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JACKYL lyrics - Jackyl

Reach For Me

Original and similar lyrics
I jumped straight off that trail today Ain't nobody better get in my way no Trail dust, sore butt, gotta get out of this 10 day rut CHORUS Whoa, gitty up and go I'm a redneck punk Mean, red, better off dead I'm a redneck punk Staring down the barrle of an old shotgun I can tell tonight's gonna be some fun Don't you step on my toes And you wan't find yourself with a bloody nose CHORUS Hey you, long haired motherfuck Show me how you do I live like a gypsy, I live like a dog Gotta hard enough time just doing without And nobody ever better run their fucking mouth CHORUS

Live Or Die

MASTER P "Gameface"
[sounds of an automatic being fired, then a single gunshot] [Master P] Unnnnnnnnnnnngh! He heh Master P and Treach, nigga It's all family baby Get them Naughty boys, I got the No Limit Soldiers And when we posse up, these niggaz gon' pay us [Chorus: Phiness, (Mystikal)] I thought I told you, have my mo-ney (Whatcha wan' do nigga) You got until sunrise, or lose your life (Whatcha gon' do nigga) We comin with them thangs, and we ready to ride (Where they at Let's GET EM!) Are you ready to die (live or die, live or die, live or die) (Where they at Let's GET EM!) [Vinnie] With a little bit of taste of the bass to the face in the place for anybody not payin-on-time Rather be up in a six foot cell before I let another nigga get flagrant-with-mine And we be takin all cash, no checks, so go cancel this I know niggaz are so scandalous The ones I bust I'ma show em nuff on how many people thinkin that they can stand with this, sheeyit I thought somebody told you, BOY Them Naughty niggaz ain't no toys You're fuckin with sixteen styles over sixteen bars Sixteen car man entourage And when we get things started, I'm the hardest artist Styles I flips retarded Family who can handle this From Illtown to S.E. to Los Angeles [Chorus] [Treach] Hear the tale, of the n'Illtown O.G., better know me Shape the gold teeth, CD be, bring the clip shells and Olde E and gats, so no one gets close to me and down to scrap, raise em from that True tradition, RAISE EM UP, and gangsta bitches that'll blaze them butts, don't play for fuck Now we had a dealer knock off joints, Julie's jackin with the drop-off point (yo what the deal nigga) You backed out, I fuckin WITNESSED it And have partners have to split shit with (Nah, pay me now, bust it) At sundown see I went on work I sent a tec mount in a tennis skirt, pop the blood claat Watch a thug rock, slugs pop With every cop on the block, with double-eye on my mugshots He better pay me like he postin bail or send his hand with no nails to his mom in the mail [Chorus] [Mystikal] Don't look now, but I'M BACK!! Now give me all my props again I gotta kick your motherfuckin ass for steppin on my MOCASSINS!! We blended with Treach and Vinnie from Naughty By Nature It's Mystikal with Silkk the Shocker and 'nem No Limit Lieutenant is at it again!! Catch me in the studio, tappin in from it, actin bad with a pen!! No blackin, no ant-draggin, no babblin I'm grabbin the mic in the booth when they peak I'ma gon' get me started WRASSLIN!! Turnin and tusslin Clutchin and musclin I saw myself the demons when I'm BUSTIN THEM If you wanna live you wouldn't FUCK WITH THEM Don't FUCK WITH THEM [Silkk the Shocker] Ha hah, don't fuck with them, look Nigga, I keep a tight show, Luciano type dough Feature Al Capone's way out nigga, I got that type of flow Don't floss, if it ain't yours See we a bunch of feature artists, y'all a bunch of 'and mores..' Get the picture like Van Gogh, plus they done banned our tours Catch me gettin my floss on walkin 'cross marble tan floors Can't even touch the flow, can't even touch no coat Bitch I'm made now, I can't even much touch no mo' Fuck the whole rap game up nigga just, one of my lines Say y'know a nigga like me, you're lyin bitch cause I'm like one of a kind From the Jerz to the five-oh we get down and dirty ya heard I gotta eat, so I gotta go to street, cop two keys and a bird .. So y'all better have what you owe me! By sundown .. Or else I'ma get Mystikal, Naughty By Nature, my boys and 'nem .. We gonna get y'all! [Chorus]


Abby 6
ahhh, soup I said to go do what you wnt to don't let anyone stop you but you gotta make a little money make a little D.O.L.L.A.R. my friends, i've yet to know where the hell they are BRIDGE do you know me, boys? do you know me, girls? do i know me, me? do you know me, world? so, i sid boyds will be boys and they'll keep on the fighting girls will be girls and they'll keep on delighting abby 6 is in the mother loving house yeah Chorus there's gotta be a better way there's gotta be a better way gotta be a better way crazy little message sends my sunshine. where's groovae? i found sunshines free there's plentae my twenty, my twenty is kinda squintae and then the planets line up as a sign of good luck for me yeah! five years maybe this year my friends will make much bucks. BRIDGE Chorus gotta be a better way, gotta be a better way, sunshine, sunshine yeah gotta be a better way, Chorus Where's groovae

Party Goin' On

MC LYTE "Seven Seven"
intro (Inaya) Mmmm, mmmm Oh oh, oh oh Mmmm yeah, oh yeah Mmmm, oh oh chorus (Inaya Day) There's a party goin' on in my hotel room And you're invited, all you got to do is show up x2 (verse 1) Now we done left the venue 'coz the show was done Before we hit the hotel, make a quick run To get the Martel to add to the fun, meet me at suite room 151 BYOB, we about to kick it off Remember that party last year in the loft? This'll be better 'coz we bigger now Got mo' figures now, fit in mo' niggas now I got about 30 of the finest Ready to get flirty and down right do-dirty We got twister the dots mean a lot When you flip the dial end up with a face in your twot Stop yappin' at the DJ, that ain't right 'Coz tonight this here DJ, he gon' save my life... (woah, woah) (chorus) (verse 2) Now the people are comin', and the party is jumpin'... ... and T is on the beat box And after this song he'll rock the locks Hotel security ain't troublin' us none They partyin' with us, no badge and no gun Grown folks in the livin' room showin' out And they ain't leavin' till we kick 'em all out Strip poker, truth or dare I swear it's about to get sticky up in here Back back and forth and forth From New York to L.A and back to New York Of course while I'm in town it's gotta be nice On the North-East corner they're flippin' the dice Now the bubbly's poppin' all over the suite Swig on this and kick up your feet Ain't no party like an MC Lyte party 'coz an MC Lyte party don't stop, pops And this here's better than when the ball drops (chorus) (verse 3) Now here's the E-low, Jackie and Mark Done hit the back room to jump start the sparks It's gettin' all hot, now they pumpin' Beenie Man Scream for the cream, but holler when you see me man You know like I know, the party don't end till I say when Now the grub is runnin' out better get it while you can Pick is gettin' low better find you a man Slow jam hit and you sittin' all alone Ain't nobody gonna take you're borin' ass home It wouldn't be fair for me to not tell you I'm the hostess of the year, keep it in the clear Yo, the party's over here, nope, the party's right here Be careful not to wear and tear the derrier Now ain't that supmthin', humpin' and a bumpin' My motto is never let 'em see you comin' A party like this can't be compared That's why it only goes down once a year... ... and we in here, yeah yeah yeah.. (chorus) x2 (Inaya Day) There's a party goin' on in my hotel room You know you gotta do, what you gotta do What you gotta do, what you gotta do... Show up baby, show up baby...

Hot To Death

Everlast "Whitey Ford Sings The Blues"
We're gonna be breakin' it down (Yeah!) You gotta know the feel You gotta know the life You know what I'm sayin' (Hey!) I said what's goin' wrong You know it just ain't right Tell me who be loud When the spark ignite Now from the break daylight To the fall of the sun You gotta pick your fight It's time to choose your gun CHORUS Front to back Right to left Keep it live all night Make it hot to death Get your heart pumpin' like some crystal meth Keep it live all night Make it hot to death Well... Hey... Tell me who's your God Does he make a lotta dough I'm gonna take you higher Or to the fire below CHORUS Guns to roses Abraham to Moses Daylight exposes what the night conceals Let's break these seals And get this thing started Some be out classed Some be out smarted Some be over bound by the blindin' rays I hear the whisper in the night Get trapped in the maze See back in the days When I was juvenile I dreamed of rockin' on the mic In a brand new style Now I'm shakin' these bones Tryin' to get these shoes Outbidded major crews I'm paid crazy dues Now I'm speakin' on you They just slept on me And rumors start spreadin' Just like a disease I'll have you down on your knees Below the spot ground zero Turn brown and burn down Rome just like Nero A hero ain't nothing but a Don't make me say it again Legend Don't make me say it CHORUS That's what I'm sayin' That's what I'm sayin'...


Its a feeling thats coming over me The thoughts that I cannot believe Things that you can only see if you believe Places have all turned to grey And your favorite toy doesnt play And the past fades to whisper today if you will say Chorus I will live a better day The past is all gone Live life like a melody placed in the song No one can stop me now the past is all gone And now I can see Decide to watch time pass you by And listen to the trials of your mind Cuz the truth is its all just a lie that you believe Theyve all seemed to come back to you And the rights have a different point of view And the past asks a question of who will you believe Chorus I will live a better day the past is all gone Live life like a melody placed in the song No one can stop me now the past is all gone And now I can see Feeling their faces all placed in your head With a new found solution sleeps with you in bed You bring me the rain and you bring me the moon And I cant remember the days though Chorus I will live a better day the past is all gone Live life like a melody placed in the song no one can stop me now the past is all gone And now I can see This feelin is comin over me And thoughts that I cannot believe Things that you can only see if you believe

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