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JACKI-O lyrics - Poe Little Rich Girl

Sleeping With The Enemy

Original and similar lyrics
Uh Girls Y'all gotta feel me on this one Y'all know how it be you Just been with your man For so long and you think you got him figured out And things aight thats how I was I thought I had him all figured out But he just kept surpising me everytime I looked around It was just (trouble) some more trouble (trouble times) Damn [Jacki-O] It's hard on the yard I'm all alone in this struggle I can't trust these hoes your bestfriends be your foes No one to talk to better watch what you say Fast as you tell them shit them hoes be on the freeway Face it, you got a dream? your ass better chase it Nigga giving you problems have that nigga replacements Excuses to fight you everytime your lights do And as soon as you in another nigga chest they stress Fuck them I ain't the nice type or the wife type I ain't nann one of them boojie chicks I'm a rude bitch Fuck your family and your phoney ass mammy All up in my shit trying to watch what you hand me I had this shit way before I even met your ass I keep house and a car and some cash For when I'm ready to leave your ass I can't trust you That's why I keep some shit you can't take And that's a hustle [Hook-Betty Wright] All this time you been with me I was just living in misery I prayed and prayed for a change But only rain came my way All this time you been with me I was just sleeping with the enemy All this time you been with me I was just sleeping with the enemy [Jacki-O] I mean you hurted me so bad I wanted to do you I mean you hurted a bitch so bad I wanted to use vodoo To bury your name but that ain't my game I was willing to do anythang to ease that pain We been through to much made to many bucks Touch to many blocks had to many niggaz shot For the shit to just drop It's the latest talk in the nail shop Everybody knows I can just hear the hoes Chicks I use to ride with can't even confide with That shit bothers me I wanna bleed them hoes artries I don't feel safe no more You don't leave the keys to the safe no more You ain't trust your boosters the time I busted you You won't let me load your clip or hide your bricks You don't trust me with the accounts and books and shit But you trust me your life cause everynight I cook Fuck Nigga [Hook-Betty Wright] [Jacki-O] Act three let me see if I can sum it up Every credit card you had I tried to run it up And everytime we fucked nigga I hated it And everytime I said I bust a nut well I faked it Every key you left unguarded yeah I scared it And you don't know cut even blow know blow from blow up When your spot fell off I stayed up in the malls With fraud making sure we eat And making sure shit sweet started flipping your riches Got to big for your britches Stayed up in them titty bars with them sick bitches And your homeboys crackers got them singing like birds Told them boys where you serve And where you stashed your word Same niggaz you be rolling with that be skinning And grinning when you ain't home They be begging to get up in my denim It ain't my fault I got legs with bows in them A petite shit with a sweet clit And C cups to make you nut Cause you ain't never had a bitch like me Like O that can spit like me That can ass in a six like me Hold it down through your B.I.D Honestly you had the best of me but you a enemy [Hook-Betty Wright] [Jacki-O (Betty Wright)] I just gotta be strong on this one (you are the enemy) I don't think I'm going back this time (you are the enemy, you are the enemy) Just to much shit been said to much real shit been said (you are the enemy, you are the enemy) It's true I ain't gotta deal with this [Hook-Betty Wright]

That's How It Is Part 2

I wake up in the mornin' feelin' fine refreshed take a look into the mirror to see who's rhymin' the best Hah there he is lookin' right my way so I hook up wit Jay to start my day I hit up Ray and say what's the function he say he got some hoes that want to take us to bruch and go kick it Cool I'm the man and plus when we chillin' I'ma have on a band and Tuscany spillin' hella game so this fella can bump plus I'm hungry as fuck so tell him it's on if I aint here hit me probly have some hoes wit me but you gone have to come get me cause my shit be breakin' downs now I'm chillin' on the solo gettin' keyed watchin' the Box laughin' at rappers I've superceded niggas try to hold me back, but I need it I stay in seclusion when producin' amd makin' beats is how a nigga should be that's why I'm always to the head'n you aint fuckin' with me. chorus Later on, Casual, the dopest rapper in hip hop music, marks! Alright, uh I sit up on my futon and ask myself who's Jon? that brotha rippin' mics to enthuse MCs yet I'm eating niggas like a cruton I charge up neutrons the style I formulated from nothing but mere tears from a wack MC I flow accurately to point the weak give them muscles my rhymes a 30 million piece puzzle you was till this I interrogate MCs until they admit it I'm tryin' to hit the beat a little different so dims bear with me if it commence to happen that my rappin' wouldn't be grade A but you couldn't persuade a nigga like me to fall off on May Day cause I keep goin' just like the springs in Nevada that'll bring a lotta water to the spotta Casual, the scheme plotta takin' nada I used to steel dome from my home's, Grenada but that there's some Oakland shit and I knew you woudln't feel it when I spoke the shit but still I gotta give my folks a shout som'n I'm gonna do you can't coax me out I speaks about the weak, without no problem and on the microphone I can't find no opponent and you can't find no fault in me I'm assaulting the wack rapper and his depth check out my manuscript and say Damn, you the dopest fuckin' up niggas on the east and west coast with bump, Casual wont lose at all I'm the cause of the crews that fall used to breakin' nigga's jaws but I started out when I found out, what life is all about. chorus

Lyrical Wizardry

JUNIOR M.A.F.I.A. "Conspiracy"
Intro: Cheek Del Vec Uhh (what?) Trife Larceny in the fuckin house (uhh) My nigga Klep in the fuckin house (Kleptomaniac) and me (uhh uhh) Cheek Del Vec (Del Vec aight) Aight! (One love) Uhh check it (Snake killin ass niggas JM one love) Verse 1: Del Vec Kleptomaniac Del Vec little niggas pushing Landcruiser jeeps gettin blunted all day every day of the week Nights in Maxima's and Acura's Got bitches drivin 929 Mazda's, Tammy and Rhonda Drivin rope down south in the Honda I'm behind her in the Pathfinder gettin blunted, my nigga need all, the XL 600 ridin smoothly playin low-key, watch my bitch with the brick in the Civic sellin mad weight Outta state and shit, I can't wait til this record shit is straight So we can recuperate, get the dough and I'm gone Motherfuckers fear me, I blow up spots like Ed Leary Violent pro's even with guns like Sharon Stone Mack ass nigga strikes again, chalk my win Kleptomaniac attracts CREAM stacks from eight pens And sticky hands wit crazy glue like finger tips shoplift Or pass crews on mountain bikes bustin four-fifths Diamond Vagettes, Rolex for the bitch, flex and maxin de Moet, signin my signature on cheques Crime motherfuckin pays when you know what you're doin and gettin loops since niggas was rockin Hawaiian suits What? Don't shoot *gun shot* leave ya family upset Tight the trip DT's, chasin down robbery suspect Chorus: Larceny Murder Onez to get the Fonz and fast to die young JM motherfucker, go get your guns Murder Onez to get the Fonz and fast to die young JM motherfucker, go get your guns *repeat* Verse 2: Trife, Larceny Gettin richer cos I move coke and bust quicker Bitches get richer, jealous niggas wanna hit'cha Stashin my guns to protect my ones I see the cash flow, torch it I blast, you know how it go In the 5-double 0 SL puffin L's lit while Larce loadin shells in the clip Snakes-murder men formin plots Lickin shots outta drop tops and it don't stop us from gettin the Luchicreno My clique tight like gambino's stickin casinos Bussin down kilos, me and Trife for life JM shorty's on the run Cocksucker go get your guns Chorus x 1/2 Verse 3: Klep, Del Vec, Trife I smoke so much weed, I know my lungs is fucked up Stick guns I get'cha, spit sperm when I cum Party done, use to hustle bubble with concealed capsules under my tongue til my mouth got numb Now I watch my back like spighty sense was tinglin Minglin in clubs with Jm puffin on mo' teams Don't oppose me, shit ain't rosy Murderin-lyrical gangsta like Ini Kamoze Del Vec project was set down south with two Tek I murdered that, we got mad respect Sheisty niggas and vicars puffin 20's and 50's on the block I got shit on lock in Little Rock My bitch got knocked, she sold to a undercover cop went to jail, put the Benz up for bail Now I'm fucked up in the cut I got to move to a diff'rent state to make some quick bucks As I look around me, dead bodies surround me Part of drug dealin-killin millions to make millions Sittin on top, tote Glocks smokin pounds and phillies by the box, gettin head on the yacht Presidential rollin, watch hos clock me wit tha 420 Bodyin motherfuckers for this money Chorus x2


Kosher "Self Control"
It's time for a change. The zombies are going through another phase. Different flavors same old shit. We've got to stop it now, we've got to do it. Turn up the volume, all the way now. Look and behold, revolution rock n' roll. It's time to take a stand, revolution rock n' roll. I'm sick of the radio, the air waves are dead and empty. I need this shit like a bullet in the head. We've got to get out now, before we're all dead. To them we're not people, just buying units. They keep themselves safe in their hi-rise, giving us gargage in disguise. If they could just look into our eyes and see that we've had enough this nonsense wouldn't begin. This bullshit has to end.

All Night

Turn it up (ha ha ha) Flimode (ha ha ha) Busta Rhymes (ha ha ha) Another banging niggas (ha ha ha) Another banging niggas (ha ha ha) Another banging niggas (ha ha ha) Another banging niggas (ha ha ha) [Chorus:] All night To my east niggas West Coast and dirty south, we make ya wave your hands up high Light L's and drink some liquor it make ya wild out All night To my niggas and my bitches get money If ya running with me Wave your hands up high A yo I can't see y'all You know we hang out in the streets y'all All night Yes yes y'all I be the god up in the flesh y'all Bless y'all With nothing but the best y'all Finesse shit and leave the spot up in a mess y'all Bitches, you know the street shit caress y'all Sex y'all And put a bounce up in your breast y'all Yes y'all we about to taste the success y'all And quiz niggas like a fucking drug test y'all And check y'all And let the livest niggas step in I keep the burner, what you think I'm turning mine in What the fuck, Now all my live motherfuckers boggart or bring it straight to the front And let me give y'all niggas just what you want More fire for ya fresh off the press Shit blazing to death Bitches lust talking under they breath Hope you niggas know to put on your vest Or get a hole in your chest Who in this motherfucker Take you a guess [Chorus] Yeah-Yeah All my niggas Yeah-yeah all my bitches Yeah-yeah all my thugs Yeah-yeah all my soldiers Yeah-yeah all my honeys Yeah-yeah all my playas Yeah-yeah all my live niggas c'mon Yeah-yeah The grand finale y'all Put it down and always repping for my family y'all What, lets form a nation wide rally y'all Of gutter niggas that will piss up in the alley y'all Fuck it, now I know you know my rep nigga And how it's hard to figure out my next step nigga So step nigga, nigga sit your ass down The way I mash down Will only leave a legacy for me to pass down Don't speak unless you're spoken to Get broke in two Flipmode we be the chosen few Yeah nigga entrap y'all I know some niggas that'll clap y'all And strap y'all Up to a post and back slap y'all Put y'all in a mailbox and leave open the flap y'all That's the hap's that make niggas take forever naps y'all Strap y'all all up inside of your seatbelts The beats felt like a fire watch the heat melt Your patent leather stack cheddar nigga Now or never Better, whatever nigga feel this hot Beretta Cause when we come you know we hit you with that shit for the head With nough shit just like the Lox and the dread Me and my niggas we be breaking this bread With all the blood that we bled See we was broke, now we flossing instead The shit I drop will never leave you mislead Might leave you tired of bed Shit ain't over till' the party is dead [Chorus: repeat 2X] Yeah all my live bitches let me see you just Wave your hands up high And all my niggas running around getting pussy All night

Thats What I Said

BROTHA LYNCH HUNG "The Best Of Brotha Lynch Hung"
It's a must that i bust any strap you hand to me,it's heredity it runs in the family niggas in the town got pounds of beef, threatin a niggas life make it sound so sweet, i peel em back like corn on the cob,cap pillem,make em sound like a whore on the job, with a mac and a back pack full of that crack sack, gettin it off(bitch better have my mothafuckin money,bitch where my money)siccmade til i die shit nobody saw, so i was able to wipe the blood off the hallway walls aint got nothin to live for can't even trust a bitch might have to leave her alone, might have to dig a ditch, shits so rigoris, dealin wit haters,snitches,and bitches get they brains gone find a new home your whole life is gone cuz i'm on one,check the clock and if these walls could talk mothafuckas would be shocked,i'm bout to go fifty one fifty got nobody wit me stressed out like whitney,bobby brown,weed,and whiskey smokin newports no support but like too short i keep it goin,shootin up forts,who in this sport wanna fuck wit me come on the court,rippin out insides,putin stains on things,thats when i rip-n-ride now slip-n-slide through the gardens wit a bloody t-shirt,it won't hurt,put it this way,six feet deep in the dirt won't hurt,flirtin wit murder i leave em unheard of,and i'm sicker than period past drippin all over your hands get in the back seat or the trunk it's your choice dead or alive smothered or fried the way you better uncover your eyes i'm in diguise wit a nine tryin to take out your spine nobody no crime throw up that sicc sign and strike hard like stric nine,no recovery you other g niggas better duck,leave you in the tuc stuck,psycho,off the wall like micheal,always paranoid cuz i be blowin out that nitro,all day,everyday,murder spray got you in glad bags headed for the pad and you can ask my dad,i was a scavenger,14 years old eatin scabs,graduated with nigga meat but i don't wanna brag,fuck jeffery dahmer he a mothafuckin fag,i got nigga nuts and guts in a bag draggin em to the pad (chorus) Ziplock,body bag,toe tag,white t-shirt,black mag,corpse came to dinner(x8) Nigga fuck under the influence i'm hella fucked up,swirvin down the freeway spillin my cup tryin to tell you bout this rapper on the underbelly,he aint shit,bout to be in the trunk smelly,by me and my relly you never know,whatever though,i got all them magazines and that weak intro,what you got against me,don't you know i rip niggas up turn em to mence meat,well if you got some sense beat it like raw eggs i used to have hella homies now they all hate but imma leave it alone i'm on my own like a vadoo nigga if a nigga wanted to get ate what would you do nigga i was too cool wit a,group of niggas and they tripped on me,gave em a little bit of fame,then they dipped on me,but you know it's all in the game,tell the crip homie to hit em wit a slug in the brain thats what you get from me,crash dummie,your careers diffected and you aint sold a record the last time i checked it,you just keep knockin,i feel disrespected,now your neck i disconnect it by the lynch hung neckelace,hey i leave em red and i dont eat head let the tech spit and chop niggas down to the ground like judge dredd come up into yall lookin just like the feds and you call yourself a rap vet,get out the bed and let me fuck like she should be fucked,all in the butt,wit the nine milli swallowin nut and you can see me in black clothes creepin from the back don't know how to act black blankets full of macs,i use em for nut sacks and full body bags better not let your daughter out,end up in the slaughter house,chokin and spitin,chest open and bleedin,and me fuckin her from the back me hopin you see it (Chorus)

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