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Jacksoul lyrics - Sleepless

I Know What You Want

Original and similar lyrics
I played around and I played the field. I was one mad dog, girl. You know, for real. And I didn't give a damn just who I hurt. Just one rough man out chasing skirt. Now I've met a girl like you. Tell me, what's this man supposed to do? It feels like love, I must confess 'Cause it rips my heart right from my chest Every time she says... 'I know what you wanna You just wanna run your game.' All the girls dem dub me shady. I just want you to be my baby. 'I know what you wanna You just wanna tell your crew.' Now at last it's love I find But she can't leave my past behind. I can tell right from the look in your eyes You been hearing some stories and their not all lies. But whether they're lies or whether they're true I'd never run no game on you. No. [Chorus] Words are cheap and words are hollow. And once you cheat, nobody's gonna swallow that You turned your life around. And in the end, she's gonna listen to her friends. Just to hunt you down has taken a week. But you won't take my calls, you won't even speak to me. All that scheming is in the past. Please believe that's all I ask. [chorus]

Nah, Nah...

E-40 "Loyalty And Betrayal"
[E-40] F'real, uh... Oh boy, due to the graphic game-orienfestedness of this program, viewer discretion is advised I promise you pimpin; I mean that there's so many L-R-P's Lone Range Pimpin jumpin up on this track man you underdig? We spit these L-R-P's and we do this damn thing real toughlike You underdig? So this a bitch, c'mon [Nate Dogg] The homies done made it, I'm so elated Got all of the ladies, ohhhhh, nah nah-nah-nah-nah-nah Don't try to play me, just cause I'm faded Don't think that I'm crazy, whoooh, nah nah-nah-nah-nah-nah [E-40] But Nate Dogg, what if my bankroll was to fall? Think she'll cut from me, think she'll stand tall through it all? Think she'll boost for me, steal me a pair of dum-dum dum-dum's from the mall? (Hell naw) Bear it all, pose naked in the camasol (nah nah-nah-nah-nah-nah) You got a baby by me, I got a baby by you Whaddya mean? I'ma always be able to plug you You tell me to lick (lick) I tell you to suck (suck) We be mad at each other, but we still WHAAAT? [Nate Dogg] I do what I wanna do, just cause I want to Don't care too much about you, hell naw, nah nah-nah-nah-nah-nah Nate Dogg ain't gon' force you, I'll wait until you want to If not then I'll erase you, you know, nah nah-nah-nah-nah-nah [E-40] I left the club staggerin (staggerin) Blasted handcuffed and lifted in the paddywagon In a holdin cell, without a doubt Your momma put her house up to bail me out If that ain't stickin to the script I'm her future son-in-law ain't never gave her no lip (lip) Uhh, thought I wasn't (wasn't) Love you cause you was down when I was scrubbin [Nate Dogg] Say you're lookin fo' a gangsta, girl I wanna thank ya When niggaz come and question, do you know? Nah nah-nah-nah-nah-nah While other niggaz thankin, corners I be bankin Money I be makin, you know, nah nah-nah-nah-nah-nah [E-40] You was a, new comer, turned out by Barry White GiGi Hana, mesmerized by my slang I pop my collar one time (one time) Got control of yo' mind (mind) Never know, I'm sometimes in Kenneth Coles Thugged out, never judge me by my clothes When there's a drought, I be ridin, Z's and Vogues Five times on the look out for the po'-po' [Nate Dogg] Nate D-O-double G (double G) Don't wanna fuck me (wanna fuck me) As happy as can be (as can be) Nate Dogg and 40, Fonzarell' We're gon' reach to the bay (to the bay) 'Frisco to L.A. (L.A.) Don't care what you say (what you say) they all fam-lay (fam-i-lay) [E-40] They all family.. Oh boy, whaddya know, y'know? Yeah, straight game you underdug? Oh boy Yeah we stay doin this.. you underdig? Please believe that part of the game oh boy Uhh.. Battlecat on the track, oh boy Please believe... uhh Sick Wid It records... Oh boy Please believe, we stay doin this Uhhh, uh-uhh! Uh-uhh Uh-uhh! Oh boy Uhhh, ssp spit it pimpin.. please believe Uhh, oh boy, uhh, uhh, E-Feezy

Christmas Past, Present And Future

I'll be your girl - of Christmas Past I'll be your girl - of Christmas Present I'll be your girl - for Christmas Future, 'Cause you make me wanna say, Back when we were ten, we were the best of friends. But who knew back then, that this love would never end? Now that we are grown, I never feel alone On this Christmas Eve, by your side I wanna be. Snow is falling down, cheer is all around. Makes me wanna say, I will be right here. [Chorus] I'll be your Christmas past, present and future, baby. Your yesterday, everyday, tomorrow too. I'll be your Christmas past, present and future, baby. I will be right here. (I'm gonna be there for you.) My heartg goes jing-a-ling, each time those sleigh bells ring. We'll forever be together, you're my everything. I know that this is real, I like the way it feels. When we're hangin' by the fireside, cuddling. Under the mistletoe, I'll show you what I know. You'll be my present, baby, and I'll never let you go. 'Cause at this Christmastime, so gla that you are mine. Makes me wanna say, I will be right here. [Repeat chorus] (You know I'm gonna be here.) Not just a Christmas thing Year 'round, the joy you bring. It just makes my heart sing When I'm with you. So at this Christmastime, With your lips kissing mine, I'm gonna celebrate, This love we share. [Repeat chorus twice] I will be right here.

Case of the Ex (What'cha Gonna Do)

MYA "Fear Of Flying"
Yeah Mya Red Zone wha what It's after midnight And she's on your phone Saying come over Cause she's all alone I could tell it was your ex By your tone Why is she calling now After so long [Chorus] Now what is that she wants Tell me what is that she needs Did she hear about the brand new Benz That you just bought for me Cause y'all didn't have no kids Didn't shared no mutual friends And you told me that she turned trick When y'all broke up in 96 [Hook] What'cha gonna do When you can't say no When her feelings start to show Boy I really need to know And how you gonna act How you gonna handle that What'cha gonna do when she wants you back [Hook] There's no need to Reminisce about the past Obviously cause that shit did not last I know how a woman will try to game you So don't get caught up Because baby you'll lose [Chorus] [Hook 4xs] Tell me why she on the phone In the middle of the night Tell me why she in your life Trying to get what's mine She don't know me She's about to know me I'm in your life That's how its gonna be I've seen the broke ho She ain't even all that So if you want her back You can take her back Cause game recognize game I could do the same thing Get it right, change Or take back this ring [Hook 4xs] Yo, playboy right now, uh Uh, Mya, think girl, think girl What What What What Uh Red Zone

Let It Breathe

JADEN SMITH "Cool Tape Vol. 2"
Doin' what we ain't 'posed to, girl, that's why I chose you I don't want to impose, just listen close to my poems Girl don't worry, ain't nobody know This the type of stuff a joker keepin' on the low Cause girl you know you're beautiful, a space kitten Relationships are messed up but your face isn't Used to taste like Jolly Ranchers, kisses, now they taste different Michael Jordan say "Hey Pippen", weightliftin' I hate sippin' Ain't listen, paint glistenin' from the renaissance Got a problem with the weather, fix it in the tennis box Black helicopters, even let my menace watch Keep it clean as Mr. Clean so jokers wear my Dennis socks Look what I invented, y'all Hit it with a tennis ball, no consent, I rented y'all Land in the center, y'all, 3 dimes and a nickel 3 dimes and I write the reciprocal with a pencil Luckily I'm your principal, luckily there's no principles Except that you're invincible, only weakened the intervals So listen close [Jaden & Willow:] You might not like me But I like you You might not like me But I like you (We should just let it breathe Let it breathe, let it) I love you, without a reason Like a baby was teethin', knew you 'fore I was breathin' People say I'm a heathen, a Hollywood fugitive Trippin' on some stupid ish, it's really just some ludicrous Like "Who is this?" Oh he talk a lot of mess and bro I'm too legit, you see that symbol on my chest So you should move and sit, because you'll leak it to the press If I sneeze in front of you, put my steez in front of you Me and Moises whippin' the Porsche and we ease in front of you What you wanna do? As long as there ain't helicopters I'm down to chill I don't wanna call my father but swear that I will Just to conversate and then I'll take care of the bill Man I never thought I'd fly off to Paris for real And all of my parents for real Man I start to see how fictional characters feel And that issue embarrass me still Oh don't worry lil' homie, take care of the will Polly's gone, but he left me his parrot, it's trill He says "Redrum, redrum" He says "Redrum, redrum", he says "Redrum, redrum" And they run, they run And they come, they come And they run, they run [Spoken:] Sidelines in pride times, no lions I'm so lyin' if I say I wasn't tryin' to buy into these games Cupid ain't do no flyin', angels ain't do no cryin', just sighin' I am 14, I got knots, there will be no tyin' No Mayan can tell me what time I'ma find my mind So when I'm in my deathbed dyin' Imma be in some high end clothes with a MSFTS tie in my hand With that red loud siren I won't be denyin' my evil deeds I'll be at Heaven's gate with a crowbar pryin' While they're screamin, "Don't let this guy in" Feelin' sorry for myself, Catcher in the Rye-in' Then I woke up lyin' on the beach Where am I? One more for the kids before they go to sleep Love is just so nonexistent in my existence So that's why I was so persistent in that first quick instant That we laid eyes If young love for them is 16 then we must be infants Cause this is intense, but I'm an eyewitness at love at first sight But this is just different than anything I've been in Cause it feels infinite Most things that you think will last will pass in the blink of a lash So I think I will submerge my feelings to complete this task And best believe I'll drown before I let us crash And seal it from the past Jeez The girl I could never have is elegant and intelligent And I just kind of fell but I'm irrelevant in her eyes And this is somethin' I can settle with I'm pourin' out my heart, and girl it's kind of for the Hell of it Girl you know that I ain't celibate I know who your fellow is but we can walk the park We can talk and we embellish in the creatures after dark Cause I know that I'm a rebel kid, we come from different elements But baby girl I can tell I get On your nerves, I'm watchin' you observe It's like the world's an ocean and I watch while you emerge You the center of attention, girl, no matter what occurs Cause this youth is like a curse, but it's also like a blessing Cause I keep these jokers guessing, MSFTS rep is what I'm dressed in 'Til these jokers learn a lesson If you messin' with my clique, I suggest you get to steppin' Girl, you're like Juliet with your nurse And you're lookin' so pretty and I've just been on a search You're the type of girl that I couldn't just write a verse So I hit it with the poetry, hopin' that it'll work If it doesn't then it's fine cause I'll just handle the jerks Girl I'm playin', no I'm serious, that's just one of my perks If we're friends then it's cool, just know that we were here first Through the thick and the thin and now we're here 'til it hurts [Jaden & Willow:] Baby girl you got me floatin' down Anywhere you wanna go Baby girl you got me floatin' down We can take it really slow Baby girl you got me floatin' down We can keep it on the low Baby girl you got me floatin' down And I didn't even know (This was just a crush This was just a crush This was just a crush) I can feel your body tryna come alive, come alive I feel you tryna pull me deep inside, deep inside No I don't wanna lie Ain't nobody gotta hide, no I can feel you touchin' me when we're home, we're old Now I like to look at you, you're like my clone So don't stare in the mirror Cause I'll poop all on your party I don't drive no white Ferrari No things aren't clearer I just want to say I'm sorry But girl you should know yourself These things ain't gettin' better No they ain't lookin' up for us Kissin' you, I'm up to dusk So paparazzi hush and shush She was in her 20's, just a crush But you know I like it when you tell 'em Bring the whole damn menu And we eatin' in the venue Girl you know you like to ball Chillin' with your friends, nah, ain't see that at all Man we like the Anunnaki, God ain't them jokers tall You can't buy that at the mall True love, you can't try that at the mall No yeah, um we were really good in Paris, but you know (No you wasn't!) Every relationship has ups and downs and the downhills are what makes the uphills (ups and downs are for a cissy!) So when I'm feeling all this pain and feel like she doesn't love me or whatever (she don't love you cause she with me cis'!) It's just that contrast, but when I feel like she's the only person in the world I want to be with (yeah right) Just contrast with those times, you know what I'm saying? Man I got some more to say Have you ever had a crush? Have you ever felt a rush? Make your heart stop, she don't even like to blush Cause she's in her 20's And I got a crush Oh man I got a crush Got a psychedelic dagger in my heart Lil' homie, tell them paramedics rush cause she's in her 20's Cause she's in her 20's Cause she's in her 20's Man I'm 15 on the scene, lookin' clean But what does that mean? Cause she's in her 20's I got somethin' to say Have you ever had a crush? Have you ever had a rush? Make my heart stop, but she didn't even blush Cause she's in her 20's Have you ever felt lust? Cause she's in her 20's Have you ever felt lust? Cause she's in her 20's Have you ever felt lust? Cause she's in her 20's She's somebody you can trust cause she's in her 20's Cause she's in her 20's Cause she's in her 20's Cause she's in her 20's I hate crushes, I cover bruises with paintbrushes Pour it all in the music now that my bank's ruptured So pretty, she's so perfect, she's so worth it So bossy, she's so assertive, it's super sexy She never texts me, she never texts me, she never texts me Never texts me, she never texts me, forgot to text me Well I guess we accept the ones that neglect us And my moms say that we disrespect the ones that perfect us And try to protect us But girl I hope that you get this My thoughts are weighin' me down My neck can't handle the necklace Stare at you while you sleep, you had to call a detective Your father says that I'm reckless, I didn't cause all that wreckage Your fence was broken, I left it, had to give you this message I wrote it straight from the soul and it didn't make sense to text it So I snuck up in your room, put it on your shoulder and in return You sent me back a restraining order

December 4th

JAY-Z "The Black Album"
[Jay-Z's Mom:] Sean Carter was born December 4th Weighing in at 10 pounds 8 ounces He was the last of my 4 children The only one who didn't give me any pain when I gave birth to him And that's how I knew that he was a special child [Jay-Z Verse 1] They say 'they never really miss you til you dead or you gone' So on that note i'm leaving after the song So you ain't gotta feel no way about Jay so long Atleast let me tell you why i'm this way, Hold on I was conceived by Gloria Carter and Adaness Revees Who made love under the Siccamore tree Which makes me A more sicker emcee my momma would claim At 10 pounds when I was born I didn't give her no pain Although through the years I gave her her fair share I gave her her first real scare I made it from birth and I got here She knows my purpose wasn't purpose I ain't perfect I care But I feel worthless cause my shirts wasn't matchin my gear Now i'm just scratchin the surface cause what's burried under there Was a kid torn apart once his pop disappeared I went to school got good grades could behave when I wanted But I had demons deep inside that would raise when confronted Hold on [Jay-Z's Mom:] Shawn was a very shy child growing up He was into sports And a funny story is At 4 he taught hisself how to ride a bike A two wheeler at that Isn't that special? But, I noticed a chance in him when me and my husband broke up [Jay-Z Verse 2] Now all the teachers couldn't reach me And my momma couldn't beat me Hard enough to match the pain of my pops not seeing me, SO With that distain in my membrain Got on my pimp game Fuck the world my defense came Then Dahaven introuced me to the game Spanish Jose introduced me to cane I'm a hustler now My gear is in and i'm in the in crowd And all the wavey light skinned girls is lovin me now My self esteem went through the roof man I got my swag Got a volvo from this girl when her man got bagged Plus I hit my momma with cash from a show that I had Supposedly knowin nobody paid Jaz wack ass I'm geting ahead of myself, by the way, I could rap That came second to me movin this crack Gimme a second I swear I will say about my rap career Til 96 came niggas i'm here Good-bye [Jay-Z's Mom:] Shawn use to be in the kitchen Beating on the table and rapping And um, until the wee hours of the morning And then I bought him a boom box And his sisters and brothers said he would drive them nuts But that was my way to keep him close to me and out of trouble [Jay-Z Verse 3] Good-bye to the game all the spoils, the adreneline rush Your blood boils you in a spot knowing cops could rush And you in a drop your so easy to touch No two days are alike Except the first and fifteenth pretty much And 'trust' is a word you seldom hear from us Hustlers we don't sleep we rest one eye up And the drought to find a man when the well dries up You learn to work the water without workin thirst til die YUP And niggas get tied up for product And little brothers ring fingers get cut up To show mothers they really got em And this was the stress I live with til I decided To try this rap shit for a livin I Pray i'm forgiven For every bad decision I made Every sister I played Cause i'm still paranoid to this day And it's nobody fault I made the decisions I made This is the life I chose or rather the life that chose me If you can't respect that your whole perspective is wack Maybe you'll love me when I fade to black If you can't respect that your whole perspective is wack Maybe you'll love me when I fade to black [repeat 2 more times to fade]

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