out of a basement Oh I forgot, ladies and gentleman We have the star of the show this evening The one and only Chica chica, JD motha fucka

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